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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Wednesday 22nd of January 2020 08:33:47 PM

_F2A5691 “11 women who made wilderness history” * “The Bismarck Tribune reports on Iowa's requirement that Dakota Access provide expert testimony to back up its claims that doubling the oil will not increase the risks associated with its pipeline.” Would you believe DAPL's experts or do you think Iowa needs a bona fide hearing and an opportunity to challenge them?” “Iowa wants expert review of Dakota Access Pipeline expansion” * “With thousands of species on the move as the climate changes, a growing number of scientists say that the dichotomy between native and alien species has become an outdated concept and that efforts must be made to help migrating species adapt to their new habitats.” “Today’s climate-driven range shifts are “one of the only solutions for species to adapt to climate change,” says ecologist Nathalie Pettorelli, who studies the impact of global environmental changes on biodiversity.” “Native Species or Invasive? The Distinction Blurs as the World Warms” * “Germany adds brown coal to energy exit under landmark deal” * “[T]he departure of a single National Security Adviser results in additional NSC departures—adding to the disarray, inhibiting performance, raising the anxiety levels, and decreasing the level of expertise (among other dysfunctions).” “Crippling the capacity of the National Security Council” * “This is the same woman who claimed that she supports ‘both sides’ of the climate change debate even though such a view point is logically impossible. For instance, one cannot believe that climate change is both real and fake; such a viewpoint cancels itself out. Kelly Craft, who was confirmed to become the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will be learning on the job.” “Trump’s U.N. Ambassador: I Don’t Have A Great Grasp On How The U.N. Works” * “Farmworkers are already some of the least protected workers in the country. And EPA is proposing to weaken an existing rule protecting farmworkers and their communities from pesticide spray drift.” “Pesticide drift protections under attack” * Jul 2019: “‘1 Million Americans Will Be Shot in the Next Decade’” * “Monday's weapon-filled rally has energized the Patriot movement and militia groups to encourage the formation of new, armed political forms in rural Virginia counties.” “Far Right Groups Are Rallying Virginia Counties to Form Militias * “ANTI-LGBT BOLSONARO GOVERNMENT TARGETS GLENN GREENWALD WITH CRIMINAL CHARGE FOR EXPOSING THEIR CORRUPTION” * “As Pence looked on, a Bishop in Tennessee spoke against the “demonic” nature of gays during a service Sunday... and our tax dollars paid for him to be there” “Pence attends homophobic sermon streamed on White House YouTube channel” * On this week's #PitchforkEconomics with Nick Hanauer we take on the #CorporateParasites that are abusing tax cuts for big businesses, and government funded research to make wild profits (and pay nothing in taxes). Take a listen – * Withholding baby formula in the wake of a disaster in Puerto Rico is White Supremacy at its most bald faced: “In Puerto Rico, protesters took to the streets Monday to call for the resignation of Governor Wanda Vázquez, after a video was posted Saturday showing undistributed emergency supplies sitting in a warehouse in the city of Ponce.” “Puerto Ricans Call on Governor Vázquez to Resign After Viral Video Shows Unused Emergency Supplies” * “Barcelona Declares Climate Emergency, Vows To Halve Emissions By 2030” “Spain’s second-largest city is becoming a model for sustainable urban planning.” * Lack of proper nutrition during childhood has deleterious effects on mental and physical development that can last a lifetime: “The Trump administration's previous rule on school meals dealt with nutrition rollbacks on sodium, whole grains, and milk. The new rollback targets the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which the former first lady, Michelle Obama, actively promoted. It phased in healthier school meal rules with guidelines for nutrition, requiring school cafeterias to increase the servings of fruits and vegetables.” “Trump administration to roll back school lunch regulations on fruits and vegetables” * “According to Brown University’s Costs of War Project, Washington has already spent at least $2 trillion on its war in Afghanistan alone and, as the Post made clear, the corruption, waste, and failure associated with those expenditures was (or at least should have been) mindboggling,” Mandy Smithberger—Director of the Center for Defense Information—writes via TomDispatch. “Rather