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Con Game Played

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Unlucky Evening Cadence First off, I would like to thank my twin brother for writing this out as a story. A brilliant part of his recent birthday gift to me. It is a written memory-based loosely on a dress-up play game we used to act whilst in our sixth form years. We called it the “Cons game”. Named after Conner, a lad I once met as a naive young teen lass while attending a dress-up dance. Conner attached himself to our group, joining our table, dancing, and acting as a chum. As he took a breather, Conner offered to watch over our things as my cousin Micke and I went back to the dance floor. Well, as our backs were turned, the Git snuck off with Micke’s wallet along, with the expensive gold lamee clutch purse I had “borrowed” from mum. It may have been a wee bit less painful if I had actually asked mum to take it. “Con’s game” borrowed from that unsettling occurrence. Except that it evolved to where it was my jewels that were taken from me using various deceitful devices. Then we introduced the French jewels thief Arsene’ Lupin into the mix and the game grew into even more cunning as elaborated attempts upon tricking me out of my valuables were dreamed up. This by far eclipsing a mere purse snatching by a common rude twit of a thief. Of course, after reading through my brother’s story “ gift “ I knew where he got his inspiration to write it from. I had been showing off the black gown I have purchased to wear at a dance next month(still need to lose a few pounds yet)when he came into the room. I also was wearing my rhinestones, which match the “diamonds” in the story, though the gown in it is pure fantasy. My brother is picking me up after the affair. So I am expecting he has an ulterior motive and I may have a “price to pay” for the ride home. Lol. So with that, all background said, here is the story he wrote for me. (with maybe some embellishments by, me-giggles) Con’s Game: An Unlucky Evening Cadence had been having a smashing time at the royal ball. It was an upper-class posh affair that requires one to dress appropriately at their very best. No holds barred, sky’s the limit. She had risen to the occasion, in her opinion. Confirmed by the way attention had been coming her way by the various(and varied) tuxedo-clad males that were in attendance. She felt that her look was not very far off the mark set by the other richly attired ladies there. But all the dancing and drinking she had been doing finally took a toll and she found herself rushing down a long corridor leading to a ladies powder room. ( no mere loo’s here ). Fortunately, it was not too crowded, and by the time she had finished, found herself alone there. She took the time before leaving to fix her mascara, apply more apple red lipstick, and admire the overall effect of what she had chosen to wear out that evening. A long midnight black sheath gown of luxurious(and expensively sleek)satin. The gown’s appearance was that it had to have been poured onto her figure, it fit that tightly. Smoothly outlining the subtle bumps and curves of her rather pleasantly youthful figure. Her jewels, all diamonds on silver chains, sparkled and shimmered in the incandescent light above the mirror. The same showy fireworks of sparkles she knew had been displayed while dancing on the ballroom floor. As she had caught herself multiple times silhouetted in one of the long mirrors that lined the dance floor. She decided to wear her long cascading diamond earrings. Loving the glittering effect they made swinging in and out of her long freshly washed reddish hair. To increase the effectiveness of her dazzling earrings, she had not worn any necklace. One black satin gloved wrist held her decadently wide, diamond cuff bracelet. Cadence also wore one solitary ring, her finest. Cadence wore it on the index finger of her right hand. It was a quite large diamond encrusted cocktail ring that flashed like the powerful beacons of a surfside lighthouse. At the v of her gown, nestled just below her breasts, she had pinned a long, valley fern leaf-shaped, a diamond brooch, the most expensive piece of jewellery Cadence possessed and one that spent most of its time in her father’s bank box. Sighing happily, she finished applying her lipstick, remarking under her breath, into her reflection as she pulled back on her long blush satin gloves… “I must say, you look brilliant this evening Luv!” Smiling with conviction, Cadence then headed back out to the adventures ahead that she knew was awaiting her back at the ballroom She did not have long to wait: For no sooner had she entered the corridor before the door had time to even close, a smooth, gloved hand was placed around her eyes, while another was delicately placed just below her heaving breasts, as Cadence had been duly startled. As she was pulled back against a warm figure, a male voice, with a heavy, heavenly, French accent said… “Allo Sarah you minx, caught you at last. Cadence, a wee bit disappointed, answered back in a teasing tone. “If I was Sarah, that you did, but unfortunately you have hold of the wrong “minx,” my devious capture…” Cadence felt herself swirled around by strong arms, which did not appear to be in sync with the delicate way his hands had been placed along her figure. She found herself facing a far too handsome Frenchman. A full tux-wearing gentleman complete within a monocle in his mischievously twinkling left eye and a neatly trimmed mustache. A dead ringer for a 30ish David Niven (the actor who portrayed the Raffles character) He lifted Cadence’s black-gloved hand and