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Terryman Origin - Bijou Planks 144/365

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posted by Mayor Paprika alias MayorPaprika on Tuesday 24th of May 2022 07:53:45 PM

"Hey Bijou Planks!" It's Terryman! Hi Terryman! You're always fun! * "Well, I just want to warn you, today's my origin." Oh! Ah... Just a moment! Here's money, run and buy me a pillow. At the concession stand?? No! Across the street at the store! Oh, here's my money, pick me up one of those inflatable mattresses. We can't be sleeping on the floor during the show! It's an origin! We'll be sleeping in the chairs for sure!" "Okay guys, here goes! Announcer?" Terryman is a left-handed Justice Chojin from Texas and Kinnikuman's best friend. He is very business-like and looks down on Kinnikuman, when he first appears within the anime and manga, but - on seeing Kinnikuman's strong sense of justice and fair-play - they soon become best friends. Personality Terryman was originally introduced as a chojin who would only fight for money, who was also immensely popular, and this led him to act in a cruel manner to people. This changed very quickly in the early chapters, where - inspired by Kinnikuman - he fights only for justice and strives to always help those in need, especially Kinnikuman. He quickly became Kinnikuman’s friend, and developed a calmer and composed personality, but still maintains a funny and charismatic side. Terryman became a passionate individual, even sacrificing his leg and his life in order to safe other people or animals (as seen during th 21st Chojin Olympics preliminaries, were he saved a puppy from been run over by a bullet train). He shows an upbeat and energetic actitude, and won’t ever surrender or give up, even in the worst situations, making him a respectable and loved figure in the Idol Chojins. Appearance Overall Design Terryman is a highly muscular man, who is described as handsome throughout the manga. Terryman has white hair, dark blue/grey eyes and wears a red outfit consisting of red boots with white laces, red knee-bands, red shorts and gloves. In the anime, his colour scheme has changed to blonde hair, and a blue outfit. On his forehead is the character 米 (Bei) and on his shoulders are the Star Emblems (スターエンブレム) which give him his Fighting Spirit. Prosthetic Leg At the 20th Chojin Olympics his left leg is shot and wounded by Kinkotsuman, which causes him to need a prosthetic leg in order to continue fighting (however, the leg can be very easily removed ).After a while, the leg was no longer mentioned. This changes in the Perfect Origin Arc. It was revealed that Backlund was able to create a perfect, improved version of the earlier prosthetic, which is able to be sturdily affixed and perform as perfectly as a flesh-and-blood leg. While fighting against Justiceman, however, Terryman got his latest prosthetic badly damaged, and - as Backlund is revealed to have died - it leaves no one able to rebuild his prosthetic. Even when Backlund was alive, he cautioned Terryman about his prosthetic leg being one of a kind, unlikely to be ever repaired or fixed. Terryman's sacrifice ultimately convinced Justiceman to forfeit, a he was touched by Terryman's keen sense of justice. He now relies on a lesser - visibly fake - metallic leg. Relationships Kinnikuman Terryman is the best friend of Kinnikuman. The two meet very early on in their careers, in their early twenties, and are at first antagonistic to one another, but soon they socialise on a regular basis, even with other members of each other's social circles. They form a tag-team that lasts for the entirety of their career, and - even when they temporarily argue or part - always reunite to work together and support each other. They display an unconditional trust and affection, often listening to one another when they would listen to no one else. They are shown to be friends, even into the Kinnikman Nisei series. Natsuko Shono Natsuko showed an instant attraction to Terryman, with whom she often went on dates and supported in his matches. Natsuko can be possessive, sometimes verbally or physically attacking other fans that compete for his attention, and the two are very close friends with Kinnikuman. Terryman sometimes prioritises fighting over Natsuko, such as striking her unconscious so that he can fight in a match, but ultimately he cares very deeply for her, even willing to cancel a once-in-a-lifetime match to care for her when she was in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Once married, they live together on a Texan ranch, but sleep in separate beds and dress in the same clothes. They raise a child named Terry the Kid together. Terry the Kid Terry the Kid has a strained relationship with his father. In flashbacks, Terryman was a strict teacher and trained Kid thoroughly, even pitting him in a death-match against Volcano. Terryman is seen to be an attentive father, but sometimes struck Terry the Kid when Kid spoke rudely of his friends. Kid spends most of the series motivated by trying to be better than his father, resenting all comparisons to him, but - despite all this - Terryman and Kid are seen affectionate and supportive of each other at later points. Geronimo Terryman was the one that saw the potetintial that was within him, even if he was a mere human. He travels back to Geronimo's village to ask for help, and after Geronimo became a chojin, they form a Tag team to enter the new tournament. History The Young Prince of London Arc Terryman watches Robin Mask alone in a bar, while drinking from a distance. He later watches while Robin Mask sacrifices his Chojin powers for Alisa Mackintosh, and Terryman laments - while crossing off Robin's name for a list - that the man he was scouting sacrificed real potential for a human woman. Later, Terryman reappears when Robin expresses a wish to get back his powers. He breaks up a fight between Robin and some human youths, while carrying a piece of Stonehenge, which was an integral part of Robin losing his powers. He tosses the stone to Robin, who recovers his powers, and then stops one of the youths from escaping, by using a signature move on their leg. Terryman watches in awe of Robin Mask, while defending him to Paul Mackintosh. Terryman tosses him back his helmet and armour, while saying that he now has faith Robin will be a great wrestler and that he did not waste his time by travelling to London. Terryman then joins the crowds in watching the match between Robin Mask and Guillotine King. Kinnikuman Terryman initially appears as an antagonist, only helping people for money. He learns from Kinnikuman the meaning of Friendship Power, while falling in love with Natsuko Shono, and comes to be a major protagonist. Terryman loses his leg during the Chojin Olympics, resulting in him using a prosthetic leg. He will team up with Kinnikuman several times, as they form a tag-team called The Machineguns, and temporarily assume the identity of Kinnikuman Great. He will also work for Team Kinnikuman in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc. 1st Kaiju Extermination Arc Terryman first arrived as an American Super Hero taking over Kinnikuman's designated area of Japan. Terry charged money for his services, which the Japanese Government considered "a small price to pay compared to being saved by Kinnikuman", and soon he was made the sole Hero of Japan (meaning only he was legally allowed to fight against monsters and evil chojin). A child comes to Terryman for help, as his father has been taken hostage by a monster, but Terryman kicks the child (whom lacks the finances to hire him). Kinnikuman strikes him for refusing to help someone in need, before choosing to help the child instead; Terryman warns him that the military