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World Leaders International Leaders Fang Ruida and Fang Ruida's Introduction to the Study of Neo-liberal and Rational Wealthy Society (Duke Schell, 2013, São Paulo Rome, Translated by Karen)

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World leader Fang Ruida, the mentor of mankind, the great sun always shines on the planet earth-On Fangruidaism and biographies-World leader Fangruida's classic essence of "New Free Rational Wealth Society" (Duke Scherer, Sao Paulo, 2013) Written by: Duke. Scherer 2013 São Paulo Rome Translated by Karen Synopsis The neo-liberal and rational wealthy society is a very important and very urgent proposition facing all mankind, and it is related to the peace of the world and the development and evolution of human society. Of course, discussing these issues involves many fields and categories. Fangruida's "New Free Rational Wealth Society" is the world leader, international leader, great scientist, philosopher, thinker, religious scientist, sociologist, anthropologist, lunar scientist, and cosmologist Fangruida’s most important theoretical contribution. It has a huge impact on all mankind. Profound. Therefore, studying these is very important for readers and netizens. This book is written to meet the needs of many readers and netizens around the world.Fangruidaism, Fangruida’s neo-liberal and rational wealthy society, does not simply divide private ownership and ownership, but rather rigorously builds a bridge between the two. Private ownership and ownership each occupy its place, each demonstrate its abilities and complement each other. Each country differs from place to place. Private ownership and certain commons coexist. We must not only protect and develop private space, but also appropriately expand and develop necessary common space. The two are not contradictory and mutually exclusive. This is not simply a so-called mixed economy. Private private ownership accounts for a considerable proportion. (Family businesses and other countries strongly support protection while preventing polarization between the rich and the poor. The country has formulated strict tax laws to protect and restrict, such as the inheritance tax law and the high-end consumption tax law. This is not a simple issue of tax increase or reduction. It involves many deep-level interest structure adjustments and distributions. Improper handling will also bring other harms and counter-effects, etc.), and the total share also has a certain proportion and scale. (Necessary and necessary state-owned public property, nationally owned (public), mainly used as an important supplement to personal private deficiencies, social adjustment, social welfare, etc.). This is the case in human society, private, public (shared), mixed (public and private coexist and benefit, rather than contradict each other, contradict each other and eliminate each other. To protect the development of private ownership, but also to moderate development must be necessary for certain commonality, each has its own benefits, each has its own advantages The strict legal and taxation system restricts them and treats them equally, and does not affect their free competition.)Economic and trade tariffs are very important. They directly affect the total GDP and directly relate to the rise and fall of the country. Therefore, we must not take it lightly, because small mistakes are too big. The economic system model of the future society, whether private or public, will keep pace with the development of the times and the evolution of society. In. After tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years later, personal property and common property will not disappear completely, and they will mutually regulate and supplement each other. The property system must also give consideration to both, and cannot be absolute. Human beings are living animals and highly intelligent animals, private and common (public) ownership will always exist and continue. Of course, they are all built on the basis of neo-liberal rational wealthy society. Different countries have different national conditions, different places, and different developments. Each has its own focus, and it is not necessary to impose uniformity. But the general context does not exceed these categories. Absolute, extreme, extreme, fanatical, and passionate are really undesirable. The world is so small, a few sky rules are enough to hold a few planets and a few Mars in a few months.Who can lead the 21-22 world? United States? China? Russia? Europe? India? It's hard to tell. Who can succeed? God-given wishes, who is the master, who is the winner. But no matter who reaches the top, no one can dominate alone, otherwise, new opponents and alliances will work against you and weaken you. The world cannot be calm and calm. Don't report being too optimistic and pessimistic.In the history of thousands of years of mankind with written and legendary records, Fang Ruida (Smith), as the greatest world leader, international leader, and common mentor of 8 billion human beings, is eclectic and absorbs the great wisdom and civilization creation of mankind around the world. Guide and lead all mankind throughout the world. Regardless of the East, nor the West, the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere, no matter what kind of doctrines, beliefs, religions, systems, models, systems, and camps, they are all included in its great mind and vision, and are bathed in it. Under the great golden sun. His great ideological freedom, rationality and wealthy society will always be brilliant and brilliant, and will always illuminate the vast human land and planetary world. No matter how the society develops and evolves, no matter how the world changes and changes, no matter peace or war, his great philosophical wisdom and great ideas of a liberal and rational wealthy society will always guide our 8 billion people around the world to a great goal and a great future. Ride the wind and waves and march forward bravely. .Human society is both complicated and simple. The most important and most important thing is that there are so many laws of heaven. The laws of heaven are very clear: to say that complexity will inevitably involve many minor details, which requires meticulous description. The overall context of history is roughly clear, and the small parts require specific analysis. The big ones can last for tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and millions of years. It is an overview of the general trend, rather than other minor details. The historical development stages of various countries and ethnic groups are vastly different, and cannot be generalized or absolutely unified. This is also one of the essence of Fangruidaism and Fangruida's liberal and rational wealthy society.The world is complex and subtle, and the universe is unpredictable. Human beings and all living species, including the most intelligent human beings, are both great and very small, just like a tiny dust of insignificance. The establishment of a neo-liberal and rational wealthy society is inevitable, and there is no other way to abandon it. There is no alternative to free, peaceful and rational competition and competition for freedom, peace and rationality. Can human beings use nuclear bombs to destroy all human competition? Therefore, Fangruidaism and Fangruida's neo-liberal and rational wealthy society are the foundation of all mankind, the foundation of the nation, the foundation of the cause, and will be unshakable for generations to come. Of course, wars or vile fights are sometimes unavoidable, and there is no need to worry or worry about it. After the war, it remains the same, can this be changed? Everything in the natural universe is a never-ending turbulent flow, and all the activities of the human world are constantly evolving and changing. It is whimsical to think that everything is calm unless the particles and planets stop all rotating motions. This is the iron law of the universe, and no one can shake it. Whoever wants to shake is tantamount to ruin.The future development and evolution of human