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1929 Discussion

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posted by Zoe Foodiboo alias Zoe Foodiboo on Sunday 9th of February 2014 09:31:12 PM

Thank you to Fraulein Simoneaux for leading a fun and informative discussion on women in 1929 and how to incorporate our knowledge of the period into our rp. Here's a copy of the discussion for those of you who couldn't make it. My apologies for not cleaning up the typos! ~ Zoe _____ Zoe Foodiboo: For those of you just coming in, this is Fraulein Teruumi Simoneaux. Zoe Foodiboo: Alf! Zoe Foodiboo: oops Karlin Lutrova: what an OUT rage Zoe Foodiboo: Anyway, she's our newest librarian/archivist. Please welcome her. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): guten abend Karlin Lutrova: /me giggle soflty " no matter, I make my own coffee at home " Adele Kling: Welcome! Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): /me claps Alf Korhonen: Guten Tag Alle! Adele Kling: Hallo, Rosemary Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me claps Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Guten tag Alf Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Danke! I'm very excited! Jani (Janire Coba): guten tag *smiles Lori Miles (Lorelai Winslet): Very nice to meet you, Frl. Simoneaux Zoe Foodiboo: We had a wonderful discussion in the library last weekend and we were so excited about it, we thought we’d expand it to include all of you. webspelunker Ghostraven: Hello Alf! Zoe Foodiboo: Hallo Rose! Zoe Foodiboo: Hallo Alf! Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Hallo Alf, Nice to see you Karlin Lutrova: /me notices the film directoer and trys to look her best Zoe Foodiboo: Anyway, I'll be quiet and let Frl Teruumi get the ball rolling. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): RoseMary! Hello dear Zoe Foodiboo: Teruumi? Alf Korhonen: Crowded here! Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, indeed. Crowded :)) Zoe Foodiboo: whispers: Does everyone have a place to sit? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): /me clears her throat and begins composing a thought "Danke Zoe" Alf Korhonen: May I join your table, Karlin? Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): There's one seat next to me. Zoe Foodiboo: Someone can havve my chair...I can rez my own. Karlin Lutrova: would be a pleasure Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): there are seats available Alf Korhonen: Danke Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Oh no, two seats. Zoe Foodiboo: oh okay Karlin Lutrova: gerne Mein Herr Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): As Fraulein Zoe mentioned we had a lovely chat about women last week Alf Korhonen: I like women too! Zoe Foodiboo: /me giggles, "I bet you do..." Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me chuckles Adele Kling: haha Karlin Lutrova: /me coughs a giggle Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I noticed that many people not even involved with Berlin or SL in general had a very one sided view of what women were like during the 20s Zoe Foodiboo: whispers: Hallo Fraulein, have a seat Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): /me whispers Hello Whispy Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I think we all can agree that most likely the flapper is a reaction to WWI. and the outdated society model Karlin Lutrova: /me nods whispy (whispy Darkstone): hello my dear Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods whispy (whispy Darkstone): /me looks round smiling at the people around her Adele Kling: Yes Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): And women cut their hair, started smoking, the corset was dumped. Women started to gain a voice in the society Jani (Janire Coba): /me nods Zoe Foodiboo: /me smiles and smokes Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): and they had jobs, so they had 'economic power', no? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Exactly Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): indeed Karlin Lutrova: well I knew I was smokin' but had no idea it was public knowledge Karlin Lutrova: my late husband thought so anyway ........ Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): and then I thought we roleplay women in 1929. When we look at our RL selves we can notice a change. We are influenced by all kinds of different global and private events and happenings and it changes us as people Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): But we in SL are stuck in a way, especially here in Berlin because we replay the events of 1929 but none of us have lived during that time so we can only trust our imagination Adele Kling: and history Zoe Foodiboo: imagination but also rooted in our research... Jani (Janire Coba): true Zoe Foodiboo: yes, Adele Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): yes. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): yes, of course Karlin Lutrova: /me nods Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): well I guess reading about the time gives us a better idea to know what to imagine... Adele Kling: and Jo, lol Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Jo of course! Zoe Foodiboo: Reading....and looking at photos Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): hahaha Addie Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): And OUR interpretation of how people felt. Jani (Janire Coba): yes Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): and also movies Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, how can we forget Jo. Our high priestess of the 20s Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods whispy (whispy Darkstone): i agree i think fact fiction film all help understand and enhance rp Karlin Lutrova: yes, and stories from relatives Zoe Foodiboo: oh yes, good point Karlin Karlin Lutrova: that were there I mean Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): unfortunately I do not have relatives that old… :( Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): And on that note I thought it would be great for us to meet and discuss how can we enhance our roleplay Karlin Lutrova: yeah, gives me a sense of some reality to it Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods Jani (Janire Coba): yes, that'd be great for me since i'm new to Berlín Karlin Lutrova: ( oh Mutti and Vati and Ottoa are all gone ) Zoe Foodiboo: Great for me, too. I often forget myself and chatter OOC stuff at inappropriate times. Karlin Lutrova: me also Mab Ashdene: Are there more women in Berlin than men? Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, still. Karlin Lutrova: rp Berlin right? Mab Ashdene: That makes it hard. Zoe Foodiboo: But more men seem to stay. Mab Ashdene: Yes webspelunker Ghostraven: Maybe because of that little misunderstanding... webspelunker Ghostraven: The Great War. whispy (whispy Darkstone): from my experience there are always more female avs than male Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Have you seen Boardwalk, the series? I think that show is well in terms of research regarding our time Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): For example, I did some reading here and there and I found information that by 1928 there was a new kind of flapper evolved. She danced, smoked, drove cars but she was a lot tamer from the first flappers Karlin Lutrova: yes, Second Life™ is a women's shopping paradise Zoe Foodiboo: Boardwalk Empire? Yes, I love it as a resource. Well, and it's entertaining. Mab Ashdene: There are no men playing the roles of fathers or husbands. Adele Kling: Thats interesting. Karlin Lutrova: simply put Mab Ashdene: Or only a few. Adele Kling: Its early 20s, BE webspelunker Ghostraven: Maybe because they're all dead? Zoe Foodiboo: Tamer in what ways, Teruummi? Jani (Janire Coba): oh, i got addicted to 20s since i watched Boardwalk Empire *laughs whispy (whispy Darkstone): I think a sharing of resources for rp ers is always a good idea Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): I think Web is saying a good point. Karlin Lutrova: Mutti said thee were very few men in those years anyway too Mab Ashdene: Without the sense of having a man around or a mother around who cares what we do it is easy to go wild an play a flapper. