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Column 1: a. 200905Sa-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Wonderpies b & 2e. 210602W-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-CountryCobBakery c. 210711Su-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Kyneton-CountryCob.bakery d. 200830Su-Melbourne'HeraldSun'- Country Cob bakery. Column 2. a 210523Su-Melbourne'HeraldSun'. FredricktonNSW-Fredo'sPies b. 211101M-Fairfax-GoodFood-Sydney-LodePies&Pastries-a-food c&d 210124Su-NewsCorp-Escape FredricktonNSW-Fredo'sPies Column 3: a. 140708-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Rolf'sPies b. 210603-'CanberraTimes'-pies c. 210601-PieTime-c-Berrima-GumnutPatisserie d. 210601Tu-'CanberraTimes'-pie bakery e. 210601Tu-'CanberraTimes' - Mittagong visitor centre. Pie Time. Column 4: a. 210601Tu-'CanberraTimes' -Southern Pielands, Pie Time b. 210427Tu-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Heathcote-Gaffney'sBakery&PieKitchen c. 210601-PieTime d. 210717Sa-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-Bayswater-OkkaPies Country Cob Bakery Kyneton, Boronia wins Australia’s best pie competition. Kimberley Seedy June 2, 2021 Knox Leader Mouth-watering pies from a bakery in Boronia and Kyneton have been crowned best in the land again — here’s how to get your mitts on one. Country Cob Bakery owner Ryan Khun with some of his award-winning pies. Picture: Chloe Smith. A Victorian bakery’s pies have been named the best in Australia for the fourth time. Country Cob Bakery, which has stores in Kyneton and Boronia, took out five national titles and 14 gold medals at the annual Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition in Sydney last week. The five titles included Australia’s Best Plain Meat Pie (the fourth time it has won the title); Australia’s Best Vegetarian / Vegan Pie; Australia’s Best Mushroom Pie; Australia’s Best Beef Flavour Pie and Australia’s Best Apprentice Meat pie. The bakery’s amazing range of pies were recognised with gold medals, including the fish amok; Cambodian sour beef; caramelised pork and pepper; satay seafood; beef rendang; curry scallop; curry cauliflower; cheesy vegie; pepper beef; plain beef; mushroom ragu; mince and cheese; and chicken biryani. Co-owner Ryan Khun said Country Cob took out the most gold medals and national titles of any bakery in Australia at this year’s competition. “Our most popular pie is still the plain beef pie and we sell around 2000 pies each week at both stores (in Kyneton and Boronia),” he said. “I think using premium quality ingredients with a lot of hard work, creativity, passion and love in pie making, this makes our pies so delicious and unique.” The bakeries are still open for takeaway and home delivery across Melbourne and some regional cities during Victoria’s lockdown. And in good news for pie fans, the bakery is also opening at a new location in Springvale, at 890-892 Princes Highway, on June 11. More Coverage Where to find Victoria’s best vanilla slices Vanilla slice kings win again * Why do most bakeries in Australia use mince for a Steak pie? * And they do Gluten free,also. All yummy. * Their pies are good, not the greatest I've ever eaten. Would be nice to know how many of Australia's thousands of bakeries competed in the event? Previous years only about 300 competed. A little more info on the entry requirements. can see by other comments there is other great bakeries out there doing fantastic pies. All that said, well done to the team at Cob. * Jarrod’s bakery in Bairnsdale smashes Country Cob. When one of us heads anywhere near that area we all put in a bulk order to bring back. * Bendigo Original Pie Shop is fantastic! * Rosedale bakery in Victoria is my favourite. * Over rated. I've enjoyed them, but I still prefer Pie in the Sky in Olinda and the Winch Valley Bakehouse in Winchelsea has some amazing pies. Premier Andrews encourages Victorians to support state’s winning bakeries. Sarah Perillo July 11, 2021 Herald Sun The premier has ditched beer for pastries and encouraged Victorians to support the state’s top sweet treat spots. Country Cob Bakery in Kyneton is in the running to be named the year’s best bakery. Photo: Chloe Smith In his latest Facebook post, the Premier encouraged Victorians with a sweet tooth to support regional businesses following