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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Sunday 6th of September 2020 04:42:31 PM

_F2A8940 “U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Projected To More Than Double By January” * “America’s vast inequality didn’t just happen… It’s been politically engineered.” Bill Moyers * “We saw Republicans get more speaking time at the DNC that Progressives.” Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party * “THE AMAZON IS BURNING AGAIN AND SO IS YOUR FUTURE” Stephen Schwarzman CEO of the Blackstone Group and major contributor to Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump is largely responsible and must be held accountable for Crimes Against Humanity. “The Amazon is falling prey to Bolsonaro's plan to raze the Amazon to the ground. The world's most biodiverse ecosystem and essential climate stabilizer is in danger! This year's burning season is already worst than last year's - all due to Bolsonaro's policies. In order for this incredible biome to survive and for humanity to have an inhabitable climate, he must be stopped. #WhichSideAreYouOn #AmazonOrBolsonaro #DefundBolsonaro” * In killing our natural world, we kill ourselves: "Scientists are to warn world leaders that increasing numbers of deadly new pandemics will afflict the planet if levels of deforestation and biodiversity loss continue at their current catastrophic rates (at) a United Nations summit on biodiversity." “Rampant destruction of forests ‘will unleash more pandemics’ Researchers to tell UN that loss of biodiversity enables rapid spread of new diseases from animals to humans” * “After 40 years and $1.7 billion in taxpayer losses, enough is enough. It is past time for U.S. Forest Service to put federal taxpayers first and stop subsidizing timber sales in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.” “Cutting Our Losses after 40 Years of Money-Losing Timber Sales in the Tongass A new report documenting 40 years of money-losing timber sales in the Tongass National Forest” * “#ClimateFriday FACT: The #ClimateCrisis impacts EVERYONE. No matter where you are, climate change is putting public health, the economy and the planet at risk. Learn more about how your home state is impacted here:” “How climate change has affected each state” * Roger Moore (“limousine lefty”): “To be clear: I will vote for Biden. But I will not lie for Biden. For the millions of us spending every waking moment for the next 59 days trying to remove Trump, we won’t succeed if we have to also fight the Party and the Campaign who seem to be stupidly working against us.” * “Slaughtered Pups and Maimed Wolves in Idaho Demonstrate the Effects of Federal Delisting” * Remember the inaction of Congress – controlled by Democrats – when Trump fails to be removed from the White House: “Congress Has Broad Power to Structure the Military—and It Should Use It” * “To understand Trump, you need to understand Stephen Miller, and to understand Miller, watch this clip.” “How White Nationalism Came To The White House” * “The global media focus on the 340 fishing vessels – many of them Chinese – encircling Ecuador’s abundantly biodiverse Galapagos Islands could prove a watershed moment in deep-sea fishing regulations:” “China wary of image crisis after Galapagos fishing scrutiny Worldwide attention on the hundreds of distant-water vessels hovering outside Ecuador’s EEZ has amplified calls for China to better monitor its fleet” * Pelosi has her own brand of barbarism that obscures her from the consequences to a further degree than Repub-lick-cans. For instance, blocking M4A, anti green new deal, etc. Max von essen is a privileged puke. Look at where America has been brought. We can not allow today’s politicians to keep the fortunes they have amassed by selling-out the best interests of the majority of Americans. They must be stripped of their wealth in excess of their payroll salaries. * “Wall Street, Big Business & the Richest 1% have become CORPORATE WELFARE BUMS with the BRIBED help of our present Political LEADERS in BOTH PARTIES. No one is looking out for the Working People and the other 99% of us regular folks. The BILLIONAIRES OWNERS of the mainstream " news media " BLOCK OUT the ONLY CHAMPION of the Working People, Bernie Sanders and his " great " GRASSROOTS TEAM. The BILLIONAIRES OWNERS of the mainstream " news media " never allow them on TV to discuss and explain in detail their great SOLUTIONS to the problems the Working People are greatly concerned about. They are never allowed to discuss and explain in meaningful detail, the following Progressive Policies: * Guaranteed Annual Income * FREE Medicare for all Plan, * Paid Sick Leave, * much, much HIGHER WAGES & SALARIES for our Working Families and our Middle Class, * much higher PENSIONS for our SENIORS & DISABLED * EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN, * cancellation of our Student's educational debts, * free Tuition * affordable HOUSING, * high quality affordable CHILDCARE, * EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN, * the GREEN NEW DEAL to SAVE our life giving Environment for our Children, * plugging the TAX LOOP HOLES and Off Shore TAX SHELTERS that Wall Street Big Business, and the Richest 1% use to avoid paying TAXES, * STRONG support for Small Business & Entrepreneurs * etc, etc, etc. . Friends, RIGHT NOW, Bernie Sanders " great " GRASSROOTS TEAM are RUNNING FOR the * SENATE, * HOUSE * ALL the STATE Governments * ALL the LOCAL Governments * ALL Local Positions in our DNC Please support them. To find the list of Candidates endorsed by Bernie, check with the following sites. AOC, Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America, Brand New Congress, Local Berniecrats. Berniecrats for Progressive Leadership .” * Wealth Inequality will worsen under Job Biden: “ I don’t think 500 billioinaires are the reason why we’re in trouble…The folks at the top aren’t bad guys.” Joe Biden * And yet Pelosi and Biden block it…during a deadly global pandemic killing 10’s of thousands of Americans: “With Medicare for All, HR 1384: All Americans will have coverage 95% of Americans will save money Zero co-pays, premiums, networks, and deductibles $400 billion saved annually on administrative waste” "But how're we gonna pay for it?" WITH SAVINGS! * “Wolves are in the crosshairs again. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced this week that they intend to lift Endangered Species Act protections from wolves by the end of the year. For more on this, check out our 2019 article:” “The Trump Administration Pushes to Delist Wolves — and History Repeats Itself A look back at the circuitous, bloody history of attempts to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act.” * The is from “Mad Dog” Mattis, the guy who fills soccer stadiums with his dead: “Donald Trump is the first President in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership” “The Nazi slogan for destroying us…was ‘Divide and Conquer.’ Our American answer is ‘In Union there is strength.’ We must summon that unity to surmount this crisis – confident that we are better than our politics.” James Mattis, Four-star Marine Corp General, Former Secretary of Defense. [And yet the Democratic party knows that it would take Bernie Sanders platform, including M4A, and a Green New deal to secure a win against Trump’s re-election, but the Democrats choose not to. The Democrats represent the moneyed interests that Trump’s Divide and Conquer benefit from. * “Protecting the world's remaining undeveloped land will be one of the key strategies needed to slow the climate crisis. One of the ways to prevent further development of untouched land is to reduce urban sprawl by creating more compact cities. However, densely populated areas often create good conditions for pandemics. Here's how one neighborhood in China is trying to manage both climate change and future pandemics.” “This sustainable neighborhood of the future is designed to manage both climate change and pandemics A proposal for a new city in China is designed to be as green as possible—and also make it easy to isolate in the case of another outbreak.” * “Julian Assange is the Modern equivalent of a severed head on a pike displayed at the City Gates” “The virtually inevitable extradition of Julian Assange marks the official death of journalism” * Cornel West: “An anti-fascist vote for Biden is in no way an affirmation of Neoliberal politics. In this sense, I agree with my brothers and sisters like Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Paul Street, and Bob Avakian.” “Voting for Biden doesn’t mean you support Joe Biden. A vote for Biden means you want this neo-fascist out of office.” Response: I'm sorry Dr West, but I won't vote for Biden or Trump, the two-party trap has to stop - fast. I'm voting for a 3rd party solution. If Trump ends up winning, he will, in a sense propel the situation (our suffering in a 2-party trap while it all worsens) down one possible path toward resolution. Albeit a very, very, horrifyingly ugly one. If we really are who Trump has shown us to be, Biden won't fix it and more importantly we as a nation don't deserve to exist. This is bigger than. It is bigger than just America. It is also about future generations. There is no easy cure for cancer and many suffer horribly from trying. But if you let it rage, you’ll end up with nothing. * “The case for an independent left party, From the Bottom Up” * “he ACLU of Georgia has released a report by the Palast Investigative Fund titled "Georgia Voter Roll Purge Errors" that concludes the State has likely incorrectly removed nearly 200,000 Georgia citizens from the voter rolls in 2019 on the grounds that they had moved from their registration address. None of these citizens had moved. Unsurprisingly, the voter purge will affect the most vulnerable: young voters, voters of lower income, and citizens of racial groups that have been denied their sacred right to vote in the past. To allow voters that have been removed to re-register in time for the election, the Palast Investigative Fund has created a website where Georgians can check to see if they are on the purge list: For more info and to read the full report visit: #GeorgiaPurge #SaveMyVote2020” * Betsy DeVos and Koch’s “taming of the beast” (destroying Universities objectivity): “The secret of Freedom lies in educating People, whereas the Secret of Tyranny is in keeping the ignorant.” Maximilien Robespierre * “Trump Is Right: The U.S. History Curriculum I Teach Needs A Massive Overhaul” “But it’s definitely not the kind of change he’s pushing for.” * Democracy at Work – Economic Update: “Economic Update: The Declining Empire With Chris Hedges” * “The United States constitution is a charter for plutocracy” “Burn the Constitution, The pitfalls of constitutionalism.” * “This paper (Fox et al 2020) is from January, but I don't think it was ever shared here. The study compares shell thickness of foraminifera collected during two voyages: HMS Challenger, 1872-76, and Tara, 2009-13. The authors found that shell thickness has declined as much as 76% because of ocean acidification and other factors associated with climate change. This is one of the first studies to provide direct evidence of the impacts of OA outside of a laboratory setting.”

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