society is naturally inseparable from the most basic economic system of production, public ownership of the means of production or private ownership of the means of production, or a wonderful combination of the two, or the left or the right, or the big public with small private owners, and large private owners. The co-owners, etc., will not be fixed in one, nor will they stick to one pattern. Of course, this is a very long, complicated and changeable historical process. Tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and millions of years later, the development of human society and our current earth, humanity’s thinking and consciousness, freedom of rationality, and the concept of a wealthy society have essential changes and enhancements. The literal meaning and connotation of private and public are completely Deterioration and taste, the development and evolution of human society presents a unique natural and inevitable new social ecological model, economic structure, economic system model, property model, property structure, possession of wealth, production, distribution, etc., which are the modes of a free and rational wealthy society. At that time, the human society has expanded to the planetary society, and the living space of human beings has expanded. The living resources and production resources are relatively surplus, rather than overpopulation. Billions of people are crowded in the narrow space of the earth to fight and fight. At that time, human beings themselves have undergone tremendous changes, and human reproduction will be restrained. Of course, in the most essential sense, there may be a big difference between humans on Earth and humans on Mars, but they still will not completely change the attributes of their biological animals. The living environment of animals is quite superior, and the social structure of animal populations will naturally vary. For example, modern human production mode, property mode, contention or war, etc., are difficult to adapt to the future planetary society and earth society. This is an important exposition of Fangruidaism and Fangruida's neo-liberal and rational wealthy society. (Duke Schell) ************************************************** ********************** Author: Duke. Scherer 2013 São Paulo Rome Translated by Karen ————---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- The vast world, the sun, the sky, the sky, and the vastness of the universe. The great angel, the great God, the great universe, the great sun, the great free reason, the great wisdom and the brave mankind, have deep affection, and the singing of all people. The breadth of the earth, the distance of the planet, the prosperity of all things, the world is difficult, the universe, nature, planets, particles, the world, human beings, the earth, oceans, mountains, the survival and development of human society -----. Looking up at the starry sky, overlooking five continents and four seas, particles and planets are constantly spinning. In the heaven of life, great men have appeared in large numbers, affecting and changing the entire world. There are many great figures of various nations and nations, such as scientists, explorers, philosophers, thinkers, writers, politicians, and military strategists. ,religion Leaders, international leaders, youth leaders, scientific leaders, business leaders, women leaders, thought leaders, etc., to name a few. In the development of the world, countries are competing for competition. System, capital, science and technology, talents, resources, large-scale industry and high-intensity integration, culture and education, business and trade, population resources, immigration, etc. are very important. Talent technology is the key. The leader is very important. Fangruida (Smith) is the world leader, the international leader, and the mentor of all mankind. The future development of mankind The future social composition of the world, regardless of capitalism, socialism or other doctrines, the future society is a free and rational society, free wealthy, free and intelligent society, that is, "free rational wealthy society", He includes the reasonable elements and elements of various doctrines, including democracy, freedom, equality, justice, fraternity, rationality, inclusiveness, wisdom, etc. The English is " Liberal rational affluent society ", French "Société libérale prospère rationnelle", Russian "Либеральное рациональное общество изобилия", German "Liberale rationale" مع مع مع تريا in Arabic, "Liberale rationale" مع مع مع مع ملع العلين in Arabic L RAS-Ism". The new world, new ecological civilization, new earth freedom, peace and prosperity, rational inclusive civilization, new planetary society, ecological civilization, and new wisdom civilization, are obvious. It takes tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and millions of years for mankind to realize a beautiful, prosperous and free rational society. This is the most realistic, greatest, true and most magnificent vision and splendid vision of the future society of all mankind. It is not romantic fanaticism. Castle in the sky. This is exactly the glorious path and great future guided by the mentors of the world leaders, and it is also the development model and basic structural form of human society in the future. There are many great figures in history, including all nations and nations in the West and the East. Important dynasties, important empires, and important civilizations that have appeared in the history of the world。China has a population of 1 billion more than the United States, 1.3 billion more than Russia, and 600 million more than Europe. The total population is larger than the total population of Europe, America and Russia. There are far more engineers and technicians graduated from universities in the United States, Russia and Europe. The industrial system is complete, the science and technology military industry cannot be underestimated, and the GDP growth rate is also very fast. Of course, there are many weaknesses and weaknesses, but the major challenges that his development momentum poses to Europe and the United States cannot be underestimated. Russia cannot match it.China has experienced SarS and accumulated considerable prevention and control experience and lessons, so it is better than Europe, America, Russia and other national defense epidemics. Of course, its special system is also conducive to epidemic prevention and control. 1Roman Empire 2 Mongol Empire 3Russian Empire 4Holy Roman Empire 5 British Empire 6 Great Han Empire 7Byzantine Empire 8 Persian Empire 9 Arab Empire 10 Ottoman Empire 11. German Empire The larger Asian civilizations include Chinese civilization, ancient Indian civilization, Babylonian civilization, and the later development of Arab Islamic civilization, while the smaller ones include Phoenician civilization (the ancestor of the Jews) and the Sumer civilization (the ancestor of the Gypsies). , Persian civilization, etc. Africa has ancient Egyptian civilization, ancient Nubian civilization (in present-day Sudan), ancient Ghana civilization, Great Zimbabwe civilization and so on. Europe has ancient Greek civilization (including Cretan civilization and Mycenaean civilization) and ancient Roman civilization. The Americas have the Olmec civilization in North America and Mexico, the Maya and Aztec civilizations afterwards, and the Inca civilization in South America (the only civilization where no writing has been found at present). In addition, there are the legendary civilization of Great Western Europe (Atlantis) and other continents. To Isaac Newton (UK) The founder of Islam-Muhammad The founder of Buddhism-Sakyamuni (India) To Christopher Columbus (Spain), the pioneer of the American New World The proponent of the theory of relativity--Albert Einstein (USA) Qin Shihuang The emperor of the ancient Chinese feudal society, the emperor of the Qin Dynasty, and the ancestor of the feudal centralized autocracy, had a great influence on the future generations of China. The Qin Dynasty has a history of more than 10 years, and was later overthrown by a peasant uprising. Galileo Galileo .Aristotle Confucius is a representative of ancient Chinese feudal thought and culture. Known as the master of Confucianism, the way of Confucianism and Mencius. His thinking has a certain progressive and enlightened element, and at the same time, there is also a lot of feudal dross. Great influence on China, Southeast Asia, etc. The Founder of the Theory of Biological Evolution--Charlie Darwin To Augustus Caesar To .Jesus .Euclidean .Leader of the Reformation--Martin Luther Nicolaus Copernicus Pioneer of the Industrial Revolution - James Watt (UK) . Constantine the Great The Creator of America--George Washington (USA) Michael Faraday .James Clark Maxwell Marx, Capital, etc. .King Alexander .Napoleon Bonaparte (France) The Great Dramatist--William Shakespeare . Adam Smith (UK) .Thomas Edison (United States) Plato The Great Musical Genius-Ludwig von Beethoven (Germany) Warner Heisenberg The founder of the British capitalist system-Oliver Cromwell (UK) John Lock .Michelangelo The greatest king in Indian history-Ashoka (India) .Saint Augustine Max Planck To William T.G. Morton To . Rene Descartes . Julius Caesar William the Great Voltaire Pushkin .Peter the Great Lomonov To To To .Johannes Kepler To   Niels Bohr Robert Oppenheimer, American Jewish physicist and leader of the Manhattan Project, led the creation of the world's first atomic bomb in 1945. Nobel chemist, the Nobel Prize is named after him. To On July 16, 1969, the huge "Saturn" 5 rocket carrying the "Apollo" 11 spacecraft was ignited from the Kennedy launch site in the United States, starting the space journey of mankind's first moon landing. American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins drove the "Apollo" 11 spacecraft across 380,000 kilometers, carrying the dream of all mankind on the surface of the moon. . Humans landed on the moon for the first time. Mendel published a paper entitled "Plant Hybridization Experiment" in 1866, in which he proposed that each genetic trait is determined by a specific "genetic factor". Gene. To The birthplace of the world’s first computer was named "Electronic Digital Integrating Computer" at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. It was called "Egnac" for short. It was created by electrical engineer Prespo Eckert and physicist John Moch Professor Lai. To German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild (1873-1916) obtained a vacuum solution of Einstein's gravitational field equation through calculations. This solution shows that if a large amount of matter is concentrated in one point in space, there will be strangeness around it. The phenomenon that there is an interface around the mass point-once the "horizon" enters this interface, even light cannot escape. This "incredible celestial body" was recognized by the American physicist John Archibald Wheeler (John Archibald Wheeler). Wheeler) named "Black Hole". The great figures of the world emerge in an endless stream, and they have far-reaching influence and extraordinary significance in human history. Of course, there are also some people's descendants who have different opinions on this, and there are praises and criticisms, and the difference needs to be analyzed and judged carefully. Including Nobel Prize winners and so on. Some people live in obscurity. Although there are many disciples who follow them, they are famous after death. They jumped to heaven and became gods and saints, such as Jesus. Has a great influence, the source of the world's three major religions); there are also alive, but after death, they are thrown into the cold palace or hell by future generations, and become historical visitors or jokes. There are also some people who are more complicated and controversial in later generations, with mixed merits and demerits. Therefore, history will not be partial. These characters must also be judged objectively and impartially, and they must not be exaggerated or devalued, otherwise, history will be distorted and future generations will be misled. Of course, based on their own viewpoints and positions, they will also make different judgments and each will take what they need. This also requires attention. Therefore, impartiality, publicity, and fairness are particularly important. Most people recognize that it can be established, and disputes should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, natural scientists, inventors, philosophers, thinkers, religiousists, writers, explorers, music artists, business leaders, etc. are all like this. Political figures, etc. are often prone to controversy. 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30th century, mankind has ushered in a new great revolution, a scientific revolution, a planetary revolution, a cosmic revolution, a genetic revolution, a new revolution of freedom, rationality, and peace. Innovative industrial revolution civilization, new free, intelligent and rational revolutionary civilization, new planetary revolution, cosmic revolution, higher life species civilization, new cosmic life, super-intelligence and super-intelligent planet civilization, the competition between nations is even more fierce. It's hard to predict the moment when the heroes and talents show their talents, talents and talents will compete. Comprehensive national strength, comprehensive wisdom, comprehensive talent, endurance, endurance, strength and flexibility, great wisdom and courage, and literary and military strategies are the key points. Free rationality defeats the wild, and wild victory over free rationality requires long-term considerations and large-scale observations, not just a moment, not just an indicator (GDP, nuclear bomb, aircraft carrier, industrial system, civilization index, rationality index, happiness index, technological innovation , Planetary Revolution, creativity, resources and energy, agricultural resources, education and culture, trade tariffs, population and technical immigration, etc.). There will be two great revolutions, great turbulence and great changes once in 500, 1000 or thousands of years in human history. There is no need to panic. Ape-man society, stone revolution, bronze revolution, agriculture and animal husbandry revolution, industrial revolution, steam engine revolution, atomic energy revolution, computer revolution, chip revolution, Gene revolution, Moon revolution, Mars revolution, cosmic revolution, etc. As a world leader, international leader, human mentor, philosopher, scientist, inventor, thinker, religious scientist, lunar scientist, cosmologist, medical virologist, economist, political scientist, military scientist , Writer, composer. Such a great person will hardly appear in the world for hundreds of thousands of years. Many of us will inevitably be inferior compared to him, in front of him like three and a half-year-old children, innocent, lively, and very childish and cute. No one in the world can replace his special status and influence guidance. Human competition (confrontation) includes flexible, rigid competition, and neutral competition. Decoupling includes full decoupling, semi-decoupling, and small decoupling. As for nuclear war or nuclear war, there are considerable risks, but no matter which party will destroy itself, it will blow up the earth, the moon, and the sun. It does not have that much energy and courage. Some people believe that there are many kinds of democracy in world democracy. There are Western-style democracy and Eastern-style democracy. There are all kinds of weird things. These are not worth refuting. Free, peaceful and rational competition is a century-old plan and a millennium plan. Atomic bombs and nuclear bombs mainly deal with foreigners. You cannot use it to deal with the people of your country. Do you have the guts to detonate nuclear and atomic bombs in your own urban and rural areas? If this is the case, the angry people, including the military's nuclear missile forces, will rise up to resist and can tear you to pieces. Is this kind of situation rare in history? Whether it is power or a nuclear bomb, once it loses its freedom and rationality, it will become worthless, and it will even go to the opposite side of