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posted by DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES (Paul Williams) alias DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES on Monday 18th of July 2022 03:38:30 PM

THE MG HS STORY (PART FIVE) JANUARY 1ST 2022 ONWARDS Following on from the 'History' posts in this one I want to round things off and bring things up to date to April 2022. As always in the SAIC MG and MG HS world, there are constant changes in different territories that are worth adding to this history and timeline site. MASSIVE PRICE INCREASES IN MG HS MODELS IN PAKISTAN On January 1st 2022 SAIC MG announced modest price rises across the entire MG HS line up with a second round of increases estimated to come into force around June 2022. This was due to the global shortages of Semiconductor chips, plant fires, Magnesium delays in productions and other factors that I have written about in a previous post here. If we thought that was bad enough, then spare a thought for customers in Pakistan who have just been hit by a massive bombshell in the post. On February 21st 2022 it was reported that massive price hikes were to be immediately placed on MG HS models in India. A recent government Federal budget had imposed heavy Regulatory Duty (RD), and Federal Excise Duty (FED) on CBU units with increases of Rs 23 lacs (£9,625.84). CBU units are Completely Built Units which do not require any assembly, cars and motorcycles built in one country and imported or exported to another country. MG HS Exclusive Trophy prices are expected to rise from their existing cost of 6,599.00 Million (£27,580.13) to approximately Rs. 8.9 million (89 Lacs) (£37,254.73) excluding freight with the MG HS PHEV costing 8,499.00 Million (£35,569.58). MG HS PHEV price rises are yet to be announced. A company spokesperson said: “We are seeking your consent for procession your order at the new expected price ”. It further added that the company would confirm the delivery of the CBU unit after the submission of full payment. Letters were sent to all existing customers who had placed orders and In a nutshell then, put up with the massive price rise and carry on with your contract, change to the ZS, cancel your order or wait for the new plant to be built and get your car at the original agreed price. NEW MANUFACTURING PLANT DUE IN PAKISTAN TO EASE PROBLEMS A new plant in Pakistan has just begun development where the MG HS models will be assembled as CKD (Complete Knock Down kits) units and this will negate the dramatic import taxation hikes. CKD's are kits sent to one country from another and assembled in the secondary country just like the old MG TF's at Longbridge. (I have a detailed post on Pakistan on this site) STUFF MAGAZINE AWARDS MG HS +EV THE TOP CAR FOR COMMUTERS On January 3rd 2022 New Zealand's 'STUFF' online magazine, the leading media organization in the country, named the MG HS +EV Plug-in Hybrid as their choice of the TOP CAR FOR COMMUTERS, beating the Mercedes Benz EQA 250 into second place. The MG HS also beat contenders the Honda Jazz e:HEV, Tesla Model 3 and the website featured a one and a half minute video on the award featuring a blue MG HS with black interior, and a detailed written appraisal. MORRIS THE BEAR IS UNOFFICIALLY STOPPED! Though never officially stated on the MG UK website, it is thought that from March 1st 2022 there would be no more Morris the bears given to customers with each service by an MG main dealership. Some customers did receive a bear, but these may perhaps simply have been the residue of stock left from the last production run and once gone, were gone for indefinitely thanks to what dealers were informed was a 'technical issue'. Dealerships began to inform customers at their services. There was a possibility of them returning at a later date. THAILAND UNVEILS A NEW COLOUR In February 2022 the MG HS PHEV was offered in a beautiful new colour, a dark METAL ASH GREY which is not available in the UK, nor other territories that I have found so far. MASSIVE PRICE RISES IN TURKEY The MG EHS PHEV began presales in Turkey on 18th September 2021 with two models offered. MG HS EHS Plug-in Hybrid COMFORT had a starting price of 649,000 (£34,760) Turkish Lira and the MG HS EHS Plug-in Hybrid LUXURY cost 689,000 (£36,902), both could be ordered with a 60,000 TL deposit (£3,213). The luxury version featured a host of additional equipment including the panoramic sunroof, specially designed leather-Alcantara seats, electrically adjustable front passenger and driver seats, 64-color ambient lighting, electric tailgate, height-adjustable LED headlights, rear dynamic signal lamps and 360° camera. In Turkey in February 2022 there are still two models on sale, the MG HS EHS Plug-in Hybrid COMFORT starting at 939,000 (£48,280) and