than curtailing Pentagon spending, Congress continued to increase its budget, while also supporting a Department of Defense slush fund for war spending to keep the efforts going.” Given the way the Pentagon has sunk taxpayer dollars into endless wars, in a more reasonable world that institution would be overdue for a comprehensive audit. “Never the Pentagon, How The Military-Industrial Complex Gets Away With Murder in Contract After Contract” * "A gun is not merely a symbol; it is not like words or ideas. It is an instrument of violence and death, and its display amid a crowd is a threat." “Guns Are No Mere Symbol” “Protesters gathered at the Virginia state capitol on Monday to exercise their First Amendment rights, but they did so in a way that took away the First Amendment rights of others.” * “US embassy calls for ‘immediate resumption’ of oil operations in Libya” * “Big Oil’s Plan B is already in the pipeline: More plastic” * “A trial where there’s no evidence, no existing record and no new evidence, no witnesses, no documents, that isn’t a trial at all. It’s a cover-up.” “Mitch McConnell Accused of Staging a Cover-Up as Trump Impeachment Trial Begins” * “This administration continues to waste resources on building a racist, xenophobic wall.” “$11 Billion And Counting: Trump's Border Wall Would Be The World's Most Costly” * “Senate Republicans are robbing America of a fair trial. We should all be outraged”8j * "What the citizens of the UK believe they send for recycling is actually dumped in our country" --Malaysia's Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin “Malaysia Sends Plastic Waste Back to 13 Wealthy Countries, Says It Won’t Be 'the Rubbish Dump of the World'” * “Trump's Border Patrol deported an Iranian student with a valid visa, despite a federal court order prohibiting his removal. The Trump administration’s recent targeting of Iranians and Iranian Americans is shameful, and Trump's Border Patrol must be held accountable for its actions."” “CBP Deported an Iranian Student With Valid Visa, Defying Court Order” * Florida passes heartbreaking milestone with 129 manatees killed by boats so far this year. This is the most manatees killed by boats ever recorded. Manatees are listed as a threatened species by the US Department of the Interior. In total, 545 manatees have died in Florida waters this past year with, death by natural causes being the leading factor. Officials aren't sure why so many manatees were killed by boaters in 2019, but Florida's human population has ballooned in recent years making it the third most populated state with nearly 22 million people. Coupled with Florida's lax boating restrictions, manatees are the natural victims. Take action for wild animals here: “Florida boaters broke the all-time record for killing manatees this year, In total, 545 manatees died in Florida waters this year.” * “Billionaires Have More Wealth Than 60% of the World's Population, Report Finds” * "As they gather for the World Economic Forum, CEOs and politicians like U.S. President Donald Trump are set to face mounting pressure from environmental groups and activists like Swedish teen Greta Thunberg to respond to the climate emergency. The meeting follows last week’s revelation that the last decade was the hottest ever recorded on Earth." “Climate not considered a top 10 risk by CEOs: survey” * “More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy” * “Trump and his enablers keep saying that America can't afford Medicare for All. Baloney. According to a new study, the average cost of administering health care in the United States is $2,497 per year versus just $551 in Canada's single-payer system. Why the big difference in cost? In the United States, private insurers spend billions on marketing budgets, executive salaries, and buying out their competitors. In fact, a third of the cost of hospitals is for billing private insurers. As a result, Americans end up paying more than resident of other industrialized nations, but have worse health outcomes. We can, and must, do better. What do you think?” “U.S. health system costs four times more to run than Canada’s single-payer system” * “"#NEPA is at the core of our speaks to the 'human environment'." writes NRDC's Sharon Buccino. This means it takes real, human lives into account when evaluating the environmental impact of a project. Now, Trump is trying to roll back this critical law, jeopardizing our health, communities, and, worst of all, our ability to speak up.” “Trump Disregards Citizens in His Rush for Polluting Projects” * “Greta Thunberg Chastises Global Elite at Davos Forum” *

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