history. To lead the world, banknotes are very important. Most people on the planet are economic animals, and banknotes are in charge. However, they must also have a soul and brain, because after all, humans are not stupid pigs and wild dogs, so free reason is needed. Otherwise, how to guide the world and how to guide Humans, isn't it a big joke? Could it be possible to use the feudal society of the slave society to guide the world and mankind? Is it possible to lead the world only by relying on pork head meat and beef head meat? The UN Charter is essential for maintaining world peace and security, developing the economy, and protecting human rights as a trinity. There are many kinds of civilizations, and they are inseparable from their ancestors. Civilization also needs to be free, rational and covered. Otherwise, civilizations will be deformed or not alike. It is impossible for any country, any nation, any system, any system, any ism, or any civilization to be perfect. It requires continuous reflection, continuous development and continuous change, otherwise, it will be ruthlessly eliminated by history. The East must learn from the West, and the West must also learn from the East. Stones from other hills, can learn. Any country, any nation, any civilization, and any doctrine have reasonable elements. They must not be biased. They need to be screened and absorbed. Otherwise, it will not be a big deal. As a world leader, an international leader, and the great mentor of all mankind, Fangruida (born in Shanghai on May 14, 1949, a great scientist, philosopher, thinker, religious scientist, sociologist, anthropologist, lunar scientist, cosmologist) has been influencing and changing The world. In his early years, he traveled around the world to study, study, study, work, lecture, and research, and learn the knowledge, wisdom, culture, thought, science and technology of all mankind, enriching his soul and brain, including European and American countries, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, South Africa, Arabia and other countries have broader vision and more mature thinking. He emphasized more than once that all its achievements are not personal efforts, but more importantly, everything comes from the great soul and wisdom of all mankind, and all the great civilizations and creations of all mankind. Leading the world and guiding the world need to gather the civilization and wisdom of all mankind, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve. If you want to become a world giant, you must continue to learn and innovate, otherwise, you will not succeed. To guide all mankind in the world, it is necessary to have comprehensive strength before software and hardware can proceed. The world’s strong players are like forests. If they want to stand out and move toward the altar and the leader, the economy, politics, military, culture, technology, population, resources, talents, etc. must all be in place, otherwise, it will be difficult to convince the crowd. Several major countries in the world, the United Nations Five Permanent Representatives, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany (EU), etc. cannot be underestimated. Now is the 21st century, after all, GDP is very important, but it cannot replace everything else. The atomic bomb is very important and cannot replace others. When you set foot on the altar, there are many admirers and many challengers at your feet. You have to pay more, more dangerous and more expensive.You have to pay more, more dangerous and more expensive. This is true regardless of whether it is a major power or an emerging power, without exception. To reach the top of the world, you need to face numerous challenges and cruel competition. As the world leader Fangruida, he has a far-reaching influence in the history of mankind. He was known as the great sun at the time. It will always illuminate the vast human land and planetary world, and influence and change the world for one million years. The world leader is the international leader. He advocates a great spirit of freedom and rationality, is good at learning all the civilizational wisdom and all outstanding achievements created by all mankind, and criticizes all kinds of biased extreme extremism, fanaticism, and ignorance. The widespread love and praise of 8 billion people. Mankind’s pursuit of happiness and wealth are not inconsistent with the pursuit of freedom and rationality. Wealth economy is crucial, but wealth cannot fully lead the world. A great and lofty spirit of freedom and rationality must be present to guide the 10 billion people of the world Only by moving forward can the fire of wisdom that ignite the human soul illuminate the world. To eat, drink, wear, be warm, prosperous and happy, everyone strives hard. At the same time, freedom, democracy, equality, fraternity and inclusiveness are also the universal pursuit and yearning of all mankind. The two cannot be separated and opposed. Human beings are not pure primitive animals, but higher life forms with a high degree of rationality and wisdom. In other words, modern humans and cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, ligers, elephants, monkeys, orangutans are very different and different. The two are not the same. Although humans also originate from the animal kingdom of life. For example, if humans land on the moon and transform the moon to emigrate to the moon and Mars, can lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, orangutans do it? Humans can build giant aircraft carriers, can Dragon King Sea Whale do it? These very simple truths are clear even to three-year-old children. Are we a bunch of idiots and stupid pigs? There is no need to answer, humans are not all idiots and stupid pigs. Human freedom and rationality are not an overnight move, but are important for thousands of years. It needs the care and love of all mankind, and it requires the perseverance and hard work of all mankind. No matter how the world develops and changes, developing the economy, safeguarding world peace, development and protecting human rights, and pursuing freedom and rationality are the common aspirations of all 8 billion people, and they are irreversible. Even if there is a large-scale confrontation or war, the great freedom and rational beliefs and pursuits of mankind after the war will not change as a result. History is not 10 years or a hundred years, but thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years and millions of years. It is not to be short-sighted. Things that are wrong, things that go against the trend of history will not survive for a long time. Free rationality requires the continuous development, improvement and optimization of human beings. Free rationality requires humans to pay a considerable price and sacrifice. The first mouse is both ends, and it is difficult to achieve a balance in the delusion that the two are all beautiful. This is the meaning of history, the meaning of mankind. It is often said that liberal reason will eventually triumph for all mankind in the world. There is no doubt about this. However, the twists and turns of history are very real challenges and dangers, not a theoretical victory. Freedom and dictatorship, democracy and dictatorship are not the same. They have fought for thousands of years since primitive humans, and now it is more fierce and fierce. The inferior nature of mankind, the primitive animal's wild nature, must not be contemptuous of this point, otherwise, the human society will pay a high price for this. Free rationality and autocracy have no common language and are incompatible with fire and water. Of course, the two are not the same and completely separate at the political, economic, cultural, social, military, and religious levels, and they need to be carefully analyzed and treated differently. Whether there are any madmen in the world who want to blow up the earth and blow up the solar system, probably only God and angels can know. It is difficult to predict the victory or defeat when the battle is open. Victory in theory and the end does not necessarily represent victory in reality. The situation and state