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" And Down the Walls of Maulin "

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I took this photo in 2016 but never really showed it as I thought it was a bit sad. Maybe its the right time now with whats happing here with the threat of Brexit hanging over us through no fault of our own! Such a shameful mess!! [email protected] "1847 was the year it all began, Driving pains of hunger drove a million from this land, They journeyed not for glory, There motive wasnt greed, A voyage of survival, Far across the stormy seas, To the city of Chicago, As the evening shadows fall, There are people dreamin` Of the hills of Donegal Some of them knew fortune, Some of them knew pain, More of them knew heartbreak, Died upon the plains, They spread throughout the nation, Rode the railroad cars, Brought their songs and music, To ease their lonely hearts, " To the city of Chicago Etc. [ Luka Bloom ] Luka is the brother of Christy Moore and he is a superb artist and composer who Ive been lucky to have seen many times. He knows more than 3 chords and can play!!! Brilliant! Look him up on uTube! P. Another photo from last Saturdays trek. Maulin mountain stands at 570m and is part of the Wicklow National park. Its a wild, boggy place but it has the most amazing views looking east towards the Irish sea and south Dublin Bay. I find it a very sad place as I know the history of it. Its not bad thing in my opinion to remember these dreadful happenings here, with respect and reverence as thankfully, we have all moved on in regard to our treatment and regard for our fellow humans, None in my opinion, more so than the Irish who in recent years have really grasped the nettle regarding peoples freedom, rights and civil liberties, including the removal in 1999 of article 2 and 3 from the constitution where the Republic of Ireland laid claim to Northern Ireland. A brave and a wonderful step which lead to the good Friday agreement and a lasting peace which we all work tirelessly to keep. The stone walls crossing this mountain for more than 600 yards, serve no useful purpose whatsoever and were built during the Famine years of 1847-1850, a terrible time when over one million died and another million emigrated to the new World. No one is quite certain of the exact numbers and im also certain that there are quite a number of bodies buried along this wall as they died of starvation while building it. The Government decided to start these hair brained schemes under the OPW as rather than give the starving food it was decided to make them work for it " So as not to foster and promote laziness " amongst the Irish! Work, when they were dying. Its so deep in the Irish psyche that people still talk about and everyone knows what "famine beds" and "Hungry Grass" is It still casts a "blight" upon all of us! The round stone structure in the fourground is competely covered in and incorporated into the wall. Its about 3ft high and 4ft in diameter with a 2 ft square hole in one side. No one seems to know what it is but its from the famine yearss Maybe a dog shelter. could be for food but................! Because of the way the English ruled Ireland, the land was divided into very small areas, sometimes of no more than a half an acre. This was so that the landlords could obtain more rents doubling or tripling the number of tennants, The rents were more than most people could afford anyway.Little has changed much there Im afraid! There could be up to 12 or 13 children together with their parents and maybe their grandparents living in a small rough house in each of theses homesteads struggling to live anyway so when the famine came, it was devastation. There was a population explosion here in the 1830s as the potato sustained so many of the population.It was thought that the potato was introduced to Ireland by Sir Walter Raleigh but it is now widely accepted that it arrived with the Spanish Armada in 1588. The Armada tried to invade England but were routed and they tried to escape across the top of Scotland and down the west coast Ireland but sadly they were caught in severe gales and many sunk and many were captured here by the English and the Irish who killed them or held them for randsome. Its said that women collecting seaweed in west, possibly Co. Kerry, found potato tubers washed up on the shore. They planted them in the poor peaty soil and to their amazement they grew extremely well, yielding up to 20 potatoes per stalk. This meant that they could easily feed their families so it became the mainstay of the diet here. This of course lead to a population explosion which Im certain the infamous drink, Poiteen played no "small" part in! Lol! Sorry ! Bad choice of words!!!!!! In 1847 [ black 47 ] a blight struck the potato crop blackening the stems and rotting the young tubers in the ground. and in storage pits { Clamps } in the ground, This resulted in total starvation for millions. At the same time thousands of tons of other foods, like Maize and Wheat were exported out of the ports here under armed guard. Queen Victoria contributed £5 to the Irish famine relief fund but was advised by her ministers to als give the same amount to Battersea Dogs Home as they didnt want it to appear that she was favouring us!!! How appalling! A sad time and we should never forget but we move on thankfully and rise way above it all. We now live in peace here on our beautiful island and we must ensure that it remains that way for all our sakes. Hugs and best wishes to all my friends here who just like us, are spread out to the 4 corners of our World! Thank you! P FOOTNOTE; 4/6/2019 Trump is in the UK at the moment and coming here tomorrow unfortunately. Hes not welcome! Hes still spouting his rheteroic about immigration. I have a question for him! The native American is the Red Indian so where does he think everybody else. including his ancestors came from? Indeed were it not for America, millions of Irish would have died here because of the famine. Australia also took many Irish people So think on! It was the immigrants that made America what it is today Fortunately they are not all like Trump! Hes in the minority and he wont last the distance. Statesman? Give us a break!!!! P.

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