the release of this year’s best bakeries. The bakeries, decided by Bakery Association of Australia, included Country Cob Bakery in Kyneton, Mawsons Bakery in Euroa, Whittlesea Bakehouse and Mooroopna Bakery. The Premier asked Victorians to comment below their favourite regional bakery store. But, some Victorians have had enough, saying they would rather the premier focus on recovering the state from the latest Covid lockdown. * A lot of these great bakeries are shut because of your incompetence. * Mawsons Bakery in Euroa is my local and Serves the best sausage rolls in the world * I couldn't guess, and I couldn't judge. I don't know how the judges came to an opinion. If those people and journalists ran a blindfolded test, I doubt that they could tell the difference. I go to lots of bakeries, and couldn't pick a 'top' in any category. * To the bakeries mentioned, remember it's a kiss of death from the premier. * Conway's Pies Horsham, very hard to beat. But the premier wouldn't have travelled that far away from the city. * Pity he never supported 12 months ago; he's just trying to repair the damage he created. * Higgins Bakery in Shepparton for wonderful artisan bread, great coffee and top pies all mixed with smiling service. * Country Cob, I’d rather travel 10 min either way to Woodend or Malmsbury (my number one). * Country Cob...what a great story & ( also for a vanilla slice along with Ouyen and Birchip ) and The Roll'in Pin's ranges of pies etc are top class. * What did these poor hard working bakeries do wrong to deserve support from the premier? * I had some of those pies from Kyneton on Friday and they were sensational * Better Pies and Pastries than Kyneton. they are not for me. 200830Su-Melbourne'HeraldSun' Dan Stock If you want to get your hands on Australia's best pie, make tracks to Boronia. Country Cob Bakery has taken out the top honour at the Baking Association of Australia's annual pie competition for its pepper-steak pie. Baker/owner Chan Khun won five trophies and 19 gold medals at the competition, held in Sydney last week. Judges tasted 1947 pies and pasties from more than 300 bakeries around Australia. They also awarded Country Cob Australia's best plain beef pie, best vegetarian for its curry cauliflower, lentil & chickpea pie, and best gourmet pie for the BBQ whisky port and quail egg pie. It's the third year runnng the bakery, which also has a store in Kyneton in Macedon Ranges, has won Australia's best pie in the competition. "We're over the moon," Mr Khun said. ‘Each year we listen to the judges and come back and improve". Mr Khun said the secret to his pie success was the pastry. ‘Our pastry is very good. not too thick. not too thin. If you get the pastry right, every pie is a winner'. Sun.24.1.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' From the day my parents arrived in Australia from Singapore in the 70s, they took it upon themselves to discover their new world. When I came along a few years later, every holiday involved loading us into the car, banging on a bit of classical music, and heading out onto the open road. From Ulladulla to Hill End, Gold Coast and the parade of big things, from Pineapple to Prawn, we clocked up a lot of distance in the old Volvo of my childhood. That love of road trips rubbed off. The destination is one thing, but what you see (and eat) along the way is just as exciting. To that end, I submit the country pie. Aside from the desire for much-needed leg stretching, I'm obsessed with stopping for country bakeries, like Fredo Pies. What used to be a tiny blue and green mural-covered shop that signalled northern NSW beachside holidays is now a lovely little café. We'd have our pie preferences (mine's chicken and mushroom,or pepper steak), but Fredo also flirts with more fantastic flights of fancy - kangaroo and bush spices, spicy coconut beef, and satay chicken, for instance. Whichever you choose, there's something about the golden flaky pastry top, molten savoury centre and slightly smooshy pastry base that nedlg speaks to me. I'm also a pie purist, so no discussion will be had about cutlery - there should be none. There's also something truly Australian about standing on the footpath by the car, eating a pie from a paper bag and letting the summer breeze brush away crumbs of pastry. On every road trip, I hope to