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Kanata Timeline History 1989 (part 3 of 3)

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1989 (part 3 of 3) September 3, 1989 Henry Bertram (Harry) Sweeney died at the age of 96. He was the former owner of the controversial Ottawa River land dispute with the City of Kanata, which his relatives settled a week earlier. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:3. September 4, 1989 The Pinhey Point Country Fest was held to celebrate the Labour Day holiday in Kanata Kountry. Proceeds of the event went to the University of Ottawa’s Heart Foundation. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1989:3. September 5, 1989 Kanata City Council approved a draft plan from Wedgewood Building Corporation to begin construction on the first phase of a new residential community west of Glen Cairn. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1989:3. September 5, 1989 The constituency office for Lanark-Carleton MP Paul Dick moved into Kanata. Its new location was the second floor of the Kanata Square building on Hearst Way. Dick explained that the move was due to changes in the federal riding’s boundaries. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1989:6. September 6, 1989 The Ontario Municipal Board adjourned its appeal hearing by the Hazeldean Housing Co-operatives after only ten minutes of proceedings. The organization was appealing Kanata City Council’s rejection of their zoning application on Castlefrank Road. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:1. September 9, 1989 The residents of Glen Cairn celebrated their 25th Anniversary. In 1964 William Connelly began building the community, which was to be Canada’s “Centennial City.” Kanata Standard, August 30, 1989:1,6. September 9, 1989 The 12th Annual Fun Fair was held by the Glen Cairn Cooperative Nursery School. They raised $2,700 for the school, the highest amount ever. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:10. September 10, 1989 The Kanata Pentecostal church on Teron Road celebrated its 10th Anniversary and welcomed a new pastor, Jack Richards. Kanata Standard, September 6, 1989:16. September 12, 1989 Kanata City Council denied the manager of Constance Lake Lodge, John Avery, an exemption from the City’s firearm by-law, which prohibited discharging a firearm. Avery hoped to shoot at seagulls on the lake and frighten them away, as they were a hazard to planes on the lake. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:3. September 16, 1989 It was reported that the Kanata Enterprise Corporation was going to be closed in mid-December. It was formed three years earlier to aid young, small businesses in their development. The original intent was that after three years with provincial funding, the Centre would operate independently. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:5. September 17, 1989 Kanata held its first Terry Fox Run. $11,171 was raised for cancer research. Kanata Standard, September 13, 1989:30. September 20, 1989 Kanata teenagers Paul Basky and Andrew Woods were organizing a local benefit rock concert in support of the City’s needy. Kanata Standard, September 20, 1989:1-2. September 22, 1989 The Kanata branch of the Royal Canadian Legion received its charter. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1989:1. September 22, 1989 Jim Connelly of Glen Cairn won second place honors at the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders Association awards banquet for his $400,000 home. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:32. September 26, 1989 A small group of residents attended a Kanata City Council meeting to oppose a rezoning request by Genstar Corporation of a parcel of land on the north side of Knudson Drive from low density to medium density. They argued that they had expected the land to remain low density and that townhouses would lower their property values. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:2; Kanata Standard, October 12, 1989:3. September 27, 1989 It was reported in the Standard that Kanata OPP was trying to determine if there were missing funds from the Kanata Kountry music festival held at Pinhey’s Point. About 5,000 people attended the festival. Kanata Standard, September 27, 1989:2. September 27, 1989 Kanata City Council agreed to create an Arts Advisory Committee, keeping with the recommendations of a previously released Arts Facility Feasibility Study. The committee would to investigate the needs of the arts community in Kanata and report back to Council. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:23. September 29, 1989 A Kanata ambulance attendant, Pat Proulx, was reinstated after five months off work. He was fired on April 17 after making comments to the press criticizing the ambulance service. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:5. October 3, 1989 A report tabled at a meeting of the region’s planning committee indicated that Kanata was not providing its fair share of non-profit affordable housing. According to Mayor Adam, there had not been a pressing need for affordable housing development in Kanata a short time earlier. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:1. October 4, 1989 It was reported in the Standard that Campeau Corporation had sold its 37 acres of Town Centre industrial lands to Arnon Development Corporation. The price of the sale was not released. The lands had previously been estimated to be worth between $7 and $11 million. Kanata Standard, October 4, 1989:1. October 4, 1989 More than 50 Bridlewood residents attended a public meeting to discuss a possibilities for the CP rail link that was to be put out of commission on January 14. The rail line ran through Bridlewood, bordering Glen Cairn. If the rail was ripped up, ideas on how the land could be developed needed to be aired. Representatives of the Commuter Rail Study Group asked residents to consider the advantages of a commuter train to Ottawa. Jennifer Tomas reported that once both sides of the rail link issue were presented, an “unruly and heated discussion erupted.” Residents finally agreed on a statement asking the City to look into the alternatives for the rail corridor, including recreational uses. Kanata Standard, October 12, 1989:2. October 11, 1989 Kanata City Council moved unanimously to amend the Official Plan and move the “symbolic core” of the Town Centre to land in the northwest quadrant bounded by Terry Fox Drive and the Queensway. Mayor Adam stated that shifting the core of the Town Centre would in no way inhibit other aspects of development slated for the area. Kanata Standard, October 12, 1989:1-2. October 12, 1989 Jennifer Tomas wrote a feature in the Standard outlining a two-day seminar of the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association, where it was indicated that Kanata’s electronics industry had the capacity to reduce emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals by 50 percent. Kanata Standard, October 12, 1989:35. October 12, 1989 The Bridlewood Community Association decided to ask Kanata City Council to rezone the controversial rail line corridor so it could be used as a bicycle path and cross-country ski trail. This contradicted the recommendation from the group formerly led by Alderman Judy Hunter for a commuter rail line to Ottawa. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1989:6. October 12, 1989 Newbridge Corporation announced that it had agreed to form a joint venture company with the Soviet Ministry of Radio to manufacture and sell networking computer systems in Moscow and Minsk, U.S.S.R. The agreement was expected to increase the number of jobs at the Kanata plant from 750 to at least 1200 over the following 14 months. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1989:34. October 18, 1989 The Bridlewood Residents Hydro Line Committee held a public meeting to announce a change in strategy in its battle to have Ontario Hydro move controversial power lines out of the community. Ontario Hydro stated that despite three years of protests and political lobbying, they would boost the electrical current in the Kingston to Ottawa line, which ran through Bridlewood. The group was attempting greater political lobbying and meeting with the Ministry of Energy. Kanata Standard, October 12, 1989:5; Kanata Standard, October 25, 1989:1-2; Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:7. October 18, 1989 Coscan Development Corporation replaced Minto Corporation as the builder of 650 housing units in the Riddell Village project. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1989:2. October 18, 1989 It was reported in the Standard that Bradley Farm Estates Inc. agreed to not tear down the Bradley farmhouse on Banning Road and agreed to maintain the original structure. In late August, Kanata City Council had declared that the house be protected under the Ontario Heritage Act. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1989:2. October 18, 1989 LaDean Hutchinson reported in the Standard that Mayor Des Adam was critical of Regional Council and their proposal for a transitway tunnel in downtown Ottawa. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1989:6. October 21, 1989 Margaret-Anne Ford of the Glen Cairn Skating Club placed second in the pre-novice category in a regional figure skating competition. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:30. October 24, 1989 The Kanata Public Library asked Kanata City Council for $12,500 after tenders for a needs-assessment study were received. Chairman of the Board, Patricia Shotton, related that the consulting firm would look at the library services and make recommendations on additional services over a ten-year period. Kanata Standard, October 18, 1989:41. October 24, 1989 Kanata City Council approved Richgreen Realty’s bid to provide 30,000 square feet of office space at its site between Kanata Hydro and the proposed Grace Hospital for the new City Hall site. The decision to lease was estimated to cost the City over $7 million in rent and operating costs. Aldermen Hunter and James wanted to defer the decision for two weeks to allow for public discussion. Alderman Judy Hunter later criticized the secrecy of actions leading to this decision and stated in her Ward 5 Report: “Before us was a decision on where and how to locate Kanata’s new city hall. No one from the public or in the press knew that this matter was on the night’s agenda. Despite the enormity of the decision at hand, a majority of councillors did not want any public scrutiny or input before we made our choice.” A Standard editorial stated: “Kanata City Council seems to be heading for trouble. With the Sweeney controversy still a fresh memory, city aldermen are gearing up for another head-on collision over the city’s 10-year lease for its new city hall quarters.” Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:1,5,19; Kanata Standard, November 8, 1989:1,2,7. October 24, 1989 Kanata City Council approved a master plan for parks and open space for Marchwood and Lakeside. The plan was the result of a combined effort by City parks and recreation employees, Torrence and Wright Landscape, developers, and a committee of volunteers. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:6. October 25, 1989 It was reported that the City of Kanata hired two new high-ranking staff members. Bill Arthur was hired for the engineering department, and Dave Guilbault took over as the new deputy fire chief. Kanata Standard, October 25, 1989:40; Kanata Standard, November 15, 1989:24; Kanata Standard, November 22, 1989:14. October 27, 1989 Katimavik resident Arthur Provencal, 23, was sentenced the three years in connection with a rash of break and enters in Kanata. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:5. October 31, 1989 City crews began construction on an access road for the newly acquired portion of the Sweeney property. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:1,5. November 2, 1989 Andrew Haydon, the Regional Chairman, held a bearpit session in Kanata. He defended his $450 million plan to build a tunnel under Albert and Slater streets to speed up bus traffic through downtown Ottawa. Kanata residents were critical of the enormous cost of the project and questioned the benefit to their area. Another session was scheduled for November 9. Kanata Standard, November 8, 1989:7. November 2, 1989 The Kanata City Soccer Club held its Annual General Meeting. Reg Isherwood was chosen to continue as Club president. Other executive members included Dennis Date, Tim Ralfe, Ted Farant, Tom Leafloor, Graham Jones, Barbara Evans, and John Connors. Kanata Standard, November 8, 1989:29. November 7, 1989 Aldermen Hunter and James stated that they wanted to eliminate the Kanata City Council private meetings held before the regular Council meeting each week. They claimed that these in-camera sessions were too private and unnecessary. John Mlacak responded in a letter to the Editor: “During the last several years, a number of council decisions have quite disturbed me and with the recent decision-making process regarding the new city hall, I felt compelled to act on my concerns.” Alderman Hunter, in her Ward 5 Report, wrote of the “poisonous atmosphere” in Council which was one of “bitterness and division.” She added: “At the last council meeting (Nov. 7th) two residents came to council with concerns about secrecy, the exclusion of the public in Kanata’s decision-making process and the financial wisdom of the proposed city hall lease. Instead of a polite reception, former reeve John Mlacak and businessman Charles Sinclair were subjected verbal barbs and personal character attacks from the mayor. This left some of us on council and many in the audience in shock, disbelief, and sorrow.” Kanata Standard, November 15, 1989:1,3,5,43. November 8, 1989 Residents in Kanata Lakes held a meeting to discuss whether or not to form a residents’ association, primarily to keep informed on development in their area before it would get out of control. Kanata Standard, November 1, 1989:5. November 8, 1989 It was reported in the Standard that Hazeldean Mall celebrated its 10th Birthday in Kanata. Kanata Standard, November 8, 1989:32. November 10, 1989 A seven-year-old boy found a used hypodermic needle near garbage in Katimavik and punctured himself. He was being tested for Hepatitis B and AIDS. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1989:1. November 15, 1989 Campeau Corporation decided to take its 300 acres of land in the Kanata North Business Park off the market. The property had been listed for sale for eight months. Kanata Standard, November 15, 1989:3. November 14, 1989 Kanata City Council agreed with the Bridlewood Community Association and passed a motion supporting that the rail corridor be used for a bike path and cross-country ski trail. Kanata Standard, November 22, 1989:20. November 16, 1989 A Kanata City Council meeting erupted as the on-going debate on secrecy in Council came to a head. Alderman Judy Hunter stormed out of a closed meeting claiming that the items being dealt with in the session could have been on the agenda of Council’s regular open meeting. The item in question was Council dealing with previous public statements by Aldermen Hunter and James, when they questioned the administration’s wisdom on the City Hall issue. Alderman Read stated: “Judy Hunter is doing nothing but discrediting us, she’s tearing the city apart....She plays by her own rules and someone has to expose this.” Mayor Adam said that the Hunter’s behavior at the meeting was “absolute plain stupidity.” Hunter defended her actions and stated: “The items to be discussed were not items that needed to be brought up in-camera...Mine and Eva James’ comments in the press were being turned into a personnel matter by council.” Kanata Standard, November 22, 1989:1. November 21, 1989 At a Kanata City Council meeting the hot topic was the proposed Kanata City Hall. This debate had become serious when Aldermen James and Hunter publicly stated that the dealings were kept too much in private. Council was reported as defending their position to the public for two-and-a-half hours. Alderman Hunter contended that the lease deal was not a good deal for the City. Some public members wondered why Hunter had been under personal attack from other members of council since the issue was made public. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1989:3,6,7. November 24, 1989 In an interview with the Standard, Mayor Des Adam advised the Bridlewood Residents’ Hydro Line Committee to “give up the fight.” He added: “There’s nothing to be gained by continuing with this lobby effort. The lines are there and they don’t have a chance in hell of getting them out of there. Why keep hammering away at it? It’s reached the point where it’s not fair to the other residents living in Bridlewood. Their house prices are depressed. It’s not fair that the hydro line group should drag the whole community down with them.” Adam did agree, however, that the hydro lines should have never gone up in a residential community in the first place, and added that the City had done its best in 1985 to prevent them. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1989:1. November 28, 1989 Kanata City Council moved in a 6-1 decision to sign the controversial 10-year $7.3 million city hall lease, pending approval from the Ontario Municipal Board. Alderman Hunter had asked Council to reconsider the leasing option and look at the alternative of purchasing the City Hall development. Adam stated that to switch to purchasing so late in the game would not be possible. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1989:1,6. November 29, 1989 It was reported in the Standard that vandals damaged 21 panels on the pedestrian overpass linking Marchwood-Lakeside (Kanata Lakes) with the Kanata Town Centre. Since being built in 1982, there had been several incidences of vandalism. This time the estimated damage was between $12,000 to $15,000. Kanata Standard, November 29, 1989:3. November 29, 1989 The City of Kanata’s newly formed 17-member environmental committee held its first meeting to discuss terms of reference with the city clerk and elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. All members were chosen through interviews with Council. The new Chairman was Michael Cloghesy. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1989:2. December 5, 1989 Kanata Trustee Art Lamarche was acclaimed as the new Chairman of the Carleton Separate School Board. He had served as Trustee for five years. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1989:2. December 5, 1989 The City of Kanata named Newbridge the Corporate Citizen of the Year in the 2nd Annual Awards for Design Excellence. The awards recognized Ottawa-Carleton designers, builders and owners of Kanata projects completed within the year. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1989:39. December 5, 1989 The Bridlewood Community Association held its Annual General Meeting. Linda Makela resigned from her position as president and Eric Hawthorn was the only nominee for the position. Makela said that Hawthorn was concerned with issues and not afraid to speak out. She said this was needed in Bridlewood, as the community was at a critical stage of development with several strip malls and a major business and industrial development planned for 1990. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1989:2. December 6, 1989 Debbie Lawes wrote a feature in the Standard on policing in Kanata. First, she discussed a shortage of police officers in the Kanata OPP detachment, at least in terms of running more proactive programs. Secondly, she expressed that Kanata would not have its own police force until at least 1995. According to Brian Switzer, the City’s chief administration officer, the current population was still too small to incur the expense of a municipal force. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1989:6. December 6, 1989 Kanata’s two public libraries were implementing new computer systems, which would be available to residents in early 1991. Chief librarian, Joan Dodsworth-Ware stated that the old card catalog system would be used until the library became fully integrated with public terminals. Kanata Standard, December 6, 1989:18. December 12, 1989 Kanata City Council held a budget meeting to discuss the proposed 1990 budget. It included $20,000 in its 1990 capital budget to repair the 106-year-old Orange Lodge. The City had bought the stone heritage building at a good price on July 6, due to back taxes owed. Some residents, such as John Mlacak, were critical of much of the capital budget and emphasized that spending needed to be reduced to prepare for unforeseen factors. Mayor Adam felt that there were no strong criticisms at the meeting. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1989:1; Kanata Standard, December 20, 1989:6. December 13, 1989 The Standard reported that the heritage buildings and lands of Pinhey’s Point Estate would become the property of the City, due to financial difficulties experienced by the Pinhey’s Point Foundation. Kanata Standard, December 13, 1989:1. December 15, 1989 A report from the Commuter Rail Study Group, a Kanata-based residents group, was released. It recommended that the Ontario government commission a study into the feasibility of establishing a commuter rail service on a line running through Bridlewood, between Carleton Place and Ottawa. Canadian Pacific was planning to rip up the tracks on January 15, though they also recommended that this be postponed until a study be completed determining the feasibility of the commuter rail system. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1989:3. December 19, 1989 The 1990 Kanata City Budget was released, indicating that if the City wanted to keep the tax increase below five percent, then a cut to social services and the library would be needed. Council had previously approved a 4.8 percent tax increase. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1989:1-2. December 20, 1989 The decision of the Ontario Municipal Board hearing on the proposed co-operative housing development in Glen Cairn was released. Kanata Standard, December 20, 1989:1,44.

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