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The Comic Book Rabbi, Steven Lebow, Retired June 30th, 2020, After Three Decades of Service in Marietta, Georgia, And In Retirement Dedicating the Remainder of his Life to Exonerating Leo Frank through the State of Georgia's Bureaucracy.

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posted by Leo Frank alias Leo Max Frank on Wednesday 2nd of December 2020 04:19:00 AM

IMAGE: Front-center is the porky, Emeritus Rabbi of Temple Kol Emeth, Dr. Steven Lebow, the world's foremost advocate and sociopolitical avenger for the long-deceased Jewish sexstrangler Leo M. Frank. Glowingly, Rabbi Lebow is standing out front of his immaculate kosher kitchen and donning his trademark "Where-is-Waldo" coke bottle glasses. On June 30th, 2020, he retired after thrice decades of tireless service as the spiritual patron of his Marietta Synagogue to pursue other opportunities. He will be sorely missed when not around, howbeit there's a new kid on the block to fill his shoes. And it's a refreshing change, on the other side of the coin! The Modern Rabbi Christian's Love Non-Jewish Protestant fundamentalists in the region called him their Rabbi. He was loved as a doting second father by the interfaith benevolent congregation that he built since the upper '80s for nearly 400 months. But others remarked he has a rather queer fixation on adamantly controlling PR opinion with regard to the 1913 convicted homicidal-child-abuser Leo Frank (b. 1884), who became a persona-non-grata in 1915 by the good old boy's network in Georgia, the leading strata of powerful men who had occupied formal seats in the state and local government. By dint of state-sponsored terrorism, and riding on the wake of being shanghaied from a comfy hospital-bed in the pitch darkness of sleep at a remote prison farm, Frank was hijacked at gunpoint from the Milledgeville penitentiary's infirmary ward, and driven 139 miles across a labyrinth of backroads to the outskirts of Atlanta for a pre-morning session with "Judge Lynch". This mythical "justice of the law" called "Judge Lynch" was the common alias starting to be used in the late nineteenth century to characterize vigilante posses who extrajudicially hanged alleged criminals. The method was lynching in cold blood, using the "short-drop method". This method meant the vertebrae weren't severed in their neck during the hanging. The violent spasms and undulations of the body's buck dancing were part of the morbid release observers sought when seeking old fashioned mob justice. Frank however was surprisingly spared this sadistic fate, we know this from the post mortem lynching photos of his blind-folded head swung back more than 90 degrees. His execution was a gruesome spectacle for those who had never seen the true face of death in the upshot. Steve Oney analogizes Frank's lynch party as nothing at all like a mob and he is, if the truth be told, correct. The high faluting government functionaries who then organized from June 22nd-August 15th, to abduct Leo Frank from prison on the forthcoming 16th and hung him the daybreak after on the 17th at a Sheriff's plantation in Marietta, gave themselves the cognomen, "Vigilance Committee" and were not members of the KKK, nor did they help found the KKK three months later in November 1915, this inconvenient fact of life is contrary to the popular Yiddish legend, which falsifies history by calling them "The Knights of Mary Phagan." The Knights of Mary Phagan Mythus The lore recurring inside the written works of eggheaded Jewish scholarship and orally by lecturers at the academy is that the self-described "Vigilance Committee" referred to themselves as "The Knights of Mary Phagan" but this was never the case and there is no reliable evidence of this imaginary Ku Klux Klan style name other than fake news projection in the press of 1915. Using the Library of Congress, this cooked-up KKK name "Knights of Mary Phagan" was genealogically traced to a news source and journalist outside of Georgia and friendly to Leo Frank, and was never at any time an objective certitude. The "Knights of Mary Phagan" was repeated so many times it made its way into the literature as a feature taken for granted. A closer examination of its survival reveals it serves a purpose for Leo Frank's defenders who seek to biblically frame this the Leo Frank case as Good versus evil, with Bad Goys versus Great Jews. The lynching of Leo Frank was a dreadful and illegal activity in the way it was coordinated and convoyed, nevertheless, we now know it was not done by the KKK (which hadn't at the time even been rekindled yet until 3 months later). We also know there is no evidence the eventual founding members of the 2nd-era klan were in whole or part, the men who lynched Leo Frank. Joseph Simmons founder of the 2nd-era klan November 25th, of that same year, never broached the subject of Leo Frank in anything he wrote or in any second-hand (hearsay) accounts of his communications. By primary accounts, it was a pivotal 1915 film, 'The Birth of a Nation', popularized in the 3,000+ Jewish-owned pictureshow theater chain of Lowes, which energized the formerly 1870s dormant Klan to rise from the ashes post-Thanksgiving midnight on Stone Mountain in 1915. The 1st and 2nd KKK were never anti-Semitic, in fact, the opposite is true, there is ample evidence Jews were involved with the KKK and provided their material support to the Klan. Newspaper reports provide significant evidence of Jewish support of the Ku Klux Klan, but there's zero primary source evidence Leo Frank's execution was part of inspiring its 2nd-era revitalization. B'nai B'rith Lawyer, Dale Schwartz, Esquire, once admitted he always knew when there was a KKK rally and cross burning in Georgia, because his Jewish father provided the local Klan brigade with their White robes and hoods. Attorney Schwartz is credited with helping get Leo Frank a dubious posthumous pardon in '86 which strangely did not vacate his conviction. With a geeky-cheeky, and shit-eating grin on his handsome, pudgy face, Lebow rhapsodically displays in his easel hands, fanned out over his chest, a sampling of his unseen, legendary comic book collection. An avid collector, it took him a near-lifetime to build a small museum-quality assemblage of those cartoony superhero booklets that once excited fanboys in his coming of age, during those romantic bygone yesteryears. Back in his day, pimply teenagers would swap, pinch, gamble, and arm-wrestle over these colorful rags he holds that once upon a time, cost a silver dime in the 60s, but are now worth a golden mint today. The Comic Book Rabbi Steven Lebow of Marietta Georgia Fame Engages His Final Frontier. Now retired as of last July 2020, after 33-odd years of Rabbinical Leadership (1987 - 2020), Steven Lebow is dedicating the remainder of his mortal existence to exonerating a factory operator who was extralegally hanged 105 years ago in 1915. December 1st, 2020. Review by Josey Bach Edited by Gimble and Becker, December 2020. With a lofty purpose of being, Lebow is a man on a mission from G-d and in a race against time, to get Jewish pervert, Leo Frank the Vagina Vampire (1884 - 1915) officially declared innocent by the State of Georgia for the rape-garroting of a sweatshop child laborer, Mary Anne Phagan (1899- 1913). Frank earned his street-sobriquet "The Vagina Vampire" long after police began interviewing former factory employees of the National Pencil Company and found upward of a dozen teenage girls who described Leo Frank's character for lasciviousness as bad. One girl Dewey Hewell described having her genitals mutilated by Leo Frank, hence the peculiar sobriquet described above, more details on that later. And stacked on top, two more unnamed girls, off the record, shortly after Leo Frank's arrest, claimed to been seduced and ruined by this Kosher Casablanca. In early 20th century parlance "ruined" meant they lost their virginity, got pregnant, and because they were unmarried had back-alley abortions of the