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Long-legged bare-backed Cuckoo, confirmed female

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posted by eddy lee alias kampang on Thursday 17th of January 2013 12:27:27 PM

A rare sighting of this super rare, priceless and highly endangered (kena threaten) tailless cuckoo. Thought to be extinct at the turn of the century when one of these freak was sighted perching on a CB (chee bye) tree just outside Elvis's Pub (China Town, SG) on Independence Day in 1945. As far as records shown, this is the second sighting since the second world war, WWII. I'm sure there are more world wars ahead if this species continue to be sighted especially in SG and especially among the CB photographers here. The first sighting was however, in a faraway Jalan Bersar toilet a long long time ago, too long to remember and there's no point mentioning. In fact this sensationally enigmatic bird is long suspected to be a close relative of a very strange thing called Archaeopteryx (missing link between dinosaur and modern bird. The anatomical characteristics between the 2 are almost identical except for one major difference in their respiratory system in which one take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide while the other take in money and expel laughing gas) this strange creature possess feathers just like a modern bird but with a mouth full of very sharp teeth just like the cuckoo shown above. The set of 32 sharp teeth always get the job done in amazing ways. Feathers first evolved as a means of temperature regulation, inadvertently providing the wonderful possibility of flight. A 200 million year old fossilized remains of this creature suggest that it possesses advanced flight feathers which bear close resemblance to the Long-legged bare-backed Cuckoo shown above and thus for sure it's able to fly like a housefly. It also shared many characteristics such as long sexy legs, bare back, 2 boobs, long hair, nice butt, nice smell, nice shape, tasty, crunchy, smooth complexion, contour body and most strikingly of all, able to stand on just 2 legs with or without heels. This is a clear indication that she is a bipedal vertebrate and having the ability to walk upright and wear dress. A far cry from its ancestors which could at the best of their ability only crawl in small circles on the floor and could fart a little bit along the way. But exactly at which stage of the evolutionary ladder when she starts to develop such unique and impressive characteristics remains unknown and often hotly debated among the brightest brains in the scientific community. One such bright sunny brain is Professor Humpty Dumpty from the University of Hornytown. He had devoted his entire life studying a 220 million year old fossilized remains and has make a startling discovery that the remains were actually leftover chicken bones from last night's dinner xyz***!!F__K!!KNN. However it's hypothetically accepted that once the position of her butt had evolved sufficiently to line up with her skull within an angle of 13deg from her spine or in simple terms when all of her 206 bones have anatomically fall into their correct place to take the form of half a cuckoo she would begin to stand upright and able to walk and run in circles probably able to jump and sings twinkle twinkle little stars along the way. Fossilized records had showed that this happens around 135.25 million years ago and still happening today at 4pm. Incidentally, by looking at this bird you are watching evolution unfolding in real time right before your very eyes. However, scientists are still missing 2 critical components needed to establish the link between the 2 creatures to be the same exact species....the elusive number 2 left butt cheek bone and the left nipple bone If anybody happen to come across these 2 missing items, please alert the ICI (International Cuckoo Institute) The 2 cuckoo scientists on duty will be glad to provide protocol on the handling of artifacts with great paleontological significance such as these. Birds like this one is one of the immensely successful evolutional outcomes of nature, a cornerstone to the trail of life on the planet. In the beginning of time (some 150 million to 220 million years ago), there was only one single most successful design of living thing on our primitive world known as the sexysaur. One fine day, this group of hopelessly overweight organism decided to go air borne. In order to achieve that, they dramatically reduced their size and started to develop wings and took flying lessons. The possibility of flight opens up numerous window of opportunities greatly enhancing the survival of the species and thus securing a successful path in the process of evolution. The ability to fly allows them to travel