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posted by alias Harlii McNamara (The Scream Queen) on Tuesday 26th of April 2022 04:06:23 AM

Daryl Hall & John Oates- Original Story For Grave Diggers. An IC TV show Written By Montsho Shelby ---------DANIELLE---------------- It started with a whistle, something as innocuous as the tv not turned off with the voices collecting into a random white noise, but then it got louder like the hum of random machine noise or the ringing in ones ears after a loud bang. Even when she checked the buzz it wasn't loud enough to carry very far, it was a whine that seemed tailor made for her. Alice got out of bed and slowly made way to the kitchen. She didn't grab a weapon or think to defend herself in the least because whatever it was sounded harmless, could have been her refrigerator on the fritz for all she was concerned. Like the whine of all inexplicable noises the moment she quieted herself was the moment it stopped. She waited a bit longer, basking in the silence just a bit more before she gave up on it altogether. The moment past. She rolled her eyes and shook her head passing it off as paranoia. She opened the refrigerator. She reached for a bottle of juice, and all of a sudden she felt a pinching pain in her eyes and everything went black. She dropped the juice and instinctively reached for her eyes, but something blocked them. She could feel slimy tentacles attached to her sockets. The moment she took in breath as if to scream she felt something sharp jab her in the throat and the only sound that she could make was a dull listless whistle, a hiss almost, like air escaping a balloon. There was a gargle, and she could feel herself choking on blood. Before she expired she heard the whistling hum, but this time she felt breath on the back of her neck. *** Danielle put on eye shadow to accentuate her big and seductive eyes. She looked in the mirror and applied her fire engine red lip stick as expertly as an artist applying paint to canvas. She had a body that was finely sculpted as if molded in the image of a Greek goddess. Her heels were high and her dress was red. If any could find a blemish on her mocha skin they would have been telling lies. Her muscle tone alone would have gotten her pushed to the front of the line at most any pageant even before you factored in her unrealistically perfect shape. She shook out her hair that was as lush as a forest,that dipped down to her shoulder blades. With one final shake and last peek in the mirror the beautification ritual was complete. She left her house with a look that was beyond confidence, it was a knowing look as if she didn't need to be told she achieved perfection, because she was. *** Walter sat on the fire escape with one foot draped over the window seal. He looked upon the city with some measure of wonder, even though it had been a little over a year after the invasion happened their were some buildings that had not fully recovered. He took a look in his barren apartment, there was almost nothing inside but a folding chair, folding table and a small television. He reached his hand down to just below his feet and grabbed binoculars. He took a look across the rats nest he was living in to the glamorous lofts a block down. He had had his eye on that place for a few weeks, learning the routines and patterns, and even managed to get a gander at the safe code. Walter had an intense stare and bigger then usual forehead, though that may have just been an optical illusion of his balding. He wore a flannel shirt with a well groomed beard that connected to the little hair that was left. He was about 50 something and though in great shape he had gray hairs sprinkled in. He lost track of his age a while ago, because the passage of time felt irrelevant to him as it was and he rarely had people around him that framed the seasons or put them in context. All he could say was that he was a thief, and had been for more years then he could remember. He was very good, excellent in fact, but he had never made that one big score that all specialist dreamed of that would take him out of the game on top. He was always just shy of the motherload. He was like a pro prospect that never got noticed by a major league scout. He had worked with crews before, but he didn't prefer it anymore, at least when he was by himself he was the only person he had to worry about double crossing. A black cat slinked its way onto the fire escape. He didn't know who owned it or if it was an alley cat, but it came around from time to time and just sat close to him. It was an odd thing, he didn't feed it or show it any affection, it just seemed to like hanging out with him. He wasn't a pet person in the least but he did like this cat in particular. He... or maybe she, was a low maintenance friend that didn't have a