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posted by Barry Anderson alias Barry Gourmet and Raw on Monday 17th of October 2011 06:14:25 PM

The Garden Villa Phuket Welcomes You. A Private Full service garden Villa with all the extras inclusive for a price that you can afford. The Garden Villa Phuket Mission Statement for You our Valued Guest. Please NOTE: This report is a prelaunch of the Garden Villa Phuket website for Even if you do not choose to book with us , we will show you on our website how you can save 10 to 30 percent on your Hotel and Resort Bill well in advance from the comfort of your own home before you even step onto your plane.This FREE industry report is yours to keep and to use for planning and budgeting your next holiday vacation. Of course the hospitality industry will not like it ,but as a traveler myself we feel that you have a right to know about their business practices , so the savings for you, plus your friends and your family can be quite substantial. Wouldn't it be nice for you to save 10 to 30% on your next hotel bill almost every time you travel? Of course it would! All this will be disclosed on the Garden Villa Phuket website when launched ASAP. Our Mission Statement for You: WE WILL DISCLOSE 100 PERCENT OF ALL OUTSTANDING COSTS TO YOU ON OUR WEBSITE . WE WILL GIVE OUR VALUED GUEST THE ABSALUTE BEST DEAL POSSIBLE FOR VALUE AND SERVICES FOR A REASONABLE RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENT.WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO OFFER FLEXIBLE RATES AND SERVICE OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND PLANNING OF YOUR VACATION WITH THE GARDEN VILLA PHUKET. OUR LOW COMPETITIVE RATES ARE FIXED for 365 DAYS A YEAR .The following paragraph will explain why it is better for the traveler to have a low fixed rate all year round and what the benefits are to the quest and why it is good for us as well. A very important consideration for the Traveler: When planning to visit any exotic tropical island destination around the world like Phuket or even Ko Samui island in Thailand every traveller searching on the internet will notice something about the method of scheduled tier pricing or referred to as seasonal rates. For example this is how it may look on some other Hotel or Villa website offer. Peak Season Rates ( 24 Dec. to 13 Jan.) Highest Price High Season Rates (14 Jan. to 31 Mar.)High Price High Season Rates (1 Nov. to 23 Dec.) High Price Low Season Rates (1 April to 31 Oct.) Lower Price Often the Low season price rate is about half of the High season price rate, with the Peak Season rate really just that, its peaking very high. Many hotels and Villas will not even disclose this information to you and instead have it hidden from you by asking you to fill in the blanks about what time do you want to arrive and when you want to depart so you really never know if the deal is good or not for you? We see a problem with this .For example what if your holiday falls between 2 different seasonal rates then you will be charged a high rate and a lower rate charge on the same trip or possibly their computer will average it out for you. There is no chance for you to negotiate your price and service options with the hotel, and you will pay their asking rate regardless.Most travelers are planning their holidays to escape the winter months to enjoy their vacation on some sunny sandy tropical island in the sun right? But it turns out that this time of the year lands right on the calender of the most expensive Peak and High season rates for the Hotels and Villas to maximize their profits off of you and all the related tourist industry companies as well will be cashing in on you at this time as well. So it is almost impossible for any tourist to stay on their pre planned budget. After some thinking and consideration we decided at the Garden Villa Phuket to keep things much more simple for you , and not to operate this way with multiple Tier Pricing and to do just the opposite of what the others are doing. We have decided to keep our rates affordable and fixed 365 days a year for you with a reasonable return for us .100 % of all service prices will be disclosed on our website for your convenience and this will effectively help build your trust with us ,and also take out the guess work for your service options as well. Our method of marketing will help for you to make a super easy budget plan experience from the comfort of your own home well in advance before you ever step on to your plane. This is what we think at the Garden Villa Phuket will make a true hospitality experience for you our special guest, and effectively set the bar higher for the hospitality industry to follow if they can do it or want to do it. “Physically we may not be the biggest private Garden Villa Resort ! But