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It is my father’s notebook that was confiscated by the Gang of Four for ten years during the Cultural Revolution and then returned to my father’s hands after tossing and turning.

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posted by Lin ~ alias Feathers in the Wind on Friday 9th of July 2021 09:54:10 PM

In the years I was growing up, The words "Cultural Revolution" have been something my mother would often discuss with me late at night since a topic of reminiscing about bitterness …. My mother used to be a math teacher in elementary school after liberation. Since I remembered, my mother always warned me not to talk about politics with outsiders, to guard against eaves dropping on the wall, and not to worry about other people's affairs. . . My father used to be a volunteer soldier in the early days of China's liberation. He served in the state secret archives department of the Guangdong Sub Military Police Branch. During the Cultural Revolution, he was unwilling to cooperate with the Gang of Four to report innocent colleagues betraying state secrets, so he horribly recruited the Gang of Four for politics. persecution, During the land reform movement, the sad fate of my family began . many large-scale real estates built by my grandfather of his hometown for many years in business have been confiscated by the government. . My family is often bullied and criticized because of its wealth. . The mother’s second sister was also subjected to extreme torture by the Red Guards. . My second aunt even hanged herself because she couldn’t bear the torture…. During the Cultural Revolution. Even though my family can live through those cruel years, but those ten years have already caused my family to suffer mental damage. Those mental devastation can't be compensated by anything, and It will never be forgotten… From the birth of the Red Guards in 1966 to their disappearance in 1976, the span was ten years. The Red Guards massacred more than 100,000 to 20 million compatriots. There were many people who could not bear the torture and chose to commit suicide. Among them and many people were brutally beaten to death by the Red Guards.. the red guards who were the servants of the year (their birth years vary from 1946 to 1963, they come from high-grade elementary school students to college students, from ordinary people and workers to certain red descendants) after the Cultural Revolution, they have not received any legal sanctions, but disappeared in the crowd, so far they have still shaken off the law, An Ran's decent life and her/their offspring live all over the world… Most of the murdered peoples remains were immediately cremated into dust and discarded in the rivers, Or they were abandoned in the river by the mound, because of the crowd of evildoers. . And Although many people have the blood of innocents smeared on their hands, after the Cultural Revolution, they were either high in the power class or silent in the mainstream of the general public. And for many years, the domestic situation in China is still grim.. and the Chinese Communist Party has forbidden people to talk about the Cultural Revolution,this is the main reason why recent scholars of the Cultural Revolution have not been able to accurately compile a list of the dead for many years.Basically, for those who were convicted and exiled to the local people and disappeared during that time, their family members probably already knew that their relatives must have left this world.In fact, from the statistics shown by private researchers, there is no doubt that 20 million people were forced to die during that period, and if we can study deeper there will probably be more victims to surface.And The chain of evidence has been severely damaged over the years due to numerous large-scale official destruction of evidence in China, which is why researchers have had a difficult job.Since the CCP has been falsifying history, it is difficult to know the exact names of the victims and to restore that history, except after the fall of the CCP and the sudden awakening of the conscience of the general public in China. These are very real movies of the Cultural Revolution, the reality is even more scary . The Blue Kite has always been a banned film in mainland China, and Hibiscus Town is about 3 hours long, but only 129 minutes were broadcast in mainland China, of which nearly an hour of many important episodes were cut by the official censorship department . It was originally a movie of historical tragedy, but was cut and pieced together by the authorities into a romance movie of a peaceful worl… 藍風箏 The Blue Kite 1992. And Hibiscus Town 芙蓉镇 (1986) : My impression At that time my father was classified as a rightist. It is one of the ordinary notebooks of my father that the Gang of Four confiscated and returned. An ordinary notebook written by my father casually in his early life in the barracks ,It mainly records famous quotes from songtext and his favorite writers. The sentences on the left in the photo were written by him when he took back his notebook later. It mainly describes life during the Cultural Revolution. During that time methods used to eliminate right-wing intellectuals were mainly to criticize, beat, torture, and expel villages. At that time, the Red Guards ransacked their homes and confiscated their property ,in fact, our family was confiscated twice by the government. The first was during the land reform in China in the 1949/1950s. Many of my grandfather’s private properties and property were confiscated. It was confiscated , because my grandfather has always been kind and charitable, our family didn't suffer too much physical tortures in the local area to survive. The second time (1966)was during the Cultural Revolution, when my parents and young eldest brother and eldest sister were forcibly deported to the county .