hand out. Walter took a few more glances at the loft down the street before deciding to himself he knew all he needed to know and it was time to finish this job out. He stepped back into his spartan apartment and slowly closed the window. He hesitated for a moment and took a look at the cat. "Night", Walter said to the animal. It raised it's head as if it understood and slowly walked down the emergency exit. *** Dannielle held a drink and mingled on the outskirts of the party. Even when she was riding the background she was still the center of attention. A woman as beautiful as her didn't have the luxury of solitude. She used her moment alone to glance at the paintings at the art showing without some man buzzing in her ear annoyingly. It wasn't as if she didn't crave the attention, it's just that she rarely had moments that weren't filled with it. "Enjoying the view?, said the voice of a man wearing the cleanest black suit one could have. He was an ebony skinned man with the smile of a predator, sharp yet somewhat disarming. "I was", said Danielle with annoyance. "Did you want anything or did you come to annoy me?", Danielle asked the man. He smiled harder as if her insult were an amusing joke to him. "The boss just wanted to check up, see how you were", he said. "See if I was suffering?". "Yes", he added without forethought or pretense. "Well fuck him and fuck you", said Danielle poised to throw her drink in his face. The man stared her in the eyes with a quiet menace that told her she should rethink something so reactionary. Danielle drank it down as if that bitter wine were her emotions. "You just remember who cheated on who", he said as he walked away with his hands folded behind his back. Danielle watched him walk away seething with hate. She gazed at a photo realistic account of a biblical scene painted in oil. "Do you like this?", said the voice of a man with a slight Spanish accent. "Yeah it's- ", she said, but was taken off guard by the beautiful Spanish man in her wake. She softened her voice filtering out all the bile and venom from her previous encounter. "It's beautiful, it feels like a renaissance painting from an older time", said Danielle. "It does feel that way but if you notice the small details", said the tremendously beautiful man. "The man third on the left is holding a cell phone". Danielle looked and smiled. "How did you notice that?". "I painted it", he said with as little bravado show as he possibly could. Danielle blushed noticeably. *** Danielle and the artist Alejandro talked all night and that led to him insisting she see some of the pieces he was working on in his work shop. The 2 laughed their way up the threshold. He fumbled around for the light switch but apologized then confessed he rarely came to this place and never managed to memorize where everything was. The apartment was huge, especially for the likes of this city, it was an artist's loft and everything was open with very few walls between them. Aside from the aesthehtic, their were high end pieces of art displayed here from sculptures to paintings, most well hung and individually lit to present them. The windows were huge and one could take a look out at the city almost as if it were presented as another piece of art. Alejandro walked to the refrigerator which was cleverly hidden behind wooden paneling. He took a moment opening up pantry doors to find glasses, not remembering where they were exactly. Danielle waited patiently and just took in the art, she didn't believe it was all done by him because of the varied styles. "So have you been here long?", Danielle asked as Alejandro poured wine. "Not really, about a year, I only do work here from time to time when I'm in the city. My publicist picked it out for me", Alejandro said as he came back with 2 glasses of champagne. The 2 took measure sips almost as if daring the other to lose control but that wouldn't matter soon when the small talk started wearing thin and the glances became more extended and soulful. "You really are beautiful, you know this?", said Alejandro. Danielle smiled a brilliant smile that made the dim room brighten. He continued, seeing she didn't answer the rhetorical question. He leaned in for a kiss but Danielle pulled back. Alejandro was a little surprised at the coyness, for some reason he didn't think she was. She seemed so confident and driven that he just assumed she would be the aggressor. "Wait, hold on just a moment, where is your bathroom?", she questioned. Alejandro smiled and waved her in the general direction. *** Danielle looked in the mirror. The bathroom had a wood grained decorum and tiny little Buddha statues strategically places. For as beautiful as she was she very rarely went to bed with men she just met, it was too dangerous. Slowly she noticed that the lights had dimmed, everything