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posted by Yoko Ono alias Yoko Ono official on Saturday 27th of September 2008 06:32:48 PM

Jan/Feb 2008 Excerpts from Yoko’s fanmail replies. Imagine if you were in China and if there was a blonde blue eyed man walking. They might call out "Hey, Brad, where's Angelina?!" You'll be surprised what I have put up in my time, and still do. You will find what you want to do, when the time comes. Meanwhile, you should make sure that you are in good health, and know as much as possible about the world we live in. For that, you should listen a lot and read a lot. Don't make your world small by not opening yourself to learning about what we, humans did in history, and are doing now. John and I were able to do things for the world because we were learners, first. Both of us read a lot before and after we've met each other. Words are power. You should be exposed to powerful words to become spiritually powerful. Meanwhile, Think Peace, Act Peace, and Spread Peace. Be a powerful person. I wish you all the best. While you are working in the way only you can, you will suddenly discover that you are part of a huge group of people in the world working for the same thing, but each in a different way. We are all together. That's why this movement, if you call it, is getting stronger and stronger. Together, we will shift the axis of this globe to peace rather than war. Welcome to the family of peace and love. I love you! John would have been very, very upset that this beautiful city of New York was subjected to terrible violence. But think of the violence that killed John. That was a very sad day. From one New Yorker to another with love, yoko. I get very upset, angry and sad when unnecessarily mean things are written - just about anybody. Why can't we be fair to each other? Life is so short. Why spend the time to tell nasty lies about people? After being subjected to all that for the past 40 odd years, I still don't understand it. But I am here, and probably wiser for the mistreatment I've received. So I probably should be thankful to those blue meanies. They made me a strong woman. Hmm... guilty pleasures... Everything that makes me ecstatic eating...chocolate, chocolate chip ice cream, brownies... Okay, let's not go on about it! Kiss, kiss, kiss, yoko We are all entertained to death. We don't have time to unfocus ourselves from the various daily entertainment we surround ourselves with. I call people who come to me with good intentions as Angels. But in my speech, I am moving one step up and saying that even the ones who come to me with bad intentions are Angels because they might be giving me an awareness I needed, and letting me find a solution to the problems, thereby making me a more powerful person. Let's make 2008 a better year for all of us, ourselves, our families and friends. You are helping the planet to be peaceful just by being you. But if you want to do more, just do more of what you've been doing: Think PEACE, Act PEACE and Spread PEACE. I'll say it again. You are helping this planet of ours, just by being your good self. So stay well as long as you can for the sake of our planet. Have fun as well being you. I'm an ancient Zen Buddhist. Well, probably! Hi, Sluts of Steel! FEMINIZATION OF MAN? You just gave me a laugh which I needed so very much at this time. Thank you. Have a great 2008. Thank you, Libby, for your sweet message. When John passed away, I told the world that there would be no funeral for John. John is still in our hearts and in our minds. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace. Together, we should do that and make 2008 a great year. You don't have to get anywhere. You are beautiful as you are now. Anybody can make a difference and do. We are all together. Each one of us counts. If the people in China can shift the axis of the globe by jumping at the same time, we can shift the axis of the world to Peace TOGETHER. Together is the key here. In your mind, Think Peace, Act Peace, and Spread Peace with us. Visualizing is a strong way to change the world. Please take a good care of yourself. I love you! We all are skeptics now. What an age we live in! But we'll change it, won't we? The Change is gonna come. The Change is coming. The Change is here! But just in case, it slides back a bit, let's keep pushing. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace! Thank you. What a beautiful age we live in! DREAM POWER is an expression taken from my song Dream Love, in the album, It's Alright. It became the title of an annual charity concert in Japan. It's a concert in which famous Japanese singer/songwriters sing John's songs in tribute to John, by choosing the song they love. All proceeds from the concert goes to building schools for African and Asian children. So far, we did 7 years of these, and built 65 schools already. We are aiming to build 100 schools by the 10th year. I'm very happy that No, No, No hit number one! It's a difficult song to hit, I thought. Well, times are changing... That was Sean's favorite, when he was a young boy. I don't know how he feels now, that he is an accomplished singer/songwriter himself... I don't think you need any degree to become an artist. As a true feminist, you should not put down your fiancée on what he believes in. Just humor him. You will realize that you have to do that a lot with men. They are different from us. Men tend to believe in degrees and medals. They created them! Be satisfied with being you, and how you communicate. There are billions of people out there. Some people will definitely be touched by the way you communicate, rather than way John and I