coat hanger type. It would be easy to pawn it all off with the adage, "It takes two to tango" but these were easily manipulated and insufficiently educated, teenage girls who had to drop out of public school at an early age in order to work in sweatshops to support their impoverished families. Equating Leo Frank's devotees to a religious style cult following, reminiscent of Jews for Jesus, makes total sense in the context that Frankites have shown themselves mightily since 1982 to be totally relentless in their cause of getting their Martyr-Messiah vindicated and worshipped like Hero-figure, just like Jesus as a man was once persecuted by Gentiles for his religion, but later deified. The phrase "Whatever it takes to get him cleared, no matter how much time it takes" is their prevailing attitude, much like early Christianity which was entirely a Jewish sect of Judaism. The Frankites mean it too from the heart, for them, this is now a 107-year decathlon and there's no expiration date on seeking their version of justice which requires the modern-day equivalent of a Roman Imprimatur to codify their new religion on holy scrolls. According to Lebow's favorite sound bite he often utters at his Synagogue's bully pulpit, "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied." Someday those words will become prominent in the forthcoming holy book, The Gospel of Leo Frank. This radical cult movement to vindicate their main man is still running strong--it's even stronger now than ever before given the distancing pressure of receding time that's accelerating. Not only is the time factor urgent and applicable, but demographics are changing in Georgia too and that means the State's Governmental Assembly of Georgia will be different in the election cycles of the future. The once RedState is turning purple and blue, and when those twilight colors encompass the sky like Godly fingers, the great exodus and immigration influx will come with a vivid indigo tipping point. Productive Philo-Semitic White Christian Protestant Republicans will move out of the peach state en masse, exhausted by the ongoing generational transfer of their wealth. And woke P.O.C. will flood into the state for new byzantine governmental handout programs that come with violet-blue regimes. There's a worry there for the bustling Jewish communal society surging in population numbers around North Georgia about the uncertainty these left-wing political gusts of change are bringing to the old peach democracy. Even if Jewish Senatorial Candidate Ossoff wins in January 2021 and he should almost certainly win with $100 million in his coffers, there are still no long term guarantees about Jewish safety. These new woke P.O.C. are not like the easily-manipulated colored people of the generations past who saw themselves in an unholy alliance with Jews united against White protestants for gaining privilege, power, and rights. Today's P.O.C. are well versed in the Israel-Palestine conflict which they see through the lens of Black Lives Matter. In this BLM worldview Jews are playing the role of Jewish supremacist Nazis in sadistic greenish military cop uniforms as victimizers and Palestinians are perceived in an up-to-the-minute 1960s civil rights struggle for liberty against Israel Apartheid. Supplementary, a growing number of modern P.O.C. are well aware Leo Frank tried to frame not one but two P.O.C. for the molestation-murder of a little white girl Mary Phagan, and therefore see Jews who glow for Israel and Leo Frank as incognito Jewish neo-nazis and crypto kosher klansmen, lid-covered with funny little velvet hats, and hiding behind drycleaned 3-piece suits with thready tassels. So now there's a real sense of need to fast-track the blind rubberstamping needed to clear pedophile-rapist Leo Frank's name, because the purplish transition of Georgia poses new complexities. The actuality Leo Frank tried framing two Negroes was kept an open secret by the Jewish communal society for almost 100 years, they still won't admit it, nevertheless, the cat was let out of the bag in 2016, when the Nation of Islam busted the case wide open with good old fashioned research. Now it's an acknowledged fact, albeit begrudgingly by the secret keepers. Another open secret from 1986 to 2009 was that Frank's pardon did not vacate his conviction. The credits at the end of the 2009 soap opera documentary, People v. Leo Frank finally slipped that truth away to the public. Before then it was kept a secret. Rabbi Lebow and Philip Goldstein even had a Historical Marker at the Phagan grave changed to hide that interesting fact about Leo Frank's dubious posthumous pardon in 1995. In 2008, Rabbi Lebow let the truth slip out a little bit on an obscure marker at Leo Frank's lynching site at 1200 Roswell road, with the cloudy words "without addressing his innocence or guilt". "Rabbi Lebow's Bigly Centennial" Surprisingly Lebow was not part of the pyrrhic '80s when Frank was issued a posthumous symbolic pardon on blow-yer-nose tissue paper, without actually being pardoned incorporeality. He was just a smidgeon too late for that escapade. But he was not too late for the Centennial, which had been brewing for 29 years. In 2013 efforts to have Leo Frank dug up from his grave in Queens, New York, shipped down on ice to Marietta for delivery at a taxidermist's establishment, stuffed, gussied up, veneered in transparent epoxy, and garlanded were renewed in the years leading up to and culminating at the 2015 centennial of his 1915 lynching. Almost thirty years had since passed then from the anticlimax in '86, so 2015 was targetted for prime-time beautification of candidate-Saint Leo Max Frank, the martyr of Antisemitism who deserved deification. No better year for his apotheosis in 2015 could be possible, other than the date August 17, 2115, a centenary hence. Needing no introduction or guesswork, the loud and grandiose centenary effort in 2015 was hosted by none other than the champion intermediator Rabbi Lebow on August 16th, 2015. When Lebow and his coterie of picketer jurists tailgating with him at Temple Kol Emeth, hammered-out full-throated appeals at the Synagogue's elevated soapbox, from afar the then-chaired Governor Nathan Deal, chief magistrate of Georgia, politely demurred through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His excellency at the top post in the capitol saw right through the whole staged escapade of rallying Social Justice Warrior judges who put herd fashion over timeless constitution principles. Mr. Deal in the spirit of Howie Mandel said no deal! These activist judges and lawyers who stepped forward to dishonor themselves and say they supported the exoneration of Leo Frank, were seen as constitutional sellouts by many P.O.C living in the Empire State of the South. Though these Kangaroo court jesters got their 15 minutes of limelight on Lebow's ethnoreligious stage of green mold slime, nevertheless, they also forever besmirched their reputations in the eyes of every mother and father whose children had ever been abused sexually, or worse, like Little Mary, those kids lost a chance for full lifetime. May history never disremember the judicial system in Georgia is dappled with traitors and backstabbers who betrayed their sworn oath to uphold the constitution. For them, the Motto "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" need not apply, they put personal ambition and affluenza over justice for the most vulnerable members of our society, adolescents working for predatory adults. Leading up to Rabbi Lebow's elaborate promotional event in 2015 were skyhigh advertisements and 300 RSVPer s in attendance at his modern Temple in Marietta. Those present were gifted yellow cheese whiz colored T-shirts with Leo Frank's face emblazoned on them, with the words, "Leo Frank was innocent" and they were given denture rotting bottles of Coca-Cola with the custom words on them "Leo Frank was innocent." The whole event was a circus sideshow combined with a dog and pony show. Mr. Davy Denizen tweeted to