of affairs are very complex and changeable, and the various sacrifices and costs that mankind has paid for this are difficult to estimate. Therefore, economics, science and technology, politics, military, diplomacy, culture, trade tariffs, alliances, strategies and tactics, various human resources, industrial structure, time and place, and harmony among people are very important. Will there be a big war? All this requires careful study, judgment and analysis. The victory of rationality and morality does not absolutely mean the victory of reality. Reality and substantiveness are the key, rather than rhetoric or mere rhetoric. Don't be too optimistic, and don't be too pessimistic. Didn't the First and Second World Wars happen? Are all kinds of wars in human history still rare? Are there few madmen and madmen? Of course, even if there is a major war or a nuclear war, as long as there are still human beings on the earth, the fire of freedom and reason will not be extinguished. Two fights are enemies, and two are friends. It's hard to make a conclusion. Confrontation and competition are inevitable. Structural contradictions and conflicts are sometimes difficult to resolve. Especially when the two armies are evenly matched, it will be difficult for anyone to win for a while. It requires long-term endurance and comprehensive national strength to fight and fight, and it may also be divided. Governance, decoupling or semi-decoupling, small decoupling, separate governance, multi-country standing, each has its own gains, sharing and sharing their respective spheres of influence, or interlocking each other, offensive and defensive, or fighting and killing each other, triggering a world war. Under such circumstances, the United Nations will become a mere illusion, the world will be divided, and they will go their separate ways. The United Nations was also powerless. The League of Nations was unable to prevent the outbreak of World War I and World War II. The development and change of the world can be far-sighted at the macro level, and the micro level is more complicated and random. It is difficult to decompose in detail and does not require much interpretation. In a few years, will there be a fundamental change in the world pattern and the major historical trend? Many experts, scholars, think tank theorists have come to various conclusions, such as the economic changes in the United States and China, the shift in GDP between the two sides, the South China Sea dispute, the Taiwan Strait crisis and other hot issues are very sensitive. But no matter how it changes and how it ends, the general trend and general direction of world history and human history will not change as a result, at most there will be some changes. The laws of natural history cannot be changed easily, and no one, any country, or any nation is listed. The United States, Russia, China, Europe, India, Brazil and other countries are among the world’s leading powers or superpowers. No matter whether it is rising from the east to the west or falling from the west to the east, the important historical positioning of the United States, China, Russia, India and Europe is difficult for anyone to move. Or shake, the history of the world is difficult to create by a country and a nation, and can only be carried out by joint efforts. It's nothing more than the role of the leader and the leader of the geese. If a tree cannot become a forest, no one can dominate the world. Whether the east wind is the west wind, the east wind blows to the west wind, the west wind will also blow the east wind, and the south wind and the north wind blow each other. This is the atmospheric circulation, and this is the whole picture of the earth and the world. If any country, any nation, any civilization, any doctrine, any system model wants to prosper forever and always stand at the pinnacle of the world, it must continue to reform and reform with the development of the times, society, and the world, otherwise, it will inevitably not decline. Does this truth still need a big book and special book? In the past, various traditional civilizations of various worlds also need to be gradually transformed into a new free rational civilization, new high-end intelligent civilization, new planetary society, biological civilization, new universe, natural ecological civilization, and new high-intelligence industrial revolution along with the great changes in the era of world development. Is there any doubt about civilization development and overexposure? Civilization is not eternal, new elements, new concepts and innovations will inevitably continue to emerge. Is there any doubt about this? Therefore, whoever wins and loses is difficult to make a final decision in one fell swoop. Of course, where there is comparison, there is discrimination, and where there is competition, there will be winners and losers. In the competition, there are champions, runners, and thirds. Of course, they may also be tied for first place. The ranking is not absolute and can be changed. The key is pentathlon and octathlon. The Olympic World Cup matches depend on the overall strength, the number of gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals, and the total number. Therefore, the individual index is not an absolute index, but a relative index. The first GDP does not mean that you will become the number one in the world. There are other important indicators that need to be assessed. Of course, GDP is very important and can be said to be second to none, but it cannot be absolute idealized. With the development of the times and the improvement of cultural education, freedom and rationality have become more important. The green leaves of the safflower are back, and it's only spring. This is just like in a big garden, although there are a few red roses that are dazzling, but they are not spring flowers in full bloom. It takes a hundred flowers to bloom in order to create a spring of colorful flowers and birds. Is there anything else that I don’t understand? You can't use non-free and irrational things to guide the world to guide mankind. The reason why man is human is because he is very different from primitive wild animals after all. The world is complex and multidimensional. Free, peaceful and rational competition is the eternal theme, and war and nuclear war are not the primary option. Although, war and conflict are sometimes difficult to avoid. It is also possible that war breaks out every morning and night, and that cannot be stopped. The United States, China, Russia, Europe, and India are all superpowers. No one can dominate the world alone. They can only share and share. Two big countries or two big camps are not going to stand together, or cooperation or compromise, they can only go with the flow. The earth is so big, the moon is so big, Mars is so big, the solar system is so big, the Milky Way is so big, and the universe is so vast. Which country and nation can monopolize them? Which faction can monopolize them? Do you have such great power, or do you have such great national power and banknotes? God rewards you with a solar system and a galaxy. Do you really have that power to occupy and play with him? ? The United States cannot do it, China cannot do it, Russia cannot do it, the 7 countries cannot do it, the G20 countries cannot do it, the United Nations cannot do it, nor can 1,000 people on the planet do it. The Nobel genius Gods can't do it either. Not to mention competition and contention, even if the great God and Zeus give you a few suns, galaxies, and Jupiters for free, do you dare to either? ? Is there such a physique and energy to play around the planet? Which nation can play the planet? You can answer without hesitation: the United States can’t, Russia can’t, China can’t, Europe can’t, and India can’t. Therefore, don't be arrogant or even fanciful. The universe is going wild, the planet is going wild, the celestial bodies are angry, and God is angry. How can the folks win? Whimsical and arrogant, it is very scary and dangerous. Which country and nation can control the earth and the planet alone? How can it be possible to control the