did. So believe in yourself, and communicate your thoughts exactly in the way you think. That's the best you can give to the world. When I was totally depressed about losing my husband, John, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt terrible. Because I looked all stiff with a saggy mouth. I told myself that I had to stop my mouth looking saggy. So I smiled in the mirror. Yes. That looked better. Then I kept practicing to smile in the mirror. Finally my whole body was smiling. It took a long time to be how I am now - 27 years from my husband's passing. I had to do it little by little every day to get well. I hope you will, too. Dance through life is a conceptual act. You let your heart dance. You let your body dance in your mind as you walk. You'll be surprised what happens. A good one: Listen to the rhythm of "dancing" in your mind when you are confronted by unpleasant people. You will find yourself being pleasant to them, and you can wash them off your mind very easily afterwards. When I was struggling to make a living, I did everything I can - from being a waitress to being a translator. I always felt that creative work I did was something sacred and I did not want to commercialize it. Maybe it is hard to have such an attitude these days. So I don't know. Just do what you can do to survive but never compromise with your artwork. I was in Gakushuin. It's nice to hear from somebody who speaks about that time of my life. We were all sent here to be the caretakers of this planet. It's so clear, isn't it? David Peel has been one of the very few "good" friends from way back. Many of so-called friends after John's death betrayed us. He hasn't. He has been very gracious to the point of being noble. I think very highly of him. I wanted the video for Happy Xmas (War Is Over!) to shake up people who celebrate Xmas without thinking of all that - people who think wars are justified. That version was not to preach the converted like you. If you knew that, maybe you would have understood. If I made a version of sweet and sad mixed, people will probably come back to me and say, "can you take out those sad bits?" Right? I don't expect anybody to see that video more than once. It is a reminder of what is happening in the world. The rest of the time, it's good to listen to the song, only, as you ended up doing. That DVD is like a Zen Shock. It's not entertainment, it's educational. One day, I hope, that DVD will not be necessary. Whatever hard week we have, we are together. Remember and trust in the family of Peace and Love, which is what we are. You are right in assuming, that I try to just keep on doing my work. There is no time to respond to those people who have negative feelings about me. First of all, there are so many. So if I started that, I have to be using my energy just to respond to them! Don't worry for me. Together, let's worry for this planet. Let's worry for the innocents who are maimed and killed. Let's worry for our children who will have to cope with so much anger coming from the abused. Let's try to heal this globe with our love. We don't have a lot of time anymore. Dec 9th, 2007 - “It was an honor to join in the ribbon of ‘Imagine’ that wove its way around the world last night.” The above message from you was very special for me. Suddenly, I saw the ring around the world made by the song, Imagine. Thank you for your reminder and your beautifully succinct report of your day. Have a great 2008! I believe Jung is right. There is some vast collective consciousness that we are all a part of. And I know that that is the consciousness of goodness, universal peace and love. And I know that we, the family of peace and love, are now spreading the light of peace on Earth. And I know that you are a very important part of it as well, whether you admit it or not. So thank you. Thank you for being you. Let's have a good year without any fear. Life can be very tough. But if it isn't, you'll never learn. So you have to just wish your friend well, but let him take care of his karma. He will be a wiser and stronger person for it. Good luck! “How did you stay together for so long and keep your love so pure and true?“ When you meet the right person who is true, honest and filled with light, you won't have to ask that question. Nena, you get butterflies in your stomach even if you were just facing a stiff exam! So that's not what love is about. You said you already knew what it was like to fall in love, but you didn't think the guy was good enough for you. Well, I don't know what makes a guy good enough and what doesn't. John and I, both of us were not perfect people. We had warts and scars. But we still loved each other and couldn't think of going anywhere else. So... I guess you know when that happens. I wish you luck. John and I thought we were soul mates. I think it depends on what you think of your relationship, too. You are lucky if you meet a person you regard as your soul mate. You are even luckier, if you spend your life with him/her. I wish you a lot of happiness. I performed in Washington DC last year! In fact, I put up a billboard IMAGINE PEACE in Chinatown. (At the Verizon Center at 7th and G Streets NW, Washington DC). "We should prevent violence like we try and prevent cancer." Well said. Yes. We have a strong need to heal our planet from cancer of the body and the mind of all living things. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace! I am so glad that you listen to my songs like HELL IN PARADISE. Well, it's still hell, right? We must change that. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace. And let's see what happens. I feel very lucky to have so many MySpace & Facebook friends. But you have five thousand friends, too. We are a family. It's nice to know that their are so many of us believing in Peace and Love. Know that we are a family of light. Let's give light and joy to people who are now in the family of darkness. Thank you for continuing to love John and understanding his work and his spirit. He was one and only. We all get good energies from knowing him and thinking of him. His spirit is growing in all of us. By all means, come visit Strawberry Fields. You won't regret it. It's a beautiful place. When you get there, look for the IMAGINE circle and IMAGINE PEACE: Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace. Let's make 2008 a great year for all of us! Each person has her/his own way of dealing with life. So I don't think I can tell you what to do. But if you bared your soul, that means he knows what you want, whatever his answer is, he should not make you wait around like that. That's cruel. Don't wait around. Just move on. If he's meant to come to you he will, even if you moved on. I say, Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace. You are already doing that. Keep on doing, and you will be surprised how effective you are. Don't think your thoughts have to be printed in publications, or be quoted on the radio. Power works in mysterous ways. Your thoughts alone have the power to change the world, and it will. Just keep thinking and you will see. Don't keep thinking how awful it is now. Don't put your energy on negative thoughts. Just keep visualizing the bestest the most for our now and the future. !I know it's very, very difficult when one is going through separation/divorce. Very grating on your nerves, isn't it? Be strong. It's a blessing in disguise. Hard to think that way, but it is. I went through two divorces before I married John. I didn't know it then, but without those divorces, I would not have gotten together with John. Your soul mate is waiting for you to get through this period, whether he knows it or not! Smile and the whole world smiles with you, etc. Thank you for telling me that Bob Dylan talked about me on his radio show, "Theme Time Radio Hour". I did hear about it, but I didn't get the tape yet. I intend to. I love and respect Bob deeply, (who doesn't?) so this is really a fantastic news for me! I'm most grateful to him. My heart feels alive, just hearing the word Vienna. It's one of the cities I love very much. I was an artist before I knew I was one. I started very, very young. Like 4 years old. But all of us are artists at that age. Just some of us stick to it, and some of us forget it. I stuck to it, because I needed a security blanket! John's sense of humor comes from the same root as why I stuck to being an artist. He needed a laugh in his life, because his life was so hard. This question has been asked many times: "Are you really Yoko?" It's understandable that you guys all think that maybe not. This is me, talking. I can only answer maybe 10 or 15 messages a night. Sometimes I may not answer any for a whole month! That has not happened yet. I am the one who is answering them. I think that's better than 200 answered by a machine! I hope you agree. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts about ‘Remember Love’. Yes. I like that song, too. Have a great 2008. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yoko Ono: Q&A with SPG Dear Yoko Ono First let me say i hope you have a Happy Birthday. I have a few questions about Q: When you say to make a wish and send it, what kind of wish can i send? Yoko Ono: Any wish. Q: Do people read my wish? Yoko Ono: Nobody reads it. It's between you and the great power in the sky. Q: Will you be there when they light it up? Yoko Ono: I was there to light up at the unveiling of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, on 9th of October, 2007. I'll be there again, this year. Q: All the kids i know - their parents are their heroes but not me Yoko Ono: Your parents are heroes for taking such a big chance to add another human being to the world. Especially, for your mother. You should know that many, many women still die from pregnancy and giving birth. Be kind to them for having taken a big chance in their lives. Q: How can i spread peace? I’m only 14 almost 15 and I’m only one person. Yoko Ono: The age doesn't matter. You can say, how can I spread peace, I'm a busy 18 year old. How can I spread peace, I am a tired 80 years old... Anything is possible. You don't have to do much. Just do what you can do. Imagine Peace is all you can do. That's a lot! You will be adding one more person in the world who decided to be peaceful. Q: How can i change the world i feel like i cant do anything to help? Yoko Ono: You are helping just by being a peace person. If all of us became a peace person, the world will have no choice but to be peaceful! Q: I have tried teaching my school about peace and i used your advice you gave me but i just feel that how is anyone going to listen to just little me? Can you help me with my problem? in LOVE,PEACE AND SISTERHOOD, M. Yoko Ono: Whatever you think, say, or do, is catching. Did you know that? In fact, we have to be very careful so we don't give out destructive thoughts to the world. Just relax. You are already helping the world to become peaceful by thinking peace. You are acting peace and spreading peace that way. Sometimes, depending on the group of people you are facing, it's better to not be too vocal, or act like you are teaching them. Just quietly think peace. You will be surprised how effective that is. Lots of love, yoko

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