over great distances in short period of time to places otherwise unreachable in search of food or mate, sight seeing, look for loss pets, search for food court, or serve as quick getaway from nasty flightless debt collectors. The perfect strategy that results in the successful evolution of bird species in the world. The Long-legged bare-backed Cuckoo display above is one of its success story for which she serves as a living testimony. No other species, subspecies, antispecies, funnyspecies or even nonspecies is as successful as this sexyspecies. Those that did not buy the idea happily went extinct some 65million years ago (this group of idiots become known as the dinosaurs) Those that took to the sky, took their success, secrets, tactics, riddles and technology with them. Those folks became the birds that we know today including the one shown above. In fact, in the history of evolution, the earth has underwent not one but several mass extinction brought on by either very violent natural causes or of extra-terrestrial origin such as a massive asteroid impact. The most recent is 65 million years ago (in geological time scale is just about during the last Christmas when you are about to have the first bite of your favorite Christmas pie when a stone the size of a football stadium hit the earth with incredible devastating consequences). In that geological instance, the big boys dinosaurs are completely annihilated, leaving behind their descendants flying above us today and some left-over bones for us to ponder. Destructive and violent as it sounds but such occurrence actually accelerates and assist evolution by wiping out the out-of-date, out-of-fashion, out-of-steam, incorrigible, bossy, stingy, rude, smelly, noisy, inconsiderate, oversize, unreasonable, difficult to control, impossible to tame, obese, unfriendly, grumpy, uncooperative, busybody, potential terrorist, all talk no action, indecent, big bully and out-of-money dominant life forms and provide the possibility of diversification in the development of new and improved life forms or organism. Our very own existence is the eventual outcome of such destructive forces. Prior to this, we are just a bunch of noisy little apes wondering around the plains of Africa looking for berries to eat. One burning riddle scientists are still trying to figure out is that why this particular cuckoo has taken evolution not 1 not 2 but hundred of steps further and go wingless yet fully capable of flight. Perhaps this is an adaptation to the strange combination of high sugar bubble tea/apple pie diet and the lack of horny ground predators in sg. Nevertheless, it's clear that birds have evolved from dinosaurs (some might have even developed from sexysaurs, a kind of horny dinosaur that refuse to be annihilated 65 million years ago despite being hit by a massive meteoroid from an amusement park across Wall street) and this bird has came a long way transforming from a 40 ft ferocious meat-eating T-rex to a bird-sized gentle bubble tea sucker. Looking at the image, not much eye contact though. But back contact is not bad too. This one comes with my favorite original contour body, rosewood fretboard on maple neck, sexy G-string, synchronised tremolo and locking tuner by Fender. Wonder if she is a brood parasite. I certainly would not mind if she visit my nest, I would be more than happy to provide full gps coordinates of my nest : 3rd stone from the sun Additional note : 130 million years of gradual speciation had resulted in a pair of long slender cuckoo legs that is covered with gorgeous fair smooth skin instead of scales found in other bird or bird-like species. This gives the animal a huge evolutionary advantage over a pair of stupid scaly legs. That would allows her to attract more horny male species resulting in higher number of nesting cycles, hence more offspring, especially horny female chicks..the more the better This is the only cuckoo and for that matter the only bird species which spot the longest hair on the planet. These what looks like human pubic hair is in fact very fine strands of crystallized radioactive carbon 13.13 isotopes. The phenomenon is a result of a combination of factors. One such combination is the excessive exposure to male species not of her own kind during her most horny period. This is a direct result of a hypothetical condition known as Reset Windup. In engineering term, Reset Windup is a situation whereby the cuckoo's brain is overloaded with corrupted data during an attempt to correct an excessive amount of error information accumulated in her hippocampus as a result of some serious horny misjudgment As a consequence, the inner lining of her skull's tissue is heated up by the contaminated fluid to extremely high temperature and pressure. In a response to such deadly