universe world? Guiding and leading the world and mankind is the right way, not and needless to dominate the world. Is there anything incomprehensible about these ABCs of human perception? ? A big joke, even if the United States, China, Russia, India and Europe are united, they may not be able to occupy the universe, and may not be able to play Mars and Jupiter, let alone the galactic black hole super planet. Of course, there are indeed many madmen or lunatics in the world who are crazy, talking nonsense all day long, uttering wild words, creating the myth of heaven. Isn't it a big joke? Leading the world can't just be banknotes, but also a soul of free reason and free will. It is impossible for human society to go back to the ape-man society where hair and blood drink, nor can it go back to the feudal autocratic society of the Middle Ages or the slave society. The only direction is a new free and rational society, and there is no other way to follow. A liberal rational wealthy society is a beautiful and realistic future for all mankind, not a utopian fanaticism. Banknotes are undoubtedly the most important part, but soul consciousness and human will are also very important. There are great difficulties and it is indispensable to lead the world and all mankind. Only a strong comprehensive national strength can guide mankind and the world. Of course, many countries are clumsy and snobbish, each takes what they need, and is at a loss as to what to do. It is difficult for the super-large countries to choose sides. Of course, there are indeed a lot of lunatics and madmen like elephants on Earth, and they need to be given a lot of tranquilizers and tranquilizers, otherwise they will suffer from hysteria, brain death or brain disability syndrome. Is it still rare? Some people just don’t need money with conscience and rationality, and some people don’t need money with conscience and rationality. These people are pig brains and need to be exonerated and replaced with a human brain. Otherwise, they will become inferior to dogs. . The world is very complex and changeable. Positive and negative electricity, positive and negative electrodes eternally exist, and contradictions and struggles exist eternally. The natural universe and human society are quite complicated and long, and the development of human society requires a long and complicated historical process. The wrong things and the backward things are ultimately untenable, and the new and correct ones will eventually overcome the old and backward things. This is not a lunatic dream, or the IQ of a half-year-old child who eats shit. The world’s great development, great changes, the great development of the universe, the great planetary revolution, and the earthquake and tsunami, require the great freedom, rationality and wisdom of all mankind to face and respond, without sincere panic. Unless the earth has a big explosion tomorrow, the solar system and the Milky Way will be destroyed tomorrow, mankind still has a promising future. Free, peaceful, rational competition and contention are the mainstream of the new normal, and wars or nuclear wars, etc., retreat behind them and are spare tires. Even if there is another war or a world war or even a nuclear war, as long as there are human beings after the war, free reason will still exist, and it still needs to be faced by human beings, and it is difficult to change. Of course, the world will inevitably give birth to all kinds of freaks, the ball is so big, there are everything, and there is no need to make a fuss. Some people think that there is no room for two tigers in one mountain, and competition or war is inevitable. The rigid contradiction of the structure and the court resistance are indeed difficult to be integrated and resolved, but it is a very long and long game competition. It is not easy for either side to win a complete victory. China is large and huge, with a population of 1.4 billion. The potential for GDP growth cannot be underestimated. The United States has a population of more than 300 million. According to the analysis and prediction of many experts, China's GDP will surpass the United States in a few decades or a hundred years. The Chinese Han nationality is dominated, and the centralized authority model has been adopted for a long time, and the industrial system is complete. The United States has a multi-ethnic immigration country, a free democratic system, a free capital economy, advanced technology, and a fairly hollow industrial system. China has Buddhist culture that advocates atheism and respects the emperor’s authority. The United States is a religious country and worships God. The two countries have their own advantages and disadvantages. The two sides are both opposed and complementary. Globalization is about the deep agreement between the two parties, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between them. Russia is vast and rich in resources and cannot be underestimated. The strength of the United States, the European Union and other countries should not be underestimated. Pack of wolves. Regardless of whether the cold war or the new cold war or the new cold war or the new hot war, it is nothing more than peaceful competition, free fall, or parting ways, separate prospects or fierce wars, etc. It takes about a long historical process. Democracy and liberalism have considerable advantages, but they also have disadvantages, such as rickets, private capital and the gap between rich and poor, and partiality. Naturally, authoritarian centralization also has disadvantages. Only this way, there is no other way. Long-term competition and even confrontational wars are inevitable. One ball and many bodies, evenly matched, standing in confrontation, no one can win. Who has the last laugh? The key is whoever has the greatest strength, whose endurance, and whose overall strength is afterward. Banknotes can create a grand foundation stage, but they cannot create a great and beautiful world. Therefore, it is difficult to separate and separate politics, economy, cultural thoughts and so on. The world has entered the modern society of the 21st century. The industrial revolution, the intelligent revolution, the planetary revolution, and the gene revolution, guide the world and lead mankind. Its complexity and difficulty require large-scale and large-scale development of the era. The model and structure of traditional civilization are no longer suitable for the development and development of society. The change of the times requires drastic measures, breaking the old and creating the new, otherwise, it will be abandoned by the new, world-wide, highly developed intelligent industrial civilization, free and rational modern civilization and planetary revolutionary civilization. No country, any nation, any belief, or system is excluded. This is the sacred responsibility and obligation of great scientists, thinkers and philosophers, and it is incumbent and unshirkable. It is the current world that is changing, complex and changeable, with turbulent waves, how the world develops, how mankind continues, and how the conflicts and confrontations of the opposite evolve. Will nuclear wars destroy mankind? Will the multipolar world split? Who is the big winner? These are extremely important issues that require the guidance and guidance of world leaders, international leaders and mentors, and the guidance and guidance of great scientists, philosophers and thinkers. The United States, Russia, China, India and Europe each have considerable advantages and disadvantages in the world.Each has its own merits, and which wins and which loses is not a matter of ten years or a hundred years, but hundreds of years or even longer. It takes hundreds of years for great changes and competitions to be finalized, not a single day's work. Either co-prosperity and win-win, or the fish die and the net is broken, and both lose each other; or stand alone and lead the coquettish, you can only let the flow take its course, not force and make assumptions. The new trend and general trend of the development of all mankind in the world, multi-country striving for power, multi-country