the LUXURY starting at 999,000 (£51,365). There is a 7 year 150,000 KM warranty and it is advertised as a 1.8 Litre. Colours are DOVER WHITE/PHANTOM RED/MEDAL SILVER & PEBBLE BLACK The massive price rise is down to Turkey being one of the most expensive countries in the world to buy a car thanks to import taxation, VAT and other taxes (I have a post on this site which explains it all in detail) By mid March 2022 the prices had increased yet again with the MG HS EHS Plug-in Hybrid COMFORT now starting at 949,000 (£48,794) and the LUXURY starting at 1099,000 (£56,507). PRICE HIKES IN UKRAINE DUE TO RUSSIAN ILLEGAL INVASION By late February 2022, just prior to the illegal, immoral and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the world's number one enemy of peace and harmony, madman Putin and the Russian armed forces, Ukrainian hryvnia prices increased dramatically to: MG HS STD 1.5T MT 610 867 uah (£15,163.53)/ MG HS COM 1.5T AT 670 858 uah (£16,652.68)/ MG HS LUX 2.0T AT AWD 848 702 uah (£21,055.44) From January 2022 prices of: MG HS STD 1.5T MT with 17inch alloys and priced at 578,386 uah (£14,357.25)/MG HS COM 1.5T AT priced at 635,186 uah (15,767.20) and the MG HS LUX 2.0T AT AWD priced at 803,574 uah (£19,947.09) In Mid March 2022 the prices had risen again to: MG HS STD 1.5T MT 628,680 (£16,208) the MG HS COM 1.5T AT was now 690,420 (£17,800) and the MG HS LUX 2.0T AT AWD was now 873,450 (£22,516). On the official MG Motor Ukraine website was a dedicated page explaining to owners that the company were still trying to operate a help centre, though I am sure this must have become virtually, or indeed totally impossible with the devastation and unprovoked attacks on the major cities in the country. (I have a dedicated post on Ukraine on the timeline). SAIC MG CANCELS ORDERS AND SUSPENDS NEW ORDERS FOR 12 MONTHS It was initially announced on a Motability advice group online that SAIC MG announced on 28th February 2022 that dealers are no longer able to submit orders for petrol variants of the MG HS on the SAS system. This was across retail, fleet and Motability. Confirmation came on March 1st 2022 from a customer on the MG HS and PHEV owners Face book site who had his order placed in January 2022 cancelled by his dealer who said that no orders could be taken for a period of 12 months. There were also concerns long term over staff job safety. MG UK SUSPENDS ALL NEW PETROL ORDERS MG Motor UK has contacted its franchised car retailers and told them to stop taking orders for new petrol vehicles after “unprecedented demand” saw it fill its 2022 sales quota by the end of February 2022. They have become overwhelmed by consumer demand and were still attracting in excess of three hundred new orders every day! Guy Pigounakis who is MG UK's commercial Director said: “Whilst on one hand we are all celebrating the unprecedented success we are enjoying, we cannot carry on accepting orders that in all likelihood will see delivery dates stretching out to early next year (2023). “To that end we are introducing a number of initiatives that will control order intake and maximise our joint profitability in these unusual circumstances.” '' In 2021 MG UK added a further forty new dealers with a surge in registrations by 66.2% (to 30,600) after adding the flagship MG HS SUV and MG5 SW electric estate car to its line-up ''. “The first of these will be effective from 1st March at which point we will temporarily suspend our ability to place new orders for petrol engine cars.” Pigounakis urged retailers to sell petrol cars from pipeline orders and, attempting to reassure the network’s newcomers in his statement, said: “If you are a new dealer with little or no pipeline stock please be assured that we are taking special actions to ensure that you receive supplies commensurate with your opportunity." Pipeline inventory refers to stock that is currently in transit between locations and has not yet been purchased by the consumer. Pipeline inventory, also called Pipeline Stock, is important to consider as it helps build a picture of how much of your assets are tied up in stock. Now, this was not in fact a blanket suspension of new orders for the MG HS, and was still dependent upon factors such as how large, established and accomplished at selling the variants. As an example, at the height of the global delays with people being warned that orders could be severely delayed and take up to six months to arrive, my dealer got my top spec Exclusive DCT in Dynamic Red Tri-Coat with Sardana red leather interior and every conceivable genuine SAIC MG HS accessory and accessory pack fitted, in exactly 77 days or 11 weeks. They also placed an order around March 27th 2022 for my neighbours who ordered an identical spec MG HS to mine. By May 1st 2022 dealers were told they could resume