Gov. Deal that he should take a peek-a-boo at Leo Frank's August 18, 1913, idiosyncratic oral commentary in the Fulton Couty court house published in the 1913 trial brief of evidence, vis-a-vis the defendant's little potty break at the scene of the crime at the early noontime of the murder (12:05 p.m. - 12:10 p.m.) and compare this little "oh by the way" with the architectural plats of the factory on the State's 3D Exhibit-A and Defendant's 2D Exhibit-61. BULLSEYE! With that bullseye the Natty Guvnah had ballsout testicular fortitude, he couldn't in good conscious sell out like his centenary-old predecessor, the most corrupt Governor in Georgia history, John Slaton, whose law firm, 'Slaton, Phillps, Rosser and Brandon' ham-handedly engaged in criminal activity during Frank's appeals to the state's highest court in 1914. It's all cataloged for posterity in Leo Frank's 1913-1914 Georgia Supreme Court transcripts, a super-sized 1800 pages combined worth of his frivolous legalistic pleadings and Georgia's highest court's rulings on them. Governor Natty-D in the place to be Dorsey's 143-page response to Governor Slaton's criminal activity in Leo Frank's Georgia Supreme Court appeals is a Deal buster (pun intended)! Governor Nathan Deal ended his career as chief executive of Georgia with the highest honor and integrity given the circumstances. Nobody was expecting it given the atavism of political corruption, yet he will go down in Georgia History as a man faithful to his state and federal oath to the constitution. If ever there was a nervy politician who rightly earned the polished iron balls award, Ex-Governor of Georgia Natty-D is the man. May they be plated in platinum for his perseverance in the face of Lebow's juggling performance. So that episode too in 2015 turned into a pyrrhic victory, 29-years after Frank's toothless pardon in 1986, with only a tawdry appeasement of moving the 1932 statue of Leo Frank's archvillain - the radical populist congressman Tom Watson - across the street to a leafy park, occurring 2-years earlier in 2013 to cut the Pharisees off at the pass, knowing in advance what was definitely coming to a head in August of 2015. Natty-D's got nerves of steel and played his hand well. He's no four-flusher that's for sure. The trifecta: 8, 17, 15 - the magic number. Everyone knew Jewry wanted a landmark decision on a noteworthy date and August 17, 1915, would have been the trifecta of the perfect month, the perfect day, and the perfect year. Yet all Rabbi Lebow got was prescient appeasement in 2013 with the statue move - the kind of shut the F-up already and go away - here we threw you a dirty dog bone full of marrow, now go gnaw on it, and please kindly stop barking, leave us alone already, you Hebrew pests. Please stop humping our leg and jizzing on it, while fantasizing about Leo M. Frank in bed with your spouse, while you touch yourself in the corner of the room, while watching. What you'll never hear from Frank's fundamentalists is he had ruined 3 of those 20 living girls during his stint (1908 - 1913) as Superintendant of that American Pencil making plant, one of whom was Dewey Hewel. She described Frank deflowering and putting a bun into her oven. She was banished in shame--sent out of the state to far-flung Cincinnati Ohio, to live out the next 18 years with her newborn kiddo in a Christian convent, called 'The Good Sheppard Home' for unwed baby mommas. It was baby momma drama! Not for Leo though he got away scott free on that pregnancy, she was swept under the carpet far away, never to be heard of again, until police tracked her down and she testified at his trial. The judge did not allow her to share what personally happened on the record. In one harrowing incident, Hewel, described seductive Leo Frank - after intimacy together - slinking down between her legs and biting her so rabidly, he permanently scarred her Vageener. Thus the impending handle "Leo Frank the Vagina Vampire" when word got out in due course. And even though there was no #MeToo movement back then, girls still found the courage to speak out when pressed. In this instance, it was police investigators trying to figure out who killed Mary and figure out why. The unspeakable Hewell incident could never have been allowed to be spoken of or entered into the brief of evidence during courtroom proceedings by Judge Roan because it would have irreparably prejudiced the trial jury. Such disclosure, however, could never be kept hush-hush when all was said and done in the summer of 1915, even if unfit to print by public newspapers of record. Now that enough time has passed, Frank's actual culpability has lost its relevance in the tides of self-serving Jewish historiography. At this point, few Frank enthusiasts could even care less what the evidence is against him is. All that matters is Leo Frank is a Jew, one of us, and he must be declared innocent. If anyone stands in the way they'll be vilified as a Nazi and supremacist, or tarred and feathered for life as an anti-Semite - these gutter utterances give Frank's lionizers a boner or they go into heat, depending on the gender, respectively. A bunch of new Jewish professors and token Gentiles can get together every 5 years to make a fresh declaration that Leo Frank was innocent, but this manufactured Kosher consensus already exists and no one takes it seriously. When people invoke the "Consensus of researchers and scholars on the Leo Frank case is he was innocent and Conley did the crime...." Everyone mocks it in a retort with "Yadha Yahda Yadha - poppycock." Everyone knows instinctively the loudest voices dominating in academic circles are just partisan liars of the Judaic intellectual confidence artist variety. This is why Frank's guilt must be cleared by the state through a declaration and press release because the pro-Frank consensus smells like Glatt Kosher bullshit. Only a state declaration can clear that foul rotten odor cooked-up in the Kosher Kitchen that's been lingering for 107 years and making everyone want to vomit. No matter what the odds, whether by concentrated fiat or accumulated proxy, Leo Frank must be declared innocent by the laws of the state government in such a way to make it unchallengeable. Once it crosses that bridge, the way will be blocked and the bridge burned down, there is no turning back. This will be the capstone for what has taken exhaustive incarnations since 1913. The artificial foundation is in place. Leo Frank has been vindicated in the popular culture lorded over by tribal-dominated Hollywood and tribal-dominated Broadway, and pre-eminently by generations of tribal professors in the academies of law colleges and graduate schools, but it must finally come from a Gentile government source with the escutcheon of authority to be actually legitimate, and there is no expiration date on achieving this goal. Eventually, another John Slaton will become Governor, but maybe this time with a tan, or vageener, and there are plenty of activist Judges in the courthouses who would love to make a name for themself/themselves and subvert justice before they croak and go to places. If anything, there have been setbacks because of the advent of Internet access, which gave unprecedented opportunities for students to retrospect on this hitherto elusive trial and appeals chronicles. Before that, the only towering voice heard in the academy was coming from the professor of Judaic Studies Leonard Dinnerstein from 1968 till 2003, and then from the grandmaster of sophistry, journalist Steve Oney thereafter in 2004 till 2016. In 2016, the Nation of Islam released a book that shattered 103 years of Jewish supremacist lies. Now highschool computer hackers debunk their activist monographs with ease and proficiency. The 8th-grade propaganda public school students get forced down their throats in Georgia doesn't stick anymore the moment those kids look up the case online. Kids are finding out quickly their school teachers can't be trusted and they would be better off at home to put those propagandists