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): They didn't participate in petting parties, wore a lot less makeup webspelunker Ghostraven: TY Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Some didn't even smoke or drink alcohol Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Recently I'd found out that learning about 1910s is very important to understand 1920s Berlin. Adele Kling: Petting parties! Haven't been invited to one in years! webspelunker Ghostraven: They sound like nuns! Zoe Foodiboo: How so, Herr Gustav? Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): They were becoming more respectable and "professional" Karlin Lutrova: good to point out Gustav Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): I guess 1920s Berlin or German, is quite similar to 1960s. Zoe Foodiboo: Now that's an interesting analogy... Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Lots of men dead or gone. And hunger gave women to position to work in society. whispy (whispy Darkstone): and politics webspelunker Ghostraven: That's a good point that others have made too... Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Work in a society as a matter of course. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Amazingly watching the movie, "Berlin Symphony" Mab Ashdene: That is interesting. webspelunker Ghostraven: Otto Friedrich wrote of that. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I think there is a lack of older women also, and we have to consider that not all the females were flappers. That was actually a minority, as I understand Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): We all notice how many women are working in office. Zoe Foodiboo: Good point, Tequila. Mab Ashdene: When the pimp left the brothel, the women took over the running of the place. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): And commuting. That's veyr interesting. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Very good point indeed Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Yes that is a great movie Adele Kling: Yes, Flappers were young Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): YEs, Tequila. Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Has anyone watched the 13 hour "berlin Alexanderplatz" Zoe Foodiboo: But there's a whole spectrum of women not represented in our Berlin. Karlin Lutrova: very true , flappers where thought of as dirty by some of the echelon of high society Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Plaenty or rp material there Adele Kling: I love Berlin Alexanderplatz, until the end. webspelunker Ghostraven: Who, Zoe? Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): And not all young females were was only the daring, bold, young females Karlin Lutrova: /me nods Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Yes! Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): sure, i've never viewed my character as a flapper Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Who Zoe? Zoe Foodiboo: Older women...yes, as Tequila said, women who weren't as bold as to become a Flapper Adele Kling: Nor mine. Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): /me looks puzzled and curious Jani (Janire Coba): i'd appreciate if someone knew about some films of Berlin in the 20s ((sorry for interrupting)) Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): or middleaged women Alf Korhonen: Der Letzte Mann I think Adele Kling: About Berlin in the 20s, or shot in the 20s? Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): apart from frau Yardley, there aren't any middleaged women in Berlin as far as i can remember Jani (Janire Coba): both would be useful to me Mab Ashdene: There was Babette Darkfold. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Yes, that's true Zoe Foodiboo: No. We had a grandma type when Bubbe was here but she's long gone. Zoe Foodiboo: Well, and Vera's mom. But she rarely makes an appearance as well. Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Look up early Fritz Lang movies Janire to start with Angello Valerian: the great gastby, chanel and stravinsky, therese... Adele Kling: I can get you a list of films, Jani. whispy (whispy Darkstone): i came to berlin as a young modern woman, but now have bought this alt along, as a much much older woman, out of interest to how folk react, plus as a very political, perhaps even not as sweet old lady as she looks Jani (Janire Coba): thanks greta :) Zoe Foodiboo: Aside from it being difficult to find older women skins and shapes, I'm not sure why I continue to be a young woman as a character in Berlin. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I think another thing we don't have is a clear social structure Zoe Foodiboo: Hi Claire ClaireDeAir: hiya Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): That's very interesting, Whispy. Angello Valerian: Guten Abend Karlin Lutrova: oh! i just saw that 13 hour film was a television series ClaireDeAir: How are you? Adele Kling: Hallo Claire ClaireDeAir: hiya webspelunker Ghostraven: Hello Claire! webspelunker Ghostraven: Doing fine, how're you? Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): the "social structure" such as it is, is very much based on where we live Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Oh, I think there is also a huge woman, I think she is named Lolle...? Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): and it is not clear Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): she's not huge, just curvy ClaireDeAir: wow I have never seen this many people in here before hehehe whispy (whispy Darkstone): could the list of films go in a group notice as i would be interested please Angello Valerian: great idea, would be a great help Adele Kling: Ok, I can do that whispy. Sometime this week : ) Zoe Foodiboo: I love Lolle's look. Zoe Foodiboo: and her apartment is lovely. very realistic. Jani (Janire Coba): oh yes, thanks for the films Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes it is Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): how old is Lolle supposed to be? whispy (whispy Darkstone): i have looked for good older skins and shapes for ages now i have managed to get a look i want slightly older than i ideally wanted, but i am looking forward to developing this look Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i've always thought around late 20s early 30s Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): but i don't know Zoe Foodiboo: I'm not sure. She's a mother so I would imagine not that old. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): OK Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Finding a good "aged" skin is bit tough in SL.... Karlin Lutrova: oh, one good shop for older type skins is MB Skins Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): it is Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): easier for men actually Mab Ashdene: Maybe we should all have children and age. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Oh really? I must checked it. Thanks Karlin :) Karlin Lutrova: femme older skins I should add Karlin Lutrova: yes, well made age skins seem few and far between Zoe Foodiboo: I have a question. In what ways do you behave different here in Berlin as opposed to other places in SL, as a nod to historical accuracy. Aside from your appearance, I mean? Karlin Lutrova: most looks like they ahve mud plastered faice makes lol ClaireDeAir: lol Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Well, modesty, language... Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i play more roles here Adele Kling: Role-playing here is very relaxed. I try to use jargon (American) from the time. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i even call them cartoon characters Jani (Janire Coba): well, i used to rp in versailles, and language of course was different, and protocole was super important there Karlin Lutrova: well, that was the acccepted values Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I come here roleplay so as I said when we spoke last week, I try to approach it as a writer Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): the way we intercat as it seems to be more respectful Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): and i never use long paragraphs, mainly because i don't have the patience for it Jani (Janire Coba): here i act like.. women arr feeling more free Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, I agree, protocol and respect here is highly valued. Adele Kling: Respect, proper use of titles. Mab Ashdene: I only ever roleplay here. Karlin Lutrova: para rpl is difficult for me also Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): and those who are NOT respectful, are doing it as part of RP Zoe Foodiboo: I forget myself with that, sometimes, Adele. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Me too Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): (thinking of a dark alt) Adele Kling: For me too, Karlin. I'm not that creative. Karlin Lutrova: rude r p can be dicely though Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): also I do not think we rp like goreans…they tend to make super long literate statements in each sentence Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): also it slows down the interaction a bit, doing long paragraphs Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): but i don't mind others doing it whispy (whispy Darkstone): i research all my roles then use my imagination... i mainly use fantasy based on mythology but always with lots of research often to be disapointed that what the sim declares does not happen ie as in much rp,,, mostly occ chat but here i have seen much potential Jani (Janire Coba): sometimes i just stay quiet and listen cause i'm super respectful with the rp and if i notice my english can be a bit poor, just.. listen and smile hahaha Karlin Lutrova: yes para rp I found is hard to keep a temp o Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): true Karlin Lutrova: so to speak Zoe Foodiboo: Oh, don't worry about your English, Jani :) Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i think that is very common for newcomers, Jani, just checking how it works in the sim, listening and learning Zoe Foodiboo: It's an international city after all Jani (Janire Coba): oh yes, till i finish my english degree i must stay quiet, read and learn Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i did that as well when i was new Jani (Janire Coba): hahah Zoe Foodiboo: True, Rose. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): I agree Rosemary. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I gave this example to Herr Web yesterday. Imagine five people sitting at a table Jani (Janire Coba): aham Karlin Lutrova: to be , it is just talking like from a script, not reciting some novel Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods Karlin Lutrova: to be ** Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Two are fully IC, two are fully OOC and one is a newbie Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): It confuses people Karlin Lutrova: yes, very much Adele Kling: Yes Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I felt very confused at first as to who is who Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): indeed Jani (Janire Coba): haha yes Karlin Lutrova: I have been in rp sims where it was VERY strict Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): haha Karlin Lutrova: OOC an y ou got in trouble Jani (Janire Coba): unless they use this "(())" double.. thingies ^^ Karlin Lutrova: here, find it confusing Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): that is why i think the double paragraphs ((like this)) is good to use when OOC Zoe Foodiboo: I agree, Rose. Angello Valerian: indeed Karlin Lutrova: never srue if someone is OOC or not at times Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): agreed Zoe Foodiboo: I must remember to use them. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): even if i think we all forget it now and then Jani (Janire Coba): paragraphs! thanks for the word haha Karlin Lutrova: true** Adele Kling: Yes, Berlin is lite-RP, so far. Karlin Lutrova: /me nods Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i don't think i would like it if it was that incredibly strict Zoe Foodiboo: Me neither. Adele Kling: Which is fine. whispy (whispy Darkstone): no one can apologise for their english not being good especially if it is a second or third language, some of us who are english academics are also dyslexic and out english appears awfully :D Karlin Lutrova: I am nver good with vague rules lol Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): me neither Zoe Foodiboo: But too loose isn't fun either....I guess we need to find that pleasant balance... Jani (Janire Coba): haha whispy Karlin Lutrova: I just try to deal with it =) Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Yet rp is an area of opportunity Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I agree Zoe Karlin Lutrova: me too! Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): agree Zoe Karlin Lutrova: may I mention? webspelunker Ghostraven: ((For the record I'm a Marxist in RP and RL.)) Karlin Lutrova: IM ing in the middle of RP is also confusing Karlin Lutrova: like " is this IM roleplay ? or OOC" Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): When I came here, I was scared to death about the roleplaying.I wasn't sure what to expect. Listening to some of the residents showed me how to be "me" but still "in character". I try to keep in character but be me also. Zoe Foodiboo: Oh, I always consider IM to be OOC. Karlin Lutrova: its not possible in Real Life™ at any rate Karlin Lutrova: I am find that to be a good idea Zoe Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I let people know when IIM them IC Jani (Janire Coba): me too , greta Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): but usually I keep IMs for OOC business Karlin Lutrova: I unintentionally have offended some because Karlin Lutrova: I have learned to " keep rp firends in the rp sims" Adele Kling: I try not to IM at all while in RP. If there one thing I hate is when I enter a room and everyone is quiet, sending IMs, instead of being engaged in RP chat. Karlin Lutrova: other wise it get's too involved Karlin Lutrova: if that makes any sense to anyone Mab Ashdene: I like involved. Adele Kling: It does. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): me too Mab Zoe Foodiboo: oh....I'm terribly guilty of that, adele. :P Karlin Lutrova: what happens here , stays here Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Karlin Lutrova: RP wise Adele Kling: haha Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): but i think i'm guilty of it too Karlin Lutrova: lol, I sound like mafioso Zoe Foodiboo: But I will try to be better from now on! Jani (Janire Coba): i use ims to ask about any rule, or doubt, or business Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): especially since i have a husband who is very fond of IM :P Karlin Lutrova: agrees with Janire Adele Kling: haha, Rosemary Zoe Foodiboo: /me wiggles her eyebrows at Rose Karlin Lutrova: well, that is ,,, a different scenario Greta Fuchsin (GretaFuchsin Resident): Let's face it. Some things will not translate from the 1920's to the 21st century. We, not matter how much research we do, will not be perfect 1920's people. But we can also respect the time we are in here and act as close to the times as we can. Zoe Foodiboo: absolutely, Greta Jani (Janire Coba): agrees Karlin Lutrova: to be candid, the rules do indeed say to keep , uh,,, private things in IM Karlin Lutrova: its in the tenant rules Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I think in order to have a better rp, we all must have our roles clear…otherwise the local chat is simply not interesting Zoe Foodiboo: I think we all do.... Karlin Lutrova: tell your husband that lol Zoe Foodiboo: Er, I mean they all do. Not me. I'm never naughty. Zoe Foodiboo: lol Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha karlin Adele Kling: /me coughs Karlin Lutrova: /me coughs too Mab Ashdene: Tell us about your youth and innocence, Zoe. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Of course, but say you walk into the Keller and it's full of people but dead silent mostly. That's because everyone is IMing Karlin Lutrova: lol just keeping it real friends Jani (Janire Coba): me either, the naughtiest thing i've done here is to dance with gustav at eldorado Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Zoe Foodiboo: /me giggles at Mab Jani (Janire Coba): i can't be more pure and virginal than i am already here lol Adele Kling: I hate that Teruumi Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Oh, Jani LOL Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): me too Karlin Lutrova: the naugtiest for me I think is muttting a milllion fire places here Karlin Lutrova: lol Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes, it's like a film by Ingemar Bergman, silence everywhere Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha karlin Karlin Lutrova: is that bad? Karlin Lutrova: muting, Mab Ashdene: I will not get into my naughtiness. Jani (Janire Coba): if i'm quiet is cause i am distracted and afk or i'm ready to learn some rp lol Karlin Lutrova: I learned a trick Adele Kling: ((For the newcomers, we have a Facebook page. I'm thinking thats a good place to post the film list, as that way oithers can contribute.)) Karlin Lutrova: I hide in a phone booth Pola Solo: Hi! Karlin Lutrova: if I dont want interaction Zoe Foodiboo: POla! Mab Ashdene: Darling! Adele Kling: Hello Pola Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Hallo Pola Zoe Foodiboo: YOu made it! Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Pola! Hallo! Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Hi Pola Zoe Foodiboo: Isn't this lovely? Full house! Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hello Pola :) Jani (Janire Coba): may i ask something? Karlin Lutrova: gruess dich Pola =) whispy (whispy Darkstone): ty i will look for the fb page Adele Kling: : ) Adele Kling: your welcome Jani (Janire Coba): should we have in our profile pics the a little description of our character? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I do Zoe Foodiboo: I think that's up to you.... Zoe Foodiboo: Everyone has a different take on it Karlin Lutrova: I thought of putting that in picks Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Me too. I alos posted a Bio in FB Karlin Lutrova: its not for everyone in Second Life™ ofcourse Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): and I keep a NC where I write up more stuff for myself Jani (Janire Coba): i mean, so others know why we act in some way, i ont know Zoe Foodiboo: Some prefer not to because then they can really "meet" people and get to know them the way they would in RL. Karlin Lutrova: and putting in pics is good advert for Berlin 1929 =) Adele Kling: I have some info. I like to learn about people by interacting with them in RP, but I give a little background. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): some of us have created backgrounds for our characters, and i know that it helps, it's easier to understand why our characters do what they do Karlin Lutrova: /me nods whispy (whispy Darkstone): i like to put my chars in picks, but i like to float around listening and developing first see where i can slot in Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I keep a short blurb in my picks and then when I rp needs it I share more Mab Ashdene: I don't really think of myself as a character. Zoe Foodiboo: Also, there are oral history interviews you can read on Flickr. To learn more about the histories of some of the old timers. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): good point RoseMary Karlin Lutrova: my character is obesessed with her dead husband lol Zoe Foodiboo: Mab, Pola, Tequila, Rose...theirs are all there. Adele Kling: Correct, but do we have to give a full bio in our profile? For me, it kind of ruins the RP fun. Karlin Lutrova: maybe too much Jani (Janire Coba): i agree adele Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Agreed Karlin Lutrova: me too, to a point Jani (Janire Coba): i meant like... where we're from, or how i ended in berlin, idk Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes it's fun to find out each others background stories the "normal" way Mab Ashdene: Pola darling, am I a character or am I myself? Karlin Lutrova: its a good idea, so another may have material on what to ask you about Zoe Foodiboo: Is Pola drunk? Jani (Janire Coba): loool Zoe Foodiboo: Why is she sleeping? Mab Ashdene: Usually. Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha pola Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): To me it, helps my character reacting to events if I understand where it comes from Karlin Lutrova: thats why I meantion Otto sometimes Zoe Foodiboo: see - rp at its finest! :P Pola Solo: You are a version of yourself. Mab Ashdene: Interesting. Karlin Lutrova: to give ppl a idea from which to ask about or rp ClaireDeAir: Even actors sometimes do a version or themselves. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes Claire Karlin Lutrova: and my ultra concertvie doting mother in Danzig Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): /me nods Karlin Lutrova: well yes, "method acting" Mab Ashdene: I mention grandfather and the mountains sometimes. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): In a way we are acting Jani (Janire Coba): hahahaha Pola Solo: /me giggles. Jani (Janire Coba): yes mab Karlin Lutrova: like Dustin Hoffman said his was techique Jani (Janire Coba): you made me laugh a lot yesterday, you funny woman Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Exceot that the script is being written while we do that Karlin Lutrova: in his early years of cineama I Karlin Lutrova: should say whispy (whispy Darkstone): improvisation is how i think of rp,,,, something i love Karlin Lutrova: has to be improv! Karlin Lutrova: I totally agree Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): yes! ClaireDeAir: I love to do improv Karlin Lutrova: it's not like we are professional actorls ClaireDeAir: it is a lot of fun. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): hahah Karlin Adele Kling: thats for sure Karlin Lutrova: let alone that face its hit an miss when any of us are here whispy (whispy Darkstone): which is where the place and lose rules set the scene along with brief character background Karlin Lutrova: =) Mab Ashdene: Pola and I practice our routines at home before showing up at the Eldo. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): since i use some alts showing different personalities, i often curse the fact that i'm on as the wrong character, since i may for instance in a discussion know the perfect thing for one of my alts to say, but the problem is that i am not online as the right person Mab Ashdene: We are no good at improv. Karlin Lutrova: its not a complaint, more a observation, but its hard to know what to plan in rp Zoe Foodiboo: Sure you are! Your interview was hysterical. Karlin Lutrova: even from one week to the next Karlin Lutrova: if that makes sense to anyone ? Jani (Janire Coba): alts? for rp? Pola Solo: We improvise reluctantly, and grumble a lot. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes it does Jani (Janire Coba): i'd go insane Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Jani (Janire Coba): this is my one and only avi ClaireDeAir: I am an musician and I do some acting, myself. Karlin Lutrova: just saying, thats why improv is really the only choice Karlin Lutrova: not a bad thing mind you =) Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I only use this avi also Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): me too Karlin Lutrova: same here I should say this set up and outfits Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): and it proves to be tiring sometimes Karlin Lutrova: thoug, I do like to go bout sometimes Zoe Foodiboo: I use my grandpa on occasion. I'm not good at being an old man tho. Adele Kling: haha Karlin Lutrova: just today someone asked me about this rp sim Karlin Lutrova: I was n a sneaker sshop Jani (Janire Coba): if you all use alts i wont find a husband, in case is any of you, mean women Karlin Lutrova: anyway, she might come Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): But I mean, even if having cear roles in the city, sometimes rp simply does not happen…Like Morgie has all those stores, and Addie have the photo studio. How many of you had visited her studios to rp a portrait? Karlin Lutrova: what if I brought Otto back from the dea d? Karlin Lutrova: in an lat Oo Karlin Lutrova: alt lol Adele Kling: Yeah, how many? Adele Kling: /me laughs Zoe Foodiboo: Well, I did ask Adele and we talked, but we're rarely on at the same time. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i haven't, but i will :) Karlin Lutrova: that would be quite a gossip topic at least in the Keller Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Very good point Jani (Janire Coba): the thing is... Morganic is too quiet, and i don't dare to speak to him :$ Zoe Foodiboo: there goes the sun Karlin Lutrova: not too far fetched really Jani (Janire Coba): he scares me Adele Kling: Morganic is often afk, hard to RP with him. Karlin Lutrova: tea leave reading, and all that was the rage Zoe Foodiboo: He scares you? aw. He's the sweetest man.... Zoe Foodiboo: and so funny Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): but i think Elvina stole some developer fluid from you, Adele Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I have seen a lot of people taking on roles such as workers in the places, and rp simply does not happenɽ Adele Kling: But you can hang out at his shops, they are fun. Jani (Janire Coba): haha i dont know him, maybe that's why Karlin Lutrova: naaah, its that card board cheef that creeps me out Adele Kling: Og gawd, hope she doesn't drink it. Karlin Lutrova: he keeps staring at me ! Jani (Janire Coba): hahahahahha Karlin Lutrova: the pervert , don't yu know Zoe Foodiboo: Morgy's such a dear. Adele Kling: He is Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Morganic's really not that much into RP, as far as i know, he's into building and organizing Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): hahaha Karlin...Hope Honoria doesn't hear you saying that Adele Kling: Yes, Rosemary. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): he's like everybody's brother :) Karlin Lutrova: he has a heart Karlin Lutrova: I can tell even behind the screen =) Zoe Foodiboo: True, he doesn't rp much. But he's very knowledgeable about the period. He's a good resource and fun to talk to. Jani (Janire Coba): hey, jo Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): yes agree Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): ah missed it, blasted Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Guten Abend Frau Jo Adele Kling: oh yes Zoe Foodiboo: Hallo Frau Jo Zoe Foodiboo: Well, we're still talking. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hallo Frau Jo Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): /me waves to Frau Jo Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): No, you're just in time to continue Karlin Lutrova: the comment on the mr cardboard was not a relfection on that adorable man Zoe Foodiboo: There's a couple of seats. Mab Ashdene: Just in time for gossip. Jani (Janire Coba): i said maybe he scares me cause i dont know him Karlin Lutrova: uhoh, that Frau Yardley is here Angello Valerian: Guten Abend Fray Jo Karlin Lutrova: everone look busy ! webspelunker Ghostraven: Hello Frau Jo! Alf Korhonen: I still looking at the girls! :) Jani (Janire Coba): but he stays there, quiet, with his moustache, and scares me :$ Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Anyone would be able to make a little synthesis for Frau Jo? I do not think we have met any agreements, have we? Karlin Lutrova: lol greetings Jo ! Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Morganic is friendly and has a lot of knowledge of the time, i've learnt lots from him Zoe Foodiboo: hahaha, Alf Alf Korhonen: They are so cute! Karlin Lutrova: synthesis? Zoe Foodiboo: Well, no, but many interesting perspectives were shared. Karlin Lutrova: what do you mean Tequila =) Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): she means a quick sum up Zoe Foodiboo: I think we agreed we want more old people. and fat people. er, curvy. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): forget about it Karlin Lutrova: oh , I'm sorry , dont mind me Karlin Lutrova: I think that was about language Pola Solo: Hallo Frau Jo. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): and more rp Karlin Lutrova: sorry :( Jani (Janire Coba): yep Mab Ashdene: Shall I go fat and old? Zoe Foodiboo: oh yes, brackets Karlin Lutrova: lol Jani (Janire Coba): i wont go fat and old Alf Korhonen: Maybe I might call my father to visit Berlin again! Second Life: Cuthbert Helendale is online. Jani (Janire Coba): sorry, but NO Zoe Foodiboo: Let's all get fat and old! Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Jani (Janire Coba): no! Adele Kling: and less IM, heh Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): oh, and that not everyone has to be a flapper Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): we will soon webspelunker Ghostraven: speak for yourselves! Karlin Lutrova: what if I do undead like the Nosforatu film in berlin at that time Jani (Janire Coba): in rl indeed rosemary haha Karlin Lutrova: lol jk Karlin Lutrova: wasn't the Jack the Ripper story orginated from Berlin? whispy (whispy Darkstone): if you all go fat and old i will have to go back to the younger av i arrived with lol Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): in sl too but it takes some time :D Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): and we spoke about developing backgrounds for our characters Jani (Janire Coba): i miss some policemen bothering people Jani (Janire Coba): to be honest Jani (Janire Coba): lol Karlin Lutrova: Jac des Messer? Karlin Lutrova: or some thing Karlin Lutrova: I recalll that 3 penny oper tune Jani (Janire Coba): like: your skirt is short! you havent paid your rent! or... your car is there in the middle or nowhere Jani (Janire Coba): i dont know Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I think we need a criminal organization, lol Jani (Janire Coba): just bothering Jani (Janire Coba): lol Jani (Janire Coba): oh yessss Jani (Janire Coba): criminals in berlin webspelunker Ghostraven: It would help! Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Vera started one last autumn, but then it all ended Karlin Lutrova: may I ask? Zoe Foodiboo: we had one, didn't we? Zoe Foodiboo: Mo's gone Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): why did it end? Karlin Lutrova: where tere even usch a thing a women as polizeii? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Mo was attacking my door the other day Zoe Foodiboo: I think cause Vera left. Karlin Lutrova: in those years? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): he's back apparentky Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): vera vanished, she does that sometimes Karlin Lutrova: there ** Zoe Foodiboo: He was? I never see him anymore.... Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): and yes there were female members of the kriminal polizei ClaireDeAir: /camto offf Karlin Lutrova: I am sorry, but its very difficult to type when every letter appears 2 seconds later sorry for errors Jani (Janire Coba): were there criminal women? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): of course Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): of course Adele Kling: Always! Karlin Lutrova: I wonder , if my rp can go in taht direction Jo ClaireDeAir: /camto off Karlin Lutrova: I need to research that Zoe Foodiboo: I don't see why not. whispy (whispy Darkstone): i arrived as a young preformer,,, but realised that perhaps there are many of them with the flappers,,,, so bought in granny to explore less filled rp groups etc Angello Valerian: there is a kind of army ... At least two military who can protect us haha Mab Ashdene: I broke into the cafe earlier. Karlin Lutrova: awesome , then I can scold men for rude behavior Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Criminal women is a must have…they help a lot as they are less suspicious of things Karlin Lutrova: lo l jk Jani (Janire Coba): haha yes Telephone: whispers: Thank you! Click the telephone to place your call Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there always have been and always will be ciminal women Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): yes Jani (Janire Coba): we need criminals, murderers, kidnappers, and policemen Karlin Lutrova: you mean polizei yes Jo? Mab Ashdene: But surely not VERY criminal women. Alf Korhonen: Hei isä! Se Alf poikasi! Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): /me looks at Pola Karlin Lutrova: or do you mean women that did crime Jani (Janire Coba): it's just a suggestions, lol ,and idea Zoe Foodiboo: We have policemen Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): kriminal polizei is a division of the police webspelunker Ghostraven: Female Party members were considered criminals by some. Jani (Janire Coba): but zoe are they active rpers? Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Elvina is quite harmless as a criminal Zoe Foodiboo: Alf, are you alright? Alf Korhonen: "Muistatko minut! Miten äiti?" Karlin Lutrova: interestint, I must research that Jo Jani (Janire Coba): (idk, just asking since i'm new to here) Zoe Foodiboo: I think they are, Jani. I ran one over a couple of weeks ago. Mab Ashdene: Pola, are we criminals? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): its not much walking on the streets but more doing work at police stations and dealing with prisoners Alf Korhonen: Sorryv talking to dad in Vienna! Line is bad Karlin Lutrova: ah, desk work Pola Solo: We are sort of demimonde, I think Karlin Lutrova: actually makes sense Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Yes, the police that checks the political events is different than criminal police, no? Alf Korhonen: "Onko sinulla aikaa käydä Berliini pian!" webspelunker Ghostraven: Typically! Zoe Foodiboo: oh, sim police vs rp police you mean? ClaireDeAir: How do you become a police officer here? Jani (Janire Coba): or maybe sudenly.... someone with a gun threating people at der keller Karlin Lutrova: I really must read more than I am if I expect to be in character at all Jani (Janire Coba): lol Mab Ashdene: Is auctioning underage boys criminal? Jani (Janire Coba): that'd be funny Alf Korhonen: "On lopetettava nyt, koska se on kallista soittaa!" webspelunker Ghostraven: I have some knowledge of these matters. whispy (whispy Darkstone): women political activists from the sufferagettes to communists and anarchist did political actions to get noticed then as now Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): people are invited to join the police ClaireDeAir: ok Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): So, criminal police could be easily rp'ed without interfering with Dantiz ClaireDeAir: great Karlin Lutrova: uh, Berlin was wild and progressive but not THAT much Alf Korhonen: "Terveys äiti katsottuna Voi pian!" Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): criminal police? Alf Korhonen: "Hyvästi isä!" Karlin Lutrova: good pont Tequila Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): problem is that in berlin police has real powers and are sim maanagers ClaireDeAir: a bod cop Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): so we cant make anyone a cop ClaireDeAir: bad* Alf Korhonen: Dam line! Jani (Janire Coba): oh Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): the second you have a badge people assume you're a manager Karlin Lutrova: maybe rp polizei could interefere with actually Sim security Jani (Janire Coba): but we can make anyone a criminal with a gun Karlin Lutrova: never thought of that Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): yes, we would need to separate the groups Jani (Janire Coba): attacking your der keller Alf Korhonen: Back! Jani (Janire Coba): and scaring women Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Mab Ashdene: I once got locked up for pulling a gun. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): so who would be considered as a good cop in Berlin? Mab Ashdene: But I didn't mean to shoot it! Karlin Lutrova: shame on you ! Zoe Foodiboo: it's fun getting arrested Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): it is! Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i know we have one or two corrupt cops Alf Korhonen: Shoot and kill Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Yes, police forces have divisions as far as I understand…some place investigate protests and political crimes, while the criminal police would be on charge of investigating murderers, no? then there is the drug police…if I am right…. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but most take their job seriously, if only they could be online more Karlin Lutrova: so man y directions to do with that idea lol Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): any kind of hapenning is fun to take part in Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): some of our cops even have rl law experience :) Alf Korhonen: My mother was still ill but my father might come next week to Berlin! Depends on mothers health Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): the major RP event in Berlin is getting closer and closer webspelunker Ghostraven: Or they could be NSA! Karlin Lutrova: is it ok to bring up the subject of , the politics that was more and more of what Berlinweould be? Karlin Lutrova: I know its a deliccate subject but Karlin Lutrova: I enjoy referranes to actual events Karlin Lutrova: at the time Karlin Lutrova: Jo? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): you can discus nazism all you want, just stay away from being a proper antisemite Karlin Lutrova: well yes ofcourse not that Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): the second we start tp suspect being all excited about jolly nazism is more than just roleplay, you're at trouble Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): the newspapers help us find things to talk about too Zoe Foodiboo: whispers: Hallo Ludwig! Ludwig Caesar (Ludwig2005 Resident): huh..... Karlin Lutrova: but well, maybe its too complicated to try an incorporate that element Karlin Lutrova: most of it at the time was in Bavaria anyway Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): And you can always be with or against nazism, no? In RL not every German citizen would be in agreement with it Jani (Janire Coba): uhm... i wouldnt be comfortable talking about nazism Jani (Janire Coba): so i'd be quiet again lol Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): then don't Karlin Lutrova: was that ok to bring up? I just really like to know any guiddelines about that Karlin Lutrova: me either, not in a supporting way at all Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): we're not making mandatory rules, just discussing possibilities Zoe Foodiboo: sharing ideas Jani (Janire Coba): yep Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i find that it happens that we talk about nazis, but that we often just regard them as silly bavarians Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): berlin was a "red" city and mostly anti nazi, even in 1933 the nazis didnt get half the votes Karlin Lutrova: my character does not support the Reds either btw Jani (Janire Coba): oh, then alright Mab Ashdene: I like men in uniform. Jani (Janire Coba): i can talk about them as silly bavarians Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but now and then I do let slip that I agree with the nazis on art and the decadence of society, then again socialists agreed with that as well Jani (Janire Coba): problem sorted ^^ Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): and communists Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): or as bumpkins, the way city folk often view people in the countryside Karlin Lutrova: I agree with Jo Angello Valerian: i'd prefer a kind of Berlin mafia, than a lot of politicians around us hahah Jani (Janire Coba): mafia Jani (Janire Coba): yes! Karlin Lutrova: some of their values may ahve made sense Karlin Lutrova: but thats all really imo Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i remember there were some maffia RP starting some years ago whispy (whispy Darkstone): hitler was a very charismatic character good speaker just like mussilini, they woed the public or some were just not comfortable with politics more liked fun others took politics very seriously Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): stupid modern art and architecture Karlin Lutrova: unfortunately true Whispy Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): but it may have been more based on Italy than Germany Karlin Lutrova: very persuasive Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): I hope people see the movie M and get excited about creating a Berlin based underworld Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): prostitutes, thieves, beggars Karlin Lutrova: Hind Site is perfect sit so, ppl didnt know Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): like in that movie, not like al capone Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I read a book that is called 'the wet fish' and it is very interesting, involving some Russian gold that is leading to several murders, but the book is not translated to English for some weird reason Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): that would give so much dimension to the town Karlin Lutrova: isi t just tittled " M"? webspelunker Ghostraven: Those are small potatoes.... Alf Korhonen: I can just say it is a great movie and if you have not seen it! you should! Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): M is really an interesting movie indeed. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Yes, M, 1931, one of the best movies ever Karlin Lutrova: oh,it was a romaticiised crimenal? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): a classic webspelunker Ghostraven: Organized crime is about extortion, blackmail, fencing, and the like! Alf Korhonen: it is with sound as well! Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there is also a magazine about RL crime at the newspaper kiosk here Zoe Foodiboo: Maybe it'll play again at the Babylon Karlin Lutrova: fun Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): and I try to put in as many crime stories into the newspaper as I can, but just don't have enough time to write one every day Karlin Lutrova: btw, are those magazines here readable as a HUD kindd of thing? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): No, but I am thinking about making one with turnable pages Karlin Lutrova: Ive only bought posted art on the city walls and suck Karlin Lutrova: such Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): you suck walls? Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): oh right Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Oh great! Karlin Lutrova: lol Jani (Janire Coba): hhaahahahhaahhhh Karlin Lutrova: :P Karlin Lutrova: IT was a TYPO !! Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): haha Karlin Lutrova: LOL Jani (Janire Coba): what would Otto say about you sucking walls... Karlin Lutrova: gosh I am a bit flushed Real Life™ Karlin Lutrova: how funny Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): hahaha Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Pola, you have to kidnap Alf and give him a makeover, so, there, I've given you a first criminal underworld plan ;) Jani (Janire Coba): oh yes, plz Karlin Lutrova: Oo Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Wooooo Karlin Lutrova: the mafioso is alive and well! Alf Korhonen: WHAT Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): we love you alf, but your 2007 skin makes me want to get a metal brush ;) Karlin Lutrova: well, it was nice knowing you Alf Mab Ashdene: Pola, you are not the criminal underground. Jani (Janire Coba): hahahaha Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): hahaha Zoe Foodiboo: Frau Jo! Zoe Foodiboo: my goodness. Jani (Janire Coba): but she's right! Jani (Janire Coba): just.... too sincere maybe Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): May I participate in that one? I love shopping...The fashion police arrests Alf! Jani (Janire Coba): but right Alf Korhonen: Yw Karlin Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): be nice to Alf! Karlin Lutrova: actually true, I mention that too with good intention Alf Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i agree though :P Karlin Lutrova: the Sound of Silence........ Jani (Janire Coba): haha Jani (Janire Coba): ok then Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): sorry, couldnt resist Karlin Lutrova: I meant no offence either :( Alf Korhonen: It would not be me if I transfer into someone else! (: Jani (Janire Coba): we all agree on that Karlin Lutrova: seriously Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but alf knows, I've been teasing about that for a while ;) Jani (Janire Coba): Alf, we love you, but you need a makeover Jani (Janire Coba): next point! Alf Korhonen: I know and you still refuse to merry me! :) Karlin Lutrova: oh comn, 2007 is very sexy Karlin Lutrova: lol Zoe Foodiboo: Well, don't go getting to movie star-ish.....the women will never leave you alone and you won't want to leave your apartment Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): skin change first! Alf Korhonen: Like a rattle snake! LOL Karlin Lutrova: yeah no Fabio skin PLEASE! Clara Croll (Lephty Lewsey): or a new liver Jani (Janire Coba): jo, don't marry him till he looks like an updated avi, please Karlin Lutrova: Fabio would be worse than the present Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there is a new skin shop in VR, great realistic real people skins Jani (Janire Coba): i wonder who fabio is lol Karlin Lutrova: ooooo, a gossip item Karlin Lutrova: /me takes notes Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): old people, people who dont sleep enough, in short, people like me Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): What about Valentino alike skin? Karlin Lutrova: ok, kind of like Arnold then Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): oh my Jani (Janire Coba): fabio, valentino, what's up with italian skins? hahaha webspelunker Ghostraven: Great! Pola Solo: The Italian sex mall has opened, obviously. webspelunker Ghostraven: Guess what I'm doing? Zoe Foodiboo: I'm tellin' ya, being handsome in Berlin ain't for sissies. Some of the women are crazy. Clara Croll (Lephty Lewsey): do they have older people skins? Zoe Foodiboo: /me twirls her finger near her temple and whistles Karlin Lutrova: if Alf appears here looking like Swarzennegger I will shoot ! Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha zoe Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Hahah, agreed Zoe! Jani (Janire Coba): oh me to Alf Korhonen: LOL Mab Ashdene: Zoe, don't be mean to me. Zoe Foodiboo: lol Karlin Lutrova: orsome pin head with maxeed out shoulders ..ick Jani (Janire Coba): if Afl appears like Arnold it'll be a criminal war here in berlin Jani (Janire Coba): lol Jani (Janire Coba): and.. if gustav gets an old skin i wont dance with him again Karlin Lutrova: hmmmm. who is Daddyo Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Much older?????LOL Zoe Foodiboo: Gustav? Zoe Foodiboo: Rose's husband? Clara Croll (Lephty Lewsey): well, I would like a slightly aged skin Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Fru Jo, do you think it is possible to profile some characters for the May protests? I mean, I have no clue on where my character would fit in that event... Zoe Foodiboo: ohhh, that Gustav Karlin Lutrova: maybe I should turn off that when avatars enter thingy Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yep, me. Much older???LOL Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): profile characters? Jani (Janire Coba): Gustav is married? Jani (Janire Coba): him too? Zoe Foodiboo: I think you're dreamy, Gustav :) I love your look. Jani (Janire Coba): oh come on Karlin Lutrova: well, not older than 90 ok? Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): Gustav not Gustov Zoe Foodiboo: Gustov Chesnokov? Yes, to Rose. Jani (Janire Coba): then i better change my avi to an old fat one Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Danke, Zoe ;) My love! Jani (Janire Coba): since i wint get a rp husband Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Zoe Foodiboo: /me winks Jani (Janire Coba): no Jani (Janire Coba): this gustav Zoe Foodiboo: Oh, that Gustav. Jani (Janire Coba): the one there Karlin Lutrova: so it's settled, Otto will mysteriusly come back from the dead Mab Ashdene: Pola, maybe we should get a rp husband. Zoe Foodiboo: Well, you might wait a long time if you wait for a marriage proposal from him.... Pola Solo: We could, I suppose. Jani (Janire Coba): and there'll be some criminals with gund at der keller Karlin Lutrova: ok, not really, I should get seroiusl sorry Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): like having a bit of description about what characters would fit in the May protests. Like a flapper for example….would she be with the reds or with the status quo? Mab Ashdene: No one would be brave enough. Zoe Foodiboo: ooooh, there's a man! Zoe Foodiboo: Hello there Herr webspelunker Ghostraven: She's welcome with the Reds! Karlin Lutrova: greetings Mr daddyo Clara Croll (Lephty Lewsey): he's a tall one Daddyo (daddyo99649964 Resident): hello Zoe Foodiboo: Welcome, have a seat. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): shah Herr Ghostraven…I mean in a real historical way Guy Cutter (GeorgeW Carver): Berlin had beatnicks in 1929? Karlin Lutrova: well, if yoru e talking about time periods no Guy Cutter (GeorgeW Carver): /me chuckles Karlin Lutrova: but you can be sure the values and ideals of beatniks was there Karlin Lutrova: Kerouac would hav e lved Berlin imo Karlin Lutrova: loved * Jani (Janire Coba): ok...erm... Jani (Janire Coba): we need men here in berlin Jani (Janire Coba): HAHAHAHA Jani (Janire Coba): a lot of men Karlin Lutrova: /me nods "true Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me chuckles Karlin Lutrova: omg is it raining men ?? Pola Solo: I have a male alt, but I'm useless at it. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): well lure them here Jani (Janire Coba): it should be raining men webspelunker Ghostraven: Karlin's right... Jani (Janire Coba): naked ones Jani (Janire Coba): yoohoo Guy Cutter (GeorgeW Carver): /me rubs his eyes Jani (Janire Coba): no, i dont want an alt :( Karlin Lutrova: for shame Jo ! webspelunker Ghostraven: Weimar was the start of the Beat generation! Mab Ashdene: How can we lure men in? Karlin Lutrova: lol jk Zoe Foodiboo: We'll post you at the Teleportplatz, Mab Karlin Lutrova: silence Pola Solo: Hahahah! Karlin Lutrova: now that could actually work Jani (Janire Coba): how can we bring some men to rp here in berlin.... lemme think.... whispy (whispy Darkstone): not sure my granny would lure them,,,, *chcuckles* Mab Ashdene: How about a nice cardboard cutout? Pola Solo: Yes! whispy (whispy Darkstone): but being ready to rp with folk when they wander the city works well i think Zoe Foodiboo: Do you have the one from the exhibit? Karlin Lutrova: why not, cutouts are hot Mab Ashdene: No Pola Solo: Mab is a moveable feast. Zoe Foodiboo: Those were hilarious. Jani (Janire Coba): i could post on flickr we need a criminal group of men to rp here Jani (Janire Coba): loool Karlin Lutrova: ok, not really Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): I've been trying. But well, all of my friends are....well, you know LOL webspelunker Ghostraven: Appeal to the workers! webspelunker Ghostraven: They'll come! Mab Ashdene: They said things, didn't they? Pola Solo: Yes. Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha gustav Jani (Janire Coba): hahaha Jani (Janire Coba): i just adore you Zoe Foodiboo: They did. Maybe Sein has them in his inventory. Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): ;) Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me winks Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): we should let people know what berlin is all about Pola Solo: I have a copy of mine. Let me find it. Pola Solo: /me searches through her purse. Karlin Lutrova: in his intentory? Jani (Janire Coba): i agree with jo Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there are so many options that people dont consider Zoe Foodiboo: oh, they were so cute. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): same problem with kids Mab Ashdene: What did they say? I am curious. I forgot. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): people have no imagination these days! Karlin Lutrova: you have men in your inventory? Karlin Lutrova: lol being silly Zoe Foodiboo: She's got Pola in her inventory. Zoe Foodiboo: Just wait, it's adorable. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Pocket Pola Karlin Lutrova: very convenient Jani (Janire Coba): uhm... i could bring my ex rl bf here to rp lol Jani (Janire Coba): he's an english funny one Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I think a little bit of reading is good for imagination….yet what to read…that is the question Karlin Lutrova: you sure that could invite drama though ? Zoe Foodiboo: I tried to bring my beau but he's in EQ all the time. Karlin Lutrova: to be candid Jani (Janire Coba): me? drama? nah, we super friends Karlin Lutrova: awesome Jani (Janire Coba): and he's as obsessed with boardwalk empire as me lol Mab Ashdene: Don't bring your boyfriend in. That would be ... unwise. Zoe Foodiboo: Is that it Pola? Zoe Foodiboo: oh Pola Solo: I'm not sure Jani (Janire Coba): no no, EX boyfriend, now just friends lol Zoe Foodiboo: I wish I'd kept copies for the archives. I assumed Sein did. Pola Solo: Yes, there it is. I think. Pola Solo: You need a scarf with that. Lots of scarves. Karlin Lutrova: wish I could find someone who could rp my shrew ofa mother Zoe Foodiboo: oooh, yes! Pola Solo: No, you'd look terrible in that. Buy something else. No, we don't have anything else. Zoe Foodiboo: hahahahaha Zoe Foodiboo: that was such a fun exhibit Pola Solo: Did I tell you we carried your size? Oops. Karlin Lutrova: though< i really have not filled out that character though Pola Solo: It was perfect. Lori Miles (Lorelai Winslet): : ) Jani (Janire Coba): loool Mab Ashdene: Haha! Pola Solo: Did I tell you we carried your size? Oops. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): I have guests at home RL this evening and most go to organize everything, but I will be following this conversation via FB if you post it there Karlin Lutrova: fun fun Pola Solo: This is my "mean shopgirl" cutout. Tequila Mockingbird (Tequila Krovac): Good night Zoe Foodiboo: Okay, I will if that's okay with everyone. Jani (Janire Coba): good night tequila Karlin Lutrova: oh , I actually bought that outfit I think lol Pola Solo: Good night, Tequila dear. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i am going to remodel teleportplatz one day, might be fun ti try something a bit more up there to lure people in Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Auf wiedersehen! Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Good night Tequila Karlin Lutrova: bis bald Teqiula Zoe Foodiboo: It was so cute with Mabs Second Life: Neil Langrishe (Poohneil Streeter) is online. Karlin Lutrova: =) Pola Solo: What are you wearing under that? No, don't tell me; I can see it. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Auf Wiedersehen Tequila Jani (Janire Coba): who can make a good sign to atract ment to rp here Jani (Janire Coba): lol Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): bye tequila Karlin Lutrova: good idea Jo ! Jani (Janire Coba): something about criminals, they love that stuff Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Well, I have to go, too. RL things. Mab Ashdene: I don't have mine. Jani (Janire Coba): bye, gustav! Mab Ashdene: Pola, do you have mine? Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Bye guys. Karlin Lutrova: tasteful yet a bit more aggressive ? Pola Solo: Good bye, Gustav. See you later. Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): Auf Wiedersehen Herr Rosenheim Zoe Foodiboo: Bye Gustav! Thanks for coming. Pola Solo: I don't think I have yours, darling. Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): well some ideas suggestions backgrounds etc, but I don't want to push too much info on new visitors Alf Korhonen: Bye Gustav Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me tips my hat Pola Solo: I think it's safe to say that ladies should wear proper underthings. Thank goodness we don't carry those here. Karlin Lutrova: nacht Mein Herr Zoe Foodiboo: lol Pola Solo: Did I tell you we carried your size? Oops. Lori Miles (Lorelai Winslet): Thank you for organizing this event Frl Foodiboo and Frl Simoneaux. Pola Solo: Whew! I thought she'd NEVER leave. Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): yes it was very interesting Jani (Janire Coba): loool Mab Ashdene: Hahaa! Karlin Lutrova: actually that Old ...does Jani (Janire Coba): this Pola is mean! Pola Solo: I think it's safe to say that ladies should wear proper underthings. Thank goodness we don't carry those here. Pola Solo: No, you'd look terrible in that. Buy something else. No, we don't have anything else. Zoe Foodiboo: Oh my pleasure. It was all Frl Teruumi. I just sent out the invitations. Karlin Lutrova: I forgot it 's name Pola Solo: No, you'd look terrible in that. Buy something else. No, we don't have anything else. Pola Solo: I think it's safe to say that ladies should wear proper underthings. Thank goodness we don't carry those here. Pola Solo: What are you wearing under that? No, don't tell me; I can see it. Karlin Lutrova: Old Vintage? Pola Solo: Whew! I thought she'd NEVER leave. whispy (whispy Darkstone): yes thank you very much,,, this has been inspirational,,, i love rp and history and today has been inspiring Zoe Foodiboo: What did Mab's say? She had some zingers too. Mab Ashdene: I really don't remember. Zoe Foodiboo: We'll do it again I think, won't we Frl Teruumi? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I hope it was fun and informative to you despite the fact we kind of traveled further from the topic Karlin Lutrova: the shop to the right as you walk into the lane of shops from the landing spot Alf Korhonen: The girls still looking cute even if it is late! :) Pola Solo: Something about facial hair, wasn't it? Teruumi Jacqueline Simoneaux (Korina Asamoah): I'm sure we will Frl Zoe Jani (Janire Coba): Alf... your skin.... remember it Zoe Foodiboo: and medication? Jani (Janire Coba): hahahahhaha Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): we berliners always get distracted Mab Ashdene: Probably. Alf Korhonen: ssss don't mention my skin condition Rosemary Thyme Chesnokova (MsRosemaryThyme Resident): i blame the alcohol Jani (Janire Coba): oh, plz remember that abput the films, that'll help us a lot Jani (Janire Coba): Alf, is it a dissease? Mab Ashde

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