holding down her fingers, kissed it gently on the back, apologizing as he did. “Bon seigneur je suis tellement désolé , I am so sorry miss, but you are the mirror image of my dazzling friend Sarah. I do hope you can forgive me. Perhaps the honour of a dance would repair my boldness ?” Cadence smiled, pleased at the tantalizing offer so gallantly extended. She gave him her hand and he led her off down the darkened corridor. A waltz was playing and the mystery man proved to be an adept dancer. As they swirled around in and out of the other couples, Cadence introduced herself. Her partner smiled and again apologized. “My manners have left me with my blunder. Of course, dazzling Cadence, my pleasure to make you acquaintance, my name is Arsene’. “ Cadence smiled, then closed her eyes to soak in the dance, and the titillating feeling of being held by this dashingly suave gentleman. After a minute Arsene spoke again, his words warningly cutting into Cadence’s reverie. “Allow me, madam, to apologize once again for startling you as I did. Especially under the circumstances…” As his voice trailed off Cadence opened her eyes wide with puzzlement. “What circumstances, Arsene?” Arsene’ looked deeply into her eyes, appearing surprised that she did not know.” “‘Ave you heard, no? The police, Mademoiselle, they have tracked a notorious jewel thief here this evening!” As Cadence gasped, Arsene’ quickly twirled her in a circle, as he dispelled her concerns over his announcement. “No worries dear Cadence, you are quite safe with me. Trust me, a thief would not be admitting himself to one he planned to rob, now would he?” Cadence shook her head In agreement, her earrings swaying from under her long red hair, sparkling merrily. She happily saw that Arsene had noticed them. The newly met couple now danced on, twirling in and out in rhythm with the slow chamber music. Cadence had had her eyes closed. Feeling another lady’s gown swirl by her, she now opened them. The lady in question was wearing a real diamond tiara. Cadence watched for a few seconds thinking how the lady in her fancy satin ball gown looked like a princess, and may have actually been. She turned to her partner, who was also watching the same lady with a look upon his face that appeared to be one of savoring. She could see the tiara’s diamonds sparkling in the reflection of Arsene’s eyes. She mused to herself for a moment, relishing in a few more beats of the dance, musing that what if the tiara-wearing lady’s partner had been the thief Arsene had mentioned. After a few more seconds of pondering, Cadence boldly spoke aloud her thoughts. “Arsene, what if that lady’s dance partner was the thief, what would he do? I mean, how does one go about stealing jewels at a Ballroom dance ?” Arsene’, lost in thought also, jumped a little at the question, looked down at Cadence, and chuckled his answer. “Ah sweet Cadence, apologies not paying attention to my partner, and most sincere ones for planting that seed of worry in your mind.” He smiled winning you into Cadence’s eyes. Not saying anything, she simply shivered with delight as he divulged his thoughts on the matter … “For it was upon my mind also. My guess is that he could not do anything but look and admire. One would not believe he could do nothing else. For how could even a renowned jewel thief steal without his pretty victim’s notice? What trickery could he possibly use? Eh Mon Cherie ?” Cadence nodded her head in agreement, her curiosity happily placed in check as she said. “Your right, it’s not as if a thief could very well trick her into giving her jewels over to him?” “Arsene’ looked his dance partner over, pursing his lips in thoughtful examination. “Very well put. And as for my not giving you my full admiration, let me repair that at once.” “I have been meaning to give you a compliment. Your earrings Mademoiselle, they are rather breathtakingly beautiful, may I ?” As he asked this, he lifted Cadence’s left hand and, with his fingers over hers, guided them into her silky hair lifting the hair off one side of her face, exposing an earring in all its dazzling beauty… Then slowly repeated the performance on the other side using her right hand to pull back her long red hair, obviously admiring the jewel dangling there. Arsene’ started to say something, but at that moment the music came to an unexpected stop. The dance had ended far too soon for Cadence, who was still very much caught up in the enchanting moment. They followed the group of dancers heading off the floor. Stopping at the edge of the dance floor Arsene’ took Cadence’s hand thanking her for the dance. As he kissed it as she asked him if he would like to go and have some champagne. Arsene’ placed his arm around her waist he guided Cadence from the dance floor while apologizing. “Mon Cherie, I must take leave of you. And this wonderful gala.” Cadence felt her heart drop. She had been looking forward to spending more time with her newfound friend. She found herself discarding etiquette, pleading with him, the words leaving her mouth before thinking. “Arsene, couldn’t you stay for one more dance?” He looked at her fondly as she realized her faux pas…. And promptly began to make amends “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. Silly of me, now it is my turn to apologize. I realize you are a busy man…“ Arsene’ took her up by the hand, Smiling as his eyes looked over her puppy sad face before catching her gaze. “Ah my sweet Cadence, how can a mere mortal refuse such a charming request. Arsene’ shall do it, postpone his business to spend a few more precious moments with such a charming lady. Yes, that will be best. ” As luck would