situation, her brain would then starts to drain off the deadly sexy fluid thru' the follicles thus allowing the internal pressure to falls back to its normal level of 13000 PSI (Pound per Sexy Inch) at ambient temperature. Million of years of evolution has equipped this cuckoo with a super brain capable of processing tremendous amount of data in a very short period of time with self diagnostic, self troubleshooting, self stimulating and debugging function. This special abilities allow the cuckoo to correct the mentioned deadly condition incredibly fast thus protecting her brain from serious hardware, software as well as underwear injury. Otherwise she could be a mad cuckoo or worst, dead cuckoo with a living but very corrupted brain. For any other bird species, the result would be undoubtedly 100% fatal. Even panadol can't help either. The sexy sticky yellowish fluid subsequently cools and crystallize into the black-colored hair-like particles suspended from her skull as shown in the image. Anyway, regardless of the vast number of strange combination of factors, long hair is always better than no hair (botak) for this particular species.. A recent discovery of a set of fossilized upper jaw bone by Professor Robin Hoody (Swordsman University) lies buried for 200 million years under a 7-Eleven store at Wall Street belonging to this species has revealed something extraordinary. At some point in its evolutionary past this creature has possessed something out of anybody’s imagination, venom yes 100% pure venom no joke. It is evident by its 2 enlarged front teeth still attached to the jaw structure after 200 million years by a tiny piece of pre-historic Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum. It has evolved to generate and store huge amount of venom ready to inject into her lucky prey victim just for one single most important purpose, kill the bargirl. Traces of fossilised DNA in her mouth indicates there are at least 2000 complex chemical components of various type of toxin in her venom composition. Each component has evolved to perform a very specific task, some of which makes the victim laugh and dance in circles fully naked while others destroy the blood structure turning it into a thick straw berry chicken soup which halt blood flow resulting in a joyful death. Both methods are extremely effective in taking the lives out of its living victims Together they form a very potent Hemotoxin cocktail cough syrup which design to kill its victim in miniseconds in one single bite sometimes 2, depending male or female sexually active prey. How and why at one point in time this sweet and gentle creature has developed such a nasty defensive/offensive mechanism is still a subject of intense study and would remain so for the next 200 million years until some smart Alec comes along figure that out and comes up with a rational explanation follow by a possible resolution. However, recent studies show that this creature has given up its deadly chemical weapon sometimes between 100million and 50million years ago for something that is less nasty and deadly, a pair of boob-like airbags which attached to her chest. (subsequently the patent for the generation of the deadly venom has been sold to Poseidon (sea god) which he then deploy on some of his cheeky sea creatures such as Cone Snail, Box Jellyfish and Blue ring octopus to kill innocent cold blooded prey items under the sea and is met with huge success as a result of its extreme toxicity which could deliver instant death to their victims. They would become the world's most venomous animals. There are plans to expand its venom producing plants to China taking advantage of its cheap labour and free WIFI. The reason for that is largely due to the extreme seasonal/environmental change which has impacted the behavior of her aggressive fast moving prey items. The greenhouse effect has caused her prey items to become more sluggish, stupid, lazy, groggy, grumpy, inconsiderate, abusive, unreasonable and most importantly loses their ability to run fast which eventually lead to their demise. (this is exactly what 's happening to us currently) As such, advance predator such as this female cuckoo, which is designed to be predatory at that moment in the evolutionary history also changes her predatory instinct. She can then focus her energy into more mating cycles instead of wasting her resources to generate venom of such complexity to bite and kill fast running sexy preys which has became obsolete since. Instead of biting her victim to death she seduce them to die for her. This method only works on male prey items for obvious reasons. Concurrently, she also give up the idea of large prey predation and devote to eat something more manageable in size such as tiny worms and occasionally a Big Mac or 2. The