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Adelaide Rundle Street - Kither’s Building, Clarksons

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Built 1879 as 3 shops for William Kither, architect Rowland Rees, replacing earlier premises on site. One shop was Kither’s butcher shop and the remaining two were occupied by various businesses, including dining rooms, fancy goods, confectioner, tailor, etc. William Kither arrived in SA 1855 with his parents & siblings. He first worked for a draper before becoming an apprentice butcher. Later he encouraged his father to purchase the butcher shop. After his father’s death 1869 William with his mother Sarah ran the business as “S Kither & Son” until her death in 1875 when it was known as “W Kither”. He was the first to install refrigeration in 1884. After William’s death the business was carried on by his son Clarence Maturin Kither. The building was sold 1932 when Kither’s moved to King William Street. Re-opened as Clarkson Ltd showrooms 5 Dec 1932, with architects Woods, Bagot, Laybourne-Smith & Irwin making the transformation, building purchased by Commonwealth Bank 1958, Clarksons leadlight & stained glass department closed 1960. This building originally had the date MDCCCLXXX (ie 1880) and “Kither’s Buildings” on the facade. The ornate balcony has also been removed. “Mr. W. Kither, Butcher, 13 and 117, Rundle-street, begs to inform his numerous Customers and the public in general that he has Taken the Business hitherto carried on by Mr. Hince, next the Red Lion, 13, Rundle-street, which will be continued in connection with his old established Shop at 117, Rundle-street. . . continuing to supply Meat of Prime Quality, at the lowest remunerative rates for cash payments.” [Adelaide Express 10 Aug 1866 advert] “Butchers, Rundle-street. In returning their sincere thanks to the public for their liberal support bestowed on the late W. Kither for so many .years, beg respectfully to intimate that they will still carry on the business on the same premises in the name of S. Kither & Son.” [Express & Telegraph 13 Sep 1869 advert] “William Kither, Late of the Firm of S. Kither & Son, 117 Rundle-Street, Butchers and Sausage Makers. In tendering my sincere thanks to the customers and the public generally for the very liberal support accorded to our old-established business for the last 20 years, I beg to intimate that I will in future carry on the said business in my own name.” [Register 9 Nov 1875 advert] “On Saturday evening the first three shops of the block of buildings in Rundle street to be known hereafter as Kither's Buildings were lighted up and opened for the inspection of the public. . . The principal shop of the three is intended for Mr. W. Kither, and is one of the best-appointed butcher's establishments we have ever seen. The shop is thirty feet long by nineteen wide and fourteen in height. A very pleasing effect is secured by the introduction of Minton's hexagon glazed white enamelled tiles, with which the walls are entirely lined. . . There is to be an icehouse in this cellar in which to keep meat during the summer, and the accommodation otherwise is well adapted for the curing and export trade Mr. Kither carries on with Mauritius. Above and behind Mr. Kither's shop there is a substantial residence. The two adjoining shops are eighty-six feet long by twelve feet wide, and have above them rooms of the same dimensions.” [Evening Journal 14 Jul 1879] “the style adopted being Italian renaissance of very ornate character, forming a striking addition to the architecture of Adelaide. The verandahs are of noble proportions, and the effect is greatly added to by the artistic pencils of Messrs. Vosz & Son and their workmen.” [Chronicle & Weekly Mail 19 Jul 1879] “William Kither, Butcher and Sausage Maker, has the honour to announce that he will Open His Elegant and Commodious Premises, recently rebuilt at great expense under the supervision and from the designs of a well known architect, at Kither’s Buildings, Rundle-Street on Saturday, July 19, 1879, where he trusts his numerous customers and friends will favour him by a continuance of their support, which he has enjoyed for so many years past.” [Evening Journal 18 Jul 1879 advert] “To Let Two New Shops (Kither’s Buildings), each 70 feet long, with Corresponding Rooms above, and Good Cellars.” [Register 15 Jul 1879 advert] “Wanted, a Slaughterman. Apply at W. Kither's, Rundle-street.” [Register 29 Jul 1879 advert] “We are requested to call the attention of the Public of the east part of the City to those cool and well ventilated Rooms, opened by J. Jackman, which was so much needed in that locality, where Tea, Coffee, or Cooca, 3d. per cup, can be had at any time from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m.; also Breakfast, consisting of Meat Bread and Butter, 2 cups of Tea or Coffee, 1s.; Dinner — three courses, 1s, Soup Joint, Pastry, or Cheese; Tea, according to bill of fare, with Bread and Butter and 2 cups of Tea, 1s. Ice Drinks, Ice Creams during the season.