have it, the music was starting back up. As the lights now dimmed, Cadence was thrilled to realize was a more modern, jazzier beat that was now being played. Arsene’ led the willing Cadence back in retreat to the Ballroom’s polished dance floor. An arm around her waist, the other holding her hand high, Arsene’ propelled Cadence into the thick of the now again crowded dance floor. It was a vigorous and invigorating cotillion type of experience as Arsene’ expertly led his partner in circles and loops . She could barely catch her breath as he twirled her around several times with Cadence ending up backside against her partner, laughing merrily. The music suddenly slowed and the couples took a more formal position. As Arsene’ twirled her around, Cadence found herself face to face with him, looking into his eyes as he practically beamed into hers. Their figures touched, almost embraced. Cadence felt the points of her breasts slightly being massaged as her partner move up against her figure. Relishing, she closed her eyes firmly to absurd as much of the enticement as possible. Arsene‘s figure moved even closer, causing Cadence to almost squeal in a decadent ecstasy as she leaned back her head, soaking in the moment. Arsen’s fingers slipped in alongside her face and lifted up Cadence‘s silky long hair above her head. Then letting it fall back down, ran his fingers back alongside her upturned face. Cadence had kept her eyes pressed shut relishing the moment, not ever wishing it to end. Arsene’ placed his closed hands upon her satin-clad shoulders as hers went to his waist. Maintaining that position, the couple then made a swirling twirl, their now hot figures brushing up against one another’s as they managed to make a complete circle of the ballroom dance floor before the musicians began to enter the final chords of the music. Arsene’ slipped his balled hands down along from Cadence’s shoulders till they fell behind her. His left hand then went around her waist, where she could feel it pressing against her while he pulled Cadence in closer to him. His right hand pulled her left from his waist and held it up. Cadence finally opened her eyes and locked into Arsene’s deliciously happen gaze. He winked at her and she smiled. All too soon, again for Cadence, the chords waned and the chamber music ended and faded away. Arsene’ gazed tenderly down upon Cadence’s upturned face. He found her gleaming with delight. “Come,” he said, placing his arm around her svelte waist walking Cadence towards the main exit. Drained, She submissively allowed him to do so, still caught up in the rapture of the moment. At the cloak check, Arsene’ let her go and went up to the booth. Cadence waited obligingly as he reclaimed his evening cloak, top hat, and walking stick. Once retrieved he put on his top hat and cloak before turning turned to face her. “Au revoir ma Jolie mademoiselle Cadence, thank you for being such a lovely partner. I could hope to have encountered no one more endearing and promising this evening …” He took up her limp hand and kissed it on the back. Her ring sparkling like the fire the still fawning Cadence had felt stirring deep within ever since meeting Arsene. Gracefully letting go of her, he tipped his hat with a wink of his eyes. Arsen’ then turned and walked out the door with a proud skip to his step, not looking back. Amazed, and still utterly speechless, Cadence watched him disappear through the door. Placing a hand just underneath her breasts, once again heaving with her astonishment. Cadence marvels over what all had transpired since she had gone off to the loo, sorry, a powder room. “That was quite riveting in its way .” Cadence murmured to herself as she stroked her fingers along her slick gown. Indeed, it was quite interesting how a bit of mistaken identity could be …could be such ….!? Cadence had stopped frozen, as her fingers felt around the lower neckline of her gown finding nothing…. Horror stricken, Cadence went up the full-length mirror on the wall next to the cloak check stand to verify that which her fingers appeared to indicate. “My broach, it is gone. lucidity mulled it over, coming to an all to obvious conjecture… “The scoundrel must have nicked it while distracting me over being Sarah !” “That man had absolutely no conviction!” In shock, Cadence looked over at the still swinging exit door. Her mind going darting back to how a gloved hand had so slickly went around her chest, as the name Sarah distracted and drew away from her attention, to anything else going on…. Like a brooch being removed from a gown! Then she froze. Something else was decidedly not right. “ As she quickly pulled back her hair to reveal a startling revelation that jolted her entire being “No, it’s not possible, how could he?” But the stark reality was evidenced by the bare earlobes that she was staring at. Her lovely earrings were bloody well…. gone!” Had he been testing the water while admiring her earrings, during that first dance? Had he decided the earrings were too difficult, then the music ended so he was just going to be happy with her lifted broach? Then she had talked him into a second dance and he saw an opportunity come knocking again? “What a gullible twit I am. “ Cadence muttered as she looked towards the old iron strapped oak exit door Arsene, you devious, devilishly rotten bugger!” Cadence yelped to the empty exit not caring who heard. Then, without grabbing her red taffeta wrap, scurried out through those doors into the cool evening outside, in hot pursuit of the conniving Frenchman Arsene’, and Lucidity's recently nicked diamond jewellery!

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