will attack him for not being an approved hero. The selflessness of Kinnikuman convinces him to change his ways, as he fights for justice and not for money. Terryman next appears during a meeting between Natsuko and Kinnikuman, in which he defeats a monster. He flirts with Natsuko and flies away. When a competition between chojin and monsters arises, Terryman refuses as he will not make any money. He changes his mind when he realises Natsuko will be present. The match is set to be a tag team, but Kinnikuman walks away, and this leads to Terryman being attacked with scissors. Kinnikuman hears his screams for help and returns. He is seen on a date with Natsuko, too. During the date, Kinnikuman is attacked by Kinkotsuman and Terryman comes to his defence. He also teases Kinnikuman for not having gadgets, such as hover-bikes. Terryman later is forced to fight Natsuko when she is turned giant and evil by one of Kinkotsuman's schemes; he confesses his love and refuses to harm her, but - when Kinkotsuman attacks them - Terryman is willing to die for her safety. Kinnikuman intervenes and Natsuko is returned to normal size. After a trip to the south with Kinnikuman, they soon become best friends. Roots Island Arc Kunta first appears in the male onsen , where she throws herself on Kinnikuman and begs for his help. Natsuko introduces Kunta as the princess of Roots Island, and Kunta explains that her island has been overrun by Kaiju, as well as that many warriors have been killed by Ukon. When Terryman and Kinnikuman agree to the job, she gives each of them a kiss on the cheek, before they ride on Miss Karasu to the island in order to defeat the Kaiju. As they arrive, they are greeted by Elder Yosaku, and introduces them to the last warrior of the island: Tabuchi. Kinnikuman and Terryman travel together to Roots Island to help Kunta and save the islanders. Harigoras arrives at the same time as Octopus Dragon, but - while Kinnikuman fights Octopus Dragon - Terryman takes on Octopus Dragon. Harigoras turns into a ball-like creature, much like how a hedgehog curls in on itself, before he shoots it with a gun and destroys it (as it explodes into an array of body-parts). After they defeat Harigoras and Octopus King, a piece of meat appears before Kinnikuman and he eats the meat. Custom dictates whomever eats the meat must fight Ukon one-on-one in battle. It is meat thrown by Ukon in a challenge. Eventually, Mammora destroys Ukon and it is revealed Kinkotsuman and Iwao were working the robot the entire time, but they soon run away. When Kunta is rescued, she pays Terryman and Kinnikuman with stone money (which they cannot use). 20th Chojin Olympics Arc Terryman is first seen in this arc, when he tells Kinnikuman that he cannot compete in the Chojin Olympics as Japan's representative has been removed by the chairman. He also reveals that he is the Southern USA representative. Terryman and Specialman appear together as the USA representatives in the opening ceremony, and later wins the first preliminary match, which is Rock-Paper-Scissors. He is distraught in the second preliminary match by Specialman's defeat, and deduces that his accident is at the hands of Kinkotsuman. During the battle royale, to determine who comes in eight place during the third preliminary round, Terryman realises that the referee is Kinkotsuman in disguise and arranges his defeat, which leads Kinnikuman to win the match by default. The first match for Terryman is against Skyman. After an exchange of blows, Terryman is knocked briefly unconscious. Specialman - in his injured state - comes to cheer Terryman onward; Terryman defeats Skyman with an Oklahoma Stampede. At the Nippon Budokan, Terryman arrives to the semi-finals alongside Robin Mask. Terryman gets up at the end of the Kinnikuman vs. Ramenman match, at which point he sees Kinkotsuman attempting to assassinate Kinnikuman with a gun, and gets shot in the leg by accident. He crawls to his dressing room, where he is found by Natsuko, and begs her not to tell the chairman, as it would cause him to forfeit his match against Robin Mask (which is about to start). Terryman knocks Natsuko unconscious, before arriving at the last minute for his match. He pretends to not be injured, before fighting with dirty tactics. He throws sand in Robin's face and uses steel knuckle-dusters to attack. Terryman screams in pain when he attempts his spinning tone-hold. Robin implements the Boston Crab, which causes him to give up and forfeit the match. Natsuko reveals that Terryman fought injured, at which point Robin Mask and Kinnikuman offer him their places in the finals. He then engages in a minor scuffle with Kinnikuman, as they bicker as friends. He later dances with Natsuko at the ball celebrating the finals. In a competition to determine who will be third place, he then battles Ramenman. Terryman wins the match due to foul-play by Ramenman. The Lost Three Days Kinnikuman sets his sights upon Terryman as a tag partner, but only has three days until the tournament starts to convince him of participation, and - on reaching Terry's Ranch - Kinnikuman begs him, only for Terry to rebuke him due to a lack of time. Kinnikuman strikes Terryman, which knocks him off his horse, and this reveals that he has lost his leg, which Terryman states makes him useless as a partner. He thus rides away. A ranch-hand - Buckland - reveals that he has a prosthetic leg that Terryman can use, and gives it to Kinnikuman so that Terryman may fight again. Kinnikuman waits outside the ranch, even forgoing food and rest, in hopes that Terryman will take pity on him and use the leg. The next day Terryman wakes them with water to the face, after they pass out from heatstroke. Terryman says that he will work with Kinnikuman, only if Kinnikuman can fill up his trough; he gives him two bags, and tells him the river is fifteen miles away. To do this, he lends Kinnikuman a wild horse (knowing that Kinnikuman will never tame the horse and thus make the necessary trips). The horse is named Machinegun. Kinnikuman still refuses to find another partner, and - after being attacked by the horse - manages to eventually mount Machinegun. At sunset, Kinnikuman makes the first round-trip to empty some water into the trough. While Terryman goes about his daily routine, Kinnikuman continues to fill the trough. Kinnikuman bonds with the horse and tames him. Kinnikuman makes it back just in time to win the bet made by Terryman, and Terryman thus dons his prosthetic leg and agrees to join his team. The two go on to enter the tournament. American Tour Arc A tag tournament is announced, in which Kinnikuman must engage in a round robin. He must fight the Chojin Council, Chojin Federation, Chojin Association, and the Kaiju - the winner of the four groups will gain control of America. Kinnikuman finds Terryman in Amarillo, Texas; Terryman initially refuses to participate, due to the work on his ranch, and it is revealed he has lost his left leg. The wound he obtained by Kinkotsuman increasingly got worse, until he was forced to amputate. Kinnikuman eventually convinces him to use a prosthetic leg by winning a special bet. Kinnikuman has to ride on the most wild horse on Terryman's ranch, Machinegun, and draw some water from the nearby river. After learning that Machinegun lost his leg by bear-trap, Kinnikuman understands the horse's plight and promises to stick by Machinegun until he trusts other people again. Just as Kinnikuman is about to lose the bet, he makes it back with the last bit of water. Over 100,000 people attend to watch the tournament in Houston, Texas. They form The Machineguns, with the theme of "The Magnificent Seven" as they make an entrance. Their first match is against Beauty Rhodes and Jean Steamboard, who form The