was getting darker Danielle started to panic, as she lost her sight entirely. She felt and overwhelming amount of fear. *** Walter easily popped the lock on the front door, for someone who had such nice things they showed very little concern for keeping them. He closed the door behind him and didn't turn on the lights he felt that he had a fairly descent understanding of the place from how much he studied it. He had already knew what he definitely was going to take, but he figured he should look around for things he hadn't seen yet. Adding it up in his head he calculated about 20 thousand on this job give or take. He approached the safe which was mounted behind a Picasso, which he was taking, and he casually felt the edges of the frame inspecting it for pressure sensors. All he needed was a silent alarm to go off. Suddenly Walter heard a key turning at the door. He wasted no time and dove behind a huge drafting table. When the light came on he felt much like a roach scurrying out of sight. This was a worst case scenario. He had scoped this place for a few weeks and no one ever came here at this time of night. He saw the owner Alejandro and a woman that even in these dire circumstances he considered disarmingly beautiful. The 2 spoke a bit and seemed as if they were going to have sex soon, hopefully they'd do that before he gave her the tour. Walter saw the woman pull back and head to the bathroom. Alejandro waited there for a moment, but she seemed to take a bit longer in there than socially acceptable. "Danielle", he called out, but their was no answer. Walter looked for an opening to slip past them to the door so he hoped that he would go into the bathroom to check on her. Discovery was not a viable option, for he didn't carry any weapons and would be inclined to use one if he did. "Danielle?", Alejandro said a few more times. Soon the speaking stopped and Walter heard a loud whistling that almost had a lyrical quality to it. He listened intently so that he may place the sound, but the constant drone was such a foreign noise he really couldn't place it. Suddenly there was a loud tussle and a body hit the ground capped off by the distinctive thud of someones skull bouncing audibly off hard wood. Walter found himself in a quandary, had this Danielle passed out, had Alejandro forced himself on her. He needed to know. He was a thief by profession but that didn't mean he was a bastard all the way to his core. Walter did a quick survey of the room, first, was for the exit, second, was for the closest thing he could use as a weapon. He could hear whimpers, so it stood to reason Alejandro was covering her mouth so he could have his way with her in silence. Walter took to the kitchen area first, a place he could dive to that was partially covered and closer to the door if he needed to just bolt. He dared to look. There was a scene so grizzly and unexplainable Walter covered his mouth from fear of making an uncontrollable noise. Alejandro laid face up on the floor while a creature roughly the shape of a person stood over him. Whatever the thing was he wouldn't dare to classify it as human on his worse day. It had arms that were longer then human that stretched down to the floor and drug. What should have been hands were 2 bone spikes, whatever passed for it's arm had 3 joints as if it could twist in a way a human limb couldn't. Between it's arms were oddly bright colors of brown, white, red, and orange, as it were hoarding loose skin that was colored a fleshy tie dye. It's legs were wiry with joints that bent directions he couldn't understand in the least, and lastly, and what seemed to draw in his eye most of all was it's face, if it could be called a face. It's hair was black and matted down and slick with unknown secretions. It's mouth was an orifice like a sphincter with rows and rows of teeth like a leech and jutting out of it's eye sockets where eyes should be were 2 fleshy eel-like stalks that writhed like snakes with the same leech-like teeth as the mouth. The tentacled snake-like eye stalks dug into Alejandro's eyes and seemed to burrow deeper and deeper. Their was a sucking and fleshy pulverizing sound that Walter took to mean it was draining him from the inside out, eyes first. Walter took an extreme risk while the creature's back was turned and dove for the kitchen. The creature paused and it's head went up as if it noticed something. The odd buzzing whistle happened again. Walter froze in place. The creature ducked it's bloodied eye stalks back into Alejandro's head and the sucking and crunching sound began anew. Alejandro was dead, or at leas Walter hoped he wasn't living through whatever hell this was. The creature took it's single claw on each hand and unceremoniously dug into Alejandro's neck. It yanked and yanked violently attempting to severe it