we do think big for You” The GARDEN VILLA PHUKET Welcomes You for a Private Holiday Retreat for the discerning traveler that is looking for the following 4 key offers. (1)Affordably Priced with exceptional Value that will differentiate us from all the other offers out there that you will not find anywhere else on Phuket island. (2)Exceptional and unique options and services for you at the Garden Villa Phuket ,that are not offered anywhere else on the island of Phuket. (3) Private Amenities offered at the Garden Villa Phuket that cannot be found anywhere else on the island. (4)For your convenience our villa is centrally located near many of Phuket's finest beaches with flexible travel accommodation options and packages that can be tailored to your specific individual requirements. With us you have the opportunity to experience the whole island of Phuket with her 22 beaches and surrounding provinces and not just 1 or 2 beaches from your expensive hotel room. The Garden Villa Phuket Price per Day for the Villa rental is only 700 Thai Baht or only just US $22.68 per day! And NO this is not a Type O! Currency conversion performed by your personal and recommended currency convertor. We have excellent long stay rates to offer you . 30 to 60 days only 600 Thai Baht per night. Stay with us 61 to 90 days is only 500 Thai baht per night through out. The real value per night is Thai Baht 1,200 per night for 6 nights and less. This offer is good for 7 nights and more for one or two people with the following exceptional offers for you. Description and Amenities all inclusive and any service cost will be disclosed to you on our web site for complete transparency and that is our promise to you : This private one bedroom and rest room interior , includes exterior covered garden outdoor living space including a Teakwood Sala Thai pavilion, Teak and granite Thai fully stocked kitchen,Dining area and living room area.A generous private exterior of 280 square meters of a Private living Tropical Thai Garden experience. But this is not your ordinary mature Tropical Thai Garden of over 15 years in development? This garden is something very original and special to us that we like to share with you? Our garden is a living Butterfly Sanctuary with out the use of a physical enclosure .We are told by the expert staff working at Phuket,s Butterfly Garden and Insect World company located near Phuket Town that our private estate garden is the first of its kind in Thailand and maybe all of Asia? These beautiful winged creatures of nature decided to take residence in our garden after one year of painstakingly selecting all the correct flowering plants and trees to encourage them to stay and not fly away. Did you know that an adult butterfly has a short life span of only living 14 to 15 days thats all?So it is no easy feat to see them so often. It is not uncommon that you can see a different butterfly every 5 to 10 minutes everyday with your stay with us.In addition many beautiful exotic song birds have taken up residence at the Garden Villa Phuket or are just passing through for a rest as well ,so your hand phone alarm clock is totally unnecessary in the mornings. Your garden will touch your 5 senses. Your garden will delight your senses of smelling the flowers, touching the leaves ,seeing the butterfly’s, tasting the fruits and herbs ,and hearing the song birds. Your charming private garden Villa is a studio bedroom with a beautifully appointed tropical style bali sink and shower room. The Bedroom Description and offer:A Bali Thai décor that includes in the price a bed for two with a wardrobe that includes a room safe ,2 pairs of slippers 2 bath robes 2 umbrellas,and 2 sets of towels and toiletries including 2 sets of beach towels. The following is our service options for you to enjoy with our compliments to you as our special guest. This is our Thanks to you for choosing us for your holiday or residential stay with us.We think that even the little things count and are included in our offer. (1) Complimentary Airport transportation pick up and return is included. (2) A generous large welcome basket of exotic Thai fruits is included. (3) A delicious very tropical welcome drink is included. (4) Your villa room Includes a Remote 32 inch flat screen TV with satellite cable of international stations in different languages . (5) Computer notebook with 2 land line either net connections and webcam. (6) 2 hand phones with local sim cards using one 2 call. (7) Remote DVD Player with complimentary selection of free movies for your enjoyment. (8) A nice quiet air-conditioner with ceiling fan and portable fans for your comfort. (9) The Room includes Full Maid service at your convenience working for Tue. Thur. Sat. and Sun. (10) Laundry and pressing is no extra charge its included in the offer . (11) Utilities of water and electric are included in the offer . Hot and Cold running filtered . (12) All the pure water purchased in glass for drinking and cooking with, is included in the offer . (13) A delicious fresh tropical squeezed juice every morning is included in the price for one or two. (14) Your choice of complimentary brand name Mountain Bikes such as Gary Fisher,Giant and soon to order Trek and others. Includes helmets , water bottles, cloves , mountain bike sports shirts and pants and accessories to make your biking experience the most enjoyable and comfortable ever. “In Phukets hot weather cotton clothing can stick to your body and can be very uncomfortable so we recommend for you to suit up like the Pros and we will help you with this. We can point you to at least 7 incredible and beautiful natural off and on road Mountain Bike routes just minutes from the Garden Villa Phuket. Weather permitting. More information about this will be posted on our upcoming site. (15) We offer each guest a complete set of snorkeling equipment that includes mask ,snorkel ,booties fins, gloves,and we point you to the best off shore reef diving on Phuket island. This once per week offer includes your free transportation of our Car Rental Service for the whole day excluding the cost of petrol. And for the none swimmers or people that just want to enjoy any one of Phukets 22 beautiful beaches we have you covered here as well . You can still take advantage of our once per week offer to just have the car for the day to explore Phuket island at your leisure. And it doesn’t stop here! A Surprise Personal Departure Gift for you curtesy of the Garden Villa Phuket. (16) A free special departure gift for you includes a beautifully designed tote hand bag that contains lots of goodies for your keep sakes and good memories of your stay and experience with us at the Garden Villa Phuket. One for each person. (17) The contents include a free replica of Barry Gourmets original garden reed hat.One for each person. (18) A free professionally made DVD disk made from all your travel photos and film clips edited together with sound tracks as our thanks to you for staying with us. Includes a back up copy.(18) We invite you to visit a sample of a YouTube film production for one of our guests staying at the Garden Villa Phuket here at (19) An original Cartoon drawing designed with you watching Barry draw it for you and later we will have the drawing beautifully framed and signed by Barry Anderson himself. One cartoon black and white penciled hand drawing for each person. Yes Barry for many years back in the 70,s and 80,s and 90s worked on famous TV Cartoons for many Production Houses around the world including Hanna-Barbara Studios in Hollywood California now owned by Warner Bros. Studios. Walt Disney studios overseas and many others. Barry has worked on hundreds of famous popular cartoon episodes. His cartoon animation history can be found at the Internet Movie Data Base here at Just select ,copy and paste the link in your browser and click enter to see all of Barry's past film credits. You have a choice of Fred Flintstone with Barney Rubble or Barney with Betty Fred with Wilma Smurf with his girlfriend Smurfet Casper the friendly Ghost with his Friend Shaggy Scooby Doo with Scrappy Doo all FREE with Barry,s compliments (20) Barry Gourmets best plant based gourmet recipe booklet in full living color includes health tips on losing weight , Famous Longevity Diet recipes incorporated from the Blue Zones plus nutritional and fitness tips for a good read for people serious about their health. The recipe book will include all of Barry,s original culinary creations that take only 10 minutes to make for the busy person. Recipes that are a fusion of Mediterranean ,Macrobiotic, Vegan Raw, and Thai. The Rest Room Description: This semi -tropical bali rest room has a sink bowl and private shower area with hot and cold filtered running water. We supply fresh towels with the most natural non toxic body care spa products for our quests. Includes herbal soaps, shampoos , tooth paste, creams for shaving, accentual oils,a dry skin detox brush used for brushing your skin ,and yes your own personal mini trampoline for rebounding. Exterior covered amenities of the Garden Villa Phuket : This villa provides very generous living space for fine covered outdoor living to take advantage of your tropical Thai garden through rain or sunshine. The Garden Thai Kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you need for your culinary delight including the following .Your refrigerator is two times the size of most hotel mini bar refrigerators. The Kitchen is beautifully designed in solid teak wood with granite tops providing lots of storage and space that includes a mini oven,toaster, glass