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posted by alias Cadence and Craig Abbot Creative Photography on Tuesday 12th of March 2019 06:48:32 PM

This story is based from a rather intense experience I had had while staying at my uncles Cottage last year. The photo of the cover is one of the gown and jewellery I wore. It was taken at a wedding I was in last summer at the same cottage… The gown and jewellery are the same I again wore out that autumn evening of my long weekend staying there alone… So with that said, here is my Narrative: A Night Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage A narrative ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Midnight Occurrence at the Lakefront Cottage A narrative ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 1 Like in a Dream… With nightfall, the mid-summer time moon rose over the lake, bathing the woods in a rather surreal, sombre ghostly pale light. From a small valley located just over a hill, the backside of which led down to a lake where a number of summer cottages had been built, a park was located. The small community park was usually dark and forbidden at this time of year, this time of night. But on this day, it was lit up with strings of lanterns lined up on the perimeter, and candles flickering from tables set up in the parks centre. At one end, next to a made-up dance floor on the lawn, a band playing romantic music was set up on the platform of a wooden Japanese style pagoda… A design a little out of place among the misty welsh moors of the area. From the hill above, one’s eyes could see that a party was indeed taking place below. The guests elegantly dressed up as if for a wedding, which it was, a wedding reception to be exact. And on this evening, from that hill, eyes, multiple sets of them, had indeed for some time been curiously watching.! Eyes that belonged to all manner and types of creatures… Some were the round eyes of small nervous creatures, furry and feathered, that were too timid to come out of the safety of the shadows. While others were the rather slanted, pointed eyes of predators, not all of them the furry and feathered kind, that lurked and watched with drooling interest, this uncanny commotion taking place below… Now, from that party below, amongst the many colourful and shimmering guests, there was one figure swishing about that had soon caught the attention of the eyes watching from the hill. It was that of a young girl of around 16 that was being watched, as she scurried about in and out of the shadows of hedges that lined the little park… The hedges separating the party area from the darkened woods that began at the bottom of the hill and reached its’ top… From this young female figure’s body language one could tell that she was a bit bored. And in actuality was, for she was used to being the centre of attention, and at this party, the wedding of her older sister, made her quite a bit moody, that she was anything but… So, she was now daydreaming that she was a princess and was seeking an escape back to her castle, pretending the other guests wished to hold her captive. Along with her ‘evil’ parents and bride sister who kept telling her to behave herself! This meant that she had to be careful not to be seen, and so was playing a game of hiding and seek by herself! Now, this particular young faux princess almost looked like the real thing! With long silky curls of red hair that flowed down as she moved about, held by a thin band of rhinestones that could be seen as a crown! Also, adding to the overall effect, the sulky girl was royally, quite fetchingly clad, in a shiny green taffeta gown, pouring down along her figure! She was, unhappily, wearing it for a second time, the gown originally was worn for a dance she had attended that spring. She also was strikingly for the first time, wearing some of her Mother’s sets of expensively set Emeralds! A demanded to pay off for not having a new dress bought for the occasion! Her mother had made the mistake of showing her father, first her emeralds, then her diamonds to decide which she should wear with the mother of the bride ‘s gown she had bought for her eldest daughter's upcoming wedding at their lake cottage. They had decided on the diamonds presenting a better look with her gown. The younger 16-year-old red-headed daughter, already steaming over the fact she was not allowed a new dress for the wedding, raised a minor tantrum to wear the emeralds when her mother had given them to her father to place back in the banks’ vault! They had finally, unhappily, relented! So, feeling like a princess would in her jewels and fancy dress, she meandered daringly out of the safety of the park, and made her way around the outside of the hedge, skirting the darkly sinister woods! Then looking up at the moon rising over the hill, she saw a flicker of light, like a candle, up at the hilltop! And curious, she looked around to make sure no one was watching, she slipped on the winding path that led up to the top of the hill... She then carefully walked up that hill, higher and higher into the depths of the shadows on either side of that moonlighted path. She was aware of where she was, the other side of the hill led back to her family cottage. Thus, she felt safe to be there alone. Plus, in her daydream, she was a princess escaping to her castle for safety, wasn’t she now! A Princess that sparkled green flickers of flashing light from her headband, earrings necklace, finger rings and bracelets snugly held around her wrists! The watchers in the woods drew back into the shadows as the young faux princess approached. Those creatures with round eyes slipped down and squinted, whilst those of the slanted eyed type, crouched, and their eyes merely grew larger! None of the rounded eyed creatures understood what that sparkling meant… The slant-eyed creatures had a better understanding that it singled some type of prey… And so, though it was like being in a dream for the imaginative girl who played at being a princess… She was, in fact, playing alone in a nightmare! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 2 Autumn weekend at the cottage Our aunt and uncle own a summer cottage located at the point of land that extends onto a small natural lake. Compared to some of the other houses built by some quite wealthy families, theirs is one of the smallest. It has 6 full bedrooms on the top floor and a small 7th in the basement with its’ own loo and shower. The middle section holding the kitchen, small study and a rather large living room with floor to ceiling windows that look over the lake. It was at this same cottage where we held my Cousin's wedding earlier that summer, with the reception in a small community park a short distance through the woods behind the cottage. It was at that park where, as children, my Cousin, my twin brother, and I had snuck off to play our games. One role play game, in particular, was one having us two girls playing dressed up damsels to my brother’s highwayman! This role game of his does deserve mentioning since it will play a part with what happens later in my story. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ As it so happened, I was required to attend a formal dinner/dance/ fundraiser held in the Autumn of that same year as my Cousin’s Wedding. Since the function was about a 40-minute drive(by my standard of fast driving) from the location of the lake and its cottages. So, to save on having to rent a room during my extended visit to the area, I coaxed my uncle into letting me stay alone at the cottage over my 4-day weekend. I was attending the function with a friend, who had declined my offer of staying at the cottage, to stay in town. She was planning to have her fiancé down the night after the event, and wanted the privacy staying with me would not have given her! My friend, with whom I had roomed at university, had dared us each other to wear the glittery sequined bridesmaids’ gowns that had been collecting dust in our closets since a mutual friend’s wedding the previous fortnight! I didn’t want to look like her twin, so I told her I was wearing the sleek blue sating number I had worn as a maid of honour at my cousin’s summer wedding! We both brought these gowns with us. My Friend brought her good pearls to wear with her ensemble, and I brought to wear my matching set of sapphire rhinestones I had come across at an antique shoppe, along with my favourite rings. The same jewels I ended up wearing at my Cousin’s wedding after she had elected to wear pearls, making the pearls I had been planning to wear a social faux pas! The evening of my work sponsored formal event I dressed at the cottage in the basement bedroom I was sleeping in before headed into town to help set up at the event. I had showered and was drying my hair when I self-scared myself a bit silly by catching a view of my moving shadow on the wall behind me, reflected in the mirror! The shadow of my hand holding my mini- hairdryer looked like someone was standing behind me waving a gun. Giggling at my silliness I put on my gown, jewellery, and after a quick look-see in the mirror behind the door, I left. By my watch, I was running about 15 minutes late, so I grabbed my wrap and flew up the stairs, out the door, and down the steps to my coupe. I managed to get there 5 minutes early and began to pitch right in… My Friend soon joined me and we were imminently so caught up in the festivities that we found no time to really chat amongst ourselves. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The affair was a success and we had over a score of guests in attendance. The two of us must have made a pretty pair, for we were continuously being approached for conversation and then asked to dance by several blokes. As things were wrapping up and we were finally given the boot, we stopped in a pub for a drink intending to finally get caught up between ourselves! It was at the much later at the same pub, that my, now fairly intoxicated, friend admitted to me she had been crept upon after leaving her hotel earlier! I was none too sober myself, and admit I burst into laughter, before seeing that she was trying to be serious! Here is what happened… ^^^^^^^^^^^^ A young man in a houndstooth sports jacket had been standing in her hotel lobby talking to a pretty young gypsy lady wearing a black satin blouse, her buxomly figure loaded up with shiny gold chains. As my friend walked through the lobby, dressed as she was for the dance, the girl had eyed her over She, of course, smiled at her expecting a nod, or compliment… But surprisingly the girl had just rudely looked back to the guy wearing the houndstooth sport coat. without acknowledging my friend atoll! Then as my friend walked outside down the block to hail a taxi, she chillingly realized the guy in the houndstooth sports jacket was following along some distance behind her! He caught her looking at him and turning, darted down an alley! Uncomfortable about it, she had spied an approaching hansom and had hailed it to be driven to her destination. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ “Do you think he may have wanted to ask me something?” She wondered as she played with her string of white pearls, the rings in her fingers all glittery. I soothed her by telling her she was… “Being a silly sod, and not to fret over it!” Which at the time was my honest opinion of the affair! Certainly, did not think the bloke was “creeping” after her for any reason, and I told her so with conviction! I did, however, see her home safely to her hotel room, before my drive back down to the lake. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There was no moon out that night, and it was a very misty, lonely drive back alone. My mind wandered over my friend’s experience in her hotel lobby and the creeping man wearing a houndstooth jacket. Suddenly, sleeping alone in the isolated cottage did not seem like the grand idea it had when planning it! I played music, loud, to take my mind of that feeling as I drove back, taking almost a full hour to do so! Arriving at the cottage, I was aware I had not left any lights on inside. Twit! Cursing myself, for creeping strangers were now a vivid thought implanted in my mind, I got out and headed up the steps long uphill cottage path! Quite aware I was alone, I walked up the hill in that early morning hour, moving in and out of creeping shadows. As I did, I heard the rich swishing of my long gown as the hem brushed along the stone steps. Slightly drunk, I stopped and picked up the bottom of my gown to make it stop! I must have presented an interesting picture, alone, dressed such as I was wobbling up the stairs as I tried negotiating them still wearing my heels! I also clearly remembered my friend’s story! If someone was following her and had been listening in to our conversation, they would know I was here, alone! It also was no help that I remembered how startling it had been when as children, my twin had snuck up and scared the bejeebers out of us while masked in his highwayman disguise This made my hairs prickle, as of course, my runaway imagination formed some rather chilling, foreboding conjectures I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts, feeling my earrings swinging up against my cheeks. I again cursed, whispering to myself… “Buggers, bloody jewels would give me away if nothing else!” ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I scurried the rest of the distance up to the cottage without managing to trip, feeling foolish with myself as I reached and unlatched the door! But entering the dark, sinisterly empty house, did me no good either, and I held my breath as, still holding up my blue satin gown, I cautiously tiptoed inside to turn on the lights! My mind was reeling at that point keeping me wide awake and fearful of being alone, as I checked all the windows and doors to make sure they were fastened! Without bothering to change, I went to the front room (overlooking the lake) and plopping onto the couch, tried watching some telly before going to bed in my basement room. But I ended up watching the only channel that was coming in.. and all it had was an old BW crime thriller that night, which also added fuel to the building fire of my now overly fearful imagination! Though I will admit that I harbour alike for those types of situations depicted in such movies, experiencing a titillating thrill when a shadow emerged from a dark alleyway, similar to those that compels one to watch horror flicks! Flicks like the ‘Cat and the Canary’ which to this day still will make me shudder when I watch it alone in my darkened flat(the dark adds to the mood). And so as I watched this particularly sinister movie playing, my mind also was filled with thoughts of the ‘Cat and the Canary’ flick… ^^^^^^^^^^^ Filmed in 1927 Called “Cat and the Canary” and is a dark moody film taking place in a secret passage laced mansion, with sinisterly dark figures, and a sleeping lady whose diamonds are robbed off from around her throat. There is an even creepier 1930 sound remake called “The Cat Creeps” with Helen Twelvetrees that I really had wanted to write about at the time, but found out it is, unfortunately, an Americans’ “lost” film! ^^^^^^^^ Finally, my spine had its’ feel of tingles, and I turned the telly off with a sigh, and nestling into the thicke couch, I yawned, stretched… As I did so, my eyes were caught by my sparkling rhinestone bracelet… I curiously asked myself… “Would some bugger want to steal them?” Of course, my imaginative mind said, yes! The answer put me off from going down into that isolated basement bedroom to sleep alone…. So, I reached over, and pulled off from the top of the couch my gowns wrap, and using it as a soft blanket, stretching out on the couch, I laid down, tried to think happy thoughts, like how much fun we had had at the fundraiser earlier… My mind drifted from there, to us children playing games in the community park…. Which led my thoughts traveled being here for the Saturday wedding of my cousin... ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The reception had taken place in the same small community park where we had played. It laid in a small valley, surrounded by woods that cover the hills. On the opposite side was a path leading up and down a hill, to the point of land jutting out onto the lake, the top of which had been built my cousin’s family cottage. It had been a busy week, hustle and bustle in getting ready for the weekend wedding. We had all been exhausted by Friday and spent the rest of the day in idle repose, laying in hammocks… The wedding and reception had both been brilliant affairs. Soiled only by the pair of wedding crasher strangers we had discovered amongst our midst’s later that evening at the reception…… A lot of strangers creeping into my life lately, I thought, yawning sleepily…. €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Chapter 3 A Summer Day’s Wedding at the Cottage As I laid half asleep upon the couch that Autumn evening, I was startled by the clock in the study chiming the hour of midnight. As I counted down the hour I tried to focus on the events of my cousin's wedding, aware that there had been a darkness about it, something in the background that I may have put out of my mind at the time, but was there, and I was trying to remember just what it was…. Odd really, I remember thinking as I lay there, the room spinning a little as I tried to remember what it was that had scared me? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My cousin (with whom I also had shared classes with at University) was getting married at the end of that summer week, on Saturday at a small church located in the village at the opposite end of the lake. I was to be her maid of honour, and with the Groom’s best man, we were the sole other members of her wedding party aside from the bride and groom. I had taken a week from work to be there, coming down on a Wednesday and staying till the following Tuesday. My thoughts were, jokingly, that I should be sober enough to drive back on Monday and work on Tuesday! The week went fast, planning, getting ready for the guests. What little time I had to myself, I spent on a small deserted island in the middle of the lake, just off of the bottom hill landing above which sat my Cousin’s family’s lakefront cottage. The island is a rather secluded, private spot, a great place to just think. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Then came the day for the wedding to be held at the lake village church with reception at the community park on the opposite side of the hill located behind my Cousin’s family lakefront cottage. The Groom and his Best Man had arrived early Saturday morning. We kept them busy outside, while we girls were getting ready inside. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My Cousin had selected a dreamy gown of dazzling virgin white satin. Sleeveless with a Lacey bodice and a daringly plunging neckline. The skirt fell to her silver heels in a glistening flow of sleekness. An emerald green rippled satin sash encircled her jealousy petite waist with a glittering crescent-shaped emerald rhinestone broach pinned to the centre. Long green satin gloves all added a splash of colour for her naturally red hair and freckled face. As the Maid of Honour, I was wearing the rather elegant, ocean blue coloured, slick satiny gown she had helped me pick out. A sleeveless halter top, the neckline is squared, the skirt was long, tickling down to just past my ankles. It also had a darling matching flat satin waist-hugging sash that was detachable and tied snugly in the back, and a matching caped wrap to wear over it! Actually, the whole outfit was a rather tightly snug fit, but my Cuz liked the look and I will be able to have it let out before wearing it out again (which unexpected happened to be later that year). But it was fun that I appeared to have a pair of noticeably rounded breasts for a change! Compliments of the gowns fairly tight moulded cleavage! Now, since my Cousin had decided on wearing her a rather handsome collection of pearls, I decided per protocol, not to wear my good pearls, but instead opted to wear my set of sparkling sapphire rhinestones. Also, amongst the fine jewels I was wearing, was Included at the last minute, a rather daring diamond brooch which I had just that week picked up in an antique store that is located in the village at the northernmost end of the lake. It was quite a dazzling pretty overall effect we both were putting on, as noted when we poised giggling like a brace of school girls before the bedroom mirror hanging on the backside of our basement bedrooms’ door. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My cousin’s younger ‘sweet’ 16-year-old sister, who has just finished her A levels, overhead us giggling and sauntered down in from the upstairs kitchen. Now, I will have to come clean here. The reason there was only one female attendant in the bridal party was that my older cousin did not wish to have to deal with the “little drama queen” that was the soul being of my younger cousin! She is fair-skinned redhead also, and on that day was wearing a thin band of rhinestones holding back her hair, so that it fell flowing behind her like a sheet of silk! She was also fetchingly wearing a green taffeta gown, pouring lithely down along her figure. She was vocally unhappy with re-wearing It from a dance she had attended that spring. She also was conceitedly displaying along with her figure, the new set of my Aunt’s expensively matched emeralds, consisting of a pendant, bracelet, and earrings! Which I was told had to be allowed to prevent an atomic level hissy fit the evening before my arrival! I felt her gown was rather to slinky in my silent opinion, and the “always gets my way “careless party girl a bit too immature to be wearing good jewels, but the ensemble certainly grabbed one’s attention I will with a bit of envious jealousy, admit to that! But then I guess that is what weddings are all in about, and the bride and I were certainly in no position, glammed up as we were, to caste the first (Gem)stones! After a bit more girl talk before being summoned, the three, no, make it two, of us put on our serious faces as all us girls swished upstairs from the basement to begin the day-long festivities! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I could write a whole book about the wedding and the reception. But just imagine any fancy wedding or prom/dance you may have been lucky enough to attend, then place it all in an outdoor setting by a lake, and I believe you will have a pretty good idea of what I had the pleasure of experiencing that day! The wedding and reception proper went off with very few minor hitches and we killed much time pleasantly, dancing and drinking till midnight! It was a very pretty affair in many aspects as one can well imagine! And my twin brother was held in check by his fiancé, so there were none of his well-known mischievous thieving games played upon me! The only blemish on the event came from a pair of strangers whom I did not know from Adam, and wished it had remained that way! A creepy male in a houndstooth sports jacket, and a lady wearing a long black satin dress with vertical gold stripes, who admired everyone’s jewellery, though she wore none herself! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 4 A Midnight Escape The reception proper had been over for a few hours, and just a few close relatives, guests sleeping the night over, and various friends remained. We closed up shop at the park and headed back to the cottage and an outside fire to end the evening. It was well after midnight as most of the remaining group was hanging around a fire in the back terrace of the cottage, I had been sitting with my brother and his fiancé when the two deserted me to sneak off for a walk (more likely to find a private area to snog) around the lake! Now sitting alone by myself, I felt a wanderlust whimsical feeling to go and sit on one of the antique benches set around a small landing that was located down the front hillside, on the top of which was where the cottage had been built. Grabbing a goblet of wine, I headed off away around the isolated cottage, then down the long narrow hillside stairs leading down to the landing, looking forward to finally being away from the lime lite as it were! I was quite alone in this secluded spot. I strained my gown and slid down upon the cool wooden slats of the bench, which afforded a misty view of my small island, off some 50 meters from the landing. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was sitting there for some time lost in my thoughts, feeling sleepy, when I realized with a shiver that it was getting chilly! But a warm breeze was coming in and my mind started to play tricks on me. That I had not shivered because of the cold, but instead I was getting goose pimples from feeling someone’s eyes upon me! So, then I started to imagine that I was indeed being watched by someone from the island! I opened my eyes wide, as I convinced myself that indeed someone was watching me! A dark figure in a houndstooth sports jacket with hard cold eyes and a mind to be up the to no good popped into my mind! I nervously turned around with the idea of heading back up, and as I did, I jumped, not a little either, at what I saw! There was actually a long shadowy figure at the top of the stairs, framed in moonlight, staring me down!!! As I watched the figure slipped down the stairs, by the flapping dress I knew it was female. Finally, I could make out who it was as she came into the light cast off from the dock’s lanterns. It was the lady in the slinky black satin number with vertical stripes. She was wearing a bouncing emerald/ diamond pendant and matching swinging earring that glittered noticeably a green flickering fire from her as she moved. She smiled, raising a hand that held a tall glass of ice and some clear liquid, her expensive-looking emerald bracelet twinkling in a mesmerizing display of its rich coloured emerald/diamond gemstones. I recognized her as one of the guests I had briefly met, whom, much like a hummingbird, had been flittering about amongst us without never really staying long in any one place! When I earlier first met the now slowly approaching lady, She had been a total stranger to me, coming up to me at the reception to compliment me on my pretty attire. Said she was there alone and was usually quite shy around strangers, though she had not appeared to me in any way a timid dear! (Especially, when later, I spotted her being chums with another unknown guest, a slanty-eyed bloke wearing a houndstooth jacket, with a gold tooth that flashed wickedly as he smiled!) She was actually quite handsome, wearing a long black satin dress with vertical gold stripes. I complimented her on it and she smiled, ever so prettily blushing, her eyes magnified by the horned rim glasses she was wearing... Since she was wearing no jewellery, I was not able to use that as a topic of conversation or admirations! Feeling sorry for the poor thing, we had chatted a bit, light talk, and she had taken her leave, apologizing if she was appearing rude, but she must compliment my cousin, the bride, who I saw had just come in, new husband and her green taffeta clad pouty younger sister in tow! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ But that was then, this was now! I sat watching her, as she reached the bottom step, then swished over to me as I was sitting on the landings bench, inwardly shuddering a bit! She was decidedly an odd bird, especially the way she was eagerly looking down upon me like an old friend! But there was something different about her now, something had changed, but in my befuddled state of mind at her appearance, it was something I just could not place a finger on at the time? Though much later, the mystery would be solved much to my chagrin, for not solving it sooner and perhaps things would have had a different ending for me that evening! But trying to work out a solution to that mystery slipped from my mind as I again felt a chill and wished I had brought my gowns matching wrap! But alas, couldn’t be rude enough to hurriedly make that as an excuse and leave her just as she arrived? So, playing the kind hostess, I settled down to hold ground and meet my fate! So much for quiet solitude, I thought wryly, and assuming my role as part of the bridal party, politely motioned the unwished-for guest to come over and have a sit-in with me. She swished down over, laid a hand on my shoulder, her bracelet sparkling, as I looked up. I could see my necklace shimmering in her horned rim glassed, rather surprised over how lavish the reflection appeared! They almost looked real! “‘Ello, we meet again!” she said adjusting her gown as she sat next to me. “Cheers then “ she continued, clinking her wine glass to mine I nodded in salute, and we both took a drink. She was looking out over the misty waters as she sipped... “Must say, you are brave, to be down here all alone Luv.” She lectured, glancing around. I replied, trying my damnedest to sound cheery… “Not really… I come down here a lot to sit and think, it’s one of my favourite spots.” “Here, and the island over there also!” I added, pointing across the water to the small island. She shivered. “Creepy island, who knows what or who may be over there lurking in the shadows watching us!” Despite myself, I did jump a little at her words… She was beginning to creep me out saying things I had already been thinking. Maybe she had sensed my unease… For she quickly started to babble on about odd things she had heard happening to others. Footsteps in the dark with no one appearing and other sorts of unwarranted, alone in a dark alleyway, titbits that I could really quite do without! She was on about an old silent movie where a deranged mental patient had broken into an isolated mansion where a young heiress was spending a lonely evening when I decided enough was quite bloody enough!!! I knew that movie! And I was not in the mood to be further creeped out by thinking about it now! I was quite done with this uninvited guest and decided it had been time enough, and I could, with etiquette be damned, take my leave! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 5 Surrender So patiently I waited until she had a lull in her chattering, to seize the moment and bolt! Ready now, to surrender my dock landing hideaway to her and head up to re-join the remaining guests around the warm friendly fire! I turned to her, startled by the way for a second she had been smiling at me like she knew an untold secret, but her expression changed immediately as I had looked! Smiling, she leaned over to pat my wrist, her fingers touching my sapphire bracelet. Despite my attempts to be in control, I stammered as I spoke… “Really must get back to the bride and our guests!” Then, she said something that was really quite odd... “And your lovely wee cousin dear should see where she has gotten off too!” I looked at her blankly, then realized I had not seen my snooty younger cousin for some time! And there was still that something else about this stranger that I for the life of me could not lay a finger upon! It seemed to me that the two, missing younger cousin, and this stranger’s mysterious change in appearance, were both related! But I was in too much a hurry to make my retreat from her to worry about what that was! “Hope I’m not making you uncomfortable Luv?” She said consolingly, but without any real depth to her apology, as she absentmindedly stroked her hands, pawing along my dress as she spoke with a syrupy voice! “You were looking very pretty this evening, Luv! A very pretty dress you have on also…” Then, while still pawing me, her drink sloshed, spilling some of the ice cubes, which pooled down upon the lap of my gown, making me shiver, the cool air and the dampness on my gown increasingly adding on an overwhelming need to use the loo, which also added to my already existing urge to excuse myself!! “Oh, dear I’ve solid your dress! Here let me get something...” I rose from the bench wiping myself down… The weird lady followed suit, as she fumbled inside a small, rather bulging, black clutch purse, I declined her assistance, just glad of a reason to be rid of this odd lady, and told her I would clean up inside the cottage! She, in turn, gave me an oddly triumphant smile as I urgently took my leave. Trying not to notably shiver or shake, I went over and made my way back up the deck stairs, resisting the urge to run! At the top I looked back to the island for a few seconds, nothing moved, except the rising shapes of mist that was forming over the long lakes wave less dark waters. Of course, no one was watching from there! I looked down upon the interloper back to being seated on my bench... She was just sitting there, staring out over the water with a secretive grin, dress fluttering, not bothering to look up at me. I turned, the wet spot on my gown chilling me, causing shivers! I fled to the kitchen side door of the cottage, hearing the commotion outback from my fellow guests, and the flickering shadows of unseen people and flames dancing off the trees. I then headed, still shivering, inside through the kitchen to make my way to our downstairs basement bedroom loo. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The house was eerily quiet and empty, unfortunately lending to the chilly atmosphere! I was trembling on pins and needles as I was making myself scared silly to be in there, looking down darkened corridors that appeared to be passing themselves off as sinister alleyways! I went in and downstairs to the basement bedroom I was sharing with my cousin. I opened the door and entered. The door started to creepily creak close behind me, so I turned, opened it wide where it stayed! I scurried over to the small cupboard sized loo. I quickly did my business, dabbed at the wet spot on my party dress, deciding I should not take time to bother a change, the warm fire would dry it soon enough! As I took a quick look in the mirror, I scolded my panicked stricken, looming reflection that I was a “silly old duck”, and then hurriedly left to head back to join the rest of the dwindling reception guests by the warm fire. As I left the toilet, I froze in my tracks, the bedroom door that I had left open was now forbiddingly, firmly shut. I had not heard a sound, which added to the mystery! “So, what smart ass bugger shut the door!” I said to myself, aloud apparently. For a stranger, gruff voice snarled behind me “I did Missy!” My heart leaped into my throat, stifling any sound I was too frozen to make anyways! In horror placed a hand to my breast and another o my open mouth as I looked up at the dark form menacingly looming up behind me, reflected in back of the door hanging mirror I was also all too aware of the betraying show that my sparkling my jewels were also reflecting! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 6 What the F…. Suddenly I was grasped from behind by a pair of strong, roughly unforgiving hands. My whole figure jumped with the enveloping shivering shock as an ice cold hand clamped over my mouth, silencing my startled shriek as blatantly it started. ... I struggled to turn as his other hand was able to keep ahold of my slickly covered figure. My mind went to the only scenario that made any sense… So I struggle, and tried muffling to yell at my turd headed twin brother for scaring the life out of me by playing his silly games…. But then in my ear a most menacing soprano pitched voice muttered with evilly spoken conviction. “What have we here said the spyder to the pretty butterfly?” A chilling, sinking feeling swept down over me as I, in utter shock, suddenly stopped squirming; the voice speaking was not my twin’s brother’s bass voice! The unknown voice continued on, answering my muffled question as I now began to really struggle, but found I was held tightly haplessly within his strong grasp! The voice chuckled at my attempts to escape, continuing on talking with wicked confidence… “I was coming down to leave, Missy and imagine my surprise when I watched your fine glossy figure heading downstairs into this hidden bedroom!” I began to quiver in shivery fright... He hissed in my ear… “Now Don’t move about my pretty blue bird!” Something deadly hard was stroked along up against my side, and then poked into my waist, as my heart was now pounding in up my throat! “No cries for help either Missy “he again ordered, speaking close in my ear “Or I may have to use this!” And the round barrelled thing he was poking against me was pressed in even harder into my back to make his hideous point known! I nodded helplessly in submissive agreement, my figure wilting to his threat! I remember quite well, cringing and feeling waves of shivers sparking up and down my spine as he held me captive in his hard-unforgiving grasp! Not really knowing with any sickening realty what all was going to happen next, though I was fairly certain my pretty jewels would be on this buggers wish list! He turned me around and I was face to face with an evilly black attired man wearing an even blacker, snarly appearing ski mask! Holding me close, pressing the unseen object into my waist, he stared at me with his hard-grey eyes, whilst he muttered, half to himself in a most happily evil tone of voice!... “Well, well, look at the pretty package we have caught!” He paused as my eyes began to dart back and forth in horror! “I only was interested in riffling through the contents of your bedrooms rooms wasn’t I Luv, while your fine lot were distracted outside!” “But the bonus of watching you and your sparklers appear for your ill-timed call to nature is appreciated, I will say that!” “And the discovery of a new bedroom to have a look around is always appreciated, always nice things to be found in ‘em, aint there now, Missy!” He smacked his lips this as he was eyeing me over… I noticed my long shimmering diamond earrings were richly sparkling, reflected in his lusting evil eyes! I gulped as a dryly scratchy frog came lumping up in my throat! In answer his rough left hand began excitedly snaking up my front, up over my breasts and lifting up the end of my twinkling sapphire encrusted necklace, as he evilly smirked! As he had groped along my breasts, he drooled his words, talking to himself. “A rather fine plump one we have!” Then while he tugged greedily at my necklace. “With some rather nice ice to be chipped away!” I tried pulling back, but he grasped me harder by the waist and held me to him as I squirmed, I could quite feel that this Wankers figure was undeniably hot and quite stiff with desire! He now spoke with even more conviction!... “Dem flashy jewels your wearin luv, I believe I’ll have them then now won’t” I ! “So, lets have those hands raised, high!” he purred nastily, with a craving conviction. I countered. “Not my jewels sir I whined; they are worthless!” He smiled, his mask taking on a grotesquely ugly look… Obviously, her was ignoring my please, so with a sigh, I raised my hands, feeling helpless and vulnerable as he quickly began working me over quite thoroughly chuckling with delight. With annoyingly adept precision, his rough, gloved fingers felt searchingly along my cringing my figure for my jewels! The mirror that was hanging down on the closed door that we had primped in front of earlier, was still in view, and I could see my reflection in it, and ... also his, as he was quickly working me over! I tried not to look but failed miserably and I began to feel my whole being wilt in utter despair as one by one he I watched him meticulously plucking my trembling figure clean! Starting first by forcing off my flashing rings, then unclamping my favourite diamond cuff bracelet, followed by my sapphire one! Then he reached up into my hair, and mercilessly yanked off both my hinged clasped earrings, greedily pocketing the lot! Once finished with that he concentrated on working off the main prize, my shiny necklace! Reaching up behind my neck, unfastening it ,he bought it around and let it dangle in front of my eyes. He had taken my Sapphire Necklace! And I again squirmed uncomfortably as he stashed it away!! The wanker was all too fondly enjoying this game he was playing at my expense!!! Finished with that job, he lastly reached down over to my waist to begin prying off my shimmery new broach, which my Cousin had had me pin to my sash as a last-minute addition so as to match hers! I loved that broach! I managed out a sobbing, crackling dry plea for him not to take it Surprisingly, He listened and removed his hand from it promising he would not lay a finger on it, “Scouts honours” Missy! Then had me turn around. “All right now Missy, lets see how high you can keep those hands raised up, and keep ‘em there if you know what’s good fer you!” Wondering “what now ?!” I obeyed. He placed his hands upon the sides of my gown, reaching just up under my armpits, and started carefully to pat me down from behind. I knew he knew he had taken me for everything and was just playing me, adding insult to injury while he was satisfying a dreadful lust to cope a feel of my tight fitting ultra-smooth gown! Typical male! I realized that, like a seasoned male actor, he obviously was a professional and had played this role enough times that he was self-confident, assuredly in control, and was cravingly, relishing every second of this wicked game! Everything he did had a purpose, rhyme and reason behind it! I was just beginning to realize that, but I still was not fast enough to figure those reasons ahead of time, and it would cost me!!! I sighed deeply in my misery and despair, unable to move in my utterly vulnerably paralyzing distress! The monster quickly finished, and with a pat along my waistline, stood back behind me. I breathed a sigh, I believed the wanker had finished and should be making good his getaway. But then, like that creepy lady who had driven me from my refuge into this terror, he eerily read my mind! “Almost done Missy, just one more thing!” His words echoed with dread in my ears! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 7 What’s Next!? I was still too frozen in fear to move, and saw in the reflection that he had reached into his pocket and pulled out some solid coloured gold silk handkerchiefs. The unscrupulous Git must have snatched them from a silky pocket that must have been inside one of the dresses hanging in another bedroom closet!! He hissed menacingly! “To make sure the creeping cat keeps your tongue while I complete my job!” He then he gagged me silent with one of the handkerchiefs! Then he reached up, and yanking down my arms so they were behind my back, he tightly bound my hands with another! Cheeky Bastard! But the wanker wasn’t through with me yet! He pulled my back up against his lustful body and I felt the cold damply sweaty fingers of his right hand reach up and gruffly laid his right hand on my the front of my dress! He then happily felt along the top of my gown, his right hands’ fingers coldly moving slickly along, while his left hand held me securely by the waist as I squirmed in his hold, my hands firmly tied, while he cruelly he fondled about. It was a bittersweet prickling process I was feeling as I helplessly underwent his obviously practiced ritual! “Pity You’re not hiding anything more in there!” he hissed in my ear as he withdrew his hand. Then added… “Times a eating!” And pushed me over to my cousins bed and had me turn and awkwardly sit down upon it! The bastard was having me watch him as he worked over our room for the rest of our valuables! As if what he had done so far wasn’t bloody enough! Watching, I squirmed with acute anxiety in my bindings, as he went about it! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ He was thorough I will admit, quickly, unerringly, ransacking our room with expert precision, wasting no time, as he checked through drawers, riffling through our shared closet, quickly fingering over the expensive clothes he was finding within, overturned purses. Then he searched the bed-stands, discovering both our jewel cases, which he spotlessly cleaned out, not caring if it was costume or real! He even pocketed my small gold (plated) antique brush with the engraved handle! That thief was cannily pocketing anything found that was small, shiny, easily carried, and of any possible value, which a lot of it was!! He even managed to find the thin silver headband, the one set with pricey diamond chips, that my cousin had placed hidden at the bottom drawer of her lingerie cabinet after wearing it out the evening before! I had convinced her this morning not to wear it today, she had looked better in her bridal gown with her long red hair down and flowing free, plus her sister was wearing a thinner version already I had explained! … And now she would never be wearing it again… and she had that sequined gown that went amazingly with it, both band and dress she had been wearing at the rehearsal dinner! Actually, that shimmery gown was now lying in a glittery heap in the floor outside the closet. He had greedily yanked it out to make sure none of the sparkling his hungry eyes had drooled over were actual gems! He had even shot me a look as he held up it in his touchy paws to see if I was flinching to indicate that it may be valuable enough to steal. At my lifeless blank stare, he just grunted and tossed it down in a heap! When he had finished, he went and stood over me He suddenly, demandingly snarled… “Anything I missed luv?!” Startled, I jumped, not being able to control myself as I glanced over to my satin pillow that lay at the header of my bed! The unethical stinker! “Thought so!” he said. preening with satisfaction at his tomfoolery! Deflated, I cringed as directly he went over to my bed. He bent over, lifting my plum satin coverlet and picking up the matching pillow. He grasped up the long thin silk purple slip I was wearing for a night gown and looked underneath! He cackled as he plucked up greedily, the small black velvet satchel that had been hidden underneath my night gown. He walked it over and emptied it onto his palm before my puppy sad eyes! I tearfully watched as my pearls, my beautiful set of gleaming white pearls, spilled out onto his eager hand as he whistled his triumphant find! Now my heart really plummeted! The greedy, unscrupulous bastard, he had now taken everything with any value that I owned from my figure and our bedroom! Then he added his insult to the already deep injury Leaning over me, looking at me dead in the eye while laying one of his pawing hands alongside my cheek… “Been ever so nice doing business with you, luv… And Don’t feel bad about them pearls Missy, most of em fall for that trick!” He smirked while as he stuffed my pearls roughly inside his pocket, then he slid his fingers along my shoulder and down my tied-up arm as I twitched, wallowing in misery...!! “Where did you come from?” Irrationally tried to asked, again my words muffled by the gag! He was watching me struggle to speak... And once again he read my thoughts and answered my unspoken question... “Followed you from the hotel now didn’t we!” he said mysteriously as he put on a houndstooth sport jacket… My head was spinning as I tried to make some sense of what he was saying! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 8 The Absconding Escape As I tried to make sense of it all he had wasted no time escaping with all our finery. He hurried out of the bedroom door, closing it, I could hear feet rapidly going up the stairs, then the kitchen door finally slamming shut. That seemed to do the trick, breaking me out of my trance! Squirming, I managed to quickly undo my tied wrists: silk does not make for solid knots, but then he probably knew that! It was as I untied my gag, that I coldly realized I had not actually seen a pistol. I looked down on the ground, and quivered in anger, There at my feet lay, my small curling iron. The bastard had picked that up from the dressing stand, had by sticking that against me as a ploy, had me believing he had had a weapon… “Twit!” I said admonishing myself Rising, I found my feet had ‘fallen asleep’, and so I hobbled upstairs to the front room with its’ view over the dock stairs and landing! Skirting the couch, I went to the window and looked down. Thinking I should open a window and warn her if she was still sitting there on the bench waiting for my return! She was, still looking over towards the small island! But, too late, I saw him heading down the stairs to the landing. Then I placed a hand to my mouth, gulping as he reached the landing! The lady on the bench rose, diamonds and emeralds rippling a sparkling riot of fire along with around her wrist, as she walked up to join him, hugging! She was in on it, had planned this, had set me up in their