discover places like Fredo. When you find a good one, it becomes part of your story, as precious as everg holiday ritual we cherish from our childhood, and beyond Fredo Pies, 73 Macleay St, Frederickton, NSW. JUNE 1 2021 Canberra's best pies: It's National Pie Day and we've found the ACT's best. Karen Hardy Griffith Bakery 's family pies rank highly on the pie-rometer. Picture: Elesa Kurtz Chicken, beef, lamb, apple, rhubarb, mushroom, fish, beans, pasta, cheese ... wrap anything in a case of pastry and you have perhaps the most Australian food you can get your hands on, literally. Whether you're eating one at the footy, or serving the family a comforting dinner, pies are among the most loved of meals. June 1 is National Pie Day, an idea that started in the Southern Highlands of NSW in 2017 - the region renames itself the Southern Pie-lands for the month of June - but across the nation pie makers, and pie eaters, are getting in on the action. All-round Aussie legend Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico is the official Pie Minister, and he wants us all to top up the sauce bottle and get involved. "You can wrap anything in pastry and it will taste good," he says. "There are all kinds of pies these days, square pies, oval pies, round pies, and so many different kinds of fillings as well. All-round Aussie legend Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico is the official Pie Minister. Picture: Supplied "Pie Day, or really June is Pie Month, is a great opportunity for us all to support our pie makers and get out and meet them and buy their pies." He loves the idea that every town in Australia boasts "Australia's Number One Pie"; he admits he's quite often offered bribes - "not the done thing for the Pie Minister I know" - by pie makers wanting him to show some favour. We both agree there's nothing like a pie at the footy. "You line up for too long, get your pie, take the cellophane off and it drips all over your shirt," he says. "Then you take your first bite and it's boiling hot and you burn your mouth, but you know you're at the footy." I can't quite come at the way he eats his pies. "It's all about the crust," he says. "I take the lid off with a spoon, scoop out the filling, mix it with some sauce, mix the lid back in with it and then put it back in the pie and eat it." Heathen. Across NSW regional foodie groups are getting involved. The Sapphire Coast has been working with local foodie, Paul West of River Cottage fame, to showcase their region's best pies. "Paul West has been pretty pumped about meeting our local pie makers and seeing the high-quality local ingredients and the amount of love that goes into their flavoursome pie offerings," says Anthony Osborne, managing director for Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing. "He's appointed himself our region's Pie Minister, wanting to give his national counterpart, Dipper, a run for his money." Steve Rosa, group manager of tourism and economic development with Destination Southern Highlands, is happy to see other regions get on board. "Aussies love a good pie and will travel far for a really magic one," says Rosa, recommending The Wharfie, a "seriously tasty flathead and ling, mussel and mornay pie" from Merimbula's Wharf Restaurant. "Several regional areas have got their pies into the oven and we're thrilled that the Pie Time brand has gained traction outside of the highlands. It's about regions supporting each other, breaking down borders with quality food offerings, and encouraging tourism back into our regional areas. NSW really is the premier pie state after all." Oh hang on. I'd like to throw Canberra in the mix there. As always, the ACT is punching above its weight when it comes to pies. Here are Food & Wine's picks of the best pies in Canberra, worthy of a mention on the national pie-rometer of tastiness. We've picked our best pies of Canberra based on a few things: crust, generosity of filling, flavour of filling, level of holdability (it's important that hand pies can be held in the hand), how family pies hold up when you cut them, and sheer tastiness. Did we miss your favourite pie? Let us know. Best family pie Patrick Lau is the onsite baker at Griffith Butchery. Picture: Elesa Kurtz Griffith Butchery A baker in a butchery is like the perfect storm of pie making. Patrick Lau