blender,coffee maker,tea pot and kettle,cutting boards,induction cooker,2 burner gas stove top filtered hot and cold water sink, steamer, lots of cutlery and fine dish ware, napkins,towels,soaps,with a wooden bread box containing complimentary organic herbal teas and organic ground coffee.Also includes a fresh organic herb garden for making salads and recipes of your choice. The Garden Thai Dining area is good for 2 people with fine teak furniture overlooking your garden. The Garden Thai Living Room is located off to the side that sits 4 people with glass and teak wood coffee table. The Chang Mai Garden Sala Thai pavilion sits 6 people comfortably that provides a 365 degree view of this tropical Thai Garden living space. About your Private Garden? Many travelers can appreciate a private mature exotic Thai tropical garden space for their personal pleasure and experience. We wanted to make this garden even more special for you by including various colorful exotics of plant life and flowers that would attract many Thai Butterflies to take residence in this special place. We give the Butterfly Garden and Insect World of Phuket our appreciation and thanks for their advice and support to make this garden to become a reality. This will be Phuket's first Private Living Butterfly Garden with out using a physical enclosure. The butterflies are free to fly away for ever if they want to, but instead these beautiful winged insects choose to stay in your garden to pollinate and to feed on the nectar of the many flowers. Your private garden with your personal Sala Thai pavilion is 200 meters long by 17 meters wide for your viewing pleasure. (21) We will treat you one time to visit Phuket's Butterfly Garden and Insect World for FREE including round trip transportation of our car rental for our guests staying 14 nights and more with us for1 or 2 people. This includes a complimentary Thai lunch at one of our favorite restaurants serving delicious Thai Cuisine. You can visit the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World here at for more information . "It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must be worth millions " We invite you to visit our Garden Villa Phuket You Tube Channel to learn more at The Garden Villa Phuket provides affordable Car Rental Services: Phuket is Thailand’s largest island located in the south on the west side facing the blue green Andaman Sea that boasts at least 22 beaches known and a few that are yet to be enjoyed by our guests off the beaten path that mainstream tourism has not yet discovered. Unfortunately the island is lacking in real public transportation and the other option is the services of unmetered taxis but many tourists take the option of renting motor bikes to have total control over their transportation needs. There are pros and cons to this option. First the Pros: Renting a motor bike depending on the year and quality of the vehicle can be from 150 to 300 Thai Baht per day. Easy to get around and easy for parking and will not brake the bank. The Cons: First the bike has no insurance coverage so you will be responsible for all damages to the bike and to other people and their vehicles if there is an accident even if it is not your fault in some cases. You can be stopped and given a fine by the Phuket police if you are caught not wearing a helmet and not caring a Motor Bike License. It is not fun riding in the rain and the road conditions can sometimes be hazardous and other peoples driving habits can make things difficult for you with out language translation . So this option will carry some risk but you will save money. Our recommendation if you do decide to rent a motor bike. Please carry accident insurance and some policies can be obtained in Phuket for travelers. Our Garden Villa Phuket Car Rental Service Options: We rent to you a late model 2 door Automatic Toyota Vigo Truck in excellent condition with first class full insurance that covers you and your passengers for full collision . There is a 5,000 Thai Baht deductible that is your responsibility to pay incase there is any damage to the vehicle. This is standard practice for all car rentals. (22) The price per day is only 500 Thai Baht and we checked our competitors price offers already for the same vehicle. They are charging 1,000 to 1,200 Thai Baht per day for the same vehicle. You save more than 50 % off with your car rental with us. We are flexible with you. For example you can take the option of renting your motor bike and renting our car when needed such as rainy bad weather or night time traveling or whenever it is convenient for you? (23)Now we are very accommodating to our guests for example when we or you need to shop for groceries or run an errand we can arrange to go together at absolutely no cost to you in a carpool arrangement for