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posted by alias The Stars In The Sky1 on Tuesday 19th of November 2013 04:41:24 AM

I tagged myself (because I'm hardcore like that) so here's my big awesome list of some of the best musicians to walk the earth. (in my opinion of course) But in no particular order because I was too lazy to rank them properly. x__x 1. The Carpenters- This one was my dad's fault. I saw one of their cds on my dad's desk and asked if I could listen to it. I was instantly drawn to their smiling faces I guess. Now I'm completely hooked and sing their songs loud and proud whenever I'm alone. I love doing Karen's deep notes. :) 2. Jonny Lang- Randomly discovered him at my library when I was looking through CDs, and saw his hot face on an album cover. :P I LOVE his jazz like style and soulful voice. I had to watch a live performance to be convinced it wasn't a black singer coming out of my radio. x__x 3. Sarah Brightman- Another artist my dad introduced to me. I stole her Diva and Christmas albums from my dad and haven't given them back to this day, but he's perfectly fine with that. :) I could sing along to her heavenly voice all day, or at least until my own voice cracks. 4. Ali- An EXTREMELY underrated Korean soul artist. Her voice is insanely powerful, emotional and real. I plan to one day sing my favorite song of hers in front of a massive audience, but I need to learn a little Korean first. :D 5. Bjork- Oh yes, the one and only Bjork. I can't remember how I exactly discovered her, but I've listened to nearly all of her songs. Her extremely creative songs, music videos and overall image constantly gives me incentive to push my limits. She's also inspired me to work on my growl. ;) 6. Eiffel 65- Oldschool! If you can get past their one hit wonder "Blue" they're true artists by singing what they truly feel. These guys and Daft Punk were the ones who helped me through my "finding my true self" phase in 6th and 7th grade. I went through that phase a lot earlier than most people apparently. Plus their songs are the only techno/repetitive ones I can sit through for long periods. 7. Daft Punk- I almost considered not putting them on here because I'm not into them anymore, but I actually owe a lot to these guys. Their movies Interstella 5555 and Electroma made me realize for the first time that the world NEEDS artists and people who are a little different or strange to make a better change in the world. Their songs are pretty awesome and unique too, or at least their earlier ones. I can't stand "Get Lucky" the only part of that song that was really their style was the robotic voice near the end. 8. Shania Twain- A artist my mom introduced my to me and my little brother at a young age. I still have fond memories of me and him jumping all over the couch dancing to her song "Gonna Getcha Good." Recently I found a forgotten album of hers in the basement and have fallen in love with her voice and song messages all over again. 9. Gackt- Oh god, where do I begin on this perfect man? well he looks like he just jumped out of an anime, and has one of the most beautiful voices you ever EVER hear. My heart skips a little whenever I think of this guy. x] 10. Enya- I remember listening to "Only Time" when I was very small and feeling so at peace. I recently discovered one of her albums in my basement and all of the love has come flowing back. I've fallen asleep to her smooth voice multiple times on restless nights. 11. TOP- A member of the group BigBang, but an extremely gifted artist in his own right, and probably one of the best rappers you will ever hear. Plus he's one of the few ultra popular k-pop artists who hasn't let the fame go to his head and keeps it real most of the time. Truly a famous person I look up to. :) 12. Yonderboi- A Hungarian artist I randomly discovered coming out my phase I mentioned earlier. This guy pretty much sealed whatever doubts I had with his simple lyrics and melodies. I played a line of his constantly in my head while facing my fears, "Day to day, I won't get younger, I'm afraid I'm getting older" sort of an alternative Yolo now that I think about it. =____= 13. B.A.P.- And here we have the best for last. Despite their debuting just last year, these rookies are insanely talented and incredible in every sense of the word. Their songs range from a badass tone to a warning to kids to not waste their lives and make something out of it. Their hard dances and song messages make me want to try my hardest to push myself and become the best person I can be. Sometimes I find myself crying just from thinking how amazingly beautiful they all are on the inside and outside. I have a dream to create a TV show one day that's action packed yet teaches lifelong lessons, and they're the ONLY people in the world who will ever be able to sing the theme song. Get ready B.A.P, I'm definitely coming for you one day. >:) Congrats for reading all of that, it must've been as tiresome to read as it was to type it. x__x If you haven't been tagged, tag yourself, it's fun! You don't have to post super long descriptions though. :P

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