……. In my memory, every time my mother and I recounted the ten years of hardship when the family was deported to the countryside, my family could not hold back the tears of sorrow, Because my elder brother and elder sister grew up hungry and beaten and scolded during the Cultural Revolution.. Faced with the injustice inflicted on his family's Young children, my father spent the rest of his life suffering from an endless sense of guilt, but at the time, with his character, for a man who grew up with Confucianism, the spirit of the scholar was deeply rooted in him, and he was asked to commit perjury to frame innocent people, for him, it was better to kill him. Before the Anti-Rightist Movement, my father was a soldier who was very loyal to the country and believed in Marx. He was also a man who would rather die than surrender in the face of big righteousness. When his father's property was confiscated by the government during the land reform, he did not despair because he believed that sacrificing his personal interests to achieve the ideal of common prosperity for the country was something that a soldier who believed in Marx's philosophy should support However, The experience of the Cultural Revolution wore down his courage to survive, The grievances suffered in those ten years have also ruthlessly destroyed his belief in fighting for justice… My mother often told me that my father was born with a hard bone, He has never given in to the forces of evil.. In the life-threatening environment at the time, in those days when he was starving in the countryside, he would rather starve himself to death than ask others for some food on credit. When my 5/6-year-old elder brother was too hungry, he ran to the peasant’s land to steal sweet potatoes to eat. My father, who had always been gentle and elegant, actually beat the eldest brother. For this reason, my mother complained about my father for many days till he died of illness in 1991……. I was fortunate to be born in the year Mao passed away, so my mother often told me that I was the luckiest and I didn't have to suffer with them. During those years in the country, fortunately, one of my cousins ​​who admired and respected my father often helped us secretly, so that my family could live through the first days. For many years afterwards, my mother would often tell us that she regretted that at the beginning of the liberation, she did not value money too much and She kept blaming herself for not hiding a set or two of jewelry privately when my grandfather was in the jewelry business, she would have been able to exchange them for food and at least our family would have been less hungry during those years. We all said that my mother was naive and that it was a good thing she hadn't hidden such things, otherwise she would have been killed if someone had found them… Both my father and mother were very Optimistic Utopian people, decent and helpful, but after the Cultural Revolution, they could not escape the fears they had back then and could not voice a word of complaint about all the hardships they had experienced… It is very sad that even when my father died, he did not know that what he and his comrades in the Volunteer Army called "Resist America and aid Korea, protect the family and defend the country" was actually a lie of the CCP to deceive its own soldiers. . If he knew what the war was really like, the Chinese Volunteer Army was actually an accomplice sent by the CCP for North Korea to invade South Korea, how painful and ashamed he should feel for his ideal! In those days, Red Guards used the cruel means of "killing people without paying for their lives" to threaten and force "repatriated subjects" to leave the city obediently and go to the countryside to accept "dictatorship". Many people actually quickly died in the "repatriation places". Some were starved to death, others were beaten to death, At that time, the most miserable were the children of the Five Black Categories family who were sent to Guangxi. Many of them were brutally tortured and killed there. Historical background supplement There are a bit of information I compiled from Wikipedia: “The term "rightists" in 20th century China generally refers to the intellectuals and patriotic democrats (including a very small number of Party members and cadres) who were wrongly classified during the 1957 "Anti-Rightist Movement". In September 1979, the CPC Central Committee decided to conduct a comprehensive review of those who had been classified as rightists and to correct the erroneous conclusions of those who had been wrongly classified as rightists. The Anti-Rightist Movement was a turning point in the history of the People's Republic of China. It dealt a great blow to the democratic parties, academics and intellectuals in mainland China and led to many wrongful cases, and since then mainland China has entered an era of substantial one-party dictatorship by the Chinese Communist Party, and the democratic system has been seriously undermined. In fact, the real main objective of the leaders who launched the Cultural Revolution at that time was to purge the country of