your convenience and ours. We encourage car pooling at the Garden Villa Phuket. We are environmentally friendly people as much as possible. The Garden Villa Phuket 2 for 1 Gourmet Breakfast offer Barry Gourmet and Raw and with Ams Thai touch has created delicious and nutritious breakfast cuisine offers that can not be found anywhere on Phuket Island at this price what so ever with the highest quality of whole food products and recipes. ORGANIC is our first choice. We use garden fresh organic ingredients as much as possible with out compromise what so ever. You can expect generous portions of international fusion breakfast cuisine that can only be described in the following words. Thai ,Macrobiotic, Mediterranean , Vegan Raw, Whole Plant Based Cuisine with organic free range ,grass fed land meats and wild fresh fish same day or pacific wild red salmon with fresh duck and hen eggs free range. We support our Thai Organic Farmer and the Royal Project of Thailand plus we grow many of the fruits and Thai herbs fresh in our garden for your culinary delight.Only the best and freshest of ingredients. All our oils of coconut, virgin olive, and sunflower are organic and cold pressed. Barry Gourmet has not enough space to describe everything in his Food and Beverage Gourmet Breakfast offers so it would be good to visit[email protected]/ for more information. (24) We think this generous offer is incredible at only 300 Thai baht for 1 guest or even 300 Thai Baht for our special 2 Guests . This is our special 2 for 1 offer only found at the Garden Villa Phuket. Why am I doing all this you may think? Well I love to prepare meals every day in my garden kitchen and I get so much joy out of sharing my gourmet cuisine ideas to my Flickr readers online that I wanted to have the same experience with you in person. Really the 300 Thai Baht just covers the purchase of the quality whole foods and special ingredients for each meal. I love sharing a great food experience with you ,and to just get the feed back from you will be a great thing in itself. To recap our offer you have your standard Garden Villa price at 700 Thai Baht per day. Your optional car rental at 500 Thai Baht per day. And your optional Breakfast offer 2 for 1 at only 300 Thai Baht per day. Only 1,500 Thai Baht per day if you wish to take advantage of all 3 offers at any time for the Villa, Car, and Gourmet Breakfast deal. Or you can simply choose your personal options that are best suited for you . “We think that our offer 1 through 24 are great values for you and if you think differently then there is nothing I can say and I may just have to eat my hat”. The Garden Villa Phuket Club House Option: We understand that many tourists that visit phuket want their swimming pool at any cost and shared pools are second choice and private pools are first choice with a higher price tag attached to the offer of course. And then some tourist never use the pool for different reasons like the chemical chlorine and buffers that some people are sensitive too . I have heard all the negative health stories in regards to the use of chlorination. And then some tourists just want all that open ocean to swim in and the pool is never used at all,but the pool price is still tacked onto their hotel room rate regardless .So they are paying for a service offered that is never used. I know that if I displaced this beautiful garden with a pool laced with chemicals then my organic butterfly garden would have been lost forever and nothing would be the same anymore. Just so that you know this is the reason why there is not a swimming pool just outside your villa door to jump into. But we do offer a very large Club House Salt Water Swimming Pool for adults measured 40 meters long by 8 meters wide. And a second children s pool measuring 10 by 10 meters. And to get there its just a wonderful 5 minutes walk through beautifully landscaped park land areas far away from any tourist crowd. In the past some of our guests where more interested in going to the beaches and less at the Club House so we kept the prices separate. Additional amenities of the Club House include : Full size indoor basketball and badminton court Table tennis Fitness and Weight Lifting room with tred mills ,nautilus and free weights.I use this facility. Separate women and mens wet and dry sauna rooms with lockers and showers.I use the sauna and showers on occasion for Detox. We can arrange the resident 100 Thai Baht per person admission,good for the whole day for using all the facilities mentioned above. In addition the Club House has a restaurant with free room service delivery for any orders per room over 100 Thai Baht. The Santi Spirit of Thai Wellness Massage Therapy is located at the club house with good services ,relaxation and reasonable rates that I still use today. Health