Emperors. During their match, Terryman is accidentally knocked out by Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman begins to lose, but Terryman wakes up long enough to save Kinnikuman with his own body. The match ultimately ends in a draw. The next few matches take place in Los Angeles. Terryman and Kinnikuman are set to win by default against Rugged Brothers, as one of their opponents lost in their previous match and is unable to compete. Kinkotsuman reveals that he is the new tag partner, and the group rename themselves Monster Master/Student Combo. Kinnikuman and Terryman get trapped under a lighting rig that Kinkotsuman crashes down on them, but Kinnikuman knocks Terryman out when Terryman panics over the loss of his leg when faced with Kinkotsuman that caused his leg injury. Kinnikuman wins the match in record time against both Kinkotsuman and Iwao. In the The Emperors vs. Blood Illusions match, the Blood Illusions continue to attack despite The Emperors forfeiting the match. Terryman enters the ring to intervene; Terryman loses his prosthetic leg and is attacked by the Blood Illusions, as is Meat when Meat comes to his defence. The next few matches take place at Madison Square Gardens, New York. Terryman panics in the waiting room while waiting for their match against the Blood Illusions, and seeks to quit the tournament, but a small boy in a wheelchair comes to return his lost hat. The boy also lost his leg, but - since seeing Terryman fight - was inspired to use his prosthetic leg to walk again, and walks unsteadily to Terryman. Terryman promises to be brave, just as the child was brave to try his prosthetic. Iwao intervenes in the match and removes Terryman's prosthetic leg. Kinkotsuman hits the child and knocks him unconscious. Kinkotsuman keeps attacking the unconscious child, as he clings to the leg to prevent Kinkotsuman from destroying the lower limb. In this arc, Terry got stabbed in the forehead repeatedly, and from this point on, his forehead kanji looked more an asterisk. Beauty Rhodes returns the leg to Terryman. Terryman goes on to win the match and celebrates with the child, while they - the New World Supermen Association - goes on to control America. 2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc Beansman goes to Texas to find seven chojin to protect Planet Rakka. He tests Terryman's power with a monster, which Terryman easily defeats. Terryman agrees to help the planet. They travel the world together to find the rest of the seven chojin needed to fight. They win against their opponents and manage to save Planet Rakka. 21st Chojin Olympics Arc Terryman prevents Kinnikuman from fighting Wolfman, as the first preliminary events occurs. He wins the first round by not falling from the giant sieve. He wins the second round of a swimming competition, where they must swim faster than the ensuing fire, and cheers on Kinnikuman. [48] The third preliminary match tests how far each chojin can push a train; after pushing it far enough to disqualify Wolfman, who will now be in last place, he chases after the train at full speed. He stops the train to save a puppy, but the act of touching the train - after it has left the station - disqualifies him and allows Wolfman to be an entrant. He acts as a commentator for much of the arc that follows, such as the final preliminary event. This trend follows even into the finally fight between Warsman and Kinnikuman, where he still acts as a commentator. Seven Devil Chojin Arc During the celebrations for the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight, the Seven Akuma Chojin are accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. They kidnap Alexandria Meat during the festivities, and each take a body part, and declare that Kinnikuman must defeat each of them to retrieve a part and bring Meat back to life. When Kinnikuman is later injured during his match with Stereo Cassette King, Terryman tries to fight in disguise as Kinnikuman, but it ultimately defeated as the remaining Seven Akuma Chojin fight him 6-on-1. The Mountain finishes this attack with a Mountain Drop. When Kinnikuman beats Black Hole, he cannot fight any longer and the Justice Chojin decide to fight on his behalf. The remaining Seven Devil Chojin - and justice chojin - match up to find their opponents, and The Mountain is matched with Terryman (and the Mountain possesses Meat's hips). The match will take place in the Chichibu mountains. At first, it appears that Terryman is alone in the ring, but then the Mountain reveals he was disguised as one of the mountains and was there all along. They exchange a series of blows, but - while grabbing Mountain in a Spinning Toe Hold - Terryman notices one of the laces on his shoe has snapped (a bad omen in Japanese culture). He later is in danger and caught on the ropes by Mountain. Terry attacks with a Deadly Drive, only for another shoe-lace to snap. A third lace snaps, but barely holds together, and Terryman realises that Brocken Jr. is clinging to life. Terryman barely avoids a Body Slam. The last string of Terryman's laces snaps. Terryman is heavily beaten by the Mountain, but - when Mountain insults his fallen comrades - this reinvigorates Terryman into attacking anew. Terryman cries, as he attacks Mountain, even when Mountain is touching the ropes and his actions are illegal. Terryman climbs the ropes and chances a Flying Knee Drop, but the attack causes Terry extreme pain, as it injures his prosthetic leg. The Mountain attempts a Mountain Drop, but Terryman counters with ease and stops the attack. Terryman ends the match with a Brain Buster. The Mountain reveals that - although defeated - he won't die alone, and the ropes to the ring snap as he grabs at Terryman's ankle. They both fall from an extreme height, which results in The Mountain's death and Terryman's seeming demise. It is revealed that - remembering his promise to Kinnukuman- Terryman clung to life and returned to reunite with his friends. During the fight with Atlantis, he, Brocken, and Mongolman go through the Spirit World Pocket to stop the fallen Devil Chojins from manipulating Kinnikuman. During the fight with Buffaloman, Terry is the one who gives Kinnikuman the idea of giving Buffaloman too much power. Golden Mask Arc Terryman appears with the other justice chojin for a fitness test. It is during this time that the Golden Mask and Silver Mask are separated, resulting in all justice chojin slowly losing their power, and Terryman is the first to seen faint. Terryman rushes to attack the Devil Knights, but is knocked back by them. Terryman - along with his companions - are placed into plastic bubbles, which act as life-support devices. During Kinnikuman's battle with Planetman, Planetman steals the souls of the siegi chojin trapped within the life support devices. Terryman - and the others - are saved when Kinnikuman sacrifices Warsman in order to protect the rest of the group and defeat Planetman. This defeat of Planetman restores Terryman - and others - to full power. Warsman is revealed to be alive, but in a precarious state. Terryman decides to turn into a microscopic size and go inside Warsman's body, along with Robin Mask, Brocken Jr., Kinnikuman, and Geronimo. Terryman decides that the group will hold off the remaining Devil Knights, until Kinnikuman can reach the top floor and retrieve the Golden Mask - the matches will take place on a tower of rings formed along Warsman's spinal column. Kinnikuman eventually manages to climb his way to the third floor of the tower inside Warsman, where Terryman is fighting Asuraman. When Ashuraman seeks to defeat Terryman with an Ashura Buster, Kinnikuman jumps into the ring to absorb the impact and save Terryman's life. Terryman manages to gain some advantage in battle, but