completely. Walter decided he couldn't wait anymore he put his eyes on the door. Though it was 100 feet away it felt like a mile. He began to walk towards the door, that was when the humming started again. The creature moved. He heard it scuttle on it's awkwardly jointed legs. Walter ducked behind the counter and took shallow breaths. The creature moved, the humming whistle it emitted had a bit of grinding in it. When the beast took little steps he scooted along the floor like a worm sliding around the counter, but the more he moved the faster it moved. After 2 revolutions of the counter the beast was nearly running and he had no choice but to out pace it, stealth be damned. He made a desperate dash to the door hoping with all his heart it wasn't locked. He proved to be faster then the creature, it's awkwardly bent legs didn't seem suited for running. He pulled the door and it flew open, it was a minor victory seeing he wasn't out of danger. The stair case was winding with an open terrace that one could look down to the bottom floor. Walter didn't bother with the stairs at all. He jumped over the banister and skillfully grabbed the landing one floor down. In fractions of seconds he twisted his waist spinning to catch the next lower ledge. It was 3 stories and it was his hope that his parkour would give him the vital speed boost he'd need to out distance the thing, but he didn't have such luck. The creature dove right off the banister with 2 or 3 steps behind him. The creature didn't attempt to grab a ledge. It opened it's triple jointed arms and the purpose of the multicolored sagging flesh became evident. The thing took in air like a fleshy kite and slowed itself in the air. It tried to take a swipe at Walter who never stopped making his way down to the lower level. it missed and the missed swing was the only reason Walter wasn't impaled by that bone spike for a hand. The beast crashed hard onto another floor tumbling end over end over a railing. When it moved the position of it's gangly arm it disrupted the control of it's wing. Walter didn't stop to see what happened. He finished his routine, touched ground and didn't spare a moment in fleeing through the door. *** Walter was out of breath when he got to his safehouse. He didn't realize he was even tired until he stopped for a moment to catch his breath. Their wasn't much in his apartment so he didn't have much to take. He grabbed miscellaneous clothes out of the closet and shoved them into a suit case. He had to slow down, it wasn't a smart idea to make decisions when you were panicked, especially if you weren't being chased at that moment. He thoughtfully took a moment to pause as if to force himself to be calm. He was fully rested now and his breathing returned to normal. "What the fuck just happened?", he said to himself as if their was a second version of himself in the room that could reply. He put one hand on his waist and the other on his forehead. Could he possibly bring the cops in on this, he thought to himself. No that was impossible, after the invasion their had been a lot of weird shit that happened, things people saw, rumors, so their was a chance that if he did relay this kooky story that they may believe him, but on the other hand he was robbing the place, so he couldn't dress that up to look altruistic. What was the creatures motivation, was it after him now, did he have to watch himself now? He dismissed that, even if it was after him he didn't tend to stay put enough for anything to reliably know where he was, so even if he was being stalked the way he lived counteracted trackers. Lastly he thought, "What now?", he said mumbling to himself. Was he going to just consider this all as a weird one time incident and write it off or was he going to figure out what the fuck had happened. Walter stopped. He thought longer on this question then he did the others. On the one hand he had lived as long as he had by being careful and not tempting fate by indulging idol curiousities, but on the other hand... was this thing going to kill again, was it over? Walter had an awful thought that struck him all of a sudden, he left the girl, "Danielle", was she dead, did she make it. He had been so preoccupied with his immediate survival that he hadn't even considered her. Walter took a deep breath and then he realized the he was going the have to treat this like any other heist he had ever pulled. He would pack up shop and check the news to see what sort of heat this got then proceed from there. Walter finished packing his suitcase and went to the window to retrieve his binoculars that were sitting on the floor. He by chance glanced out of the window to see if his animal friend happened to be there. The black cat looked up at him knowingly with his yellow eyes. Walter waved at the cat not knowing why he felt