on zoom calls, with the mute button on, while the students go learn for themselves elsewhere on websites like The American Mercury and The Leo Frank Research Library. These students get fed the pro-Frank lies in public school and go home after school to find out what really happened on the Internet. In 2016, the Nation of Islam published a book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3, The Leo Frank Case, The Lynching of a Guilty Man! The 29-part audiobook of it went viral in 2018. Game Over, for the orthodox Jewish Supremacist narrative cultivated for more than 100 years. The Die is Cast! There's No Turning Back! Rallying for Leo Frank today is an ongoing, post-centenary cause celebre of Jewish firsters that began in the second decade of the 20th century and has never gone cold, only hybernated. The cult movement for Frank has ebbed and flowed in its conspicuousness but is burgeoning today with the advent of social media. As time goes on the fire rises, and the organized Jewish lobby is frenzied and their honeycomb networks of minions in every sphere of influence, who are working hard behind the scenes, are stopping at nothing, to find a way, to make Leo Frank day happen. Once Leo Frank is exonerated it will be presumed a done deal, impossible to reverse. And Leo Frank will no longer be the turd that won't flush. It's a Bird! No. It's a plane! No. It's Super Rabbi! In the pantheon of ADL's great P.R. social agenda to apotheosize Leo Frank, is the caped crusader Rabbi Lebow, a comic-book superhero, and fellow-traveler, who is at the helm of this spiritual crusade, going 34 years strong. This is a quest he must fulfill before he dies a generation from now (according to him). 20 years is how he put it in print (that's 54 years if he's correct! 34 + 20). The declaration can come from any source, as long, as it has the rubber stamp of the state seal notary and is legally binding, unlike the preposterous pardon of Leo Frank in '86 which only gave the pedophile-martyr of anti-Semitism his voting rights back, but did not absolve him of his puerocide. Which meant the martyr-molester got to vote for Presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 3rd, 2020 by absentee ballot from the grave. Some Marietta residences wonder, "hey Rebbie, would you trust a modern-day 29-year-old exact genetic clone of Leo Frank to babysit or watch over the kids in your former congregation without any other adults supervision present?" Methinks you ain't so dim. But that aside, the challenging cause to lift the crime from Frank's case won't be an easy task to fulfill, because all the youngest employees at Frank's sweatshop were only 10 years old at the time, and they were typically hidden in closets and bathrooms when city inspectors came poking around, so they were not acknowledged and therefore never testified when the opportunity arrived. If any of the actual teenager testifiers are alive today, they would be at least 117 years old. Chances are they are all deceased. Life expectancies 100 years ago hovered around half a century, it was rare for a young adult a century ago to live to the average life expectancy range today, which broadly floats at around seven decades. A quarter-century difference in mortality by modern standards. The bottom line is no one from that National Pencil Company factory is alive today to testify on Leo Frank's behalf. So the only new evidence to vindicate him must be manufactured and then backdated. Born in 1898, 14-year-old Alonzo Mann, a World War One veteran was an anomaly among 1913 National Pencil Company employees, living to see the mid-1980s. The number of W.W.1. veterans who lived to see the 1990s was scarce. American supercentenarian Frank Buckles, the last W.W.1. Veteran, was born in 1901 and died in 2011 at the age of 110 years. The youngest factory employees to testify were teenagers, but such harsh conditions of growing up in poverty and toiling in unhygienic sweated-industries, tended to ensure mortalities in the 40s to 50s, but on scarcer occasions through to the 60s or 70s. Living to the 80s with that background was a rarity. The last known survivor of the National Pencil Company working there just prior to Mary Phagan's untimely oblivion was the humbugging, Alonzo McClendon Mann, who died in a Bristol Virginia veterans hospital on March 18th, 1985 at the age of 86, he would have been 87 on August 8th of the same year. Having outlived his wife and son, his was a lonely funeral, even after selling his soul to the Jewish community. There are no more original witnesses who could potentially be inveigled to think up new circumstantial or direct evidence from 107 years ago, like Alonzo Mann did. The dozen impoverished factory girls who lived hand to mouth and reported Frank's character for lasciviousness as bad, when questioned by police, after formerly working at different times under his lecherous watch from 1908 to 1913, are all long gone. Most of the witnesses likely passed away before the 1950s and 1960s. So this option of finding another Alonzo Mann for another escapade of creative license is no longer available. We Need a Letter of Recommendation! What about tricking the GCIU committee (Georgia Conviction Integrity Unit founded April 26, 2019) with the false facts of anti-Semitism fabricated by Jewish academics, authors, and journalists? Roy Barnes on 11Alive TV, May 7th, 2019, "As they would march up the jurors every morning to the Fulton Courthouse, the crowds would shout hang the Jew or we'll hang you!" After the GCIU was synthesized, ex-Governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes was stumbling from meetinghouse to meetinghouse to push the jury tampering racial hoax, alleging that crowds outside the courthouse were screaming anti-Semitic threats at the talesman, every morning, as they walked from the Kimball house hotel to the Fulton County Superior Court, to serve in the jury bleachers (At Mercer College, November 12, 2019, he pawned it off as reports from the time). Unfortunately for old farty pants, there's no word of it in Leo Frank's appeals or in the press records of the olden days. Moreover, scholars have traced the lineal origin of that famous racial hoax to Frank's allies, a paper describing its cataloged parentage and progeny is in the pipeline. The belief is it came from CP Connolly, then mutated during Slaton's commutation hearings and continued to evolve as junk DNA thereafter. The humbugs invented by Leo Frank's defenders do not stand up to any impartial inquiry. And forget about revisiting the Supreme Court records from Leo Frank's appeals, those legal files make him look even more guilty than just the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence alone. The 143-page response by prosecutor Hugh Dorsey to Frank's state appeals records in 1914 made the convict's innocence an impossibility. So what is to be done with all these barriers? What's the secret sauce to getting a man exonerated who had been proven guilty to a mathematical certainty? How can the rambunctious Rabbi get the dirty job done quickly with the clock ticking? EUREKA! Tongue-in-Cheek! NUMBER ONE: Operation Slaton. In the shuffle of chief magistrates during the election cycle of Georgia every two years, we need a modern-day Slaton, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, any race or ethnicity will do, as long as he or she is possessed by the poltergeist of Jack Slaton. It could come from any of the new or future corrupt sitting-Governor(s) of Georgia with no genuine integrity, one like their infamous predecessor, the corrupt 60th Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton (1866 - 1955). Slaton, who during the last week of his 2-year Gubernatorial term (1913 - 1915), on June 21st, 1915, commuted the death sentence of his law partner's client, Leo Frank. With less than 5-days left to go in his gubernatorial term ending at noon on June 26th, 1915, the criminal penalty of Frank was reduced from the sentence of capital punishment to prison for life. "Jack" as