is the genius at Griffith, making the pies on site using the butchery's excellent range of meat. We love the family pies, their squarish sides and generous crust. A proper family meal, serve it with mashed potatoes and veggies. Crust: Golden and crunchy, the bases hold up upon reheating and it's a superb pastry. Filling: Full to the brim. Flavours include traditional beef, sweet chilli beef, beef and kidney, beef and mushroom, Mexican chilli beef, chicken and vegetable. We tried the lamb curry and it was a well-spiced lamb mince with a little kick and plenty of flavour. Lau changes up the flavours occasionally too. How it holds up: The family pies cut well without oozing out over the plate and slices keep their shape. The hand pies fit well into a (biggish) hand. In your piehole? Definitely. Canberra's best pie. Best hand-pie Sonoma's beef and beer pie. Picture: Supplied Sonoma Sonoma has recently launched a beef and beer pie, made in collaboration with Young Henry's brewery showcasing its Motor Oil Porter. This pie features tender beef chunks, mushrooms, onions, celery, carrots and red capsicum. After cooking the beef to perfection, Sonoma allows it to braise in Young Henry's beer until the meat falls apart. The uniqueness of this combination permeates not only the filling, but the dough, that is made with butter pate brisee and Motor Oil beer, giving it an unique colour and bitterness that pairs perfectly. Crust: The dough's made with a butter pate brisee and Motor Oil beer, giving it an unique colour and just a little bitterness. Filling: Featuring tender beef chunks, mushrooms, onions, celery, carrots and red capsicum, it's braised in Young Henry's beer until the meat falls apart. How it holds up: The pie was quite heavy and teetered on the over your shirt edge but a few bites and it was all gone. In your piehole? For sure, a fancy Braddon pie. Check out the other winter offerings in store. Best local icon Elaine's pies are like little balls of delicious filling. Picture: Karen Hardy Elaine's Pies Who was Elaine? Can someone help me out? The women at the Dickson shopfront assured me there was an actual Elaine but were too busy serving the masses at lunch to offer any more information. What they did offer was a range of pies that looked more like little balls of tastiness given their round shape. Stories in Dickson, Phillip and Fyshwick. Crust: Golden and a little firmer than others. How does it sit on that round shape? Filling: Top marks for generosity of filling. The globes are full of dense filling. We tasted the chunky chicken, great big chunks of tender chicken breast. Felt like a proper meal. Range of steak pies, a shepherd's pie, even a macaroni, bacon and shallots pie. Tasty. How it holds up: Best eaten with a knife and fork. You're not getting your piehole around this one. In your piehole? A full meal in a pastry case. Get it in. Best value for money Six Husk Bakery pies for $25, You've got us there. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos Husk Bakery During Covid lockdown in 2020, Aaron Clark started driving his delivery truck around Canberra's suburbs, like a Mr Whippy van but with pies and pastries instead of ice cream. And it proved so popular he's still doing it. Check out Husk Bakery on Facebook for what suburb he's hitting up this week. Or order ahead and pick up from Capital Region Farmers' Markets at EPIC or the Southside Farmers' Markets. Get in early to buy on spec, it's his range of flavours and great price that makes customers keep coming back. Crust: Golden shortcrust with a puffy top. Filling: We love the range of flavours, lamb and mint, French veggie, Moroccan lamb, beef and pepper, even mushroom and blue cheese. How it holds up: Well. A traditional pie shape with supportive base. Filling is firm enough to stay in place. In your piehole? At $5 each, or six pies for $25 do you need another reason? Delicious. Best vegan The vegan pies from Sweet Bones even won over the meat eaters. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos Sweet Bones A vegan pie? You bet. Emily Brindley at Braddon's vegan cafe Sweet Bones is partial to a good pie and has perfected a vegan pastry over the years. The menu changes depending on what mood she's in; we tried "pepper steak" and "chilli non carne", a Mexican inspired fiesta of a pie. The taste testing team didn't know the pies were vegan and didn't care. All about the flavour. Crust: The vegans in the office want the recipe. Filling: Brindley is clever enough to know it's all about flavour and works from there. The chilli non carne pie had all the flavours of the traditional meaty meal; it's minced tofu and kidney beans with Mexican spices. And pepper steak? It's mushrooms and house-made seatin (you can find the recipe in Sweet Bones: The Cookbook) in a bechamel sauce. How it holds up: A great size and passed the bite test. Stayed together well. In your piehole? For sure, even for meat eaters. Best bake-at-home It's hard to go past a bake-at-home treat from Three Mills Bakery. Picture: Supplied Three Mills Bakery Thank you lockdown for giving us the Three Mills bake-at-home range. Not only is there a range of pastries and sweet treats but pies galore. These generous family-sized pies come in three flavours: beef, shiraz and native pepperberry; Murrumbateman mushroom; and chicken, leek and riesling. Keep one in the freezer and bake it when the time is right. Like tonight. Crust: The pies are housed in a sour cream pastry crust with their signature Pepe Saya butter puff pastry top. Filling: Classic flavours cooked to perfection. How it holds up: The bake-at-home process is easy to follow and testers all report success in the home oven. Slice well and keep their shape. In your piehole? How could you not, a close second for Canberra's best pie. Best sweet pie One kilogram of hand-cut apples in the Patissez pies. Picutre: Supplied Patissez From the team that brought you the FreakShake, comes an apple pie like no other. They're only available on weekends, or by special orders, I'm thinking of passing one off as my own creation at a wintery dinner party soon, much is their homemade look. Because they are homemade by Anna Petridis and her team at the Manuka cafe. Crust: A delicious, biscuity, sour cream pastry, cooked to golden perfection. Filling: Each pie is loaded with one kilogram of hand-cut, cinnamon spiced apples. How it holds up: Don't mind a bit of ooze in a sweet pie, all the better mixed with the ice cream. In your piehole? Make sure you keep room for dessert. Honourable mentions A chicken and leek pie from The Flute. Super pastry. Picture: Karen Hardy Flute Bakery and Patisserie, Fyshwick: May be known to covet these for lunch. There's usually a chicken and leek one on the menu. Try to ignore the cakes. Country Pride Butchers, Lyneham: yes, it's my local, I know. But Phil and the lads make the best family-size meat pies, perfect with mash. Full of tender meat and golden pastry. They had a super chicken and leek on the menu for a while too. Bring that back. Dobinsons, various locations: always a great selection of flavours. Try the beef and Guinness pie. They also do a great range of bake-at-home which I've seen in various IGAs around the place. Bakehouse, Ainslie: Does Ainslie still offer the perfect hangover pie - "The Mongrel" - which combines a secret-recipe spicy mince with layers of bacon, tomato and egg. The Public Place, Chisholm: We've heard rumours of a lasagne pie down south. Has anyone tried it? Want to join next year's taste-testing team? Crust Bakery and Cafe, Fyshwick: Head to the markets for a large range of pies, from chickpea and curry to steak, cheese and bacon. Gum Tree Pies, Capital Region Farmers' Markets: You've got to get in early to get your favourite flavour. Don't miss the Thai green chicken curry or the creamy cauliflower. Pie Time 2021 runs for the entire month of June. For more information on Pie Time visit READ MORE: Five cosy venues to escape the cold Aubergine still atop Canberra's fine-dining hierarchy Dining inside the ultimate Canberra bubble * If you want to try a genuine pie rather than an over rated 'gourmet' offering try the bottlo drive through at the the Kingo or the Erindale Cakery Bakery. * Cafe D'lish at Deakin. Amazing pies. * The beef and red wine pies at Flute in Fyshwick are my favourite. Years ago the beef and guinness at the now sadly gone Baker's Dozen at Kippax were prize-winningly perfect. * does anyone do good gluten-free pies? * there's no such thing * Cannot believe I didn't see the Garran Bakery in this list - brilliant pies and great service too. Regional Victoria best bakery: San Remo and Heathcote bakeries win. