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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Saturday 16th of January 2021 07:51:10 PM

_F2A8270 We need to hold today’s and yesterday’s politicians legally responsible for the global environmental catastrophe that’s coming. This may seem to be an over reaction know, but soon conditions will make it an understatement – if you live that long. * “NASA drops an unsettling new video” * “As NASA and NOAA warn of climate emergency, they weather last-minute denial by Trump appointees” * “How Oil and Gas Corporations Funded an Attempted Coup” * Ecocide: “Even while President Trump's historic second impeachment was underway, his appointees were making a last-ditch effort to undermine future climate action.” “With Only a Week Left in Trump’s Presidency, a Last-Ditch Effort to Block Climate Action and Deny the Science An EPA rule finalized Wednesday barred future regulation of greenhouse gases in “stationary sources” like oil refineries, and two administration scientists published climate science-denying papers.” * “This is happening as we speak.” “Forests may flip from CO2 'sink' to 'source' by 2050” * “Too Many Companies Are Banking on Carbon Capture to Reach Net Zero There's only so much land available to plant new trees, and most other methods are expensive and difficult.” * “Carbon capture and storage won’t work, critics say” * “A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?” * “Millions on the brink of starvation as the pandemic exacerbates world hunger” * “SAVE YOUR LOCAL POLLINATORS” * “Economists often warn against reading too much into a single month, but December's job losses capped off an already awful year for working women — particularly women of color.” * “America’s billionaires could give everybody in the country a $3,000 stimulus check and still be richer than they were before the pandemic. If that doesn’t convince you we need a wealth tax, I don’t know what will.” * Jamie Dimon (obama’s “favorite banker”) is a master of building wealth by having government socialize the cost and by allocating the rest. Think about it. Bill Gates sold something, banks provide a service that can be replicated by the post office with ease. Yet Dimon and others like him are billionaires. “Billionaire Jamie Dimon Worries Federal Spending Could Trigger High Inflation, Urges Businesses To Help Government Curb Inequality” Then cut the stimulus aimed at large corporations, financial markets, and the “global economy” (aka laundering corporate welfare through foreign goats using agreements that stipulate spending it on the 1%s corporations) BUT DO NOT CUT STIMULUS TO STARVING, DYING AMERICANS WHO ARE GETTING KICKED OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Dimon's inflation worries did NOT appear in other countries who bailed out their people in a civilized manner and are unique to a country who's politicians have enslaved themselves to the rich and their corporations. Quote: “At the same time, Dimon warned problematic inflation remains a possibility in light of the massive fiscal stimulus federal governments have authorized in addition to central banks pumping some $12 trillion into the global economy.” Quote: “…noting that of the 12 million stimulus checks JPMorgan processed last quarter, many going to people with low account balances were quickly withdrawn–a sign relief was "obviously needed," Dimon said.” Notice his observations of low account balances” being quickly withdrawn is Jamie Dimon admitting to “trickle up” economics. All this from Dimon who is plunging the planet into global ecological catastrophe by participating in the $18 billion of funding being used to decimate the Amazon! Brookings institute is talking like aggregate demand will take at least until 2025 to recover. Does dimon expect the us government to continue to use its resources to take the place of sales until then? What’s more, isn’t the likes of Elon musk rich enough already? Ya think that maybe just maybe Washington has been overdoing the aid for the rich lately? * Biden’s telling Wealthy Special Interests that nothing is going to change while at the same time promising to undo some amount of Republican Trump’s environmental damage is a logical inconsistency. In addition to poisoning America’s air, water, and land and driving us toward additional COVID like viruses by fueling the Mass Extinction (in a variety of ways including Vilsack like Corporate Agriculture and pesticides) perhaps the single largest environmental wound being inflicted by Trump and McConnell is the destruction of the Amazon. Wall St’s continued financing of the Amazon’s destruction ($18 billion and climbing) together with American Corporation’s unbridled patronage of the spoils will have global repercussions that will negate any alleged successes by his cadre of environmental identity-politics glitterati. As an aside, his environmental appointments have yet to fail in their ostensible quests and I hope they succeed but I fear for their reaction when Biden’s logical inconsistency between saving the environment and letting the rich continue in their treatment of the environment unchanged. Today’s neoliberal Democrats are fascists – period. Worse still, we have absolutely no room for error when it comes to trying to,…well, soon it will be to save our species. Let me say it again,… Don’t be fooled by reports of successes by Biden’s “environmental identity politics” appointments. By not Banning fracking and not banning involvement by American Corporations in the destruction of the Amazon, Biden’s net improvement in our environment plight will be lucky to rise to zero. But Vilsack’s damage won’t ever let it even get that high. All told, given the circumstances, Biden is looking to ensure hell on earth. And after all, it won’t initially be a problem for the rich so he doesn’t have to do anything in earnest. * Brazil's Indigenous peoples want to know: for how long the world will sit and watch Jair Bolsonaro and his axis of greed destroy our