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✧♡✧ Highlights of 2021 ✧♡✧

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posted by alias Ranveig Marie Photography on Friday 31st of December 2021 09:20:21 PM

(One photo from each month, starting top left. You can read more about these photos and each month of my 2021 below.) Who would have thought that the whole of 2021 as well would be filled with constant covid news, and restrictions on and off. But luckily it has been filled with lots of nice experiences after all, lots of good weather for nice nature experiences and photography, and I’m finally back at work and have participated in more activities on my spare time than I could last year. I also got a new niece, even though I haven’t been able to see her that many times. You can read more about each month of my 2021 below if you’d like to: 1. (Top left) Winter's Gold JANUARY: January this year was filled with really nice and cold weather, and periods of a little snow here by the coast as well. Even though we had some days with rain and heavy storms in the middle of the month, it ended up being the nicest and coldest January we've had by the coast in years. I photographed a lovely young couple on the local beach in one of the first nice sunsets of the year, and some kittens for The Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals later on. The schools were closed due to covid in the start of the year, so I couldn’t visit work as much as I had planned on, and I could only meet my colleagues and my choir through video. Luckily, I had nature and the nice weather to enjoy. I was still on sick leave due to problems with my feet since last year, so I didn’t join my fiance Richard on longer trips like photographing the local lighthouse on nice cold evenings as we normally do in the start of a new year. But we had some nice road trips for both sunset- and bird photography on more easily accessible places in the Jæren district. Here we met and photographed the beautiful bluethroat, snow bunting and some pine buntings for the first time, and also got photos that I had dreamed of of bullfinches and yellowhammers (Norway's Bird of the year 2021). I also spent some of the first nice and cold January mornings outside in the neighborhood- sitting down to watch and photograph the lovely little birds in the frosty surroundings. Due to the frost, we had more birds on our feeders than normal- which was nice to watch when I was home all day. One day the rare water rail also came running by! Sadly lots of rails and woodcocks died due to lack of food in this cold period. It was also sad to see our old nice bird feeding are right outside our door and largest windows being dug away, due to a new road in the end of the month. We had to move it all to a side of the house with less view, and no easy access for getting photos without disturbing the birds.. In this same period, I joined the national Big Garden Birdwatch to count and report the birds by our feeders. They also held a photo competition, where I won the 3rd prize (a nice bird book) with a cool photo of a blue tit meeting the ornament bird on the bird bath, right before we had to move it. From my birthday on the 11th it started snowing, which always is nice if the weather is cold for a while. And later the kids could skate on the fields and some lakes in the cold. That doesn’t happen every winter here by the coast. When we had even more snow in the end of the month, I went on some winter photography road trips both with Richard and with his mother (who also loves landscape photography). 2. ❄️☀ Cold Mornings ☀❄️ FEBRUARY: The first day brought the largest amount of snow I’ve ever seen here by the coast since moving here. The weather stayed beautiful and really cold for a long time, so the snow didn’t disappear right away like it normally does here by the coast. Actually, we had the longest period of cold weather in our county in 12 years, and there were lots of rare nice patterned sea ice below our house to photograph. Even though we couldn’t stay out too long both due to the cold weather and my health, we continued going on several little road trips to photograph nice winter landscapes and birds, and to escape the heavy construction work right outside our house. On one trip, we suddenly met our first beautiful kingfisher up close. I also found a way to get some really nice photos of birds in the snow during the construction breaks, both in our own garden and by a neighboring cabin. I finally got a diagnose at this time, after nearly 8 months of aching feet, hips and lower back. I started physiotherapy again, in hope of getting better and being able to work again. In the middle of the month, we had a rare close encounter with the stunning eagle-owl, who’s nocturnal and rarely seen or heard. It was found crashing into a pond, weak and hungry in the cold weather. After being fed with lots of dead birds and mice in a barn on our island for two weeks, we were invited to watch it going back to the wild. We also got to touch it and take some stunning close-up photos before they let it go. A great experience! In the end of the month, spring suddenly arrived with mild weather and many flocks of migratory birds in our neighborhood, already from the 22nd (lapwings and a curlew), the 25th (oystercatchers) and the 26th (mistle thrushes and a large flock of skylarks. I also suddenly met and photographed a beautiful green woodpecker for the first time that day). My favourite days of year! 3. My Man ♥ MARCH: Continued with nice spring weather, and we finally went on the year’s first nice trip to the local lighthouse, together with Richard’s sister who is really good at posing for us in nice landscapes. But I still chose the one of Richard by “his” lighthouse for this month’s photo ツ Then I had two fun photoshoots with an adorable one year old, one outside on the local beach wearing lots of nice warm clothes, and one inside. I went on many cosy road trips both together with Richard and with his mother to enjoy spring, nice landscapes and good lunches. I also spent much time on testing lots of good and healthy soup and dinner