the need. He turned his back but got an empty hopeless feeling inside like he were losing a friend. He opened the window and without saying a word the cat hopped in, though it had never done that before it seemed to know to do it then. Walter took his suitcase and binoculars then cocked his head for the cat to follow, and it did as if he didn't even have to ask. *** The next day their was a small mention of international artist Alejandro Ramiriez being brutally murdered in his studio, but not even the slightest mention of Danielle or even an unnamed female as was protocol when a nobody died in the presence of an actual celebrity. Walter turned off the motel room tv and cracked the door for the cat to leave if it so desired. Walter thought that maybe he should just be done, this was not his problem anymore, it didn't matter what happened to the girl or what that thing was, it didn't concern him. Walter looked down to his shoes as if ashamed slightly to even think that it didn't matter. "What if it kills again?, was this an ongoing thing or an isolated incident?", Walter thought for a moment and for some reason he felt as if this creature was his responsibility. He had took so much from society that this for once was an opportunity to do something. He had to stop by his storage locker and grab a few things. He could at least figure out what happened to Danielle before he made another move. *** Danielle sat in the bathroom bathtub of a hotel room in a tepid shower. The water served as her own personal storm cloud. She couldn't go home and she couldn't get clean. She heard the door of the bathroom creek open. Danielle quickly pushed the shower curtain to see the same well dressed man from the gallery. "You fucked shit up but good last night. Why this guy?", he said nothing bothering to introduce his presence. Danielle spoke up with quiet rage, "How did you find me you son of a bitch", she said while turning off the water and grabbing a towel. "If I told you, you may try to cover your tracks better", he said smugly. "What is the point of this, why do you keep showing up like this, are you helpig me or gloating. Why does he care at all what happens to me, haven't I been punished enough". "That's not for me to say. I guess maybe he feels responsible for you", said the mysterious black man as if he had no hand in following her around and it was all on account of his boss. "As much as you hurt him, I don't think he wants you to die". "Just want to watch me suffer right?". "Shit, maybe that's part of it, you know him, so you know how complicated he is, I could spend a lifetime attempting to suss out his reasoning". Danielle sat there with a beautiful scowl on her face and arms folded. "You left him there... his head too", said the man in the suit. "I didn't have time to take care of it, I got distracted", she said to the black man. "It's gonna get a lot worse now". "Yeah, I sorta know that", said Danielle calmly. "What are you going to do?". "Leave maybe... do you think, maybe you could loan me some money", she asked in desperation. The mans smug smile dropped, "I'm not allowed to help you". "Then what good are you. The next time you wanna spy on me do it from a distance, because these stupid little rap sessions are just a fucking waste of time", Danielle yelled. The man in the suit scowled hard, but his expression soon dropped as if he realized something that he had no intention on telling her. "Good luck", was all he said and he exited the hotel room. *** Walter stopped by his storage locker and picked up a few things. He dressed up for the occasion and threw on his black suit, rifled through his badges that he'd acquired through a life of crime, and retrieved a silenced berretta that was so dusty he wasn't entirely certain would shoot. He went with his badge from the department of homeland security over the FBI because he felt that a lot of people may have knew FBI protocols while most were very unclear as to what a homeland security agents jurisdiction and capabilities were, especially post invasion. He asked for all the names of people that went to the art showing the night before and didn't even get a sideways look. He found Danielle's name easily, and found a few names he could look up. After he found a name he just called and if the voice didn't sync up to how he remembered he just moved to the next in line. From his investigation he got 2 possibilities and 2 that just didn't answer. He decided to pay the unknown 2 a visit. *** Walter approached an apartment in a yuppie neighborhood full of wannabe artist and quasi intellectuals. It was the 2nd floor in a building complex that had another identical door flanking it. He knocked a few times but didn't get a response. He went around back hoping to get a stray glance through some windows, but all that greeted him was