fiendishly evil trap! She must have been coming down to wait and meet up with her partner once he was done burgling the cottage bedrooms! Then she had spied me surprisingly alone, all dressed up just there by myself! What a sweetly plump jewelled lamb I must have looked under her wolffish gaze. All she had to do was simply figure out a way to get this shimmering bird to go alone into the house where her partner was busy looting the bedrooms of guests staying there, taking their jewels and other valuables! And she had decided the ones I had been wearing were to be added into that loot! She must have been laughing at how easy it had been to coerce me into walking alone into that trap! Shuddering I watched with falling heart, as arm in arm, the scoundrels turned a corner! Soon a punt appeared, with him earnestly rowing away from them both away! I had my hand to my waist as I watched, then with icy cold revelation, suddenly I realized that my sash was gone! I looked down, with it the also was gone the brilliantly shimmering broach he had promised not to touch, but he had not promised to not touch my sash! The cold jellied eel-like turd had done it as he had been patting me down, distracting me by the way he had been pawing and groping along with my satiny clad figure! Then, while behind me, fondling me to distraction, his eyes were on another prize! He flagrantly had white lied to me and untied the sash, unnoticed by me, had slipped it off from around my waist. No wonder he had appeared to be so thoroughly loving his work! He was loving the broach he was stealing! Damn fool I am I placed a hand to my neck, ears, looked down wrist and fingers. Confirming that all of my pretty jewels were gone, going away with the thief as he escaped with his bulging pockets!! I again felt my waistline, hoping I was wrong! I wasn’t!!! “Never trust a bloody pisser of a thief!” I thought sarcastically as I watched the pair of ‘em disappearing into the mist that was rising on the evil appearing black water of the lake, rowing past the lake small island! From the fleeing punt, I caught one last sparkle from the sinister lady’s emerald earrings… My hand again went to my mouth, gasping in horror. For it suddenly, clearly, it occurred to me... The emeralds/diamond jewellery she was wearing? The lady not been wearing any jewellery, when she first approached me at the party! A cold, tardy realization, finally pierced through the fog of my memory! They were from the collection of my Aunt’s emerald jewellery that my younger cousin had thrown a tantrum to be allowed to wear! The cretins must have surreptitiously trapped her as they had trapped me! In my mind’s eye, I briefly had a picture of how easy it would have been to stoke the vain ego of my overly dressed, flashy jewelled young cousin, with her upper levels typically arrogant manner, in order to get her to willingly, literally be played into their hands!!! No wonder she had disappeared towards the end of the reception. No one had really been paying her any heed that evening! Was she tied and gagged up somewhere, in the woods maybe! It was then I finally found my tongue and screamed the alarm as I turned to go and rescue my younger cousin. And in doing so, I backed up, tripping and then free-falling onto the couch! My screams again were muffled as I struggled to rise back up! Something was again holding me down on the couch! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chapter 9 The Awakening I woke myself up as I was screaming, soon realizing that I was face down on the couch, tangled in the bloody satin warp that I had used as a blanket. The house was now again eerily silent….. I looked around as the fog lifted and my mind was able to think clearly. I had fallen asleep on the couch. What a twit, the whole thing had been a dream, no not quite a dream, but a bloody nightmare! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It wasn’t the summer wedding, it was fall, and I was alone at the cottage I was damp with sweat, my cheeks streaked with the tears as I had struggled in my sleep. My chest still was heaving as I sought to catch my breath. There had been no robbery, Only in my mind, using a hodgepodge of memories: from the wedding, along with occurrences from this very evening mixed in with the role-playing games of thievery my twin and I have played! There had been the two-party crashers of course, but they scurried off when confronted… Just a couple keen trying, on a lark, something they had seen in a movie on the telly. Also, on top of all that, still being dressed up, appeared to have been added to the subconscious mix, in helping to create the realness of what I had dreamed up in my nightmare! So a fair collection of my dark thoughts, desires and scary movies I have watched, all took root in my sleep, taking a dark flight with my dreams of fancy that night! ^^^^^^^^^^^ Finally, fully awake and free of the sating wrap, I rose... I felt along my throat, wait a minute my necklace was gone. Chilled I looked around at my feet. There it was on the floor; it had fallen off in my sweaty struggles with my gowns matching blue wrap! I stretched, went downstairs to the basement bedroom I was meaning to sleep in, the very same one where the majority of my night terror had taken place! Dressing for bed, loop-lolly half asleep, I put on my purple slip I was using for pj’s As I had lifted my pillow to get it, I smiled for the first time, knowing that I had indeed hidden my pearls underneath while I had slept there for the wedding. Those pearls were now safe back at my flat, not in a thief’s pocket! Said flat had better not be burgled by a bloke wearing houndstooth before I returned on Tuesday! I sat on the bed, watched my reflection in the long mirror on the back of the door, as I went deep into thought. Suddenly a question popped in my head and I went over to the dresser and pulled open the bottom drawer. Lifting some lingerie, I saw with relief, that the rhinestone band my cousin had worn at her rehearsal dinner was still where she had left it after we had come back from the rehearsal dinner. I turned and look over at the bed… Realizing I could not sleep, for the thoughts of my dream so fresh, so real, and so demanding to be written down! “Buggers I swore” Placing a thin black robe over my purple slip nightgown, I went back upstairs from the basement. It was 3 am! In the study, I made a mixed drink. Taking it I went back into the living room, sitting down again upon the couch to collect my wits as I marvelled that it indeed had only been a rather intriguingly wicked dream! A very real one! And, so then I, of course, me being me, was compelled to take notes of my night terror before the last vestiges drifted off, as I was then unable to sleep in the empty cottage anyways! So the long and short is that from those notes taken from that night terror, along with some artistic license, was risen this dream inspired tale! Fini

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