Ashuraman steals both of his arms and leaves him without the ability to use attacks involving his arms. It is revealed that - during battle - Terryman allows Warsman's control unit to be hit, which causes him to spasm and threatens all their lives (and Warsman's), and only a second - and equal strike - will save the unit. Terryman is willing to sacrifice his life to the Asura Buster to save the others. Asuraman reveals that he never stole Buffaloman's arms, which gives Terryman an idea: he borrows Buffaloman's strength to summon his arms and use them to replace his missing arms. He grabs Geronimo's tomahawks, as Asuraman lifts him into the air, and commits the Honourable Death Drop against Asuraman, as both he and Asuraman plummet towards the control unit. He uses Buffaloman's arms to finish the blow to the unit, which gets it to work again. Ashuraman is the first to stand after the attack, which means he has technically won, but - with both him and Terryman out of the ring - he has to return to the ring to claim his victory. Terryman uses the last of his strength to tackle Asuraman and prevent him from returning to the ring, which results in a draw. Terryman holds Asuraman back long enough for Kinnikuman to continue his climb. He soon collapses out of exhaustion, but - even unconscious - he manages to keep a leg hold on Asuraman, keeping him in place. Dream Chojin Tag Arc A second Mount Fuji appears in Japan. On top of this mountain, the Universal Chojin Tag Team trophy appears. Underneath, there appears a series of rings that allow for eight tag-teams to compete. Terryman - along with the other justice chojin - goes to Kourakuen Hall to discuss the situation. After the others announce their group, Terryman states he has no reason to object to their decision and walks away. Terryman reveals he will not team up with Kinnikuman, but instead seeks to work with Geronimo and bring him back to full health (since he is now in a vegetative state). Terryman visits a Cherokee village in Oklahoma, where - despite his soul supposedly having left his body - Geronimo protects him from being attacked by the villagers. Terryman begs Chief Cheyenne to heal Geronimo and bring him back to full health. Once Geronimo is healed, and turned into a chojin, they arrive together in Japan for the tournament. They enter their ring through a randomised set of corridors, which pits them against the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo. Later, when the justice chojin group together to protect Robin Mask, whose face is exposed, Terryman refuses to offer his help and states that his merciful nature has made him weak. First Rounds The New Machineguns - (compromised of Terryman and Geronimo) - start the match dirty, by attacking after pretending to shake hands with their opponents: Stray Akuma Chojin Combo. Terryman starts to strangle Asuraman with a bandage. Asuraman counters with a Body Slam, and Terryman then calls Geronimo in for a tag-team counter-move, before he tags in Geronimo. Terryman soon starts to doubt himself and regrets not having teamed with Kinnikuman. They then break off two of Ashuraman's arms. The dolls collected by the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo scatter and break on the ring-mat, which leads Terryman to suspect that it means his destiny is to be killed in the match. They exchange a series of blows, but are soon outmatched with a Hell's Combination technique. Terryman is then heavily beaten, but Geronimo fails to understand his hand gestures, and Terryman realises his mistake in pairing up with someone other than Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman offers his support from the crowds, reinvigorating Terryman who nearly wins against Sunshine, but Asuraman threatens to take Geronimo's life lest Terryman concede. Terryman rips off his stars from his arms, symbols of his chojin nature, and concedes. He is saved by Kinnikuman Great, when the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo fight on past the bell, but this act costs Kinnikuman Great a vast deal of injuries and incapacitates him. It is shown that Kinnikuman Great is dying, and he gives Terryman his mask and asks Terryman to act in his place: Terryman agrees. Prince Kamehame's spirit then trains Terryman. Semi-Finals A tug-of-war determines that Terryman's next match is against the Stray Devil Combo again (due to him assuming Kamehame's position and joining Kinnikuman's team with no one wiser). The match takes place with their competitors surrounding the ring, so no one is allowed escape except through death. Terryman struggles to keep pace in the match, but Kamehame's spirit tells him that he should try to emulate him less and be his own person, and so he starts to use his own techniques and style again. They begin to work well together as a team, until the cursed canvas comes to life with the spirits of the Seven Devil Chojin they destroyed in an earlier arc. The Muscle Brothers start to fail once more, when - after sowing seeds of doubt about Kinnikuman Great II's identity - Kinnikuman and Terryman start to fight among themselves, with Kinnikuman demanding to see his face. When Terryman sacrifices himself for Kinnikuman, it reignites their Friendship Power. The two then manage to win the match, after a series of events and some flashbacks to Ashuraman's childhood, with a Muscle Docking technique. It is later Terryman who discovers Doctor Bombe is deceased, and stops the others from uncovering his dead body, lest it demotivate them, and he then buries Bombe alongside his best friend: Kamehame. The final match is against Hell Missionaries; the ring is surrounded by swords, which will pierce anyone thrown out of the ring or who tries to escape. [93] The match will be a three-round match, with each round lasting ten minutes until the final round, which will have no time-limit attached. Finals During the match against Neptuneman, some of Terryman's blond hair is exposed. More and more of Terryman's face is exposed, as he panics at the idea Kinnikuman may reject him on learning the truth, and thus leaves himself open to attacks. With only seconds to spare, Terryman is defeated with a Cross-Bomber in the first round and his face is revealed. Terryman has his stars returned to him by Asuraman, who rejects how he gave up earlier, and - thus due to not having technically quit his match - is still eligible to compete in the tournament, as he never technically lost. They gain an advantage in the second round, and Kinnikuman - now their friendship is renewed - tears his white vest to offer a makeshift bandage to Terryman. They later manage to trick their opponents by switching places underneath the ring and swapping masks, and this lets them gain the upper-hand. Terryman is then knocked out of the ring onto the spikes, where he is incapacitated. They work together, after Terryman recovers to win with a Muscle Docking. The two of them win the third round when both opponents faint. They then continue together to retrieve their trophy. Survivor Match Arc Prehistory Terryman attends Kinnikuman's coronation. He is appointed "Staff Officer" of the Justice Chojin Corps. When the Five Fated Princes arrive, Terryman states that he is unable to help Kinnikuman due to his new role requiring him to be impartial, and that - as Kinnikuman is no longer prince he must not join his team. Terryman - instead - returns to Texas to teach his students, such as Dickieman, and watches the first round matches on a television set. On seeing Kinnikuman murdered in the ring, he abandons his medals and flees to go to the ring. Terryman vs. King the 100-Ton During the match against King the 100-Ton, Terryman and Robin Mask arrives together to save Meat. They are allowed to fight on Kinnikuman's team, as he has