Wellness ,Detox, Sports and Leisure and Weight Loss Programs offered : Introduction to the Santi Thai Spirit of Wellness Therapy:Santi is the only licensed Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine Therapy service on Phuket Island. A simple Nuad Thai Therapy massage is only 300 Thai Baht for one hour. Many Therapy treatments are offered such as Head Chakra Massage,Foot Reflexology,Thai Herbal Message,Prenatal Message,Fire Air and Earth Elemental Massage,Aroma Salt Scrub, Thai Herbal Body Scrub,Green Tea Body Scrub,Aloe Vera Shooting,Skin Balancing Body Wrap,Natural and Deep Cleansing Facial and my favorite therapy that I tried 2 times already is the full body Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage for my wellness and health maintenance. Excellent hands on service and Therapy. Kung Fu classes at the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy may spark some interest for this Chinese martial art experience held at the Club House at Land & House Park? In addition we highly recommend the services of Dr. Gerald Tur a gifted Chinese Traditional Physician and Kung Fu Faster. Why do I know this? Because Dr. Gerald helped me to rebalance my body when I was coming out of my 1 and a half month Detox and Parasite cleanse . After 15 days of traditional herbal remedies all my respiratory and related symptoms just disappeared and I recovered well. I cannot say enough for Dr. Gerald's therapy . I learned much from him. His website can be found here at Highly recommended PS: I was surprised how thorough and how much time that Dr. Gerald spent time with me to evaluate my condition. His fee was surprisingly affordable at only 1,000 Thai Baht and I am grateful for his expert advice and traditional chinese herbal remedy treatment. Barry Gourmet & Raw Excellent Yoga classes with Tippy :Tippy is a master at the ancient Indian art of Yoga . Working with her partner they have 35 years of Yoga instruction between them. With excellent value and affordable rates that I still use today I cannot say enough about Phukets little Yoga Secret for the Best Value and Services anywhere. For one class it would cost 400 Thai Baht for the 1 and a half hour per person ,that is standard price on the island. But the real savings and benefits are in the monthly rates. For only 2,500 Thai Baht per month you can have Yoga instruction classes 2 times per day monday through friday with one class on Saturday. Each class is 1 and a half hours each and often you have 2 instructors present. I go one month on and one month off and continue my Yoga moves at my Garden Villa Phuket residence. The nice thing about Yoga is it helps you to breath properly, helps you to stay calm and helps your limps to be more flexible with improved posture. You can learn Yoga with us , adopt this wonderful health practice into your life and it will always be with you. A little bit of information about Barry Gourmet & Raw? Over 30 years ago I was clinically obese with a grocery list of serious weight related disease conditions that eventually incapacitated me into a forced lengthy hospital stay of 3 weeks. My symptoms where being treated but not the root cause of why I was so over weight. Standing 5 foot 4 at almost 220 pounds I turned my life around by doing a lot of research and implemented my findings to eventually lose my excess body weight down to half and to finally be able to say good by to my obesity forever. I have maintained my present day lean 125 pounds to this day. I will share all my life experience with you in regards to my weight loss and elimination of all degenerative diseases that effect me. When it comes down to food science ,life style and nutrition for getting slim, I have the answers for you. But forever I will always be learning new things myself about how the body works and how food , life style and thoughts can affect the whole body. A little bit of information about Am Gourmet & Raw? (Am) is co founder and manager of the Garden Villa Phuket. My Thai wife of more than 15 years offers her business management skills and friendly hospitality to all our guests. She speaks 2 fluent Thai language dialects ,fluent English and yes even a bit of Mandarin Chinese from the 3 years that I was Supervising Theatrical and TV Cartoon Animation Productions in Shanghai China. OK maybe this sounds a bit corny but Am is my soul mate. She is supportive and her kindness and generosity goes a long way with people that have the opportunity to share time with Am.Am is a great cook in the traditional Thai way that gives me lots of inspiration and ideas for presenting the Earth Cuisine Recipes to my followers. Barry Gourmet & Raw and Am are your hosts at the Garden Villa Phuket Things that you can see and do in Chalong Phuket: Introduction of the area: In addition to many of