standing on top of each other, competing with each other, cannot be said that the world has fallen apart, nor can it be generalized. There is union in division, division in union, battle in division, and union in battle. Naturally, strength and overall national strength are the most important. Freedom and rationality need incomparably powerful economic strength, scientific and technological strength, cultural strength, and military strength to support and maintain, rather than talk about it. An earth can't be broken into several petals, is it possible? However, the world should not be chaotic and disorderly for a long time and become a chaotic planet, which is also very terrifying. Eventually, they will sort out their clues, peel off their cocoons, and gradually and slowly converge or generally converge. For example, free rationality, peaceful development, planetary revolution, cosmic revolution, intelligent revolution, etc., these are all natural inevitable and irreversible. In a few years, the cognition and free rationality of all human beings will be greatly improved. Mankind will expand from the earth to the moon, to Mars, to the moons of Jupiter, to the moons of Saturn, and to other planets. The vision of mankind will be broader. , Reason is more elegant, freedom is greater, and the cognitive perception and soul of all human beings will undergo major genetic mutations. As I said before, what is the meaning of fighting for the world's first and second, and for world hegemony? ? God rewards you with a planet, a sun, and a galaxy. Can you accept it? ? Do you dare to possess? ? Fangruida, the world leader, the international leader and the mentor of mankind, guides all mankind to lead the world, guides the confusion, fairies guide the way, winding paths, and magnificent views. This is the great charm of world leaders and human mentors. His theory comes from the 8 billion people of all mankind. The neo-liberal, rational and wealthy socialism he founded has been warmly welcomed and believed by more than 200 countries and many nations, including developed countries, underdeveloped countries, poor and backward countries, including various Religious beliefs and atheism, including the eastern and western southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere, including countries and regions with various institutional models, have a population of 8 billion people. Therefore, all things are complex and changeable, and there are so many beings, and the world is so diverse that it is difficult to generalize or substituting the whole. Nun Nuo big end, the finishing touch, is the essence. Fangruida, the leader and mentor of all mankind in the world, will always guide the 8 billion people of all mankind. Neo-liberal rational wealthy society. The brilliant thought of Fangruidaism and his great university said that it is like a great glorious sun, golden light shining, ten thousand rays of light, day and night, every minute and every second, shining on the whole planet, shining on the human earth, shining on the entire world, it will shine forever 80 The minds and bodies of hundreds of millions of people will always shine a bright and magnificent future. He advocates freedom and rationality, and always regards himself as an ordinary farmer and craftsman, a half-particle dust in the universe, everything comes from the great free rationality, great wisdom and creation of the great souls of all mankind. He is loved and admired by the 8 billion people of all mankind, regardless of the east or west, this is where he is particularly great. No matter how the world develops, no matter how the situation changes, no matter what the outcome, no matter how the situation is broken, no matter who wins and who loses, no matter peaceful competition or confrontation war, no matter whether it is a new cold war or a new hot war, no one can reverse the final general trend and general direction. immutable. The whole mankind is slowly and very difficultly moving towards a new free and rational world, towards a new free, rational and affluent new society (neo-liberal rational affluentism, new society, new world, so-called capitalism and socialism or other doctrines are ultimately inseparable from these. Fundamental principles) Towards a new planet society is unstoppable. Even if the earth, the solar system, and the galaxy are destroyed, this general trend of development and evolution will not change. Even if there are no human beings and life species, the universe has the same functioning, evolution and evolution as natural matter, the natural universe will also survive and evolve new special or mutated other life species, of course, not necessarily apes, animals and humans. In the natural universe, the destruction of a planet and a black hole in the solar system, galaxy, black holes, super-large planets, and super-large galaxies are commonplace. There is no fuss. At the same time, new planets and galaxies are born and evolved. The neo-liberal rational wealthy society is the future of mankind, the future of the world, no matter how the world changes or how human beings change, this big goal and will are unshakable. This is the general trend of history, which is never defeatable, irreversible, and unstoppable. It is obviously very important for us to study and study the doctrine of Fang Ruida, the tutor of the world leader for all mankind. As long as mankind exists, the pursuit of wealth and inclusiveness will never end, and the pursuit of equality, democracy, freedom and rationality will never end. Regression and stagnation is tantamount to suicide and self-destruction. The only choice for mankind is that there is no alternative or replacement. Regardless of the east or the west, the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, there is no other choice for any doctrine. The new society of neo-liberal rational wealthyism is the visible future and the only correct choice for all mankind. The illusion of finding a new path or holding on to the incompleteness can only be crushed by the wheels of history. Xiongshi's history is not a decade or a hundred years, but a thousand years or even a hundred thousand years. This kind of vision and courage can only be seen by great world leaders, and ordinary people and stupid people do not have such a mind and insight. They are often frogs at the bottom of the well, like a mouse with short-sightedness, never seeing the future and the true world. God gave them a pig head, but did not add some hyperopic irises to their eyes. It was really helpless and sad.The world will change in the future, and various situations may arise. The United States, China, Russia, Europe, India, Brazil and other countries will undergo changes and transformations, including domestic and foreign countries. People need to calmly observe and make rational judgments, and not make rash judgments.. The rise of China is the most important event in the 21st century and has a huge impact. Of course, countries such as the United States, Europe, Russia, India and Brazil should not be underestimated. As for how the overall situation of the world evolves, whether China, the United States, Russia, Europe, India and Pakistan can take the lead, there are still many uncertain factors and various changes. The global territory is re-division of spheres of influence, the interests are shared, and each has its own gains, which is a new world order. The new liberal rational wealthy society has naturally become the cornerstone of the new world building, and it is difficult for anyone to shake this Optimus Prime. This is the future, this is the world.Neo-liberal rationalism, neo-liberal rational wealthy society, is an open society, a free and rational society, human social management, social operation, production development, capital operation and management, human ecological civilization, spiritual civilization, traditional civilization, political civilization, economic civilization, wealth and civilization Naturally, cultural civilization will inevitably move to a new height. They will not be tightening, banning, solidifying and closing, and they can only develop toward