male cuckoo however, is non-predatory from the very beginning of time and only eats fresh buttercake and drink lukewarm pure pussy juice. highlight : The absence of the usual tail feathers has revealed an extraordinary appealing organ which is usually well hidden from sight known as a butt and it grab me by the throat. This piece of juicy, extremely elastic, hand woven, shiny, safe-to-use, easy to wash, irresistible, often unusable, machine washable, microwave safe, warm & smooth, carefully calibrated, 100% sterilized, tasty, sometimes slightly salty, highly aromatic, at times problematic, robust, extremely stable, low in fats, high in proteins, low in cholesterol, sugar free, mostly playable, top quality, reliable, highly maneuverable, a little bit tricky, insect-resistant, a little bit slippery, weather resistant, water proof, solid and at the same time soft to touch organ (wish my bolster has all these qualities) allow her to sit comfortably on the eggs during incubation period and simultaneously preventing her from falling out of the nest when she farts in her sleep. Usually Cuckoo would build their nest more than 3 meters up on the tree and as such, this job is considered to be working at height. Risk assessment must be carried out and PPE (personal protective equipment) such as safety harness, hard hat, safety goggles, ear protection, safety pussy shoes, super glue, luggage bags, tooth pick, sun block, ladder, fishnet stocking, perfume, tampon, reader digest, fire extinguisher, speargun, shopping bag, manicure, moisturizer, hamburger, 7-up and parachute is required by law. However, in view of her super ass which is also a shock absorber and a pair of boob-like tissue which double as a parachute, she is well exempted from all safety equipment including toilet roll. It also has a build-in AI temperature and pressure control system which intelligently adjust to the optimal settings in the course of the incubation period for best comfort, stability, safety, gas exchange and heat transfer. Another amazing feature is that it can be programmed to switch off when the butt is not in use for incubation during which it can be used for other more functional purposes such as attracting a mate, for hire or just showing off. Hence, this multifunctional multicoloured butt is indeed a staggering marvel of engineering bearing the hallmark of a product from nature manufactured to the highest quality and safety level which surpass all standards set by horny mankind If you wish to have one installed, please contact Dr Hairy Cock mobile 88813888 Just in case you can't reach him. Just drop by at his workshop located at no. 13 Manymorecocks Street. He is sure in, 24/7. There in his ISO certified, digitally hygienic, explosion proof, terrorist-free, tax free, high-security, air-tight, earthquake-proof, anti-tsunami, mold-free, worry-free, cyber secured laboratory, you can find him busy at his work dismantling, assembling, designing and constructing a wide range of butts for an endless range of applications. His latest project which I'm not supposed to tell is a space butt mounted on a cuckoo just like the one display above and send the entire package to Mars. This highly classified scientific experiment is to test out the theory of cuckoo colonization in another planet outside of our own. In addition, the program is also design to seek out the origins of the Martians. Where do all these idiots would possibly come from? Have they evolved from kind of strange ancient microbial life or imported from another screw-up planet by some screw-up aliens on holiday and how they manage to evolve so unsuccessfully to become the present day Martians living in such a hostile place with no air, no water, no shops, no food court, no casino, no WIFI, no YouTube, no convenient stalls, no porn, no where to go except hiding under thick layers of red sand waiting for a sexy earth cuckoo to drop by once every few million years. Unlike mother earth where we are all too familiar with, Mars has yet to install an atmospheric curtain around the red planet due to budget constraints of the stingy Martians. Without which, the cuckoo from earth would not survive for long no matter how good is her mating and incubating skills. No air means dead cuckoo. In order to overcome that, the future Mars cuckoo would need to evolve to develop a self- sustaining internal oxygen compartment which allows the generation and storage of oxygen gas. The solution, to convert her 2 existing boob-like organs into gas chambers each capable of storing 50 tons of O2 gas with provisions to generate and store an additional 50mg of Nitrogen/hydrogen sulfide mixture, 2.5mg of horny gas and a little laughing gas as well. With the well-thought system in place, we never need to depend on the cunning Martians