orders for petrol variants, and one dealer told a customer the wait time was now estimated at eight months from point of order. PIMLICO BLUE DISCONTINUED AND REMOVED FROM MG WEBSITE As of March 1st 2022 Pimlico blue (GCY) was withdrawn from UK MG online website and discontinued due to orders no longer being taken. The same colour is known as Clipper Blue in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and continued to be offered, now as the only free standard paint in Australia, and free as a special offer in New Zealand. MOTABILITY REMOVE THE MG HS FROM AVAILABILITY LISTINGS On Thursday 3rd March 2022 the MOTABILITY.CO.UK website removed the MG HS petrol variants completely from the availability list of marques and models. The MG HS PHEV is not listed on the site and never has been. Sales of the petrol variants resumed on May 9th 2022 with the PIP Advance payment now £399 for the Excite Manual and £699 for the Excite DCT. It was now £1199 for the Exclusive Manual and £1499 for the Exclusive DCT. MG HS LINHANG/MG PILOT TO GO ON SALE IN THAILAND News broke around March 16th 2022 that the MG HS Linghang (or MG Pilot in China), was about to be shown at the BIMS show in Bangkok with a view to both petrol and PHEV variants going on sale in Thailand immediately. It would simply be known as the All new MG HS. The 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show was held from Wednesday 23rd March to April 3rd 2022 at the Impact Muang Thong Thani Challenger 1-3 on Popular 1 Road 11120 in Bangkok and was staged and organised by Neventum trade shows. Daily opening times were from 12.00 - 22.00 HRS. The VIP day was 21st March, the press day on 22nd March and public viewing days from March 23rd. On March 25th 2022 in Thailand a brand new section featured the new model and the original MG HS and MG HS PHEV was no longer advertised for sale, consigned to the history book. Here are some of the important points on the brand new model. There were five variants offered including three trim levels for the petrol model and two trim levels for the PHEV All models feature the new DIGITAL BURNING GRILLE design, Quad LED projector headlights and new full LED tail lights. The iSmart system can be upgraded in the future via software updates and is free for the first five years. The AR intelligent navigation is now shown in the brand new full digital dash and operates in virtual reality feeding off the 360 degree all round camera in 3D. PRICES ON MARCH 25TH 2022 IN THAILAND MG HS MODEL C 939,000 baht (£21,184) MG HS MODEL D 1,089,000 baht (£24,569) MG HS MODEL X 1,159,000 baht (£26,148) MG HS PHEV MODEL D 1,299,000 baht (£29,307) MG HS PHEV MODEL X 1,379,000 baht (£31,111) The colour choices are ARCTIC WHITE/BLACK KNIGHT/METAL ASH GREY & SCARLET RED. A NEW PAINT COLOUR IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND Mid march around 20th DIAMOND RED METALLIC (RSJ), known as DYNAMIC RED TRI-COAT (RSJ) in the UK, is introduced in Australia and New Zealand in Petrol and Phev ranges as a $700 option in Australia and free in New Zealand and replaces PHANTOM RED METALLIC (RSL)) (which was basically the old original Farringdon Red Metallic paint used in the UK from September 2019 to June 2021). In New Zealand in the petrol variants it is offered alongside the existing Phantom Red Metallic (RSL), both as free options, the first time ever in the world that two same colour options are offered on the HS. HOLBORN BLUE SEEN FOR THE FIRST TIME AND THE MG HS IS LAUNCHED IN THE PHILIPPINES Although listed in June 2021 as the replacement for the very popular Brixton Blue Metallic (JSM) in the UK, due to the natural change over period for the paints which is usually around a three month cycle, it was expected that the HOLBORN BLUE (JAY) would start to be applied to the MG HS around September 2021. There were major problems with this colour and customers who ordered were told to expect long delays and to choose a second colour choice or change their orders completely. Naturally without a single production photograph available of an MG HS in Holborn Blue (JAY), customers grew anxious and rumours flew with regards problems with the colour itself and reasons for the delays. News broke from MG dealerships that Sales Executives were finally allowed to order Holborn Blue from Thursday 3rd February 2022 with deliveries expected to begin arriving from July 2022 (Perhaps earlier). Holborn Blue (JAY) made it's first official appearance in showrooms in the Philippines at the launch of the MG HS variant there. MG Philippines under the Covenant Car Company Inc (TCCCI) is launching the MG HS for the first time on Tuesday 15th March 2022. The HS will have two variants at launch, with these prices: HS Trophy – P1,308,888 HS Alpha – P1,258,888 The first 200 buyers will enjoy a P100,000 cash discount. This brings down the prices to these figures: HS Trophy – P1,208,888 HS Alpha – P1,158,888 A SECOND WAVE OF PRICE RISES ACROSS UK VARIANTS MG HS P11D PRICES APRIL 1ST 2022 Following on from the first price rises in the UK announced on January 1st 2022, on April 1st 2022 MG announced price rises across the entire MG HS range, with variant pricing now as follows: EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 6-SPEED MANUAL With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £22,095.00 now £22,625.00 (+£530) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £23,170.