forests and the hope for a habitable climate? #AmazonOrBolsonaro #WhichSideAreYouOn * The bipartisan measure to ensure continued AIPEC campaign donations (ie speaking truth to Israel is now a crime) is a disgrace. “Democrats Join Republicans In Bill Criminalizing Speech Critical Of Israel I cannot imagine any reason for this egregious offense against the First Amendment except to please AIPAC and their AIPAC associated donors.” * “Palmolive body was contains PALM OIL” * “Great Depression scale problems require Great Depression scale solutions.” “Why Biden should launch an Ecosystem Restoration Corps in 2021 An Ecosystem Restoration Corps could provide meaningful employment during the COVID-19 downturn and help restore America’s ecosystems.” * “Universal Healthcare is his first 100 days or Biden is a murderer just like trump.” * Information on participants and financiers of the first coup attempted on Jan 6th are pouring in. Amongst other things it was intended as part of a Christian Jihad against American Government. The fact that many of these same entities benefited from bailout money and other public resources should leave you enraged: “Pastor tells his Texas congregants to keep weapons loaded for Biden’s inauguration” “Washington Post: Pence closer than initially known to the violent mob during US Capitol storming” * “After pleading not guilty to murder earlier this month, Kyle Rittenhouse showed up at a Wisconsin bar wearing a T-shirt that said “Fre as F**k.” Then the 18 year old drank beer, posed for photos with members of the Proud Boys and flashed a “white power” sign.” “And the people on the right consider this kid to be a hero?” * “The group lent its name to a rally that led to an insurrection,” said Don Wiener, a researcher with the left-leaning Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, Wis. “Donors bear some responsibility for the activity of the groups they fund.” “Chicago-Area Billionaire Gave Millions To ‘Patriots’ Group That Backed Pro-Trump Rally” * “America Has The Tinder To IGNITE Social Uprising - Chris Hedges” * “The corporate/establishment news media oft analyzed Donald Trump’s presidency in an historical vacuum, ignoring the decades-long, bipartisan embrace of neoliberalism that helped bring about his successful candidacy while focusing sensationally on his cult of reality TV personality. Such bread and circus tunnel vision misses the bigger picture. Trump, even with all his faults, is a symptom of a much larger pattern brought on by increased privatization of the public sphere, especially in the realms of education and media, which go back over half a century, particularly the past forty years.” “Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup d’Trump Autopsy of American Democracy” * “Every step of the way, Trump and the Republican Party have either ignored the threat of racism and violence from the hard right or egged it on. #MustRead from Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in The New Yorker.” “The Bitter Fruits of Trump’s White-Power Presidency” * Nothing will fundamentally change as a result of the first attempted coup. The money motivating it all will stay firmly in place and justice, as we know, is a joke in America: “The fact that he will not face justice is a failure of the Democrats Rafael Cruz. Born in Canada. Texas Senator. Insurrectionist. Ted had aspired to be president of the United States of America. He was considered a contender too. His one time rival and future party lead, Donald Trump, once called his wife ugly. Didn't bother Ted, though. The man has no loyalty to anyone other than his ambition. Ted has be fomenting Insurrection for years with his rhetoric. He routinely attacks "The left" , workers rights, poverty stricken and small business owners. Using his political power and influence to enrich himself along the way. On January 6th, 2021 in an effort to secure Trump's misinformed, propagandized base Ted Cruz objected to the legality of the electoral college results. He and other co-conspirators took advantage of the hardworking working class members of the Republican party. Turning many in that party into white supremacists and violent militant hate groups. The party of Lincoln died on January 6th, 2021. Along with 6 people. Ted will face no repercussions for his years long conspiracy to overthrow the democracy of America.” * “The obsession with “healing” in our national discourse is entirely about protecting white comfort and capitalism. It’s about maintaining some semblance of the status quo. Forget about “healing”. We need to change and grow and build something new…” * “The fact that the Capitol was overrun and sacked and there was no effort whatsoever to evacuate the president from DC to a secure, remote location tells you all you need to know about who launched and directed the attack. No way that would ever happen otherwise.” * “It's not a terribly complicated case. In fact, constitutional lawyers from across the political spectrum have echoed Prof. Michael Stokes Parkman’s view: “If Trump’s misconduct is not impeachable, nothing is.”” “The Case Against Donald Trump – Simplified” * Russia: Mikhail Khodorkovsky$$$$$ - Prison & Exiled China: Jack Ma$$$$$ - Disappeared Dec 2020 USA: Charles Koch$$$$ - Running riot with impunity * Payment of taxes commensurate with the benefits you extract (on the earnings that were made possible by the myriad of efforts, sacrifices, contributions, blood, and treasury of past and present generations of Americans) DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO PREFERENTIAL JACK S**T YOU FASCIST F**K “Charles Barkley: Athletes pay more in taxes, 'deserve some preferential treatment' for COVID-19 vaccine” * “There would be more trust in this election if Democrats hadn’t made up stories about Russian sabotage for four years after their candidate lost” “Or if they hadn’t got caught rigging their 2016 and 2020 primaries, colluding with the FBI, CIA and DOJ to do it.”

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