for air. They overcharge every time. One major engineering problem pin down but still thousands more to go. Another major issue is the lovely solar winds from the sun. Without a magnetic curtain (generated by the earth's core) to repel them just like mother earth does, the deadly UV rays, cosmic rays, X rays, grandma rays, grandpa rays, stink rays, funny rays and a whole range of high energy nasty charged particles will soon strip the cuckoo external plumage exposing her naked body. That would prove fatal not for the cuckoo but for the Martians. The Martians for the longest time have never seen a naked cuckoo before and that would certainly blow their minds turning them into headless Mars bars. They must find a solution to this sticky problem fast otherwise the 2 remaining martians would be annihilated staring at the naked cuckoo all day long with the solar wind gently blowing. However, this cuckoo has one super trick up her sleeve. Not only does her 2 boob-like organs able to generate and store gases they also double as electromagnetic flux generators. The resultant sexy magnetic field forms a cocoon-like shield wrapping all around her, protecting her fragile body from the deadly solar winds radiate from the sun's surface especially during a sunspot when the radiation is at its peak. Apart from the protective function, the magnetic flux also create a spectacle of colorful aurora called Assrora in the region around her ass. This is a result of the intense magnetic forces interacting with the highly active stream of chemically complex mixture of gases exiting her bottom especially after a heavy meal of garlic and anions. At times, bright streaks of lightning can also be seen resulting from the excessive build-up of cheeky-charged particles discharging to the ground below follow by a series of ass splitting banshee screams. Final conclusion : Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace both came up with the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection independently. Hat off to you guys. Both are immensely successful in the development of their "The Origin Of Species" thesis thru keen observations of the natural world. (but that did not shed light on why my boss crucified me for an incompetency that i never agree during the course of work despite after working diligently for half a million years. I am completely devastated. It's like a bullet thru' my brain. They forced me to take over a super hot potato and swallow it without a single drop of water, that really hunts. But life have to go on. I pray that one day justice will prevail and cleanse my name ) Sadly, both somehow missed this cuckoo. Has Alfred Wallace discovered this cuckoo during his field trip here in 1854 things will never be the same. This cuckoo would provide all the materials he needs to formulate his theory and the answers to all the intriguing questions that he is dying to know about the origins of species and will undoubtedly be way ahead of Charles in that regards. He would be able to see this cuckoo evolving right before his teary eyes in real time which otherwise would take millions of years, too slowly to be observed, study and recorded by any living human being. Observing this cuckoo in real time doing the real things is like travel back in time doing the fake things. The technological innovations that nature has put into this bird is simply mind blogging. Such example is the transformation of the black bill into a CBlips, the boob-like objects in disguise, the extraordinary butt, from rock to rocket, from wings to no wings to chicken wings, from feather to fair skin, from bird-eyes to human-like eyes, from bird smell to sexy smell, from scaly legs to sexy legs, from dinosaur to sexysaur last and not least the state-of-the-art Fart propulsion system. In order to fully digest all her natural wonders of evolution, he probably have to dissect this human-like cuckoo to have a detailed look of her from the inside, outside and backside. I’m sure he is able to unlock more secrets and unravel more mysteries about this cuckoo and for that matter evolution itself. I’m sure he would exclaim after a detailed analysis of this cuckoo …damn it, this thing is a super delight...and damn hot ! This will also shed light on how other species evolve, half evolve, strangely evolve, little bit evolve, anyhow evolve or successfully fail to evolve. Evolution as we know today will never be the same again. All the books on evolution that we know about will have to be re-written for the sake of one bird, the Long-legged bare-backed tailless Cuckoo....sweat ! (have a good look at the specimen shown above. However, for safety reasons male reader is advised not to pay too much attention at one particular organ known as the butt. It was reported that a curious male