darkness. Walter easily picked the lock and went in. He thought to reach for his gun but he decided against it feeling that if he walked with it out it increased the chances he'd use it, and he couldn't risk it being on someone who didn't have it coming. The back door opened up to the kitchen, their was literally dust on the stove. He curiously opened the refrigerator only to see a few pizza boxes empty, half eaten Chinese food, and ketchup. He noticed that everything was neatly labeled, but not with common letters but with the bumpy dots of brail characters. He shook his head and figured this was obviously not the house, but he figured he was already breaking and entering, may as well see it through, it wasn't as if your sentence was reduced for the amount of time spent inside. He approached the living room and there he looked at few pictures hanging over the fake fireplace nearly all modern apartment had. Their was something there, though something he didn't quite understand. Their was a picture of Danielle and someone that must have been her twin sister. He couldn't actually tell which one was her. She seemed to be about high school age, neither girl in the photo were close to the bombshells that he saw last night, it was obvious she blossomed somewhere along the way. Though the other now obvious question he had to ask himself was why did they both seem blind in the picture. They both had canes along with the unfocused stare that came along with the condition. One of them had to have sight or more correctly Danielle had to. He put the photo down with his gloved hand, wondering why a blind person needed a picture at all. He looked around a bit and saw a book shelf full of brail books. He entered the bathroom and he saw more beauty products and make up then a Hollywood movie set. He ignored that and checked the medicine cabinet. There he found medication for Danielle and Denise. He couldn't quite make out the prescriptions, the words just sounded like vowels strung together haphazardly, but now he knew that 2 of them lived there. He noticed one room hadn't been used for a while and there was even dust on the dresser the other room was used and nothing was meticulously sorted or put away in a way that a person without sight may. Even had an iPad thrown on the bed. Walter had to admit he didn't understand much of what was happening here, but he hadn't came to understand her life, he had came to find out if she had lived through the attack. He retrieved a small device about the size of a quarter and stuck it on a high up grate. It had adhesive on the back and did not move. He didn't much care if she found it or not he just wanted to see if she came back or not. *** Walter enacted phase two of his plan and that consisted of him figuring out if this attack was an isolated incident. The only way he could think to do such a thing was to go to the morgue and ask the coroner what happened. He may have been confident in his homeland security guise, but he wasn't yet ready to put that to the test and walk into a police station. He walked into the morgue with his head high. Asked around about the body and was easily directed to the basement. There he found Brady Causeway a relatively young man for such a job that took years of training. There were bodies laying about some covered, some only half covered. When Walter approached him, he seemed to be staring blankly at a point in the wall completely zoned out. Their really wasn't smoking anywhere in this day and age but if their ever were a place nobody would blame you it'd be here. "Hello", said Walter waiting to be acknowledged. After the third time Brady looked over, "yeah", he said as if someone startled him awake. "Alex Johnson Homeland security", said Walter flashing his badge casually. Brady didn't really look at the I.D. anyway, he didn't seem to take much account of who came through where. Walter thought about it for a moment if Brady had been working through the invasion chances were he had seen shit that was bound to detach you from reality. "Came to take a look at Alejandro Ramirez". "Oh the artist", said Brady perking up. "I've never seen anything quite like it". He walked over to the slab, the one in which the body was completely covered. Walter had to brace himself for the horror he was about to see but Brady just flipped the sheet over like it was any other Tuesday. It was just as awful as he remembered, maybe even more so, now that the adrenaline of the moment had dissipated. "Looks like his eyes were chewed out, but I can't think of even an animal that could do something like this. The Waxmen tended to use some sort of acid laser so it couldn't be them. I heard rumors of dragon people living on earth even before the invasion... so yeah this ain't even that. It reminds me of a worm or something-". Walter cut him off, it seemed like this tragedy got him spinning his wheels. "Has something like this happened before", asked Walter. Brady shook his head. "Well". "Well what?". "The neck wound is somewhat familiar, I've had two bodies with calculated strikes to the voice box but they didn't have heads", Brady said. Walter took a moment and recalled the creatures attempting to rip off Alejandro's head, the only reason it didn't finish was because he interrupted it. "You know most times if you want to dispose of a body and you don't want us to i.d. the victim, typically you take the head and the hands". "So what do you think could have made a stab like that". "A stab like that huh, real official sounding", Brady said with a chuckle, but he didn't seem to question Walters identity even still. "I think it looks like a bone knife maybe fashioned from a sharpened femur". Walter nodded, he wasn't that far from the truth. He did wonder now what the significance of the head was, but the idea of the truth made him not even want to speculate because it seemed as if it could have been any random reason under the sun. He was certain now that this creature, whatever it was, was his problem and he couldn't dig his head in the sand and pretend it didn't happen. *** Danielle wore all black with a black rimmed hat because she was in mourning, but she had one last thing to do before she could relax. She may have made a mess but no one could make the claim she wasn't willing to clean it up. She was beautiful even covered up and when she asked to see Alejandro they didn't even ask why. When she entered the morgue she noticed 2 men talking. The one in the suit felt familiar, but she couldn't place him. She needed a moment alone with the body and with the way she looked their weren't many people that just didn't automatically do her bidding. Being as hot as she was, was better then magic. When she entered the 2 mens jaws dropped. *** Walter saw Danielle walking into the morgue. Brady was genuinely floored by her beauty, but he was shocked for an entirely different reason. "I'm Claire Sinclair. Alejandro's dear cousin. I was just leveled by what happened to my cousin". When she looked over and saw Alejandro's body she made weepy noises. Walter nearly rose an eyebrow in curiosity, because she was such an awful actor. What would possess her to fake her name and come here in the first place. He couldn't call her on her bullshit because he was a fraud himself. He could only conclude that she had to be in on it somehow and the only way to see it unfold was to let it. "Do you need a moment?", said Brady. Walter didn't know Brady for more then a few minutes and he could tell he was kissing her ass. "Yes, could you give me a few moments", she said. Brady didn't even flinch before letting her have her way. Walter kept a fake solemn face, but unlike hers, his was convincing. *** Danielle smiled as the 2 left the room. She checked to see if the coast was clear before getting close to Alejandro. She turned him over to look at his back and it had started. His spine wreathed under his skin like a centipede. Alejandro's lifeless husk sat up independent of her intervention. Danielle slammed his eyeless form back onto the slab. The bang made her wince. The dead man's spine began to jut out tiny needle-like bones that wriggled like legs. His neck stretched like elastic and it's muscles began to pull themselves away from his body. Danielle began to transform, her hands melted into her skin and her bone ripped itself out. Her vision began to dim and her eyes began to lose their definition draining into a milky white. Danielle slammed her claw into Alejandro's brain, the jagged bone clicked on the metal slab when she busted through. She waited there a few heartbeats feeling the abominations unnatural animation cease. When she looked to her right there was the balding man in the suit. "It was you", Walter said to Danielle who slowly pulled her singular bone from the back of Alejandro's head after shaking it a few times to release it. Walter leveled his gun at Danielle. She showed concern, but not so much as one should show in a situation such as this. Danielle seemed to be struggling to maintain her form, she seemed as if straining herself just to stay in the monstrous form she was and not let it progress. "You can't see when you're like that can you, that's why you didn't remember me", said Walter. "Nobody else has to die", said Danielle. "I can site 3 people that would call you a liar", said Walter. "I don't want to hurt you, i don't want to hurt anyone". "Then don't", Walter explained. Danielle shook her head. Her eyes were becoming sunken and unfocused. Walter didn't think she could hold back her transformation for long. "It's complicated", she said while small ear-piercing whistles escaped her body. "I can easily