secretly added their names to the member roster in invisible ink (which is now visible). Terryman thus takes over in the match against 100-Ton. Terryman enters the ring on Kinnikuman's behalf, who begins the match with a drop-kick that is easily blocked by King, and - as tries again with a punch - his fists become bloodied. King then jumps on his hands. King takes off several of his weights, until he is left with only 20 tons, as he seeks to prove a point to Terryman. This allows him to move at a quicker speed. King then presses a lever on the ring, which reveals a see-saw was hidden beneath the canvas. Each time King jumps on the see-saw, he adds weights to his body and Terryman goes higher and higher, until he finally strikes the ceiling at some force. Terryman learns to time his attacks, so he can reverse the see-saw and send King hurtling backwards. After Terryman gets him in a hold, King withdraws his limbs inside his body and turns into a spherical shape. King is able to split into two balls and return as one, which enables him to be creative in his attacks, and finally his turns into a giant dumbbell, which starts to crush Terryman under its enormous weight. Kinnikuman discovers King is being manipulated by Kinnikuman Mariposa, who uses signs to tell him how to attack, and Kinnikuman uses a sign to force King to return to his usual form. Terryman is then able to use a Texas Clover Hold. King finds a stray card, which allows him to turn his body into spikes to fight off Terryman. He finally returns to his full weight and full power, and he plans to hit Terryman with full impact, intending to break every bone in his body. It indeed breaks every one of Terryman's bones. Kinnikuman bends the see-saw with a Face Flash, which allows Terryman to alter his cause and headbutt King. The flashcards all fall from the ceiling in the kerfuffle, which causes King's body to shift chaotically into everything at once. Terryman takes advantage by stopping him from transforming, using the ropes of the ring, and wins with a Calf Branding. This breaks King into dozens of pieces, killing him instantly. Unfortunately, a falling piece of 100-Ton's body knocks out Terryman, which means the match ends in an official tie. Terryman is too injured to continue, and so Robin Mask takes over against Kinnikuman Mariposa. When Robin struggles in his match, Terryman appears - heavily bandaged - to offer support for Kinnikuman and motivate Robin. Terryman is next pitted against Motorman, but is treated to a barrage of attacks that he is too weak to fend off. Terryman vs. Motorman Motorman appears as a competitor and second guard for Team Kinnikuman Zebra, where he is pitted against Terryman in Himeji Castle. Motorman lays a series of blows against an already weakened Terryman, until Terryman traps him in a double-arm suplex. The suplex is incomplete, leading Motorman to dive head-first into Terryman, who catches his drill with both hands. He proceeds to use his Battery Claw, before drilling into Terryman's chest. This is followed with a Spark Ring Flash. Terryman aims an attack for his legs, which do not emit light, and knocks him down to the mat, but Motorman retaliates with a Drill-a-Hole Spark. He hits Terryman and sends him flying out of the ring. [113] Terryman is caught by Ramenman, who is in disguise as Bikeman. He is then laid down to rest. Perfecting the Muscle Spark Once healed, Terryman helps Kinnikuman train for his final match. They work with Robin Mask on top of two adjacent towers, before a crystal lake pool, where they throw down dummies and judge by the reflection what position works best. Terryman then sacrifices himself, so that Kinnikuman can practise on a real human as opposed to a dummy. Terryman - now too injured to participate - sits out the rest of the tournament to rest and recover. Once recovered, Terryman - along with other Justice Chojin - go to the final battle to offer support, where he meets Kinnikuman Super Phoenix's mother and leads her to Osaka Castle. He is last seen supporting and celebrating Kinnikuman's victory. Kinnikuman (2011) Perfect Origin Arc Prehistory Terryman is reintroduced saving a boy in Japan. He has come to Japan at the request of Meat Alexandria, where three chojin factions plan to sign a peace treaty: Justice Chojin, Perfect Chojin, and Devil Chojin. Terryman is the spokesman for the Justice Chojin. He signs the treaty at the Japan Martial Arts Stadium, and several days later he participates in a Chojin Appreciation Day. After his shoelace snaps, he notices that the arena is being invaded. Terryman gets the children to safety, when it is revealed these are Perfect Chojin from outer space. After Max Radial defeats Specialman and Canadianman - and Tileman, Curry Cook, and Benkiman are turned into humans - Terryman jumps into the ring to protect people and stop the Perfect Chojin. He punches Strong the Budo and declares a full-scale tournament. Natsuko and Geronimo beg Terryman not to compete, as he would need to defeat all seven chojin alone, but he states that he must for the safety of the world. He picks a card at random that determines his opponent: Max Radial. Terryman vs. Max Radial The match takes place at the Tokyo Dome. Terryman attacks from the red corner, before the match begins, before landing a storm of punches and proceeds with a Spinning Toe Hold. It is revealed Max Radial's legs are made from suspensions, so the leg hold has no power, and he tightens them and releases them so that Terryman is sent flying in the distance. Terryman attempts a Calf Branding, but Max's tires stop his face from making contact with the ring canvas. Terryman is attacked by a Drift Tackle, but - when he stands - his body is torn with slashes from the tires. Terryman attempts to counter with an Oklahoma Stampede-styled Throw, but Max stops this with a Big Radial Fin. Max attacks again and again, until Terryman's skin is ripped into shreds. Even after Terryman faints, he stands and prevents another Drift Tackle. It is revealed that Terryman has been wearing down the tires on Max Radial's shoulders, which is where Terryman starts to focus his attacks. Terryman manages to scrape the rubber from the tires, before exploding the tires. He is finally able to use a Calf Branding attack and a Texas Condor Kick, before winning with a Tenacious Blow. Terryman falls out of the ring, only to be caught by Kinnikuman. When Max Radial is murdered by Strong the Budo, Terryman is horrified and fails to understand them. Interim As such, he fought and won Max Radial, getting grievously injured, sitting over until the Perfect Origin arrival. Terryman vs. Justiceman Justiceman fights Terryman on the 3rd floor of Yggdrasil. Terryman grabs Justiceman's head with a Texas Bulldozer, but Justiceman counters with a back-drop. While Terryman writhes in pain, Justiceman attacks again with a Moonsault Drop, and Terryman uses this as an opportunity for a knee-crusher. The attack fails and Justiceman knocks him back. Justiceman announces that he will accept the Perfect Chojin are wrong, if Terryman can best him in battle. He also states that he intended to fight to the death. Terryman accepts and attempts a series of blows, but none work. Justiceman tries to stomp on a downed Terryman, but Terryman attempts to knocks him down with a sliding kick. The kick misses, but Terryman manages to grab Justiceman's other leg and knock him to the canvas, before using a Spinning Toe Hold. The crowd cheers for Terryman, but Justiceman kicks him away and counters with a triangle-hold. He then uses a shoulder-throw to toss Terryman across the ring. After flinging Terryman around the ring, but Terryman realises that Justiceman has a pattern to how he fights: he always uses "logical" movements. Terryman feigns a Condor