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1 million years after the "super-human", "super-species", "super-spin", "super universe" ------- natural material will eventually extinction end it?(Fangruida)

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1 million years after the "super-human", "super-species", "super-spin", "super universe" ------- natural material will eventually extinction end it?(Fangruida) The vast universe provides astronomers with endless possibilities for observation and research. Who can imagine, bright stars are constantly away from us, one day will always disappear? However, Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt pointed out that this is what is happening - the universe will eventually dissipate. "100 billion years later, in addition to our Milky Way, all the galaxies will be dissipated, people see the universe will be empty. The basis of this deduction is to make Schmidt won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, a major discovery - the universe is accelerating expansion. 100 million years, 500 million years, 100 million years, or astronomical, 20 billion light-years, 500 billion light-years, the solar year and so on, in fact to 100 million years for the sector, basically can detect the future nature The world and the human world. 100 million years, 100 million years, two hundred million years later, the world will become like? Many theories believe that 500 million years later, the Earth re-enter the ice age, the drift of the African continent and Europe integration, the Strait of Gibraltar this closed, and the Mediterranean due to lack of rainfall in the ice age has become dry, North America became a drought Deserted desert. Most of the Nordic region has become a vast ice sheet, in groups of cotton wool mice and snowmilk secret mammal 5000000 years later, the tropical rain forest has become a arid savanna. One hundred million years later, the Antarctic continent drifted northward to the warm waters, forming a dense tropical rain forest in the northern region. One hundred million years later, the sea level rose nearly 100 meters, and the shallow sea covered most of the land. Sunlight direct river bed, creating a rich and active ecosystem. Two hundred million years later, there is only one continent on earth, which means only one ocean --- global ocean. Central China is the long desert, the temperature difference between day and night up to 50 degrees. In the northwest corner of the supercontinent, there is a vast stretch of tropical rain forest thousands of kilometers, For the evolution of human scientists are now divided into two kinds of views. According to evolution, we rarely use the organ will slowly degenerate, as we are now the small toes, appendix. So our head will be great after the body is very small. More developed brain, increased cerebellar cerebellar cells. Human evolutionary variation. 1 million years after the "superhuman", "super-species", "super-spin", "ultra-universe" ------- natural material will eventually extinction? Since the birth of mankind, science, philosophy and religion, mythology, social sciences and other theoretical doctrine after another, abound. The most aroused widespread concern is: (1) the evolution of mankind, where humans come from, and where to go? (2) - the material nature of the universe, species? (3) the basic structure of the material - the basic particles, particles of God and so on. (4) the structure of the universe, evolution and the whole story. These studies, many academic books, found a lot of major, not listed here one by one. In particular, this paper emphasizes "super", clearly different from the general scientific terms and keywords extended value. Modern science and technology and the rapid development of human society, to bring great surprises and worries. Mankind enters the moon, enters Mars, enters more distant planets and celestial bodies, infinite universe unfolds in front of us. The existing human vision, however, 20 billion light years - the total galaxy. In fact, the total galaxy in addition to how, is still unknown. Mankind is confined to the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc., to reach the solar system, to reach the Galaxy is probably very far away. Science is to explore, is to study, and empirical experiments in the verification. Especially on the universe, life, human, particle, gravitational field, and so on to explore more profound and complex, and thus inevitably a variety of flaws and errors are inevitable. Mathematical theorem and scientific theorem, etc., in the real world, the solar system is widely used, but outside the solar system, in the Milky Way, outside the galaxy is still accurate, people can not be absolutely sure or negative. From Newton's classical mechanics, to Einstein's, Schrödinger's quantum mechanics, relativity, and so on, it is clear to show and prove that the development and change of physics. Human beings understand the deepening of the natural world. From geology, astronomy, biology, is also true. Human awareness and exploration is endless. For example, dark matter, antimatter, black holes, gravitational fields, particle and particle populations of God, star explosions and phagocytosis, and so on, some research is progress, some are still very difficult and confusing the stage of ignorance. Even if humans landed on Mars, not all of a sudden it will be very complicated and profound esoteric natural science code decipher. Natural science research is not absolute denial, scientific hypothesis, scientific conjecture and the like, but also need a large number of scientific research evidence and empirical support, otherwise, in the beautiful doctrine theory will become a soap bubble. # 1110000 years after the human: a variety of evolution and genetic variation, human gradually evolved into "super-human" #2. As long as the natural universe exists, species or "super-species" will exist or appear. #. 