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Hour rest outdoors during the summer

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In the Children's Home, younger children had to stay still during the one hour rest, if you can't be trusted to last an hour without the need to go for a pee, waterproof pants would be provided. Children in one place for an hour gave a chance for the staff to have a short rest. For any child that had wet themselves whilst wearing waterproofs, it was up to them when they told the staff about the accident, the longer you put it off, the later the telling off became. If you told them shortly after tea time, your bath and bed happened very soon. The elastic in the leg part was strong enough to prevent all but the most serious accidents from been noticed. ------------------------------ This might be the second of the two photos, this is the one after the telling off after making a silly face. See:[email protected]/4900345691/ ------------------------------------------ There were two of us with the same age and looks, our Sisters treated us in such similar ways, we seemed to get into the same scrapes whilst out at play in the grounds of the Home. It was not a case of blaming each other when found out, but we did give each Sister problems of finding which of us had been up to mischief. When it came to playing outside, it was difficult to tell us apart at a distance, we didn't try to copy each other as to our clothing, but in the grounds two boys of a similar age, similar looks, both often in dungarees and wellington boots, did give the staff that did not really know us a problem if we had been spotted doing something we should not be up to. That both of us did such similar things did not help. I think when our descriptions were circulated around by the staff trying to find a culprit, both our Sisters would never claim that it was us, but mention it must be the other boy. Often with just a choice of two culprits out of 100 boys, we soon were found out. They were possibly thankful that we were in different groups and went to different primary schools. Both of us were often told to wear waterproofs under our shorts or dungarees to stop us causing a regular nuisance in asking to go to the toilet after an hour from the last visit. The main reason why I would put in an early request, was that although I might not be in an urgent need at that moment, by going at this time, it would save any urgent need a little later. Unlike most of the other boys who found they could wait and suffer in pain for a short while when they needed a pee, if I knew really to have a pee, there was no way I could delay or suffer in pain, I just had to go at that moment. Trying to make sure I always went when I thought I should, was the main way I annoyed the adults, they really only wanted us to go at either at their scheduled toilet visits for us, or if we had signalled we were in urgent need, after at least an hour. The staff found the easy solution of putting us in waterproofs, when we might cause a nuisance if our timing was not convenient for them. ------------------------------ At the age of eight it was not thought by the Sister that looked after me in the Children's Home, that I could not last through the hour and a half church service, having to wear waterproof pants under my trousers meant I never had any problems. My friend had a Sister with similar thoughts. Even if you had asked to leave chapel, the answer would have been NO. In a way, I was glad of the reassurance they provided and that nothing would be noticed if I did have a problem during the service, I never did have an accident in chapel. Before I arrived at the children's home, I would have thought it quite normal to ask an adult when I wanted to go to the toilet. For many of us in the Home, it seemed that we had to wait for Sister to tell us when we were allowed to go, due to the mischief that occurred when we had been allowed to go off when we wanted. At first I was slightly embarrassed when Sister told me to put them on, I soon found out that an accident whilst wearing them resulted in little punishment, have an accident without them on, that embarrassed Sister in front of others and you would be in trouble at a later point in time. Sister decided that at the age of eight, that if she was taking me out to the shops, or if I was going on coach rides or the like and I was going to be away from the Home for two hours or more, I was told to put them on, just in case I needed a pee. I don't think she thought I would be able to hold on for longer periods, at least I was never embarrassed, as some of the other children that had accidents during our outings who didn't have them. When I first I wore them to school to show a friend what we were given to wear, he never told any of the others in our class, I think he was so fascinated and surprised that we followed the orders of the staff that looked after us in the Children's Home. He thought I had only come to school in them once due to a dare he made, he never knew that if I was due to go on a school trip, or that there was any other event other than normal lessons. Sister would see that I wore them when I set off to school, there was no chance of taking them off for the risk of them been found or loosing them, the punishment from Sister would have been unthinkable compared for a mild telling off if they were actually needed. At least on a school outing and other special events, it was one less worry for me. Some of the Sisters never let us visit public toilets if we were taken out of the grounds, the real reason was never explained, if we were given a reason why we were not to visit them, that they were not very clean, seemed to keep us innocent of any potential problems. In these cases either waterproofs or a raincoat hid any embarrassment we might suffer. We might miss out on all that fun of playing with the roller towel, leaving the taps running with the plug in the sink and other little events that we would never be found out over, but we could have equal fun on a dry day as to who could make the biggest puddle or leave the longest streak of pee on the pavement without any of the staff noticing. For more NCH photos visit

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