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Mission 17: Riots on Corellia (Conclusion)

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posted by alias -TTROOPER- on Friday 8th of May 2020 06:14:16 PM

DESIGNATION: CC-1807 NICKNAME: Galaar (Scout) RANK: ARC Commander grade II UNIT: Vornskr Company, 3rd Regiment of the 253rd Elite Legion ------------------------------------------------------ "How come we're going back into the sewers Commander? Complaining isn't exactly my thing, but I just got rid of the stench from last time. Besides couldn't they just send some regs from the guard down there to look for stragglers, why does it have to be us?" "We're not going down there to look for staggers Atin, we're going down there because Durge just took out an entire squad along with an Alpha-Class ARC trooper..." "Durge is here!? That Chakaar owes me his head!" "You're going to have to wait your turn vod'ika, I have unfinished business with that demagolka, he killed my entire squad back on Muunilinst..." "We lost a lot of brothers to that beast back on Muunilinst Trapper and if we play our cards right today will be the day we avenge them, all of them... Today isn't the day for personal glory or revenge that will only get you killed." "Hound is right, we do this together. No one dies today except Durge, so make sure your heads are in the right place. If the General decides any of you are acting irrationally or emotionally you'll be sent back to the surface. Am I understood? "YES SIR!" "Good, prep your squads and make sure they're sufficiently armed, I recommend Trandoshan ACPs, projectile weapons might be better suited for killing this bastard..." "You heard the boss, the op starts at 0900 GAR time and I expect all Vornskr squads to be lined up and standing by outside of the tunnel entrance by 0845! Get moving Di'kuts!" "Something is troubling you Galaar, what is it?" "It's Durge General, last time I faced him I lost a lot of good men, the legion lost a lot of good men it took General Kenobi and several Alpha-class ARC troopers to bring him down and even then they couldn't kill him. I can't help but feel like I'm leading my men to their deaths." "I see. It's natural to fear for those you lead especially when faced with such a formidable foe, but fear not Commander the force is with us. We'll be fighting Durge within the sewers the space should confine him and neutralize both his mobility and size, if we can back him into a corner I believe we can neutralize him." "Neutralize him? I didn't think you liked killing organics Sir?" "For him Galaar I can make an exception." "Roger that Sir and General... thank you." -------- [ Some time later ] -------- "Galaar scanners are picking up two life forms past the next junction, could be survivors from Trident squad." "Roger that. Hound have two men check it out." "On it." "Commander wait!" "What is it General?" "It's him, it's Durge." "Roger. Vornskr move in." [Zsiva Ignites his light-saber as the clones of Vornskr Company begin to run, several of the companies squads split off down adjacent tunnels flanking the bounty hunter. Galaar is beside his General holding a captured Trandoshan ACP scatter gun at the low ready. As they round the corner the men of Vornskr company are greeted by a gruesome scene, across the sewer floor lie bits of shattered plastoid armor and the crumpled bodies of Trident Squad. In the center of the tunnel stands Durge holding the limp body of A-91 by the throat, upon seeing Vornskr Durge throws A-91 against the sewer wall, the impact cracks the stone and A-91 slides down the wall to the floor where he lays motionless.] "And right when he was beginning to bore me the Republic has the courtesy to send me Fett clones to kill, oh and a Jedi? This day keeps on getting better. Now Jedi would you mind telling your pet clones lurking in the shadows behind me to stand down while I gut you with your own lightsaber? No? That's a shame, prepare to die force feeder!" [In a blur of movement Durge spins around and tosses several charges at the Vornskr squads who had flanked him, his many nerve clusters alerting him to their presence before they even had a visual on the Gen'Dai bounty hunter. The charges explode mid air dropping the latter half of the tunnel and forcing the clones to withdraw. Zsiva rushes forward, but with uncanny speed Durge meets his attack grabbing the Jedi Knight by the face and plunging him into the murky water of the sewer. It is at this moment that the tunnel is illuminated with the brilliant blue of blaster fire, with their general now out of the line of fire Galaar and his remaining men pour every bit of fire