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £23,320 EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 7-SPEED DCT With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £23,595.00. From April 1st 2022 now £24,145 (+£550.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £24,690.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £24,840 EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 6-SPEED MANUAL With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £24,595.00. From April 1st 2022 now £25,125 (+£530.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £25,670.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £25,890 EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 7-SPEED DCT With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £26,095.00. From April 1st 2022 now £26,645.00 (+£550.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £27,190.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £27,340 (When I ordered mine on September 19th 2021 I paid £26,190) MG HS PHEV APRIL 1ST 2022 UK PRICE REDUCTIONS January 1st 2022 prices: MG HS PLUG-IN HYBRID EXCITE EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 10-SPEED AUTOMATIC With free paint in Pearl White £31,140.00 Dropped on April 1st 2022 to £31,095.00. With Black Pearl paint £31,685.00 dropped on April 1st 2022 to £31,640.00 and Dynamic red Tri-coat paint £31,835.00 dropped on April 1st 2022 to £31,790.00 MG HS PLUG-IN HYBRID EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 10-SPEED AUTOMATIC With free paint in Pearl White £33,640.00 dropped on April 1st 2022 to £33,595 and Black Pearl paint £34,185.00 dropped on April 1st 2022 to £34,140.00 and Dynamic red Tri-coat paint £34,335.00 dropped on April 1st 2022 to £34,290.00 GUY PIGOUNAKIS AWARD AND AMAZING SALES FOR FIRST QUARTER OF 2022 On May 16th 2022 it was reported that Guy Pigounakis, commercial director at MG Motor UK had been named one of the outstanding automotive leaders in the UK. He was honoured by Autocar journalists for exceptional skills in helping to sustain and build the MG brand, officially the UK's fastest growing mainstream Automobile manufacturer, and received his trophy from Steve Cropley, and Mark Tissaw, editor in chief and editor of Autocar. To put that in perspective, in January and February 2022 MG registrations reached 4,471 which was more than the entire number made in 2017 as a year. There were 9,367 registrations in the UK in March 20222, more than the entire 2018 year, and the total of 13,838 registrations for the first quarter in 2022 was a 124.6% leap year on year. Mg now has a 3.31% market share, up year on year from 1.45% in 2021. The 2022 MG sales plan was exceeded within the first six weeks of the year, with 200 to 300 new orders every day. MG MOTOR INDIA AND EARTH DAY 2022 As reported on Central Asia News. Net , BusinessWire India in New Delhi [India], announced on April 26th 2022 in line with one of its brand philosophies, MG Motor India launched its first line of sustainable merchandise on Earth Day 2022. By partnering with Code Effort and Attaware, MG Motor India aims to move a step further towards the goal of carbon neutrality and increase sustainability by recycling and producing merchandise manufactured from upcycled waste and biodegradable disposable material. The collection will feature vehicle hangers, keyrings, car cushions, and cups made up of jaggerygrains. Being at forefront of creating sustainable manufacturing in India, MG recently obtained Environmental Management System (ISO 14001 - 2015) and Occupational, HealthSafety Management System (ISO 45001 - 2018) ISO certifications. Previously, MG was the first passenger car manufacturer that collaborated with CleanMax to adopt wind-solar hybrid energy and Asian Paints to use ULTRAX Degreaser to reduce CO2 emission in the painting process. MG HS DARK MIDNIGHT (Special Edition) On April 3rd 2022 MG Indonesia announced the arrival of a very special domestic market only MG HS variant, the MG HS DARK MIDNIGHT (SPECIAL EDITION), and posted a series of professional MG press shots of the car ready to begin accepting orders for the car. Arief Syarifudin, Lead Marketing & PR of MG Motor Indonesia said on March 31st 2022: "MG