reader has suffered a phenomenon called pulsating eye-ball syndrome after having stared at the arousing object for 13mins straight without blinking leading to a massive short-circuiting of the brain cells which in turn causes the affected eye-balls to expand and contract at an alarming rate. If the condition is not treated promptly, the eye-ball would invariably turn into fish-balls) In the image, there is a red color pillar with a grey color onion shaped object situated at the left side of the cuckoo. This strange looking structure is actually a mini nuclear missile which runs on radioactive plutonium13.13. Its function, however is not to deliver a massive destructive force to its enemy but to serve as a quick getaway transportation for the cuckoo in distress. In the event of an emergency such as uncontrollable large scale fire or a horrible horny riot that ever to break out in the vicinity , this wingless cuckoo would then be able to jump onto the device right away, hold it tight like a bolster and launch herself away from any imminent dangers by licking the onion vigorously. A perfect escape strategy. The last time a cuckoo ever try this out is yesterday 4pm when a stray exploding firecracker drop 4ft away trigger a responsive reaction. The cuckoo immediately swing into action and ride on the damn thing. The missile take off successfully saving the cuckoo's life. However, at 10,000ft in the air, the combustion chamber, a major component of the device suddenly blow up due to excessive temperature build up and blow the poor cuckoo's ass into 13 pieces. The cause of the incident was traced to a pair of faulty 'o' ring which served to isolate the cuckoo's fart gases from coming into contact with the rocket fuel source of highly compressed laughing gas. The mixing of these gases created an phenomenon known as Shaky-ass where the highly excited male air molecules build up inside the cuckoo's butt starts to vibrate so violently that it leads to the catastrophic breakup of her ass. She survived the incident after having her badly damaged ass sew up in the Smithsonian Institution's gift shop. The repair job takes over a month to complete during which the out-of-action cuckoo is confined to doing blowjob. To blow away the curious Big-eye flies which gather around her injured butt just to watch. To prevent such tragedy from happening again, it is mandatory for all female wingless cuckoo species to install titanium heat shield to protect their butt. As from yesterday, under the bizSAFE WSH regulation those cuckoo which deem vulnerable to the potentially fatal Shaky-ass condition and do not have sufficient protection for their asset will have their butt confiscated by the long and horny arms of the law. The better quality butts would then be used to installed in sex toys for the cuckoo sex industries to boost the declining birth rate. The resulting buttless cuckoo which have lost their sexual appeal to their male counterparts will have to be scraped or convert to sex slaves for a group of very horny male hyena in the singapore zoo and to be consumed as snack then after. I'm not too sure if this particular cuckoo conform to the specific requirement unless an intimate butt inspection is being carry out to determine if the protective shield is of the right material and dimension to offer full protection to the entire butt and not half a butt or quaterbutt For new installation, please contact Mr Hairy Maniac at 999111 For repairs/overhaul/replacement or unconditional sniffing contact Mr Spill Gates at $$$$123 For spare parts, you seriously run out of luck One final and most important note (I promise) : Cuckoo species are infamous for their brood parasitic behavior. Most cuckoo parents would leave their parental duties from incubating the eggs to feeding their own young entirely to another species If this young cuckoo chick needs help, I won't mind to feed this hot freak until she is mature enough, tame enough, wild enough, hot enough, cheeky enough to fend for herself and at the same time providing her with the best TLC I could afford to give this poor chick a head start in life. But please don't tell my wife about it....otherwise the consequence is unimaginable. I'll be put into an exceptional evolutionary transition transforming from a human being into a single cell organism in a brink of an eye. Literally nothing left. The story of CB leaf : According to historical records which date back to the early days of the SAF (sg army). Soldiers were strongly discouraged from using a particular type of plant for camouflage purpose in the course of field craft training. It was green and it was big and best of all it looked like a pussy. It was extremely hard for your enemies NOT to spot you from miles away because you looked just like a gigantic green moving pussy. This is the infamous CB leaf. scientific name : Chee Bye leaf, common name : simpoh air plant uncommon name : plant more leaves Christian name : Chai tow kway (fried carrotcake) leaf Hokkien name : CB leaf also Cantonese name : also CB leaf Malay name : CB leaf sama sama Alternative name of the plant around the globe : Indian name : roti prata curry leaf Japanese name : Love that pussy leaf Chinese name : make more pussy leaf European name : eat the pussy leaf American name : play that funky pussy leaf (til you die .......♫♫ ♪) North Korean name : Rocket pussy leaf Martian name : space pussy leaf Mexican name : hot pussy leaf Russian name : freeze pussy leaf African name : Serengeti pussy leaf Australian name : Kangaroo pussy leaf / Down under got pussy leaf Thai name : Tom Yum pussy Singapore name : Chilli pussy crab Terrorist name : bomb that pussy English name : pussywillow Hungary name : Budapussy Italian name : Pastapussy Mongolia name : Magnolia icepussy James Bond name : Octopussy leaf Musical name : Pussy note in F major (with accidental) Airplane name : Fly Pussy Fly IT name : Fire Pussy Wall Vacation name : Annual pussy leave Technological name : acute erotic Pussification misalignment Medical name : unkeratinized stratified squamous - epithelium......nevermind Family name : Miss Pussy Leaf WI-FI name : pussy 5G Nickname : Lan Jiao (Lan bird) Hieroglyphic name : dunno how to read Fakename : Pussy Sham Leaf Brandname : Brand essence of Pussy Atomic name : Uranium Pussy 235 Leaf Roadname : Missy Pussy street Story name : 3 little pussy pigs Ancient name : Rivers Of Babylon(there we sat down) Alcoholic name : Johnnie Woker black pussy label. Song name : Stairway To Heaven (Dazed and confused) Band name : ZZ TOP (just got back from pussy's) Astronomy name : Milky pussy way Botanical name : Bellis perennis pussykickapoo Biblical name : Caiaphas&pilate_Q_gsus Technical name : Electromagnetic pussy excitation Guitar name : Fender stratocaster vs Gibson les pussy Biology name : multicellular pussycitation Cosmology name : Supermassive black hole (there is one in every galaxy including ours. There is one found in our company known as the BOSS or more appropriately SMAH (SuperMassive AssHole) Mystery name : Shroud of Turin. relics of Crucifixion & resurrection of the Lord. Electrical name : High tension busbar juice Arabic name : ساق طويلة كس زهرة Electronic name : VLSI (Very Large Sexy Integration) Archaeological name : Archaic pussy Baby name : Cinderella, little glass pussy Hebrew name : נֶחְמָד מודיע אלמוני flou(-ə)r Thai name : ดอกไม้ หี Surname : Ah Lian (aka pussy lian) SG Lockdown name : Circuit Breaker, stay home stay safe, stay D (steady). Controversy name : Documentary Hypothesis Lost gospel name : Q source oral tradition more info : ... extra info : This is a female featherless bird species (male species has got absolutely no interesting features and therefore nut thing worthy to talk about) Only 4 species known to have existed in this world. I got 3 of them and the forth one is still at large. Believe to be hiding in a place far far away. A place so remote that even MRT+LRT+SBS bus can't reach. I'm determined to track her down one day, shoot her and post her in flickr backside....i mean What actually happened : This group of people/photographer together with their supposedly hired model came by while I was busy shooting the Stork-billed Kingfisher hunting beside a small pond. Out of nowhere a lady came over accusing me for trying to shoot their model and thus scaring her demanding me to move off from the area. I was rather taken aback and pissed off at her rude remarks. I then reminded her that this was a public place. I shoot my bird while you guys shoot your model. In fact I think the appearance of this huge group of people really impacted my photography. It was at this moment that I decided to do exactly what they were accusing me.....shoot their fucking model ! A subject that was last on my list. I turn my lens away from the king and started framing this girl which I soon found her to be more appealing than my kingfisher. (Damn it I should have devoted my time shooting girls instead!) Later, while I was reviewing the pics that I decided to do a write-up on this rather unexpected encounter. Inject a little humor, married it with a little avian flavor, spice it up with a little archaeological excitement, mix it with some astronomical reasoning, stir it with a bit of engineering logic, fix it with a dose of interplanetary space exploration, sprinkle with lots of nonsensical bullshit and turn it into something amusing. 100KV 07092018 1550 200KV 20122018 0808 300KV 24022019 2200 400kv 29052019 0100 500kv 01092019 0100 600kv 27022020 0100 700kv 12032021 0100

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