recipes. That’s one thing I miss having the time to plan and do when I’m busier again. On the 22nd, my brother’s first child was born, and I got a new beautiful niece with the most adorable smiles. (Sadly, due to lockdown we didn’t meet her until she was four months old.) On that same day, we went on a pre-Easter vacation to one of our favourite accommodations in the southern part of Norway, called Farsund Resort. We love to go there when there are few other guests there. The weather was lovely for both little hikes in the area, and for road trips to Lista for bird watching and sunset photography. During the start of Easter my legs felt better, and we went on several nice hikes in lovely weather, along the beautiful Jæren coast and beaches. On some of them we also had some nice bird encounters, and a highlight was to photograph a beautiful shag closer than ever, while getting lots of fish and surfing the little waves. 4. (Top right) Out on a nut hunt APRIL: Easter continued and the weather was still lovely. We went on even more hikes on the coast of Jæren and at home, and continued trying out lots of good recipes. In the end of Easter, we had some unexpected snow again. On Easter Eve our new adorable neighbor was born, and I took his newborn photos just like I did with his big sister. After Easter, I started working a few hours a day for the first time in eight months. Even though some days were hard physically, it was nice to be around my colleagues and pupils again. Since the weather still was nice (but cold), I cycled to and from work every day with my bird camera on my back since there are lots of bird photography spots along the way. In the middle of the month, I replaced my Sony a9 camera with the faster and a little better a9II. I just love its focus tracking for birds! I continued enjoying spring on my spare time, going on several photography road trips and hikes together with Richard and with his mother. It was lovely getting to enjoy and photograph more and more migratory birds, spring flowers and even some beautiful little snakes posing for me in the sunshine (I’ve always dreamed of getting some cool photos of them). We ended the month by going to a place where the adorable red squirrels are fed daily and gets pretty close. We got so many adorable photos of them in the morning sun. I’ve dreamed of getting good photos of squirrels for years. I’ve grown up having them around, but haven’t met them up close again after moving and getting more interested in photography. 5. (Middle left) Tiny Tawny Owl MAY: Started with spotting the American duck called green-winged teal for the first time, and then making the dream of meeting and photographing tawny owls and owlets up close come true. We joined a hobby ornithologist – checking his owl boxes for eggs and reading the mothers' rings. On that same day we also got to see and photograph white storks for the first time, which are rare in Norway. I joined the hobby ornithologist two more times this month- ringing, holding and photographing the adorable owlets (and other bird species as well). Finally I got the photos I’ve dreamed of for a long time, of owlets sitting on branches! The nice but cold spring weather continued, and I continued spending lots of time in nature on my spare time, enjoying and photographing birds, spring flowers and landscapes. On our National Day on the 17th we stayed at home yet another year, due to the restrictions. We only drove to buy the traditional ice cream and watched the boat parade along the way. But in the evening I found it a bit sad to not wear my beloved national costume, so I got dressed and we went by boat to the local lighthouse. I love my self portrait with the national costume, flag and lighthouse in the evening light- but I still had to choose the photo of the long-awaited owlet for this month ツ I also finally sang in a wedding after lots of cancellations and postponements, and had a fun pregnancy photoshoot in beautiful surroundings in the end of the month. On the month’s last day, summer suddenly came- and on a road trip to the mountains we had as much as 30 degrees Celsius. 6. Evening Light Landing JUNE: Continued with lovely warm weather, and it was great to finally be physically able to go on longer hikes together with Richard again. After being apart for a long time due to covid restrictions, we finally spent a memorable day together with my family in a park in Sandnes- the town where my sister lives, and where I used to live for many years. I’ve especially missed my adorable niece and nephew a lot during the pandemic. In addition to spend most of my spare time enjoying and photographing birds, summer flowers and landscapes in the lovely weather, I also had some newborn- and children photography assignments. And I finally met with my dear choir in real life for the first time in a very long time, when we had a big summer party. The last week of the month, we finally went on a long-awaited road trip vacation along the western coast of Norway. In Stryn we had lots of nice weather to enjoy our favourite landscapes. Then on Sunnmøre we had to wait through some days of gray weather before we finally could go to the bird cliffs of Runde island on our very last day, to photograph the puffins in the evening sun. It was wonderful to see these charming birds once again, and now with better and faster photo equipment than before. It was also fun that a photography friend on Facebook was there at the same time, and joined us that evening. 7. 