the fine beaches close to this area near the southern end of Phuket Island is just minutes away for the traveler. This area is more green and residential with less tourists for peace and relaxation. You can find many exotic Thai Spas and Wellness Retreats in this area as well. Culturally many famous Thai Temples are located here and 3 of the biggest temples are just walking distance from the Garden Villa Phuket. Plus the Big Buddha sitting on a mountain is near by. Golf courses ,driving ranges and a tennis court is here just minutes away. Many Thai kick boxing training camps and Elephant riding camps are here as well. Chalong has the modern Villa Supermarket store with many other traditional Thai food markets in the area. Entertainment sections of bars, and restaurants,are with in easy short driving distances from the Garden Villa Phuket. Lots of every kind of international restaurant and Thai Chinese as well. Horse back riding on the beach is near by. John Grays Sea Canoe adventure travel will pick you up at the Garden Villa. The Butterfly Garden and insect world is just outside near by Phuket Town. Lots of garden nurseries and orchid farms are walking distance away. The Phuket Zoo and the Marine Turtle Sanctuary is minutes away. Many seafood restaurants including the Rawia Sea Gypsy village is in our area. Big game sports fishing and Scuba Diving shops only 5 minutes driving. Yacht sailing and motor Boats, Speed boats, and Long Tail Thai boat rentals for exploring the near by islands again are just 5 minutes away driving. With in walking distance from your Garden Villa you can enjoy hiking trails through parks and into the Chalong hills rubber tree plantations where much of the rubber tapping is done. You can find almost everything here such as photo copy and internet shops, supply stores of every product imaginable, Dentist, Health Clinic, Tailor, Law Office, Police Station,Stationary, Post Office homebuilding hard ware stores and the list goes on. The Garden Villa Phuket is located in an upscale residential community called Land and House Park that is centrally located near the southern end tip of Phuket Island very close to many of the major beaches. By car with 13 beach destinations including beach head view points it is one of Phukets most beautiful and scenic locations to be staying at. Chalong bay and Pier with restaurants, scuba dive shops ,sports fishing and boat rentals. 5 minutes Friendship Beach 7 minutes Leam Ka Beach 8 minutes Rawai Beach 9 minutes Promtrep Cape View Point 12 minutes Yamu Beach 8 to 10 minutes with a short cut down a Soi small road. Nai Harn Beach 10 to 15 minutes same small Soi road short cut. Kata Noi Beach 15 minutes. Kata Beach 17 minutes Karon Beach 18 minutes Patong Beach 20 minutes Cape Panwa 16 minutes Floor Dimensions of the Garden Villa Phuket in Square Meters The Garden Villa is noted for its generous outdoor covered living areas to take advantage of your Thai Tropical Garden views. The interior is a studio bedroom that is primarily used for sleeping with an en-suite restroom. Interior dimensions 16 square meters Exterior usable covered dimensions 30 square meters Total private living space 46 square meters. The shared covered exterior community common garden living room area pavilion is 20 square meters . The Garden Villa Phuket has just received the green light for serious room expantion plus new facilities and still you will have plenty of garden space to enjoy. Copies of all the working plans will be disclosed and emailed to the early birds that have booked before construction starts. When construction starts I will close the doors and the resort will reopen for the 2nd grand opening. This is how it works . If you book and stay with us before the 2nd phase grand opening that will make the villa 2 times bigger with a spa type infared sauna to enjoy. The price will not change it will be the same price that you are paying for your first visit with us. This is a one time offer with a 20 percent discount on the later bookings indefinetlely with us. Traditionaly when a hotel or villa does this kind of constrution they will raise the price later for the room for their return on investment right. But we will not do this to our original Loyal guests that book early with us. We think that this is a wonderful incentive for our guests to enjoy and thus this special offer is given to you for early bookings. Kindest Regards from Barry Gourmet & Am. You can contact Barry Gourmet directly for more information and booking at [email protected] or [email protected] if you have more questions about what we can offer to you for your holiday experience ? We would be glad to hear from you. "Thank You for choosing us at the Garden Villa Phuket" Am and Barry Gourmet & Raw

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