Rightist . In total, some 1.4 million people were criticised and persecuted, and some intellectuals classified as rightists were persecuted to death.” The period of deepest reflection on the Cultural Revolution in China was during the short period of the 1980s after the return of Deng Xiaoping, but after the June 4 pro-democracy movement in 1989, the Chinese government changed its previous more lenient attitude and tightened its control over mass events, and until today, all reflections on the Cultural Revolution are regarded as anti-Party and anti-socialist… Professor Wang Youqin said in Victims of the Cultural Revolution: A People’s History: “For those who have been killed, there has been a need for a social justice system since it was recorded. Such records are not only for the sake of the dead, but also for the sake of the living. If the murder of a human being became a trivial matter of no consequence, if the sins of the murderer were not recorded, such killings would not be restrained from repeating itself without hindrance. For the safety and security of the living, the death of the murdered and the harm to The Murderer punishment of the human being must be documented. This has been the only motivation for recording this type of death for thousands of years. However, the deaths of the victims of the Cultural Revolution are rarely documented. And the deep sense of fear caused by the death of the Cultural Revolution, the sense of inferiority, and the shame and self-blame brought by Anxiety and tension haunted the survivors of the Cultural Revolution for a long time. Although the psychological trauma was not like the physical The disease has obvious pain and symptoms like that, but it also needs to be treated. Erasure and suppression of the sufferers of memory will not heal this hidden trauma. The documentation, narrative, and thinking, is not only for the memorial of the survivors; to a considerable extent, It is a kind of therapy for the trauma of the person.” However ,back then, Deng Xiaoping's treatment of the Cultural Revolution of "should be rough rather than fine" was tantamount to providing all the Red Guards who committed serious crimes with an amnesty to escape legal responsibility.To this day, many of the Red Guards who committed heinous crimes back then use vague statements to try to absolve themselves and shirk responsibility for the evil they committed back then. For the descendants of the victims and survivors this only adds insult to injury 。。。。。。 For the families of the victims and survivors, restoring the historical truth and promoting accountability for the historical crimes of Mao Zedong and the Red Guards is the only historical justice that can be done to the people of China and the families of the victims. From the seizure of power during the anti-Japanese period while in turmoil, to the massacres of landlords and rich peasants before and after liberation, to the massacres of the Cultural Revolution, the suppression of the June 4 Movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989, the genocide in Xinjiang, and the persecution of religious figures and the live harvesting of human organs in the past 20 years, each of these are the most genocidal crimes. For 70 years, This God-like party ,the education policy of distorting history and fooling the people has torched the most precious traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. This is really sad! How kind and hard-working the Chinese were , why do they have to suffer such unwarranted hardship? “The German Chancellor's kneeling in Warsaw won global respect because the German government has moved away from the extreme ideology of the Nazis, reflected on its historical crimes, vindicated those who were persecuted back then politically and compensated the victims financially. In this case, the Chancellor took a knee and the world hailed it. Mandela's national reconciliation was built on getting to the truth and granting amnesty to the perpetrators. The Taiwanese government has publicly established the February 28 Memorial Hall as well as the Peace Park, and former Presidents Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou both paid their annual silent apologies to the victims during their terms as Taiwan's President.”—— 东方 I am very grateful to everyone, brave people who have persisted for many years to restore the historical truth of the Cultural Revolution. What a difficult and dangerous job this is! They face many evidences that have been deliberately destroyed all the year round. They have faced numerous resistances, threats and pressures, And personal attacks ,but they persisted. Perhaps many people gave up hope. But because of you, such an important and heavy page will not be missing from the modern history books of China. I hope that every kind person can pay more attention to human rights in China, and I hope God will bless you…. Thank you very much for interest and have a lovely day 人生最痛的莫过于子欲养而亲不在,每每想起往事,总是会禁不住的潸然泪下。。你原想一生戎马为国尽忠,却错信了那个“党”受尽冤屈至死而不能言。。。你用余生保我15年免受风霜远离尘埃,却让自己冻毙于风雪之中。。在我这虚度的光阴里,在我强迫自己把往事忘却的岁月间,不觉我和你一别竟已经30个春秋。。。时光如白驹过隙,当初,我用了许多年才终于面对你真的已经离我远去的事实。。父亲,你在天堂是否一切都安好?你走之后,我过得很好,也长成了妈妈想要的样子,尽管过程磕磕碰碰的。。。 记得12岁那年夏天的那个徬晚,不晓世事的我和几个小朋友开心的厮混在一起的时候,你开心欣慰的看着我的样子。中学我在上课时你在雷雨中为我送来雨衣的样子。。还有你经常给我做的那些葱油花卷和你在黄昏时和同事打篮球时的身影。。那是多么令我怀念的日子呀。。记得,从我懂事起,你总喜欢带着我看你工作过的许多大山和秀美的湖泊,看着我像野孩子一样满山遍野的跟着当地农民的孩子一起放飞自我,却豪不在意,而每当妈妈要给我套上“枷锁”守淑女女德的时候,你总是站出来为我解围的样子。。。 所有的点点滴滴,曾经的我是那麽的后知后觉, 对比别家的孩子,我才知道你给我的自由和溺爱是那麽的珍贵。。j

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