openness, freedom and liberation rather than the opposite. Therefore, the neoliberal rationalist society is bound to win a great victory for the whole world. The development of science and technology, the high intelligence of the human brain, the rapid development of social productivity, and the popularization of human knowledge, culture and education have not only changed the entire society, but also constantly changed and transformed all the natural attributes of the human body itself. Therefore, the neo-liberal rational wealthy society is unstoppable, and neo-liberal rationalism is like a huge wave rolling in, surging and surging, and a thousand miles away, any delusion to resist the trend of history can only be swallowed and submerged by the huge wave. . There is no alternative to the development and evolution of human society. Only by this can it be possible to survive with the development of the times. Restriction, bans, solidity, and closure can only bring about retrogression, decline and extinction. The great changes in social productivity will break through all traps. Only openness, freedom and liberation can gain everything.The United States, China, Russia, Europe, India, and Pakistan are all big countries, and big countries are competing, and everyone wants to get ahead. The military and economic strength of the United States, Europe, Japan, India and other countries are far greater than that of China. Russia is the main country of the former superpower Soviet Union, with a population of more than 100 million people and a strong military, but its economic strength is insufficient. The GDP is too far apart from the United States and China, and it is difficult to maintain the world system. Huge expenses. Maintaining the world system requires huge investment and expenditure. It needs an average of 350-760(Trillion dollars )million U.S. dollars per year, accounting for about 7.8%-18.56% of the gross national product. It is also difficult for ordinary big countries to continue this kind of big money. Russia's vast territory needs to be explored vigorously. Compared with China, it is not enough to pose a serious threat and challenge to the United States, but it has great pressure and threat to Europe. However, China has a strong tendency to catch up with the United States and overtake the United States, and its strength should not be underestimated. Regardless of the United States or China, the key lies in the profound reforms and reforms of their own cuts, which are equally matched, that is, who has the comprehensive strength, who has the strong rear force, and whose profound reforms and changes, including the economy, trade, the degree of completeness of the industrial system, and industry. The degree of socialization of capital business capital, science and technology, talents, population composition, land resources, ethnic integration, skilled immigration, politics, military, culture, education, finance, allies, international influence, freedom and happiness, rich and poor Gap coefficient, historical tradition, etc. In terms of the comprehensive strength of the United States, China, Russia, India and Pakistan, it is mainly the competition and confrontation between the United States and China, including the institutional model, as well as economic, trade, and technology. If the United States intensifies reforms and changes, eliminates its own shortcomings, and maintains various leading advantages, it can still be the world's leader; if it stagnates, does nothing, and loses opportunities, it will inevitably be surpassed and replaced by China. Russia, India, Europe, etc. are currently not enough to enter a super-powerful matchup with all-round force and need to be further developed. If the United States loses, other countries may take advantage of the situation and step on the bench. This kind of big change, big competition, big fight is not a one-time event, it may last for decades or even hundreds of years. The world's great turmoil and turmoil cannot show success or failure in the short term. Especially evenly matched, but evenly matched, this kind of battle is not a day's work. China is a big country and is ready to go, but it also has relative weaknesses and shortcomings. It still needs considerable difficulty and a long time to catch up with the United States, which needs to be observed and studied. China has a large population, a large total GDP, and a lower degree of wealth than other countries such as the United States and Europe. If the investment expenditures to support the huge world system are still stretched, it is not realistic for a considerable period of time. Of course, the United States is also short of financial resources. High domestic and foreign debts. It can be seen that the difficulty of being the world's leader is not to be overjoyed, not to write a bad check, but to throw out a lot of real money, otherwise, you won't even have to do it. This is the most real and realistic world.The 21-22 century is the most important development period in human history. The technological revolution, the new intelligent industrial revolution, the planetary revolution, the cosmic revolution, and the gene revolution are surging. Natural and human competition and competition will become more fierce and cruel. Free, peaceful and rational competition is happy to see results, but it is inevitable that there will be overtones, such as conflicts, local wars, and even world wars or nuclear wars. Frictions and conflicts may also occur between nuclear powers. The development and evolution of world history is sometimes weird and not hindered by human will. Of course, the great fission of the natural universe, the big bang of the planet, the changes in the solar system, and other natural and man-made disasters that completely destroy mankind are not just chasing after the wind, but coming from nowhere. Human beings are powerless in the face of the natural universe, and no one will be the overlord of the strong.Fangruidaism advocates the great free rationality of mankind, criticizes all kinds of arrogant myths, always regards oneself as a small and half insignificant dust in front of the natural universe, and always keeps learning the great wisdom and greatness of the predecessors and others of all nations, nations and countries. This is where his great influence lies.The development and evolution of human society is intricate, and the world is changeable and complex. For a while, it will be calm, then overwhelmed, and then the West will prosper, and the East will decline; the West will decline, the East will rise again, the Southern Hemisphere will be turbulent, and the Northern Hemisphere will be swaying for a while. Things change and the stars shift, spring, summer, autumn and winter, everything is impressive. This is also like the natural universe, where the planet is destroyed, the planet is born again, the particles are annihilated, and the particles flash again, repeatedly and over and over again, constantly repeating the whole world. What is very sad is that these evolutions will not affect the movement of the universe and particles. At best, human beings are just playing a few bright or dim childlike innocent and lively natural games and social animal games under the feet of God. No matter what, although human beings are doing their best, they can't jump out of the traditional shell of natural history. It is difficult to truly understand the cosmic particles and self. They may even be completely abandoned by the natural universe and inevitably lead to destruction and extinction. This is also an important point of Fangruidaism, which is a warning to all mankind. Main references --------------------------------------- World leader Philosopher Thinker Scientist Fangruida, Ayre... › Fangruida on world peace and free and rational peace competition.-World peace-War is not the choice of human wisdom and rationality. Peace and free and rational competition are the eternally bright themes and options for all Fangruida, world leader, mentor of all mankind, a great man who has influenced and change

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