3. The basic structure of the natural universe, the basic structure of the system -: super-spin, super spin, super-spin, super-spin is the natural universe to maintain the foundation and basic structure. The presence or absence of matter. The permanence of matter or the interstice of matter? # 4. The most concern and study of human is: the end of the universe and the universe through. Indeed, the universe is destined to destroy the human, even if the immigration to the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and even the Milky Way Galaxy can not escape biological extinction. Everything is destroyed, everything will be gone. Of course, this is a human - the universe must destroy extinction theory, worthy of study. #. 5. The extinction of life is not absolutely equal to the extinction of species, but not absolutely equivalent to extinction. The connection and separation between them is quite complex. #. 6. Human life is but one of the surviving species in the natural universe and does not absolutely exclude the presence of similar or other special species in the universe. This is the natural philosophy and natural science exploration of the key. In other words, even if there is no human and biological world, the natural universe still exists. This is the two most critical basic proposition. Of course, the antithesis is self-evident: if there is no high-wisdom human existence, all the arguments will become meaningless. # 7. The homogeneity of the universe, heterogeneity. #8.. Universe and matter, matter and universe. The universe without matter and the material without the universe are not there. The Whole Process of Material and Unification of Universe. # 9. Human Existence and Species Survival. # 10. The universe is not eternal, the planet is not eternal, but the material after the destruction does not mean that the material completely extinct. Substance conversion. On the immortality of matter? After the silence of the universe, forever silence; material extinction, the material from the origin began to produce movement. . . . . . . The new universe? ?? # 11. Nature - the universe is always present in change. All life activities have nothing to do with this, nor any decisive influence. On the contrary, the natural universe determines the existence of human beings and all life. # 12. Humanity in Time, Occasion and Necessity. The existence of material contingency and necessity, the existence of species contingency and inevitability. # 12. Cosmic model, particle structure, matter. . . . . . The benchmark for natural science. Research on this issue to explore a lot of practice, perfect theory is not absolute. In fact, the human exploration and research has not reached an absolute height, in urgent need of further deepening and exploration. - In summary, nature, material, universe, species, life, human, time, space, destruction or survival. . . . . . Natural scientists in the exploration, anthropologists, sociologists are also exploring, religious philosophers are also exploring. The answer is definitely negative: what is necessary and possible, if all is to be destroyed, for all the efforts and struggles of mankind's present and future? ?? So, the human landing on the moon Mars what is necessary and hope? . . . . . . . Is not mankind self-reassuring self-consolation? So, scientists can not help but question the cosmology, physics, biology, astronomy and so on the basic theory and research, whether there is some kind of missing or flawed? Such problems, specious, inconceivable. This requires scientists and sociologists to interpret. ------------------------------------ Fang Ruida's Classic Philosophy - On the New Natural Rational Structuralism and the New Social Rational Structuralism (Global Multilingual Online Edition) the New Natural Rationalism and the New Social Rationalism ---- The New Compound Agglomeration and Purification of the New Natural Structuralism Fang Ruida's Classic Philosophy - On the New Natural Rational Structuralism and the New Social Rational Structuralism (Global Multilingual Online Edition) "The essence of the classic theory of Fang Ruida doctrine and the new natural compound poly-purification structuralism classical doctrine outline" Fang Ruida's Classic Philosophy - On the New Natural Rational Structuralism and the New Social Rational Structuralism (Global Multilingual Online Edition) A. All natural history of the universe must be the history of nature. The history of nature, the history of the universe, never ends. The universe, nature, itself means that it is not only real, but must be past, and in particular means a future historical process. The cosmos is destroyed, and even if it is made empty, the universe and nature will still exist, not the reality of human consciousness, but the inevitable natural existence, the permanence of nature and the existence of stars, celestial bodies, dust and so on. Destruction is not contradictory, can only be interpreted as material existence or transformation, even if the universe collapsed, the natural "- material" will not be absolutely dead or extinct. This is the natural science, physics, chemistry, one of the most important research topics. Everything is empty, always empty, or something else, which inevitably bring some theoretical flaws. It is impossible to grasp and understand the mysteries and essence of the universe and the nature-matter by means of finite research or experimentation, which is only a few hundred years and a few thousand years. Still need to continue research and exploration. The theory that the study of mankind today has been perfect, too optimistic or limited. The history, processes, and processes of nature, universe, matter, and many of the tens of thousands of billions of light years are unknown and complex functions. Human society and intellectual consciousness is only a whole series of complex changes in the universe of infinite series of particles or special species one of the two. B. And the natural universe is different from human society, high-level wisdom of the survival of life society, no matter how the evolution of the evolution of home, still submits to the great nature. Nature does not die, and human society, the wisdom of animals is just one of the important species and not all, his time and the natural universe of the universe is completely different. Of course, if human society dies, everything is going to become meaningless. Today, any controversy and doctrine theory will be meaningless. Gt; C. New natural rationalism: everything is natural and inevitable, the universe is always the natural history of all the inevitable process. It is not associated with the human consciousness of human society. All history, including all history of the universe, should be reasonably and accurately understood as a natural, material historical process and a long natural process, not the other way around. D. New social rationalism: the history of all human beings, although the history of society and the natural history of the universe closely linked to the process, but in a certain extent, he is very independent and exist. Above the cornerstone of the natural universe, it is energetic and exhibits a considerable amount of biological energy and intellectual energy. For example, a nuclear explosion is one example. The wisdom of mankind energizes matter energy. Human landing on the moon, landing Mars, etc., far beyond the general biological species of wisdom and strength. But these do not absolutely mean that human power and wisdom is invincible unlimited. E. New natural rationalism The natural structure of the cornerstone lies in the natural material existence. Science, philosophy, natural philosophy, and others all need its natural reason, rational nature, not simply return, but the nature of the natural universe and inevitability infinite continuation. Naturally, the universe is the concept of eternal existence, not the imagination of nature and the universe as there are life and death. Planets perish, the universe is empty, everything goes to zero. . . . . . . . After tens of billions of trillion years, the destruction of the Earth, the destruction of the moon, the destruction of the solar system, the destruction of the Milky Way, the destruction of the total star cluster, the universe Wanlai silence, empty. For thousands of years, man has tried various threats and destruction of the prophecy is not without reason. However, the universe, behind the natural destruction of what is hidden, humans are not known. Not ignorance and dull, but limited vision of cognition. You do not know what the Moon naturally on the moon, you do not on Mars, naturally there is no way to understand and confirm the Martian material. Twenty billion light - years beyond the universe, black holes, dark matter, gravitational fields. . . . . . . How to look like, is still unknown. After all, only the naked eye and the detector is limited, besides flying out of the total galaxy is quite difficult, only simulation or detection analysis. Natural rationalism lies in his nature, materiality and reality, and his paradox is anti-natural rationalism. Without nature, there is no universe, everything is zero, everything to zero. In fact, this kind of paradox that the elaboration of zero, not absolutely equal to nature, the universe's total demise, on the contrary, after zero is bound to produce and appear new natural, new universe, new material. Is not a simple universe double cycle or single cycle, single level or double level. This is not absolutely associated with human society, the natural material always exists, its generation, transformation, polarization and demise, change is a very delicate and very complex and unbelievable nature of the inevitable process. Sometimes, the physical hypothesis of purely physical experiments and physical theorems is difficult to completely and completely explain all the profound points of natural law. F. New Social Rationalism The process of human society and of human history as a whole is long and complex. Social rationalism, including natural philosophy, philosophy, philosophy of religion, social and human doctrine, etc., a variety of theoretical doctrine, a variety of schools of various schools of controversy. In fact, it includes all the history of human society, economic, political, religious, cultural, military, ideological thinking, ideas, science and technology, language, logic, and so on. Social rationalism and natural rationalism are interrelated, but there are very different. Social rationalism inheritance, blend, compatibility, hybridization, and its critical omnipresent. Criticism is based, first of all, on its naturalness, and accordingly, rationally criticizes all kinds of