HS Dark Midnight Edition comes in all black, which deepens the tough impression of the SUV. For the price, we sell this MG HS Dark Midnight Edition for IDR 25 million higher than the regular edition" On April 8th 2022 MG Motor Indonesia showed the special edition at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2022 officially claiming a limited production run of just one hundred units. The motor show was originally planned for February 17th-27th, 2022 and then changed due to Covid-19 disruption to 31st March-20th April 2022 at the Jakarta International Expo. The main Indonesian MG website only features a header page showing the variant as in June 2022, and no separate details of it are on the pages. It played to the cosmetic modifications that many owners had made around the world. The MG HS DARK MIDNIGHT (Special Edition) featured Black pearl paintwork with factory stick on accessory blacked front Stellar field grille surround. This is an official accessory in Australia FRONT GRILLE GARNISH10790126 $245.00 (£138.97).It is also sold as an official accessory in Thailand 10790126 FRONT GARNISH 2,185 THB (£50.96) The Indonesian variant also features the four piece body kit sold as a set only on the Thailand domestic market which features a front lower kit, a rear lower bumper kit and two side sections on the sills and these are all genuine SAIC MG factory accessories. In Thailand the entire kit is: 10790110 BODY KIT 13,030 THB (£304.28) There are also Black front and rear MG octagon badges, blacked front fog lamp chrome surrounds and black Hurricane 18 inch Diamond cut alloys wheels with Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres. Inside is the Sardana red Bader leather interior. At the rear the badging on the right hand side says HS i-Smart and on the left is a Brit Dynamics badge. The suggested listed price on April 1st 2022 was Rp. 514.8 million (£28,421.49), which was Rp. 25 million (£2,700) more expensive than the MG HS i-Smart Magnify which is only Rp. 489.9 million. It came with a standard full five years warranty without limitation on mileage and cost from RP485.8J this translates to 485,800,000 (£26,850) according to the online Indonesian MG website as on June 30th 2022. MG HS WINS A UK AWARD MG secures double win at Auto Trader New Car Awards 2022 As detailed in an official press report by Jack Constantine & Heather Webb (MG Press Office), the MG HS picked up yet another worldwide award having been named Best Car for City Drivers at the sixth annual Auto Trader New Car Awards. These awards are based on the opinions of 156,500 car owners who voted for 19 of this year’s 22 categories, making them true consumer champions. Despite being rather a strange choice as a City car due to it's size and weight, the HS was praised by owners for its comfort, safety, and reliability, the MG HS fought off strong competition from the Toyota Yaris and Vauxhall Corsa (surely more suited to the role of a city car), to claim the crown as the UK’s Best Car for City Drivers. Erin Baker, Auto Trader’s Editorial Director, said: “The MG HS might be a large SUV, but owners who live in the city absolutely love it. They value its comfort, safety and the reliability it brings. We received some brilliant feedback from owners who told us the MG was so easy to charge and is great for use in towns. Some commented on the exceptional interior as well as the very low running costs.” She continued: “The Auto Trader New Car Awards recognise the brands and cars that are doing it right in the eyes of those whose opinions matter most: consumers. The awards are now in their sixth year and we had input from over 156,500 consumers telling us what they thought about all aspects of owning and driving a car. They prove how manufacturers are taking consumers’ needs into consideration and innovating to bring a great and wide choice to market. MG, and all of this year’s winners, are incredibly well-deserving.” Ease of driving scored highly with owners, as did features like parking cameras to take the stress out of city parking manoeuvres. Congratulations MG! Previously in March 2020 the MG HS was named Middle East ‘Car of the Year’ for 2020 and ‘Best Sub-compact Crossover’ In 2021, the MG HS bagged the 2021 Compact SUV of the Year, awarded by OneShift by Carousell Car of the Year Awards 2021 in Singapore. In the same year, SG CarMart Car of the Year Awards, also in Singapore, awarded the MG HS the 2021 SUV of the Year accolade. Despite being new to the first-world Asian country, the MG HS left a mark to the jurors of the award by showing that “great vehicles don’t always have to come from long-established brands.” SALES SUCCESSES IN JUNE 2022 IN THE UK AND AUSTRALIA In the UK sales stats released by showed that the MG HS sold 2,738 units in June 2022 making it the ninth best selling model that month. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) exists to support and promote the interests of the UK automotive industry at home and abroad. In May 2022 in the UK, MG had a 1.86% stake in the total market sales. And also a 2.3% rise for MG Motor and 4403 sales in June 2022 in Australia, a very important market for the MG HS, taking 7th place overall. The MG HS sold 1795 units in June 2022 which was up +79% year on year and secured 10th best selling model in Australia in June 2022 UK PRICE INCREASE AND REMOVAL OF SKYROOF AS A FREE OPTION In keeping with global rising costs, in the UK on June 14th 2022 it was announced that a further price increase across all variants would be in place from July 1st 2022. It was also stated that the panoramic sky roof would no longer be a free option as part of the Exclusive DCT package Sadly confirmation of the complete deletion of the Sky roof on all MG HS models with effect from July 1st 2022 and the price increases came in a podcast hosted on the MG EV's Community You Tube channel on Monday 20th June 2022. The Sky roof was to be deleted completely due to the rising costs of components. SAIC MG's strategy moving forward would be one of less options and colours to help a smoother production and less hold ups in the production chain. UPRATED AS3 PRIVACY GLASS & TEMPORARY DAB RADIO UNITS WITHOUT CHIPS Around the May to June 2022 period MG HS variants arriving in the UK started to appear with AS3 privacy glass in place of the standard AS2 glass in either just the rear tempered glass or both the rear and side tempered glass with no extra charge, nor documentation or explanation from MG Dealerships or SAIC. By early July 2022 there was a sort of 'Sweet spot' reached where some HS Exclusive DCT models arrived with AS3 tempered side and rear privacy glass and the now deleted Sky roof. Supposedly, due to the lack of semi conductor chips and other commodities, some DAB radio units arrived in a non fully functioning state with the DAB+ unit not connected to the infotainment system (other than by a lead to the USB port) and owners were informed via a letter from Guy Pigounakis (Commercial Director) that a fix would be put in place free of charge within six months or arrival. Part of that letter was shown online courtesy of MG Sales Executive Martyn Nicholson. The DAB radio windscreen antenna 'solution' was actually put in place by MG Motor UK, because UK laws state that without the DAB working, cars could not be released in the UK. MG Motor UK could not fit the standard units due to global semi conductor shortages, and a letter to one UK customer stated that they 'Might' look at the situation again once the supply of semi conductors was back to pre-Covid levels. They gave no dates for such an action, OR if they would rectify the 'fix'. One UK dealership informed a customer that the DAB problems were actually thanks to the Chinese based head unit manufacturer going bust during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in China and that MG Motor were looking for a new supplier which could take a long time. MG HS WEBSITE PRICES JULY 2022 AND CHANGES TO SPECIFICATION ON EXCLUSIVE DCT MODELS On July 1st 2022 MG announced price rises across the entire MG HS range and the P11D value which is list price, including VAT, plus number plate and delivery charge, with standard free paint and no accessories were: It does not include the car’s first registration fee or its first year VED were: MG HS Excite 1.5T-GDI £22,355 (+£370) MG HS Excite 1.5T-GDI DCT £23,495 (+£350) MG HS Plug-in Hybrid Excite £31,040 (No change) MG HS Exclusive 1.5T-GDI £24,485 £24,855 (+£370) MG HS Exclusive 1.5T-GDI DCT $25,645 £25,995(+£350) MG HS Plug in Hybrid Exclusive 1.5T-GDI £33,540 (No change) These are the new 'On the road' price increases across the petrol variant range, along with two vital changes to the specifications on Exclusive DCT variants. The Panoramic sky roof was no more, it was not a feature nor an option, just a memory of past variants sadly. In replacement the Exclusive DCT now came with AS3 privacy glass on the tempered rear window. EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 6-SPEED MANUAL With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £22,995.00 (+£370) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £23,170.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £23,690 EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 7-SPEED DCT With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £24,495 (+£350.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £25,040.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £25,190 EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 6-SPEED MANUAL With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £25,495 (+£350.