Kick, which Justiceman raises his arms to counter, but Terryman changes to a double-somersault kick. He then uses a German Suplex, followed by a full-weight moonsault (aerial moves he would never usually move, so an opponent would not logically expect). Terryman uses a King Kong Drop, but Justiceman evades and uses a Judgement Crash. The move does vast damage to Terryman's arms, but the stars on his arms begin to glow. Terryman proceeds to use continual middle-kicks with his left leg, despite seeming to have injured his left knee, but Justiceman blocks every kick. It is revealed that Buckland created Terryman a new artificial leg, almost as good as an organic leg, but the leg cannot be replaced if it is broken (especially due to Buckland's death. Justiceman counters by attacking Terryman's right leg, before Terryman attempts a Texas Clover-Hold. The move is countered by Justiceman, who uses a knee-bar on the right leg, but Terryman breaks from the hold. Terryman accuses Justiceman of taking pity by not attacking his left leg, but Justiceman states he wants to leave Terryman no excuse for having lost the match. He follows this with a Judgement Twist, which destroys enough bones and tendons to make Terryman's left arm useless. Terryman tears out two corners of the ring, which creates a Texas Twister. This knocks Justiceman to the canvas, allowing Terryman a chance to use the Texas Twister once again, but this time Justiceman is able to counter with a chop. Terryman follows with a Calf Branding. It fails to damage Justiceman, who uses an ankle-lock on Terryman's right leg and breaks his leg. A Judgement Avalanche follows, which causes the light on Terryman's stars to diminish. Even without working limbs, Terryman headbutts Justiceman. Justiceman attacks back with a Justice Penalty. The light returns to Terryman's stars, as he regains his Texan Spirit. The force of the Judgement Penalty knocks Terryman's prosthetic leg from his body, and - despite his extensive injuries - Terryman crawls towards Justiceman. He tries to fight, but Justiceman declares that he already found him "guilty" when he used his Judgement Penalty, and he cannot judge a person twice; as Terryman survived the move and Justiceman cannot continue to fight (due to having given judgement), Terryman wins as the match is effectively forfeited. He gifts Terryman his dumbbell. Justiceman proceeds to compliment Terryman's Fighting Spirit (what Terryman dubs his 'Texan Spirit'). Post-Tournament He travels with Kinnikuman, Meat, and the rest to watch the final fight: The Man vs. General Devil, in Australia. Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc Terryman attends Planet Kinniku for an awards ceremony, a month after the previous arc. He has been given a new prosthetic leg, albeit inferior to the last. A force-field proceeds to trap him inside the Kinniku Palace, alongside the other Idol Chojin. The force-field also shuts down the palace in the demon realm, trapping inside the Devil Chojin, and the Chojin Graveyard; it is revealed Satan put the force-fields in place, as he plans to unleash the Omega Centauri Six Spears onto Earth. Unnamed Arc Prehistory Terryman finally makes contact with Kinnikuman from Muscleham Palace. He states they were trapped due to a barrier created by Satan, but - now Satan is defeated - they can make contact and leave the palace. The Man asks the eight Justice Chojin to break up into teams of two, in order to defeat the choushin, and go to their locations: Terryman teams up with Geronimo. After twenty-four hours of preparation, the Man sends Terryman and the others to the choushin. The first location is revealed to be in Egypt. After Terryman realises he is in Giza, Egypt, a ring bursts out of the sand and Prisman appears inside the ring. Prisman fights against Bicorn, leading Terryman to watch the fight alongside Geronimo. After Prisman dies, Geronimo becomes disheartened and Terryman inspires him to keep on fighting and maintain hope. Then, once the Tower of Babel is opened, Terryman encourage Geronimo to go, saying that he isn't in good conditions to fight against the menace of the choushin. Kinnikuman Nisei Terryman is rarely seen in the first part of the manga. We see him mostly in flashbacks, where we know he has married Natsuko and owns a ranch in Texas, and as since fathered Terry the Kid. He is sometimes seen supporting his son in his matches, such as being their during the preliminary round of the Chojin Olympics, and later participates in a tag-team exhibition match with Kinnikuman against the 20 Million Powers. In the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc, a pair of Time Chojin go back to 1983. Terryman initially refuses to believe the Time Chojin or the Time Warp 8 are from the future, before participating with Kinnikuman as part of the Machineguns in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament to defeat the New Generation participants. He eventually loses against the Muscle Brothers Nouveau in the semi-finals, where he realises that the New Generation were telling the truth, and goes on to support them. Kinnikuman vs. Terryman In a special edition chapter, Meat tells a story to Terry the Kid and Mantaro Kinniku. In which, Terryman challenges his best friend Kinnikuman to a fight. This is an filler arc set twenty-nine years previous to the Chojin Olympic Resurrection. After twenty-six years of service, Kinnikuman was set to return to Planet Kinniku, but Terryman challenges him to a fight for honour, and Kinnikuman is granted fives days for the match (preparation and the fight itself). He announces the fight will be at 6pm Todoroki Stadium, with no press or audiences allowed. Warsman arrives at Terryman's ranch in the USA, riding a horse, and he is alongside Buffaloman - they declare they will help him to train. They initially defeat Terryman, proving he has a lot of progress to make to defeat Kinnikuman. Two days later, Terryman is able to defeat them both. They leave together for the match, only to discover Natsuko was in a car accident. Terryman stays by her side in the ICU, while Warsman and Buffaloman sleep outside. Natsuko awakes just long enough to tell Terryman to go to Japan and fight. When Terryman cannot be found, Kinnikuman is one of the only people who believe he will appear. Robin Mask acts as referee and announcer, but it then begins to rain and Kinnikuman is scheduled to leave in just one hour. Terryman arrives at 6:50, just ten minutes before Kinnikuman must leave. Robin Mask intervenes at 7:00 to announce the match is a draw, and Kinnikuman and Terryman embrace. Dawn of Terry the Kid Kid returns home bruised and injured, which causes Natsuko Shono to chastise him, as he has came home from school with injuries every day for two weeks. After Terryman talks to Kid, Kid reveals that a new jujitsu chojin has transferred to his school. The jujitsu chojin then forms a new jujitsu club without Terry the Kid. After Terry the Kid expresses a desire to join the jujitsu club, giving up wrestling, Terryman takes him out onto the ranch to fulfil a Terry Clan family tradition, which is to remove tree stumps at least once a day from the male chojin's tenth birthday. After Terryman cuts down the trees, he tells Kid to remove the stumps, but Kid grows tired and fails to remove any more. A group of Kid's ex-teammates show up, where they proceed to mock him for the training with his father, and mock Terryman in the process, at which point Volcano reveals he was the jujitsu chojin that displaced Kid and stole his teammates for a new club. Terryman recognises him as the son of The Mountain, and Volcano declares that he wishes to challenge Kid to a fight to the death, which will occur in two days time. The Mountain is driving the truck that takes