anti-natural ideas and fallacies. Any radicalism, extremism, radicalism and absurdism, ignorance and fanaticism, feralism and so on are within its criticism. Human rationalism and social rationalism is the soul of the survival and development of human society. Is not simply confined to the past, people talked about the trend of rational or rationalism, it actually covers the entire history of human history and social development and changes in all historical processes and natural historical process and all the necessary procedures. The greatness and wisdom of mankind lies in its social rationalism, otherwise, human society will degenerate or return to the pure animal age. Extreme, extreme, absurd, fanatic, ignorant and wild are within the criticism. Social rationalism, covering many areas, based on human society and the whole history of the world's fundamentals, now, past and future, regardless of geographical, regardless of civilization, regardless of country, regardless of race, regardless of national, language, not Divide the skin color, has the extremely widespread extremely extremely universal extremely permanent theoretical significance and the practical significance. This is the essence of social rationalism. Universal, permanent, changeable, comprehensive, integrated, and critical. G. anti-rational, anti-natural bound to extreme or extreme, to fanaticism or ignorance. Throughout the history of mankind and the world as a whole, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of strange, paranoid, biased or extreme, radical. This is the enemy of human reason and natural enemies. H. World history is complex and varied, and human history is very long and difficult. From the point of view, natural rationalism first regards the whole human history and human society as a material higher intelligent species of nature, and secondly, from this point on, deeply dissect and study its entire core and heart. Social rationalism is only on the basis of the former to further face all the historical reality of human society and the future existence of research, analysis and criticism. Without rational criticism, society will not move forward. I. For the study of various doctrines, whether economists, sociologists, politicians, military strategists, thinkers, religious, philosophers, anthropologists, etc. are full of passion and even excitement. Such a complex dispute of the real world, it is inevitable that all kinds of noise and noise, people have become accustomed to, and not surprising. For example, for the capitalism, socialism, research and doctrinal controversy is quite eye-catching, full of newspapers and magazines in a variety of network media and various forum lectures. Another example, the concept of the West, the East, and so is also very active debate. We need to seriously study, think again, choose the good from. J. New social rationalism, in fact, its compatibility, integration, inclusiveness, blend, as well as the composite of purification is self-evident. And not limited to one of the words, therefore, world and permanent no doubt. This is the essence of the new social rationalism. Chaotic world, rational world, are in this. Human society is not a new social rationalism, will chaos, disputes or war-prone, and ultimately to human society to collapse or perish. Human society, various structures, including rigid structure, flexible structure, open structure, semi-open structure, closed structure will exist for a long time, and gradually develop to change the variation. Natural revolution, genetic revolution, social change, cosmic revolution, and gradual change. Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter is still in operation, human society is bound to a new leap forward. After a few years or hundreds of thousands of years later, as long as the earth is not destroyed, the universe still exists, the solar system does not collapse. Planetary social model will become a new basic mode of human society, the basic mode. It is entirely possible to determine the basic structure of the planetary society, including the forms of political democracy, economic model, social management mode, cultural form, ideology, religion, language, technology, national form, ethnic mode, life model, military model, Education mode, property mode, production mode, marriage and family patterns and patterns, and so have great changes and changes. If we are now in accordance with the thinking and management of mankind, it is simply unbelievable Arabian Nights. Of course, the future development and changes in the world there are quite such into, we are optimistic about their points. K. New natural rationalism and new social rationalism, constitute the world and the future of the theory and reality of the most important peak of wisdom. Before and after is the same strain of things, both inseparable, and can not be confused. The major theoretical achievements and innovations of human society require many people to complete and practice. Since the birth of human society, a variety of ideas and schools, each has its advantages. In today's world, various political systems, economic systems, economic models, property models, political models, cultures, religions, political parties, social trends, philosophical ideas, consciousness, spirit, abound. They can only change and change in the development. Mutual comparison, intertwined, integration, requires a long historical development stage. Even to the planet social model, race, ethnic groups will still have a variety of similarities and differences, gene fusion