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Day 148 - Thirteen things

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posted by alias Run Strong on Monday 31st of December 2007 12:24:27 AM

FGR goes introspective today. Thirteen things to know about me. Yes, it's a long list. No, I don't really expect you to read it. 1: Disenfranchised - I have come to hate political parties. And lobbies. And unions. Anything that represents solely their own interests. I'm okay that you & I can be of completely opposite beliefs. In fact, I may like you even more because of it. I lean to the left on a lot of issues, but my dad taught me that there are always three sides to a story - your side, my side, and the right side. 2.Disenfranchised part deux: Religion. I no longer align myself with any particular religion. I left the church I had been an active part of for over 15 years about three years ago. Same reason as #1. If we all are moved upon by the same spirit to believe sometimes completely different things, how can you or I stand there and claim truth? I'm not anti-God or anti-religion. I just believe we all have spirits that are pointed our own way. And whatever made it that way probably got it right. 3. Respect. I can't call a woman the "B" word. Or anything like it. I get mad at T when she & her girlfriends call each other that. Same rules apply to the "N" word. Even bringing it up now bothers me, because you just said the words in your mind. Dammit. 4. Music. Proof that I have a soul. And we are connected on some paranormal level. I can listen to modern rock like Chevelle, Three Days Grace, or Seether. Then I can put in John Denver, KD Lang (Hymns of the 49th parallel - amazing album), Jack Johnson. I'll listen to Rap, Hip Hop, Emo, whatever I feel will get inside me and accentuate the mood I'm in today. 5. Adventurous: One of the mantras I live by - If I mightlike something, why wouldn't I? That goes for music, food, people, activities. I try not to judge something or someone until I've tried them on for size. Not everything fits, but the more I can like, the happier I'll be. 6. Caliente: I love spicy food. I once ate a habanero that garnished a burger that was so damn hot, my mouth went numb for the rest of the night. I'd probably try it again. 7. Community: Inconsiderate people piss me off. Stealing parking spaces, keeping the change the clerk gave you even when you knew it was more than you were entitled to. We're in this together. And it comes back around. 8. English minor: I'm a grammar & spelling freak. Especially in print media, signs, or anything going to the public. It depends on the venue. I wish people knew that "she & I are going to the movie, but they brought the popcorn to her & me." 9. Parenting: I worry about finding the balance between pushing my kids too hard and not hard enough. I need to guide them and teach them the things I believe to be important without trying to mold them into mini-me's. Which is worse, a-hole dad yelling at the coach to put his kid in the game, or couch potato dad who doesn't really give his kids any real encouragement? 10. Long winded: I love lists. They're about the only junk e-mail I'll participate in and forward on. 11. Dreamer: I see big things. I'm not always the best at follow through. I can see a grand finish and map out a plan to get there. It's overcoming myself on a daily basis that prevents me from accomplishing more. 12. Age: I'm finally to the point where I don't feel "young" anymore physically. I believe I'm young at heart - who doesn't? But I see pictures like this and I look my age. My body doesn't heal as quickly as it used to. I had a couple injuries that kept me from running all year. It's okay, just different from where I've been, and a little hard to accept. 13. Flickr: This place has come to mean a lot to me. I signed up as a way to share pics with family members around the country. Then joined a few groups and ended up with a couple contacts. Then I started my 365 project. Then I joined FGR. I think it was Bitca who said something like, "some of you people are more real to me than some of the people I work with". I totally get that. I have some amazing friends here that I have never met - and quite likely never will. Somehow, you are in my heart though. So there.

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