them away, and rams a street-sign that is sent hurtling against Terryman, who is injured by the pole. Terryman teaches Kid not to be afraid, which inspires Kid to train and remove all the remaining stumps, and Terryman leaves to go to bed for the evening. The following day, Kid has removed all stumps but one. There is a four-leafed clover under the roots of the final tree, but Kid remove the tree stump without harming the four-leafed clover, and this begins the creation of his new signature technique: the Texas Clover-Hold. This move is witnessed by Terryman, who watches in surprise the success of his son. Two days later, Terryman drives to the Palo Duro Canyon with Terry the Kid. Terryman watches from the side-lines, as Kid expresses fear at the upcoming events, and Kid's club cheer on for Volcano. The Mountain reveals that he chose the venue due to his match against Terryman happening in a mountain range, and discusses how - after he died and went to the Chojin Graveyard - that Satan gave him a chance at a new life in order to exact his revenge. He raised his son to exact revenge on his behalf. Terryman states that he believes his son will win, as his son has the passion and heart. At several times, Kid expresses fear throughout the match. Terryman reiterates that he believes in Kid's abilities and that Kid has a Texan spirit, and that - if he could overcome his training - he can overcome this match with just as much ease. Kid proceeds to use the Texas Clover-Hold, which defeats Volcano and secures him a victory. After Kid manages to save his lucky charm, Terryman appears on the ring and reveals that is where the name of their family-technique originated, as well as that he is proud of his son. Hercules Factory Arc Originally, Terryman had little impact in the sequel story. He appeared as one of the vanquished veteran chojin who were defeated by the dMp, but for the most part appeared in flashbacks regarding his son. It is revealed at the Hercules Factory that Terryman still spoke highly and kindly about Kinnikuman, even slapping his own son for accusing Kinnikuman of stealing the glory, the limelight and the best trophies from his friend. This forces Terryman and Kinnikuman to attempt to repair the friendship between their sons; it pushes their sons into a repeat of their vitriolic, close knit, argumentative relationship of their earlier days. D.M.p Arc Terryman appears in several small flashbacks. He explains to Terry the Kid that the Kenyon family aren't designed for high-impact power moves, as they do not put on a lot of muscle mass, and thus Terry the Kid would hurt himself trying moves like the Kinniku Buster. They instead inherit massive arm and leg strength, as well as a tenacious spirit, and have strong signature moves, such as the Spinning Toe Hold. In a second flashback, Kid remembers how his father would ride horses in the ranch, and how - one time - he was thrown from the horse and Kid assumed he would be hurt. Terryman catches his balance and holds himself upright on the horse with both hands, and uses this as a lesson to Kid not to ever look away in fear, as the Texas spirit is what makes their clan strong and will always protect them. Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Prehistory Terryman is first seen winning the 1983 Universal Tag Tournament. He - alongside Kinnikuman - wins the tournament with Muscle Docking at 48 minutes and 23 seconds. They are stopped from removing the Championship trophy by the Time Chojin, who Terryman suspects are ancient Chojin from the past, unaware of their current status or strength or purpose. They attack Terryman, who has been weakened by his previous battle. The Time Chojin reveal they are from 34 years in the future, setting the current arc in 2017. Robin Mask intervenes to save Terryman and Kinnikuman's lives, but dies in the process, which leads to Kevin Mask dying in 2017, as he is slowly wiped from existence. This triggers the New Generation to go back, in an attempt to save Robin's life. The New Generation arrive before the Legends, but - when Terry the Kid seeks to make contact with his father - Terryman swat him away at a distance. Terryman believes them to be on the side of the Time Chojin, so he refuses to trust them. [148] After Alisa Mackintosh is severely injured in place of Robin Mask, the Time Chojin say that this is proof they are all on the same side, and Terryman completely distrusts them. When the New Generation attempts to make an emergency phone call, this panics the Legends - unused to seeing cell phones - and Terryman attacks Check Mate. Harabote Muscle then announces a new Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. On television, it is revealed Kinnikuman and Terryman have reformed The Machineguns, were they are seen training and sparring together. Terryman later spies on Terry the Kid and Robin Mask, as they train in an old gymnasium, but Natsuko Shono unmasks him and confronts him. Terryman later arrives at the tournament itself alongside Kinnikuman as Entry #1. Terryman starts an argument with Terry the Kid, when Harabote announces a battle royale to decide the tournament finalists. Battle Royale Terryman and Kinnikuman start the battle royale by attacking Terry the Kid together. Later, while Terryman attacks Neo Chopin, Kinnikuman attacks Roseman; this causes Roseman to expand his rose into full bloom. Roseman uses his Vampire Rose technique against Kinnikuman, and Neo Chopin uses Sickle Note to attack Terryman. Roseman brags about his technique, as Kinnikuman's breathing starts to slow down. The Adrenalines try to intervene, but The Machineguns tell them to keep back, and Kinnikuman rips his way out of Roseman's body. Terryman also wrenched the sickle from his body, and together The Machineguns use the Muscle Docking techniques against The Celebrities. The Celebrities then disqualified and dragged out of the ring by medics. After the Time Chojin fight against the Muscle Brothers Nouveau, the Machineguns intervene. They stop the Time Chojin with backspin kicks, before Terryman captures Lightning in a Pendulum Breaker, and he follows up with a synchronised attack with Kinnikuman. The Time Chojin counter and knock The Machineguns onto the mat. When they struggle in battle, Barrierfreeman and Ilioukhine get involved and protect them. As the other teams are weeded out, they advance to the main tournament by process of elimination. Terryman then warms up with Kinnikuman for the main matches, before being pranked by Mantaro with a fart attack and adding to their rivalry. Quarter-Finals The match begins with Ortega and Kinnikuman in the ring; they lock right hands, but Kinnikuman refuses to lock with his left hand. Ortega lunges with a hip attack, and Kinnikuman tries to use a sleeper-hold, but fails. Moaidon clutches at Kinnikuman's left arm, causing him immense pain. Kinnikuman breaks free, as Ortega uses a series of palm strikes. Kinnikuman dodges until Ortega lands a rolling sobat to the stomach, followed by a kick to Kinnikuman's left arm (breaking his attempted Niku Curtain). Kinnikuman uses a lariat with his right arm. Ortega seems like he may fall from the ring, but uses an Iguazu Terror at the last second and catches Kinnikuman into a neck-lock. He takes Kinnikuman's arm into a crucifixion pose, which reveals a fake skin on Kinnikuman's arm and a huge gash on his skin. Kinnikuman knocks Ortega onto the corner post, at which point Terryman tags into the match and both kick Ortega away. Ortega is knocked down, at which point Kinnikuman reveals that - the night before - he returned the Long Horn in his left arm back to Buffaloman. Terryman gives Kinnikuman his bandanna to use as a tourniquet, and the two of them team up to use a set of drop-kicks against the Carpet Bombings