power they have into Durge, but only the few ACP scatter guns scattered throughout the squads manage to dent his armor, the blaster fire merely deflects into the tunnel's ceiling or disappears leaving nothing but smoldering black streaks across the bounty hunters silver armor. Suddenly a blazing pink light erupts from the water cleaving straight through the soft armor underneath Durge's shoulder, the blow takes his arm and with it releases Zsiva from his watery grave. Rising the Jedi General holds his blade to Durges throat...] "Surrender Bounty Hunter." "That's going to cost you meatbag." [Before Zsiva could rebuke Durge a hail of blue blaster-fire struck the bounty-hunter engulfing him in steam as his armor began to heat up from the repeated blaster impacts. The fire stops as the tunnel becomes obscured by smoke.] "Did we get him?" "I'm not sure trooper..." [Vornskr falls silent as brutish laughter begins to echo through the tunnel, the clones train their blasters on the last know location of Durge and Zsiva readies his saber once more, but before anyone can make a move a red tentacle like appendage shoots out from the steam and sends Zsiva cartwheeling down the tunnel, taking several clones with him. Cursing Galaar drops his empty ACP and draws his DC-17 blaster pistols.] "Vornskr light him up!" "Vornskr? Like the dog? I wonder clone... will you whimper like a dog when I break you?" "Shut up demagolka." "Oh mando'a? Bad choice soldier boy I hate Mandol..." [Durge is cut short as a volley of well placed shots demolish his helm and with it his voice box.] "What's the matter bounty-hunter? [Galaar is interrupted by an enraged cry as Durge charges him] "Fier'fek..." [Once agian the clones open fire in an attempt to push the now enraged Durge back, to an extent they're successful, but Durge shows no sign of slowing or defeat.] "He's not going down!" "I know! Keep firing!" [Galaar is afraid, not because he may die, but because he may have very well just lead his men to their death, with Zsiva out of commission and his company at half strength as well has their heavy weapons restricted due to the tunnels Galaar was unsure how to move forward. They would just have to keep blasting until either Durge didn't get up or the tunnel collapsed on-top of them. It was in that moment of uncertainty when Galaar saw a solution.] "Lucky on my command have the men fire at the ceiling, we're going to drop the tunnel on the shabuir!" "Roger!" [Galaar begins to push forward driving Durge back towards the already weakened section of the tunnel] "Now!" [Galaar throws himself backwards as the support beans begin to glow orange and bend from the concentrated blaster-fire. Durge cries out and attempts to throw himself clear but a grenade from Galaar keeps him pinned in the killzone. The explosion is followed by the jarring snapping of metal supports. The men of Vornskr Company look on as the beams give way burying the Gen'dai bounty-hunter under a heaping pile of stone and steal.] "You think he's dead?" "We're not that lucky Atin, besides wouldn't be the first time that abomination has been buried alive by a bunch of Mandalorians..." "Hound contact command, tell them that we've subdued the bounty-hunter Durge and the Coruscant Guard is clear to sweep the tunnels for explosives." "On it Sir, shouldn't you let them know yourself?" "I have more pressing matters to attend to, someone has to go find the General and let him know he missed all the fun." "He'll probably be devastated that we managed not to kill the monster. I'll have Trapper send his medics your way Sir." "Thank you Hound, oh an let command know they're going to have to send someone else down here to dig that chakaar out." "Yes Sir!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was quite the story to tell, honestly I'm a tad bit worried that I let it go a little to much, especially with the length and if any of you managed to make it through the whole thing I'd greatly appreciate some pointers and feedback on the writing aspect! Overall this was a fun little build and I'm super happy with how it came out, I really enjoyed the challenge of building the Corellian sewers again and having to build something new while keeping it similar enough to my 17.1 build for people to recognize it as another section of the same system. I'm hopping that over the next week I can hopefully get another two builds one, one being GCW themed and the other will be either for the Legion or maybe modern depending on what I'm feeling. Until then any criticism is appreciated, thanks for stopping by and have a good one! - Tommy

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