1 year olds ♡ JULY: I didn’t spend much time on nature photography this month, except for one trip to Jæren, to photograph the colourful and rare polar shorebird called red phalarope. Instead, I enjoyed myself with visits from my family and some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, who visited our island for the first time. The summer weather was great all month, and it was fun that my friends who stayed in a tent on the local beach camping really could enjoy the island at its best, and go swimming every day in the unusually calm and warm sea. But I had several portrait photography assignments this month. Some for The Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals, I visited their local center, and had assignments for newborn photography, an adorable puppy, a horse and its owner, and for an adorable one year old on the local beach on the summer’s loveliest day. I had to end the photo session with a cooling bath together with my visiting friendsツ After winning the daily weather photo competitions on national TV at least 32 times through the years (that only gives those seconds of fame on TV), I finally won the week’s big prize out of the seven daily photos for the first time- with a pond reflection of myself, the mountains and the midninght sun in Northern Norway. I won lovely clothes worth 5000 NOK from my favourite woolen clothing brand WoolLand. Finally- after seeing Richard winning that many timesツ Later I traveled to my parents, to spend a week together with them, my siblings and their families. It was my first time meeting my four months old niece- an adorable princess! We enjoyed ourselves in my parents’ big garden and by the sea in their new self-built furnished boat house, and celebrated the birthdays of my niece and nephew at five and three. Since my parents love working, they traveled home together with me to help us paint our house, and to go on several beautiful hikes together in our district. 8. Princess for a day ❀ AUGUST: I enjoyed the rest of my summer vacation at home, going on hikes in the nice weather, visiting my niece and nephew, and rehearsing for- and singing on a musical concert in town. When the schools started, I started working nearly full-time of my position for the first time in nearly one year. It felt good to get closer to the pupils and colleagues again. We also started having rehearsals with my choir again. It felt great that life went more back to normal. A hectic but fun period of lots of photography assignments started as well at this time. Luckily the weather still was good for outdoor photography. The only wedding I photographed this year (due to cancellations of the other ones), was beautiful and fun, and we found several fairytale like surroundings for their photos, as you can see in the collage. Then ¬I photographed five beautiful confirmands on very different and fun locations- in nature among autumn colours, out on the sea and by the lighthouse, on a farm, at a construction company, with tractors and heavy machinery, in a park, with dogs and in an indoor swimming pool. I also photographed one confirmand’s family, all of my colleagues for the school’s new homepage, a beautiful newborn and sibling, my neighbors’ children, a colleague’s adorable purebred kittens, and cats for the Society for Protection of Animals. 9. (Bottom left) Autumn Break ♤ SEPTEMBER: Another warm and nice month (with only a little rain in the middle of it), which is not guaranteed at all in this country- but very appreciated and good for all my outdoor photography assignments. It started with photographing yet another beautiful confirmand and his one year old little brother in a nice park, before going on a fun weekend together with my choir to the village Sauda. Then I spent every other day during two weeks on a pain management course, in hope of better managing to work full time again and to be active on my spare time as well. Since it was in a town closer to family and friends, I had great fun visiting friends, my sister-in-law, and my sister, niece and nephew, most afternoons after the course. The photo on the collage is from one of these afternoons together with my sister-in-law when we went to lots of nice spots for autumn photography. She is a good outdoor model! It was also fun when a friend’s beautiful granddaughter wanted to be our model one afternoon as well. Later I photographed four more confirmands- at the beach, by the large amounts of beautiful rowan berries this year, with a dog, horses, a motorcycle and an excavator. I also photographed one confirmands’ family. It’s fun that all the confirmands this autumn wanted to take their photos on so many different places! On the 25th Norway re-opened and cancelled most of the covid restrictions. It was great to feel everything went back to normal, but as we know it turned out to be a little early for celebrating. But I got to sing more, both on my own and a concert together with my choir. I also photographed cats again for the Society for Protection of Animals, and a show for a theatre group. 10. Tonight's Show OCTOBER: Should have started with the baptism of my youngest niece, and I really looked forward to see her for the second time, as well as my whole family being together again. But the day before we were about to go, my brother got ill which lasted for a long time, and they had to cancel. (They had to baptize her without a party in November, and we’ll celebrate together when she turns one instead.) We also cancelled our autumn vacation to our favourite cabin in beautiful Stryn, due to bad weather- just like we did the year before. So I cross my fingers that we’ll experience Stryn during autumn next year. Instead I had lots of wedding and confirmation photos from earlier to edit at home, and had a really fun family and sibling photography assignment for a former colleague on one of the two nice days of the whole autumn break week. On the same day we went to photograph migratory birds in the sunset on Jæren as well (long-awaited!), and even had some dancing northern lights to photograph by our house for the first time this autumn when we got home. We can’t see the northern lights that often as far south as we live, so my photos and a little story came in the local newspaper. Richard and I ended the autumn break by finding a nice spot for autumn leaves photography, and then brought some food outside to enjoy the ocean and sunset. At least a nice ending to a autumn break filled with bad weather and sedentary editing. The next weekend, I both had a fun concert together with a neighbor for an anniversary, and one together with my choir. The last weekend, I went on a hotel weekend in Stavanger town together with a good friend from my home island (Richard was kind to let me go on his birthday). Actually, we hadn’t spent a weekend together in 10 years- only shorter visits a couple of times a year. We had a great time together, with Christmas shopping, drinks, good food and girl talk ツI must really do that more often! 