requires a long historical process and natural process. Such as democracy, freedom, equality, equality of political rights, equality of economic rights, equality of culture and education, and others. However, the human world is not an absolute abstraction, human nature and social attributes are bound to be filled in the social life. There are monkeys in the monkey king, there must be sheep in the sheep, all absolute, is very naive ridiculous, even very absurd. Only a very long into the evolution and variation, including the natural social consciousness and so on. Many natural philosophers, philosophers, and thinkers, scientists, theorists have made great achievements, which is extremely valuable wealth of all mankind. Aristotle, Bacon, Plato, Kant, Hegel and so on, Plato "Utopia" Aristotle "Politics", Moore "Wu Tawbon, Hayek "The Principle of Free Order" Huntington's "Political Order in a Changing Society." These need to be repeated research, analysis, choice. In fact, the practice of human society is very complicated and complex, any social structure model can not be perfect, need to be based on actual development to innovation, innovation and change, transformation. From the development of human society practice analysis, need to constantly appropriate analysis, development, innovation or change. All kinds of social models and theories require such research and analysis, that their social model has been perfect, it is a naive or reckless. How the development pattern of human society, how the world order and the rules of the game, how the world's future development trend, need to study and explore. Social rationalism is the only choice, the human will inevitably fall into disorder chaos, battles or war. Fundamentally, the human society and the world of mankind to the decline or destruction. In fact, it is absolutely impossible for mankind to return to primitive animal sexual competition and fighting, otherwise, to extinction. L. East and West thinkers have a lot of theorists. Various theoretical achievements have their characteristics, need to constantly research, continuous analysis, can not be neglected, there must be compatibility, complementarity, in order to benefit mankind. The essence of natural rationalism and social rationalism lies in its wide-area, universality, permanence and practicality, because its focus is first on the natural universe history of several trillions of years, the natural universe of several trillion light-years Human society, human nature, there is no doubt, but also inevitably involves the forefront of human society and the follow-up development of human society, human beings, human society, human society, human society, human history, The survival mode of the world, the future survival, development, evolution and evolution of mankind. So, this is the theory of its theory and the most powerful charm lies. M. New social rationalism is in fact new human rationalism, far different from the general rational and rationalist concepts and categories. Social rationalism, broad and profound, refers to many, must not be narrowly understood and explained. The so-called new natural rationalism and new social rationalism, and the traditional theory of the past is completely different from the rational has a new connotation, rationalism has a very profound ideological context and a vast space, Wangshengyi is very shallow, need to think again, understanding. It is not a fashionable past academic label, but a profound theoretical soul. N. new natural rationalism, precision lies in the field of natural science, including natural philosophy, natural philosophy, the key lies in physics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, cosmic physics, and biology, zoology, chemistry, geography , Mathematics, mathematical logic, engineering, anthropology, gene cytology and so on. Nor is the narrow purely natural philosophy or philosophy, need to enlarge the field of vision, deep understanding and interpretation. O. The history of human society is very long, social structure, political structure, economic structure, cultural structure, religion, education, legal system, science and technology will continue to change with the development of social change. Therefore, the remodeling and construction of social structure is very important. Social rationalism has always been throughout the entire history of human history and the history of all social development. Human evolution from the original animal to the modern, realistic, cosmopolitan, diversified, competitive, integration, and so on. International politics, world economy, world science and technology, world religion, world culture, world civilization. . . . . Are in this reason, self-evident. P. New natural rationalism and new social rationalism, research objects and topics: thousands of trillion years of natural universe history, thousands of light-years of the natural world, tens of thousands of years for thousands of years of human society and the human world (If it involves life, species, ape-man society that is millions of years of history, where the main study of human society in real terms, only about 10,000 years, only limited to the Earth ---- the history of human development of the Earth). (This is Fang Ruida doctrine classic theory of classical theory outline, the literature listed are Fang Ruida manuscript translation. Title is edited by the translator. The manuscript content is Professor Fang Ruida manuscript, the original. Hereby description. Jelne Berlin)

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