Slaton was affectionately called, had a 4-way partnership in the lucrative law group, 'Rosser, Brandon, Slaton, and Phillips'. (Source Atlanta City Directory 1912 and all the years in between till 1916). This quartet powerhouse was created in May of 1913 when the law firm of Jew, Morris Brandon, and Gentile, Luther Rosser, merged with the law firm of Gentile, Governor-Elect John Slaton, and Jew, Benjamin Phillips. Tapping into the uber-wealthy corporate clientele of elite Jews and Gentiles, this legal group earned upward of $150K a year, a king's ransom at a time in Georgia's past, when the average wage was $2 a day for in-demand skilled machinists, and $1.35 a day for unskilled adult labor. Luther Rosser was Leo Frank's lead defense attorney during his summer Mary Phagan rape-murder trial (July 28 - August 21, 1913) and during Leo Frank's state appeals (1913 - 1914) at the Fulton County Superior Court and upward to the Georgia Supreme Court. Rosser and Arnold, Leo Frank's lead trial defense attorneys, did not represent Leo Frank at the federal tier in the Supreme Court of the United States, only during his state appeals. Luther Rosser was law partner with Leonard Roan in the 1890s. Luther Rosser, as a criminal defense attorney, having a sitting Governor as a law partner between 1913 and 1915, made their legal dream team he was a senior member of, almost invincible. It didn't matter that Leo Frank's guilt was proven with mathematical accuracy, what mattered was having a golden skeleton key to executive privilege. It meant any criminal sentencing could be reduced or removed completely under a guise of "moral pressure" or "review". Slaton's 29-page commutation order is a doozie. Afterward, when the ink was dry, Slaton compared himself to Pontius Pilot and Leo Frank to Jesus Christ. This undoubtedly energized the leading strata of men in Georgia to lynch Leo Frank, they saw the equating of a deadly child sex predator who molested a dozen prepubescent girls at his sweatshop, being similarized to Jesus of Nazareth by John "Pontius Pilot" Slaton as the final straw on top of the final straw. Rosser received a retainer of $15,000 to defend Leo Frank in 1913, which was a lunar sum of money at the time when the average sweatshop laborers, like Mary Phagan and Monteen Stover, were getting paid $4.05 weekly for 55 hours of assembly work. To give a spectrum reference point of earning power, corporate Superintendant Leo Frank was earning an executive salary of $38 a week at the National Pencil Company. Jim Conley earned about $6 to $7 a week + tips "for watching." Magnolia McKnight, the Selig's cook/maid earned five bucks a week to keep her mouth shut after April 29th when Leo Frank was arrested. NUMBER TWO: Operation Poop (distinguished choice). Pun intended! There's no shortage of activist Judges in Georgia who are willing to put special interest politics over justice. How hard would it be to get a Judge to sacrifice their sworn oath to the constitution and violate jurisprudence integrity? Not that hard, Rabbi Lebow was able to get a handful of former and sitting Justices to come to his August 2015 pep rally, advocating for Leo Frank to be exonerated. Keep in mind these Judges have full access to the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence and can read what their justice-minded peer contemporaries in the Georgia Supreme Court read diligently from August 27th, 1913 to December 1914. It's all there. Reading Leo Frank's Georgia Supreme Court records would make it impossible for any honest judge to exonerate Leo Frank. Think of it as a modern litmus test to determine whether a sitting Judge is honorable or corrupt, whether Leo Frank should not have his verdict vacated or should be exonerated. This reading test should be foisted on every judge in Georgia to determine their integrity with a single question: Based on what you read should Leo Frank be exonerated or should was his verdict sustained? Anatomy of a Kangaroo Autopsy: Leo Frank's declaration of innocence could come from a sitting Kangaroo judge that would accept fabricated evidence that has been repeated over and over again by Jewish intellectuals in the academy, hack journalists, and Jewish activist groups, to warrant giving Leo Frank a new trial, and then the Kangaroo Judge would declare a mistrial. This unconstitutional setup is exactly what immigration lawyer Dale Schwartz has glibly described on FaceBook as one possible avenue. Something objective people might call, to borrow from the 80s rock band AC/DC - dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. They wouldn't have to pay the judge a penny, they just need an activist judge who is on board to play the game. All it would take to get the 21st-century sham trial underway is for the GCUI - Georgia Conviction Integrity Unit - based in Atlanta at the District Attorney's office, to give phony gravitas to any of the prevarications or fabricated evidence often touted in Leo Frank's defense, especially by "his excellency" Roy Barnes, the ex-Guvnah. A "woke" virtue-signaling, official committee, voting, in at least their majority, for clearing Frank's name, would do the hat-trick, but a decisive unanimous vote would be a slamdunk and give the imprimatur to make the Georgia kangaroo-court's prearranged mistrial have the optical illusion of legitimacy. High on the list of hornswoggles is erstwhile-Governor Roy Barnes' hate crime hoax, the sensational one he goes around postulating to captive audiences, about alleged crowds of anti-Semites outside the 1913 Superior courthouse screaming, "Hang the Jew or We'll Hang You" directly at the jurymen, as they walked from their temporary hotel residnce to the Fulton County courthouse, each and every morning, during the 25-day Mary Phagan rape-murder trial and closing arguments (July 29th-August 21st, and August 21st-August 25th). Or perhaps Alonzo Mann's humbuggery will be given new credence, as long as no one asks any present-day mommies and daddies why Mann's parents allowed their son to resume work at the National Pencil Company on Monday, April 28, 1913, at 8:30 a.m., 2 days later, where the crime scene floor was, after what he had supposedly seen two days earlier in the lobby (Jim Conley holding the dead body of Mary Phagan), AND right back to a factory where the alleged killer Jim Conley was still working and hadn't been arrested yet. No one believed the alcoholic Mann's delusions then, and no one believes them generations later. But when you have a hand picked committee of Pro-Frank supporters on the C.I.U, who cares if the evidence is bullshit? Let's put it another way. How bout yall, Rabbis and Rabbas of the world? Pre-Covid of Course... Would you allow your daughter or son to go back to work at her place of business on the following Monday morning if the he or she youngster stopped by an office to pick up something they forgot there and saw a disreputable Negro carrying a dead little Jewess on his shoulder that Sabbath, 2-days beforehand? Would you allow them back to work on Monday morning? And then there is the fabricated evidence of Mary Phagan's bite wounds not matching up to Leo Frank's teeth. That's another favorite hoax these days born in 1964, backdated 51 years after Leo Frank's trial. This bite wound hoax was invented by Pierre van Paassen's autobiography on page 238 of his book, to number our days. The laundry list of Leo Frank dupery is too long to mention hereunder, but will be addressed later on in other article species. A series of articles featuring Leo Frank hoaxes is scheduled for 2021-2022. NUMBER THREE: Operation Craven Puppets! Get the Georgia Assembly to vote for a resolution declaring Leo Frank was innocent. This is a lot harder to do because it requires getting a lot more corrupt political hacks elected to the State government, but as the demographics change in Georgia and one party is slated to dominate politics in the Peach Republic, it gets easier to do in the fullness of time. So which will it be? 1, 2, 3, go! Right now from the list of three