to keep them at bay, which is followed by a pair of head-scissors. At this point, Terryman kicks Kinnikuman out of the ring to force him to take a break. Terryman appears to gain the upper-hand over Moaidon. This is followed by a Bronco Fist. Moaidon falls over the ropes, but grabs the top-rope at the last second. He lands back in the ring and Terryman uses a Spinning Toe Hold against him. Moaidon uses his Brilliant Rock, which constricts his leg around Terryman's torso. He delivers a series of blows against Terryman, who refuses to touch Kinnikuman out of a desire to protect him, and Moaidon uses a Moai Doai Merikov, which is followed by an Atonement Awl. This is aimed at Kinnikuman, but Terryman jumps between Kinnikuman and Ortega. Ortega uses a Somersault Grand Slam. Terryman is then thrown into Moaidon's Liar's Mouth, which will close/slam down on Terryman any time he answers a question truthfully. Moaidon asks and Terryman answers: Do you prefer hamburgers to gyudon? Yes. Do you prefer blonde Americans to any other women? No. Do you wish to usurp Kinnikuman as leader of the Machineguns? No. Would you sacrifice your life for someone else? Yes. The blows that result from truthful answers lead Terryman to be severely injured, as such Kinnikuman touches Terryman and tags into the ring. Kinnikuman forces his knee into the Liar's Mouth to stop it from crushing Terryman. He drags Terryman out of the Liar's Mouth, and Moaidon attempts a Rock Smash, which Kinnikuman evades. This is followed by expelling flatulence on Moaidon's face, and then a Pants Driver on Ortega. Kinnikuman delivers a set of horizontal chops to Moaidon, and the Carpet Bombings exchange a series of blows with Kinnikuman, until they force him to use his left arm, which knocks away the bandanna and reopens his wound. The open gash on Kinnikuman's arm reveals there is no bone inside. The Carpet Bombings focus their attacks on Kinnikuman's left arm, as he uses the bandanna again as a tourniquet, and Moaidon uses a Iguazu Terror again. This leads them to use a Machu Pichu Crash. They place Kinnikuman into the Liar's Mouth, at which point he asks the following questions to Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman answers as follows: Do you think your mask is ugly? Yes. Did you wet the bed until you were eighteen? Yes. Is it true you don't trust the New Generation? Yes. Do you hate Mantaro most of all? Yes. The Liar's Mouth closes on all answers except for the final question about hating Mantaro. Kinnikuman continues to assert he will never recognise Mantaro as his son, to which Meat speculates the Liar's Mouth goes off the truth deep in your heart and not what you believe to be true, so - deep down - Kinnikuman does not hate Mantaro. Mantaro shouts advice to Kinnikuman, which enables him to escape the Liar's Mouth, except for his left arm that is trapped inside. Ortega continues to attack Kinnikuman, until the bone in his arm starts to grow back. Mantaro explains the bone is growing back due to the pressure of the Liar's Mouth acting as a form of pressurisation training, and that Kinnikuman's chojin heritage is amplifying its effects. Kinnikuman uses his Burning Inner Strength to throw Moaidon to the canvas, at which point his wound closes, and Terryman tags himself into the match. Terryman takes Moaidon in a Texas Clover Hold, while Kinnikuman takes Ortega in a compact hold, but they are thrown as Moaidon uses a Moai Doai Merikov. Ortega tries an Atonement Awl, while Terryman uses a Texas Twister, and this is followed by Kinnikuman using a Muscle Lariat. Kinnikuman uses a Kinniku Buster on Ortega, and Terryman uses a Kinniku Driver on Moaidon. The Machineguns combine their techniques to use the Muscle Docking. Ortega falls from the Andes ring, followed by Moaidon, and the chairperson calls the match in the Machineguns' favour. The Carpet Bombings are then taken away on stretchers. Terryman and Kinnikuman celebrate with Natsuko and Bibimba respectively, until Mantaro tries to congratulate Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman rejects him, claiming that the Liar's Mouth was broken and he still hates Mantaro, and Mantaro responds by that he will never call Kinnikuman 'Father' again, as he leaves. Semi-Finals The tug-of-war match-up occurs on the 13th of May, 1983. He stays with Kinnikuman in their waiting room, until ushered out by Bibimba. Just as everyone gives up hope that Kinnikuman will make it out on time, Kinnikuman exits the waiting-room and presents Terryman with his Texan hat and seems in perfect health. They perform the tug-of-war and are assigned the Muscle Brothers Nouveau as their opponents during the semi-final match. The match starts ten minutes later. Terryman enters the ring with Kinnikuman in perfect unison. After Kinnikuman declares a 'mask versus mask' death-match, he takes the lead and Terryman stands on the sides. He is later tagged into the match, where they are able to attack Mantaro together with tag-moves, which culminates in a Guillotine Drop. Chaos soon tags in and after attacking Terryman, works with Mantaro to attack Kinnikuman, and it is then Terryman notices the Demon Hourglass is still on Kinnikuman's chest. Terry the Kid begs him to throw in the towel, which causes Terryman to notice that Mantaro's leg is starting to disappear, and - only revealing the Machineguns never bring towels to matches - Terry the Kid throws into the ring the Great Texan Hat. Terryman then turns against Kinnikuman, by provoking him and insulting him, which causes the sand in his Demon Hourglass to rise to the top; Terryman has worked out that inspiring Kinnikuman to hate him with cause the Iron Sweat, which will amplify the magnetic powers of his mask, and this will draw the sands of the hourglass upwards. This breaks the curse and saves him. Mantaro tags in Chaos, who protects him from Kinnikuman's advances. After Chaos takes the lead, he learns about the value of teamwork and tags Mantaro back into the m Mantaro is taken into a Kamehame Lock, but distracts Kinnikuman by undoing the strings to his mask, and takes him into a Sleeper Hold. After Kinnikuman gains the upper-hand, Mantaro breaks his finger to escape the hold and uses a Kilaeau Stretch, and proceeds to throw Mantaro from the War Cube. Kinnikuman saves him just in time, and both partners are tagged into the match. The Muscle Brothers Nouveau use a Double Shoulder Buster on the Machineguns. The Machineguns counter with a Muscle Docking, but - due to Kinnikuman's fatigue it is not at full power. Mantaro flashes back to his youth, and he uses his father's advice to break free from an attack, before using a Skull Campana with Chaos. After an exchange of blows, Mantaro saves Kinnikuman from falling out of the War-Cube. They continue with an evenly matched match, until Kinnikuman attempts another Muscle Docking. Mantaro unleashes his Fire of Inner Strength and successfully counters the move. Despite Kinnikuman also channelling his Fire, Mantaro and Chaos defeat them using the Muscle Evolution. Both teams are knocked to the mat, starting a countdown, but Mantaro and Chaos stand in time to be declared the winners. The Machineguns proceeds to rest, while watching the Five Disasters vs. Nova Hell Expansions. Post-Tournament They are both there to witness Muscle Brothers Nouveau win the tournament, which saves Alisa's life and by extension Kevin Mask's life. This ends the arc. 💪M💪U💪S💪C💪L💪E💪 A year of the shows and performers of the Bijou Planks Theater. M.U.S.C.L.E. No. 31, "Terryman" Painted by CM, thus losing all collectible value forever. * Previous Terryman sightings include: BP 2018 Day 205 BP 2019 Day 239 BP 2019 Day 344 BP 2020 Day 125 BP 2020 Day 168 And at T-Square:

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