11. Little Friends NOVEMBER: I spent most of my spare time inside this month, editing all the previous portrait assignments and rehearsing for six Christmas concerts in the first days of December. We got a windy autumn weather, which sadly made lots of dead and dying seabirds, mostly guillemots, come ashore on our beaches. This use to happen every winter, also with sea ducks, but I think there were extra many this time. The guillemots are such beautiful birds and interesting to get that close to, even though the reason is sad. I’ve only seen them on a long distance on bird cliffs in their summer plumage until I moved here. I attended two nature photography presentations this month, with great photos of birds and some animals both in Norway and abroad. It made me go straight home to look at my own photos in the archive, from both Africa and other travels, and made me really want to travel again! When the pandemic is over, I must book an exciting photography travel. On one of the nice days this month, we filmed a music video for my choir’s new Christmas song- in a nice forest with lots of lights and lamps in the dark. On another nice day, I photographed an adorable one year old and the family dog on our local beach. 12. My Little Darlings ♥ DECEMBER: The five first days started with five Christmas concerts on Jæren and in Stavanger together with my choir, and another one by myself with a pianist in the Christmas town in Egersund where I live. Busy, but so much fun! We were lucky being able to arrange all these concerts as normal. The following week we got new strict covid restrictions, that led to cancellations of many concerts (including one that I should attend in Egersund right before Christmas). When the Christmas town opened, we got a week of moody snow. Since I walk by on my way to work, I brought my camera and tripod the first morning when it was snowing, and got some atmospheric photos all by myself in the dark among all the Christmas lights. I also took some sibling and Christmas photos of my neighbours’ kids and their cousins, family photos at the local beach on a nice and cold morning, some rabbit photography assignments for the Society for Protection of Animals, and took some Christmas photos of a dog and two cats who live together. I was also lucky to win the big prize of the weather photo competition on national TV for the second time this year (and ever), with a self portrait by the lighthouse with a santa hat, among snow and stars. I got another 5000 NOK worth of lovely clothes from my favourite woolen clothing brand WoolLand. Right before Christmas, our school closed again due to the covid rates, but I was at work together with one of the pupils with special needs. It will be like that in the start of the new year as well, and we’ll just have to see how everything turns out when people gather again after the holidays... I traveled home to my parents for a nine days long Christmas vacation, together with my siblings, nieces and nephew. Finally we were together again, for the first time since summer! The weather was great, and we even got a very little layer of snow for Christmas Eve. We enjoyed ourselves playing with the kids inside, enjoying good food and taking some nice walks outside like on this month's photo. (And since it all went well in the end- we try to forget the things about my sister having to go with the ambulance for a check up, and that crazy goat who really attacked and hurt my parents on a walk, when the kids and I watched and couldn’t do much). At least the rain didn’t come until my siblings and families went back home, some days before me. Richard and I celebrate New Year’s Eve by ourselves like we did last year, with our traditional pinnekjøtt dinner (lamb ribs, like we always do on Christmas Eve as well), a little good to drink and movies. --- --- --- Even though 2021 turned out the same as 2020 in many ways, I still have many experiences to be grateful for- both with my loved ones, in nature and by meeting all the nice people and cute animals that I’ve photographed through the year. I’m also glad that my feet and hips are better, even though I still have to opt out some activities like attending long concerts, hikes and shopping to relieve me of some pain. But like for 2021 - we must keep the hope that 2022 will be even better for all of us, even though I guess most people like me don’t plan anything long in advance for the new year. But make sure to fill your days with small joys, both for yourself and for the people around you! If you’d like to see more of all my portraits, nature photos, landscapes and Christmas photos from 2021, you can do so by scrolling down my page here on Flickr, or on Ranveig Marie Photography on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to all who wanted to read about my year, and to all my photography followers! I hope your 2022 will be an unexpectedly good one! ¸.•°*”˜”*°*˛ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ * ˛ ˜”*°•.¸ ╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════╗ ║*˚♥˛˚ღ •˚ ˚˚ ✰* ★ ║░ٌٌٌӇ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƳ ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌƝ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƜ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌ Ƴ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƦ░ٌٌٌ!░ ╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════╝ ¸.•°*”˜ ”*°*˛ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸.2022.¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ * ˛˜”*°•.¸ To watch and read my Highlights of 2013, take a look here. To watch and read my Highlights of 2014, take a look here. To watch and read my Highlights of 2015, take a look here. To watch and read my Highlights of 2016, take a look here. To watch and read my Highlights of 2017, take a look here. To watch and read my Highlights of 2018, take a look here. 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