above 'Number Two': "Operation Poop", is the predominant plan and it's fitting since Leo Frank said he unconsciously went to the toilet for a call of nature to explain why Monteen Stover found his office vacant at the time the murder was thought to be taking place in the metal room's water closet aka potty closet aka the men's toilet stall. Frank told the jury, judge, and courtroom spectators, THIS: “Now, gentlemen, to the best of my recollection from the time the whistle blew for twelve o’clock until after a quarter to one when I went up stairs and spoke to Arthur White and Harry Denham, to the best of my recollection, I did not stir out of the inner office; but it is possible that in order to answer a call of nature [poopa-doodle-do?] or to urinate [wee wee on she she?]I may have gone to the toilet. Those are things that a man does unconsciously and cannot tell how many times nor when he does it." "Now, sitting in my office at my desk, it is impossible for me to see out into the outer hall when the safe door is open, as it was that morning, and not only is it impossible for me to see out, but it is impossible for people to see in and see me there.” Dear reader if the height of a safe door was 3/4ths of a foot shorter than you, could you not see over it if a 5'8" Leo Frank was sitting at his desk behind it? Could a 5'2" girl, Montine Stover, not see Leo Frank at 5'8" sitting in his chair because a four-foot tall safe door was blocking him or her eye-sight? Um no. It's in the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence. Georgia Supreme Court records on Leo Frank's appeals, having never been published before in the book mills of Amazon, was nevertheless uploaded to the Internet circa 2013, by archival researchers in Atlanta, and these documents uncover some of the criminal activities that were attempted to vindicate the convict in 1913 and 1914. Those frauds continue today, but remixed and rebooted. Read 143 pages of them out of 1800. Lebow is a well-meaning guy otherwise despite being misguided in what objectively appears to be him possessing a self-deceiving worldview of putting ethnoreligious tribal fealty over blindfolded lady justice. That's an opinion, not a fact. This is seemingly an odd thing for a Reform Rabbi to do, especially one who is gladly willing to dilute oldskool Judaism by officiating LGBTQ+ and interfaith marriages, when the prohibition of such unions is crystal clear in the Tanakh, Talmud, and Haskala. In fact, such unions have always been invalid under traditional Jewish law. LGBTQ+ folks can't even get married in Israel, even if the apartheid nation tolerates those marriages outside the "Jewish and Democratic" state of Israel. It's not difficult to see how a quantity of people might perceive Lebow as a man who is effortlessly willing to disempower Jewish law in the newage secular tradition, but at the same time set aside the secular notion of impartial justice by myopically clinging to the indefensible defense that a pervert, simply because he is Jewish, should be cleared. Is it safe to surmise that if Leo Frank hadn't been a Jew, he wouldn't even be an afterthought for Lebow, just like the thousands of other lynch victims who most people can't even identify by name? Rabbi has some introspection and heart-searching to do in his retirement. Brief Unauthorized Biography of Rabbi Lebow Rabbi Lebow moved from sunny Fort Lauderdale, located by South-East coastal Florida, circa the mid-1980s, to the then-bucolic Marietta Georgia for the goal of building a renewed Jewish congregation in the Reform Judaism tradition. A tradition that continues to evolve in secular ways, including interfaith and LGBTQ+ marriages. Now more than ever, many Synagogues are interfaith houses of worship. The timing of his exit-stage-left couldn't have been more apropos. Lebow retired some recent months back during the lockdown summer of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has befallen the whole world. In a world of social media, electronic isolation and pandemic separatism, it's no wonder billions of people are going stir-crazy. Here's the rub. Steven Lebow is often referred to by aged pedestrian Jews on-the-streets of Marietta as Leo Frank's Rabbi, because he has been on a monomaniacal crusade. Lebow's obsessive-compulsive expedition continues today with refreshed vigor and urgency now that he entered retirement in the gloaming of his lifespan. The last 34 has been a marathon and methodical peregrination laying the foundation for his forthcoming momentous day of total victory for Leo M. Frank. Lebow has a lot of free time on his hands now as a result of retirement. Lebow wants his own life's legacy to be a triumph with a grass crown as the man who pulled Frank out of hell by the scruff of his neck. Lebow intends to go all the way and get Leo Frank's guilty verdict expostfacto nullified, Buh-Bye. Without even as much as an American law degree but a degree in his convoluted tribal deity's antiquated law, Lebow wants his will to power, asserted in 2021 over the jury's decision on August 25th, 1913, and over the presiding judge ratifying that conviction on August 26th, 1913, and overrule every level of the American legal system that reviewed the Leo Frank case in 1914 and 1915. And overrule the pardon board's decision of 1983, which flat out denied Frank's exoneration. Lebow appears to be on the precipice of that conquest. April 26, 2021, will be the 2-year anniversary of the GCIU - the Georgia Conviction Integrity Unit - and the new District Attorney better be in line, or the united wrath of the unelected ethnoreligious agitation groups will be brought to bear. August 17th, 2021, Leo Frank must be absolved, or else he'll try again next year! Ask any Jew in Georgia, "who was Leo Frank?" and they'll almost invariably give you a lacrymose cookie-cutter answer, but ask any gentile and you will get "Ummm, I don't know" with dumb-looks from younger crowds, even though the Jewish community has single-mindedly pressured the State's 8th-grade educational system to propagandize the Leo Frank case as the lynching of an innocent man and of course, the prosecution side of the case is never given even minimal coverage. Thank Yahweh for the Internet, otherwise, the brainwashing of Georgia's students would be unchallenged. Thank Goodness they can be brainwashed during the day in public or private school, and deprogrammed at night in virtual reality! The IRONY! Lebow wants Frank's forthcoming vacated guilt not just in the popular Jewish culture of the diaspora. He wants it to be legally recognized as tablet law in the 21st century and beyond 2020. And soon the right combination of Jewish-sympathetic Gentile activists will gain accredited positions of power in the government halls of Georgia to make the impossible, possible. And that time is right now. It's only a matter of immediate time, as one Gentile Southern insider put it, "The exoneration of Leo Frank is coming and nothing can stop it." (Steve Voes, 2019) Mann's story is now being revitalized for the 2021 Exoneration of Leo Frank In 1982, professional and well funded Jewish pressure groups in the region united as a focused front for a call to action with the ADL, Atlanta Jewish Federation, and American Jewish Committee, having sequestered a fallacious-sounding story from a former child-employee, Alonzo Mann. With an old man in his 80s, they were ready to flip the Leo Frank case on its head. Mann born in Tennessee during the summer of 1898, had been the personal errand boy of Leo Frank in 1913 for 3-weeks when he was only 14 years old at the time of the revolting factory slaughter, and 17 at the time of the revenge killing two years later in 1915. Some 69 years after the fact in 1982, Mann was discovered by press propagandists at The Nashville Tennessean newspaper editor John Seigenthaler and his staff members, who were hunting for living survivors who had worked at the National Pencil Company in 1913. It was the perfect moment. Enough time had passed that the facts of the case