— Jackman's Dining Rooms,48 and 59, King William-street, and 117, Rundle-street, Kither’s Buildings.” [Advertiser 8 Mar 1880 advert] “J. Menkens & Son . . . have Removed from 167 to 117a Rundle-street (Kither’s New Buildings), Invite inspection of their Stock of Fancy Goods, Bohemian and other Glassware, Crockery, Accordeons of the celebrated Lyre Brand, &c., &c. Motto — ‘Small Profits and Quick Returns’.” [Evening Journal 7 Dec 1880 advert] “The Adelaide Cash Grocery Store, 117A, Rundle-Street. Just opened. . . Kither’s Buildings, nearly opposite the Plough and Harrow.” [Register 10 Jul 1882 advert] “On Tuesday from noon until 2 o'clock in the afternoon the first free distribution of soup and bread to the distressed poor was made at the premises of Alderman Kither, who on that occasion provided both articles. . . there is a great deal of distress in the city. Altogether about thirty gallons of soup and forty loaves of bread were carried off by eager and indigent and genuinely grateful applicants, and the average daily demand will probably be about double that quantity. . . The soup and the bread were distributed by three private gentlemen who have interested themselves in the movement, and they were assisted by two of the City Missionaries and Miss Green.” [Evening Journal 28 May 1884] “A refrigerating machine, the invention of Mr. Edmund Taylor — the first of the kind ever introduced into this colony — has just been erected under the superintendence of the inventor on the premises of Mr. W. Kither, butcher, of Rundle-street. . . In the very hot weather it is impossible by any ordinary process to keep meat more than a few hours, and to many it is equally difficult to eat it when newly killed. . . sufficient cold air can be stored to keep the compartments cool for thirty-six hours without recourse to the machine, an advantage which enables the butcher to dispense with Sunday work, and which allows the slaughterman a clear rest from Saturday noon to Monday morning.” [Evening Journal 23 Jul 1884] “Salvatore Lazza, French, Italian, and English Confectioner, late of Adelaide Exhibition. . . has Removed to those commodious Buildings known as Kither’s Buildings, 117 Rundle-street. . . All Goods of the choicest, quality retail at wholesale prices. . . French Cocoanut and Cocoanut Chips fresh daily.” [Express & Telegraph 28 Jan 1888 advert] “Defrie’s Lamps, Chimneys, and Wicks, Chair Seats, all sizes, only from H. L. Newman, Kither’s Buildings, Rundle-street.” [Evening Journal 25 Feb 1892 advert] “Suits. . . Hats. . . High Class Tailoring. . . All Wool Materials, Thoroughly Shrunk. . . Hepworth’s Ltd. The London, Leeds, and Edinburgh Tailors and manufacturers, 117, Rundle-st. (Kither’s Buildings).” [Register 8 May 1895 advert] “The Co-operative Coupon Company Limited. Have Leased those Extensive Premises at 117a, Rundle-street, known as Kither's Buildings, and have opened them as Showrooms for the display of their Goods, which consist of Silverware, Lamps, Furniture, Clocks, Musical Instruments, Japanese Goods, &c., &c. The novel feature of this Company is that the Goods are Given Away Free in Exchange for Co-operative Coupons, which are obtained from the various Tradesmen in the City and Suburbs issuing them.” [Evening Journal 1 Nov 1898 advert] “Quality Meat. New Season’s Lamb. 7½d. Paddock-fed Beef. Kither’s Quality Butchers, Rundle St.” [Register 31 Oct 1924 advert] “Clarkson Limited has purchased the freehold of the building in Rundle street, in which the business known as W. Kither, butcher, is conducted. The premises have a frontage of 63 ft. to Rundle street and a depth of 160 ft. to Twin street. It is understood that the purchase price is in the vicinity of £40,000.” [News 14Jun 1926] “At the Abattoirs sales on Wednesday a consignment of spring lambs, which, was sold by Messrs. Elder, Smith and Co., Limited, on account of the Roseworthy College, provided an interesting example of the type and growth of various breeds and crosses. . . All the lambs were purchased by W. Kither, butcher, of Rundle-street, and will be exhibited at this shop later in the week.” [Chronicle 23 Jul 1931] “Auction. . . To Butchers, Engineers. Dealers, &c. . . at Kither’s Old Premises, 135 Rundle Street. . . Sale of Surplus Plant and Equipment Owing to Expiration of Lease and Change of Address.” [Advertiser 16 Mar 1932 advert] “Tenders are invited . . . for Remodelling and Extending Premises, Rundle Street, for Clarkson Limited. . . Woods, Bagot, Laybourne Smith and Irwin, Architects.” [News 8 Jul 1932 advert] “From very small beginnings in 1848. . . The originator was Mr. H. L. Vosz, the Pioneer Painter and Plumber of South Australia. He first imported Glass to the colony, and a small shop was opened at 88 Rundle street, where the business was carried on until long after his death in 1886. . . The present Managing Director, Mr: A. E. Clarkson, entered the business in 1890. . . In 1915 the business assumed the name of Clarkson Limited. . . Clarkson Limited will open new premises .in Rundle street on Monday, December 5, on the site formerly known as Kither's Buildings, and the new showrooms will be up to date and modern in every respect. There is a frontage of 63 ft. and a floor space of over 30.000 square feet. . . It is the Company's intention to specialise, as in the past, in the requirements of the Building and allied trades, viz., Paints, Glass, Mirrors, Leaded Lights, Wallpapers, Artistware, Builders' Hardware, Plumbingware, etc., and domestic electrical appliances and refrigerators have also been added to the Company's stocks.” [News 1 Dec 1932] “Clarkson Limited — Adelaide glass, paint and hardware merchants — this year celebrates its centenary of trading in South Australia. . . The business was founded 100 years ago by Mr. H. L. Vosz, who arrived from Europe in 1848 and started work as a carpenter and painter in Ackland street. . . Soon afterwards he rented premises in Rundle street and he was the first to import plate glass into SA. Mr. Vosz died in 1886 and for some years the business was carried on by those who had been closely associated with him. In 1904 the firm was incorporated . . . and in 1915 the name of the company was changed from H. L. Vosz Limited to Clarkson Limited, assuming the name of its managing director, the late Mr. A. E. Clarkson, who died in 1936. . . The company has occupied its present premises in Rundle street since 1932.” [Advertiser 17 Feb 1948] WILLIAM KITHER “Mr. William Kither, of Adelaide. . . was the proprietor of one of the oldest businesses in Rundle street; he had lived 55 years in South Australia. . . Mr. Kither had been married more than 40 years, and his wife, formerly Miss Elizabeth Morcom, was the daughter of an Adelaide coachbuilder well known in the early days of the State. . . Mr. Kither was a Londoner, born at Bow, in 1843. . . came to South Australia in 1855 with his father, mother, and six brothers and sisters in the ship Constance. . . his first duty was to weigh pins into 1-oz. packets. Ere long Master Kither apprenticed himself to a butcher. . . the apprentice persuaded his father to reopen the shop. That was about 1857. . . For two or three years the son and the widow were in partnership, then Mr. Kither began business on his own account. His operations rapidly expanded, and he found it necessary to pull down the old shop, and build the more commodious place which still bears his name. . . Mr. Kither became Councillor for Hindmarsh Ward in the City Council, and in 1883 was chosen as Alderman. . . a stanch advocate of asphalting in preference to woodblocking for street pavements.” [Register 25 Jan 1911] “The citizens of Adelaide will remember his goodness all through the severe winter of 1884. when he proved his practical nature by keeping open a soup kitchen for the benefit of those who were in need. In support of organised philanthropic institutions and bodies, Mr. Kither's name always figured. He was a life governor of the Children's Hospital, and also of the Blind. Deaf and Dumb Asylum, and he served for ten years on the board of management of the Adelaide Hospital.” [Express & Telegraph 24 Jan 1911] “Mr. Kither has left a widow and nine children. The sons are Messrs. J. M. Kither, H. Kither, of Messrs. Bennett and Fisher, J. S. Kither, and C. M. Kither. . . The daughters are Mesdames J. Vicars (Sydney), H. L. Jackman, Leslie Taylor, and Roy Taylor. The widow is in London.” [Evening Journal 24 Jan 1911] “Probate has been granted in the will of the late Mr. William Kither, of Mount Lofty, who died at Knightsbridge, London, on January 23 last, while on a visit to England. . . The executors are Elizabeth Jane Kither (widow of the testator), and Herbert Kither and Clarence Maturin Kither (sons). . . The butchering business so successfully carried on under the direction of the deceased has been transferred to Clarence Maturin Kither, who managed it in his father's absence.” [Register 21 Mar 1911]

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