make it simple", said Walter. He pulled the trigger not taking his decision to do so lightly. When the bullet struck Danielle's shoulder she couldn't hold back her transformation. Her skin became loose and vivid, it hung like a blanket of flesh about the arms. Her mouth closed in such a way human speech was out of the question. Danielle didn't wait for a second shot before evading. In blinks of an eye she rolled behind slabs as swift and gracefully as a deer. Walter ran around the slabs, he didn't miss the irony of the situation. He chased her around the table this time. Their were 2 doors out of the morgue. Danielle bolted for the one on the farthest corner. Walter popped off shots, the sound made deliberate tiny sounds on metal. The gun itself made a muted pop that was muffled by the silencer. Walter held his fire after missing a few shots. He hadn't fired a gun in years and he wasn't all that great when he did. Walter didn't have many bullet in his gun and didn't have any more clips. He bought the gun after he worked with a crew that tended to double cross people and make sure they didn't make it to the end of the heist. He never thought he'd need more then what was in the clip so he never planned for an extended gun battle. Danielle's misshapen legs bent with every step, her speed came from tiny little hops that took in air. She fluttered like a bird in it's death throes with every jump. Walter squeezed off 2 more rounds that hit their mark and sent droplets of blood spilling to the ground. Danielle took the stairs but Walter held his fire. By his count he had 2 maybe 3 bullets left and he couldn't tell how badly hurt the creature was even though he hit it. He dashed up the stairs and when he did the beast was there in it's full glory. One of Danielle's tentacled eyes wrapped around Brady's neck, the other hovered over his eyes poised to strike. She drew a little blood from his neck when she pushed her singular spear like claw into his throat. Walter knew he couldn't guarantee this mans life if he took a shot, he wasn't good enough, but on the other hand if he killed her that was it, he wouldn't have to deal with it ever again. Danielle bled rather liberally, it oozed down her multicolored skin. She began to shrink, her skin became mocha and smooth, and her body reformed into her tightly packed flawless form, but her eyes were hollow and stayed hollowed black slits. She closed her eyes. "Let me go or he dies". "Why do you think I care about him?". "You stopped shooting". Walter didn't have an answer for that. "Give me your lab coat", she said to Brady. The mortician fumbled a bit but did as she said. She casually put it on leaving one hand on Brady so he wouldn't make a dive or run for it. "You can let me go. I don't want to be what I am. I won't kill anymore. I don't... I", she stammered, she couldn't collect her thoughts because they were everywhere, she was pleading, crying, and threatening all at the same time. "Don't look for me... or... ", she didn't finish her sentence because she didn't actually know what she was truly willing to do. All she knew was that at that moment in time she meant it, she didn't want this, she didn't want to kill. "If you follow me I'll kill him, and I don't care if it's in front of this entire building", she said. Walter lowered his gun. Even if he could hit her, what if he fired a few more times and he was empty. The click of an empty gun may well have been a dinner bell. "Come on", said Danielle walking with Brady up the stairs. Her blood began to seep through the white lab coat and her head lowered as if fighting the urge to lay down and sleep. "Stay back", she yelled to Walter who was at the bottom of the stairs inching up a step at a time. *** Walter decided he was not prepared for this, and he risked Brady's life regardless of what he did. The moment he heard the door slam he ran up the stairs. He ran to the entrance of the lab and he saw Brady just standing there shaking like he was in the dead of winter. "Where'd she go?", he asked the mortician. "I put her in a cab", he said. "And that was it?". "Yeah, that was it". "How did she seem?", Walter questioned. Brady shrugged, "I don't know, she needed me, I don't think she could see. She was bleeding pretty bad, I don't think she'll make it", he added. Walter lowered his head. Whether she died or didn't he couldn't know, maybe this was the end of it maybe she was truthful and she wasn't going to do it again. Either way unless she pinged on his radar, their was no way he could find her until she made a mistake. Walter nodded his head in approval and understanding, he was certain no matter how it turned out that thievery was no longer his profession, hunting down creatures that threatened humanity was his new calling.

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