could be obscured and there was no Internet to fact check the fake news. And by then Leo Frank's trial transcript was long gone after Harry Golden and Leonard Dinnerstein had allegedly conspired to make it disappear in the mid-1960s. Helping to jog Mann's memory in that special journalist way of planting imagery and false memories through words and visuals in peoples' minds, Mann suddenly claimed Leo Frank was innocent and furthermore stated he held in his chest, eye-witness proof of that innocence, because by golly he momentarily saw the negro sweeper, Jim Conley, carrying the dead girl on his shoulder in the factory lobby. And if it was Conley carrying the body down the stairs from the second floor where Frank's office was located next to the top of the staircase, and there was no way Leo Frank could have ordered it, or known about it! Even though Frank's office was only 15 or 20 feet away from Mary Phagan being violently attacked next to his office entryway where the doors were wide open. Frank could even see into the hallway where his desk was, but he didn't see or hear Jim Conley attack Mary Phagan because sound doesn't travel 15 or 20 feet when a girl screams. Alonzo Mann's 1982 evidence actually puts the crime on the second floor of the factory, putting it even closer to Leo Frank than Frank's prosecution who put the crime as happening in the lobby of the factory. Alonzo Mann blundered. 1995 Kerfuffle In 1995 Rabbi Lebow was embroiled in a nasty spat with the local community of Marrietta. He and Philip Goldstein and other aggressive members of the city council secretly had a historical marker changed at the Mary Phagan gravesite. The clandestine operation was to change a signpost that pointed out that Leo Frank was not officially exonerated of the murder, with a retailored signpost that only mentioned he was pardoned but without explaining that he wasn't exonerated. No one was told about the change publicly. The city council filled with local Jewish activists and truckling Gentiles held the secret meeting in behind-the-scenes closed-door meetings, with no announcements of the emergency caucus ever mentioned to the public or in newspapers untill afterward. Nobody forgot about the ugly maneuver at the Marietta City Cemetery, even 25 years later this month, November/December 2020. The sign was designed to bully one side, the city's Gentiles, with anti-Gentilism. It created ethnic and racial tension in the city and it worked to divide people. In that placid town, where Jews and Gentiles intermarried, and opened businesses together for lifetimes upon lifetimes. For the last 25 years, some people have been boiling with rage under the surface at the manipulation by Rabbi Lebow and his bullyboy minion Philip Goldstein. The sign stands today at the foot of the humble grave of Little Mary Phagan as a testament of the PSYOP victory in the Jewish information war to control the narrative over the child's fate. The sign is meant to trick everyone into thinking Leo Frank didn't do it and the pardon is the proof. At the 80th (1995) and 90th (2005) anniversary of Leo Frank's assassination, Rabbi Lebow hung narrative controlling plaques on the VPI corporation building, the location of Frank's lynching, with raised metal words commemorating and rehabilitating the only Jew in American history who had been lynched. That building was thereafter condemned in 2014 before the 2015 centennial, and a conveniently located highway ramp (Roswell Road exit) was put in its place to help ease the inaccessibility issues of I-75 South in that part of town. Three of Lebow's signs were taken down, 2 plaques, and one historical market, 3 in total. The Leo Frank exit ramp took 4+ years to be constructed starting in 2014 and opened to the public on September 8th, 2018. August of that same year Rabbi Lebow re-inaugurated the Leo Frank historical marker he had formerly overseen in March of 2007 (but was removed in 2014), separate from the plaques (1995, 2005). In total that's 1 historical marker, 2 plaques, and a black granite monument linked to Lebow. The black granite Marker was added in 2018 in addition with the re-inauguration of the Leo Frank historical marker. During the 2015 centennial of Leo Frank's lynching, Lebow funded a butt ugly gargantuan billboard with Leo Frank's mugshot on it. This Gigantic billboard filled the sky with the lie Leo Frank was innocent. It was disgusting. The townfolks thought of it as really bad taste and shook their heads in disbelief. They were happy when the lying billboard was finally taken down. It was truly tacky and tasteless. Lebow has no shame many people thought. A strange encounte at what townfolks secretly call Pedophile Park and Child Molester Memorial Walking through the Leo Frank memorial park near the end of 2020, a tall strange elegant figure struck a pose, while pointing a five-inch glittery fingernail across the road, a group of androgenous creamy white faces in heavy dark autumn clothes and winter beanies, rubbernecked, and stared into the confusing emptiness of steel, concrete, and pavement. Then the towering fruitilicious being blurted out, "People now drive over the exact spot where Leo Frank's lifeless body once twirled gently in the breeze". Those words came from a pre-op former thespian of 'Parade the Leo Frank musical'. It was the word transitioning that came up in our conversation afterward that eluded to such intermediary status within the being. Introducing myself in a friendly street journalist manner of inquiry, the entity, obtusely responded by requesting their real name not be cited due to fear of future career-ruining retaliation by the aggressive vendetta-laced Jewish community, namely their religious-political organizations and lobbies. In this dystopian age of social media doxing, widespread Internet de-platforming lead by the ADL and other super ethnocentric Jewish agitator conglomerations, it was understandable. Jewish ethnoreligious groups regularly harass people online for questioning popular Jewish narratives and their manufactured myths, thus the sentiment of the being seemed to be a common preoccupation these days. The fear of being afraid to speak out for risk of censorship is strong thanks to ADL and the big tech companies they partner with in silicon valley and elsewhere. The Jewish fearmongers achieved their goal, largely, but not entirely. The resistance is adapting in ways harder to control, as decentralization and immunity is growing against the ADL's machinations with new social media sites in the pipeline. I was taken aback by the awareness of the younger generation of ordinary smartphone eggheads. I felt ashamed some of my coreligionists were so imbued with asserting their bigotry and bullying as to make people fear being skeptical of their cow paddies. Censorship and smearing people with Antisemitism who hold different opinions than the politically correct fabricated orthodoxy has the appearance of working to stifle opposition, but it's losing its power too. The ADL's global censorship vanguard is achieving not only its main objectives of spreading fear but having derivative results in making people less likely to express their true opinions, it's a double-edge sword. The anger is growing into a falling supernova given that a billion-dollar civil rights group would be working toward taking away people's civil rights and constitutional freedoms by dint of capitalism. "I was in a later adaption of the Robert Jason Brown [I think Rhonda meant Jason Robert Brown] musical called Parade that was once a Broadway hit in 1999, so our theatre troupe had to study the case online" ... "So much for his death site being hallowed ground, as burning rubber tires be rollin' on motor vehicles, skidding through the ramp, belching out smoggy exhaust fumes, perfumin' up with nasty ass gas". The he-she coughed and lit up a Newport cigarette. The gender dysmorphic individual (formerly called a transexual) whose stage name is "Rhonda" followed up, after the he-she's former remark about the sacred