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £26,040.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £26,190 EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 7-SPEED DCT With free paint in Arctic white or Holborn Blue £26,995.00 (+£350.00) Plus £545 for White Pearl and Black Pearl paint at £27,540.00 and plus £695 for Dynamic red Tri-coat paint at £27,690 (When I ordered mine on September 19th 2021 I paid £26,190) MG HS PHEV JULY 1ST 2022 UK PRICES July 1st 2022 prices: MG HS PLUG-IN HYBRID EXCITE EXCITE 1.5T-GDI 10-SPEED AUTOMATIC With free paint in Pearl White £31,095.00 (No change). With Black Pearl paint £31,640.00 (No change) and Dynamic red Tri-coat paint £31,790.00 (No change) MG HS PLUG-IN HYBRID EXCLUSIVE 1.5T-GDI 10-SPEED AUTOMATIC With free paint in Pearl White £33,595 (No change) and Black Pearl paint £34,140.00 (No change) and Dynamic red Tri-coat paint £34,290.00 (No change). THE MOTABILITY SCHEME PAYMENTS FROM JULY 1ST 2022 As of July 1st 2022 the DLA/PIP Advance payment and DLA/PIP Weekly Rental, the WPMS Advance Payment and the WPMS Weekly Rental were as follows for the MG HS petrol variants: MG HS Excite 1.5T-GDI £399.00/Total Allowance/£0/£69.85 MG HS Excite 1.5T-GDI DCT £699.00/Total Allowance/£64.00/£71.40 MG HS Exclusive 1.5T-GDI £999.00/Total Allowance/£272.00/£72.00 MG HS Exclusive 1.5T-GDI DCT £1,449.00/Total Allowance/£259.00/Total Allowance The Motability scheme is open to anyone who receives any of the following allowances and has at least 12 months remaining on their award: Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP) War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS) Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) What else is included in the Motability scheme? Motability’s worry-free car lease package includes: Insurance Servicing and maintenance Full RAC breakdown assistance Annual car tax FREE replacement tyres FREE windscreen replacement 60,000 mileage allowance over 3-year lease PHEV'S COME UNDER NEW PER MILE TAXATION IN VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA On July 1st 2022 in Victoria, South eastern Australia, EV owners and zero or low emission cars received a letter with regards a new taxation based on miles covered by such vehicles: This was introduced by Daniel Michael Andrews (48th Premiere of Victoria). It is rumoured to be coming to NSW (New South Wales) in 2027 in NSW and could be $0.04 cents per kilometre in tax. This is directly from the Australian Government site: ZLEV ROAD-USER RATE INCREASE AS OF 1 JULY 2022 There will be an increase to the per kilometre amount you pay for the Zero and Low Emission Vehicle (ZLEV) road-user charge as of 1 July 2022. The increases are as follows: Electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen vehicles (HEVs) – from 2.5 cents per km to 2.6 cents per km Plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles – from 2.0 cents per km to 2.1 cents per km Only distances travelled after 1 July 2022 will be subject to the new rate. The increase is in line with that of other Government indexed fees and charges which come into effect on 1 July each year. VicRoads collects the ZLEV road user charge on behalf of the Victorian Government. ZLEV registered operators will still receive the $100 annual registration discount. ALL NEW FACE LIFTED MG HS GOES ON SALE IN TAIWAN The all new facelifted version of the MG HS and MG HS PHEV that had first been introduced in Thailand in May 2022, went on sale in Taiwan on July 28th 2022, just two weeks after a test vehicle was first shown there. They will be assembled at the Taoyuan plant, a special municipality in Northwestern Taiwan, under CMC (China Motor Corporation), based in Taipei, Taiwan. AUGUST 2022 SALES RECORDS By August 1st 2022 it was again reported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) that year on year MG Motors had become the 12th largest manufacturer by sales volume, seven months into the year. They were now ahead in sales terms of market leaders such as Land Rover, Skoda, Mini, Volvo, Renault, Citroën and Seat, recording a 76% jump in sales to 28,149 for a 3% market share in total. This position was up seven places from 19th position one year previously. Other winners included Hyundai (up 27%), Kia (up 21%) and Dacia (up 81%)and whilst Bestsellingcarsblog had reported sales drop of MG and Roewe models on the Chinese domestic market, the sales climb across Europe was attributed to SAIC targeting and prioritising that segment of the market, helped greatly by the top selling MG HS variants which was now MG's best selling model. PART SIX of this series can be seen on my site here: Researched and written by Paul Williams on April 12th 2022 and updated on January 25th 2023***Photograph courtesy of SAIC MG

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