place, where the kidnaped victim took his last breath... Blinking, Rhonda got in the last word of the gang's quibbling and banter "It's poetic justice of a kind for a demon Whiteboy"... "I hope lucifer is [Bleeping] him up the {three-letter bleep] for all the eternities". The rainbow group groaned and giggled, they shuffled and lurched as a unified bloc-mass onward into the gray, searching nearby to munch on some crunchy tacos. Manga-Manga. That was November 2020. Back to the story... Flashback to March 7th, 2008, Rabbi Lebow, Former Governor Roy Barnes, Jerry Klinger, state Senator Gronerand, Todd Groce of the Georgia Historical Society and a coterie of other agitators inaugurated a sizeable historical signpost that reticent local residents, said, instigated Jewish-Gentile ethnic warfare, falsely claiming Leo Frank was convicted because of "societal tensions" and the ethnic slur "anti-Semitism" in a South that had always been Philosemitic to a fault. The contentious bullying sign was removed for the new exit ramp construction and 6 years thereafter 2008 and plus 4 years hence from 2014, moved across the street to the newly minted "Leo Frank memorial park.", which locals call Pedophile park and Molester Memorial. The text of the anti-Gentile sign: ...A highly controversial trial fueled by societal tensions and anti-Semitism resulted in a guilty verdict in 1913. ...Without addressing guilt or innocence,...he was granted a posthumous pardon in 1986. Erected 2008 by The Georgia Historical Society, the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation [Jerry Klinger], and Temple Kol Emeth {Rabbi Steven Lebow]. (Marker Number 33-1.) During the 2015 centenary summer, Rabbi Lebow held a number of flamboyant events in Marietta to drum up popular support for petitioning the then-Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Assembly to declare Leo Frank was innocent. Lebow was able to sequester a number of activist former and sitting activist judges, to give deadpanned speeches advocating for Leo Frank to be exonerated. For it to be significant, the date needed to be on the 100th anniversary of the assassination at the end of a hangman's noose August 17th. Both the then-Governor Nathan Deal and Assembly members were prudent, they softly declined as a tactic for fear of future financial retaliation by the aggressive well-organized Jewish community, next election contest. Lebow was not dissuaded by being left in the lurch, none the less, not even in the slightest, in fact, he seemed to only become reinvigorated to double-down on finding new ingenious ways to have Frank's conviction nullified. Now he's dedicating the remainder of his life to this crusade. If you thought Lebow's 2015 event was gaudy, 2018 was pretty gaudy too. Lebow threw a maudlin tented event at the newly minted Leo Frank memorial park in August of 2018, with the fake news media tailgating. The celebration was to ceremonialize the replanting of the mean-spirited and politically biased sign that had been removed 4 years prior across the street, and also inaugurate a later added black granite tombstone that was placed nearby to memorialize Leo Frank and genericize other lynching victims. A woman mainlining the August 2018 event was yodling shrilly in Hebrew and it was agonizing on the ears for the public spectators present who pretended not to be irritated by the squat siren. Now whenever lynching is mentioned, Leo Frank's name is featured and other victims are presented as just a bland statistic, an afterthought. On the 106th anniversary of Mary Phagan's slaughter, April 26, 2019, Lebow was pollyanna and champagne giggly when a new Georgia Conviction Integrity Unit (GCIU) had been inaugurated in the capital, having been conceived by backroom deal-making with the expressed, prepossessed purpose of exonerating Leo Max Frank. On its inception day, the media, having interviewed Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard and former Governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes, it had thereafter been reported the Leo Frank case was the brainchild for the GCIU's siring. Everyone understood what it meant. Everyone knew the fix was in. Now in retirement he still continues to do light Rabbinical work. Submitted by a reader as commentary by Jim Kelly. The Comic Book Rabbi Ends 34 Years of Duty in Marietta Georgia (1986 - 2020). In Metro-Atlanta, some synagogue congregants affectionately, but fertively called Steven Lebow the robot-Rabbi behind his back, but what choice did they really have? There aren't that many Temples to go around and choose from in the area, "it's slim pick'n" unlike denominational Christian Churches which are prolific like peaches in the summer, spires seemingly build on every other corner (not literally but as the saying goes) in the urban sprawl of greater Atlanta. Temple attendees gave Lebow that secret-moniker - the robot-Rabbi - because his recitations of Hebrew during Shabbat services and weddings that he officiated were hurried, sort of unfeeling at times. To his defense, time is always of the essence. Generally speaking, however, it gave the impression, as if, these monotonous events, having orations of such sacred scripts, was a process of just begrudging duty, while going through the motions. Though to make up for it, some of his Rabbinic sermonizings were inspiring when addressed from his Temple's rostrum and microphone. His retirement is a nice refreshing change and long overdue. Many Jewish residents are thrilled he finally stepped down, it was a long time coming. "Even early-on he always sounded like there was a big rush, like a goal was to reach to the end like a race, rather than the importance of enunciating each word with feeling and consciousness" one anonymous long-time member of the Kol Emeth opined. Does Rabbi Steven Lebow know that the empty grave by the side of Leo Frank's was reserved for Lucille Selig Frank and she refused to be buried next to him? Does Rabbi Lebow know that Lucille S. Selig notarized her will in the 1950s requesting to be cremated instead of buried next to her beloved hubby? Maybe Lebow could ask the descendants of Marian Stern (Leo's sister Marian Jacobs Frank) if he could please be buried in Lucille Selig's empty grave on August 20th, 2065, the 150th anniversary of Leo Frank's burial harkened back to August 20th, 1915. The grave is empty, why not? Lucy didn't want it. They are after all in a timeless bromance. Rabbi Lebow is a loving man of his patron saint. Him and Leo are bosom buddies across spacetime. We think it would break the hopelessly romantic Lebow's heart if Leo's ghost ever told him the truth. Bless his heart. APPENDIX: Steven Lebow retired in July of 2020, after 34 years as the Rabbi of Kole Emeth in Marietta Georgia. Photo: Rabbi Steven Lebow Temple Kol Emeth Rabbi Emeritus Retired in July [2020] Marietta [Georgia] Rabbi Lebow takes pride in his comic book collection, which includes some very rare ones. What’s the most interesting or surprising activity you’ve filled your time with during retirement? I retired in July after 40 years as a rabbi and 34 years at Temple Kol Emeth. I take guitar lessons on Tuesdays and karate lessons on Thursdays. I am writing a graphic novel about a kid who gains mysterious powers the day President [J.F.] Kennedy is assassinated. I have had a number of my science fiction (and horror) stories published in print and online. I take great pride in my comic book (and action figure) collection. It takes up an entire floor in my four-story townhouse! I have some very rare comic books: Superman #1, Wonder Woman #1, Green Lantern #1, Flash #1, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman #1, etc. There are still too few rabbis who perform same-sex weddings, so I still do a lot of those. Most importantly, I intend to spend the next 20 years of my retirement seeking exoneration for Leo Frank! Leo Frank was innocent. Clearing his name will be my main “hobby” in retirement. Source: -end

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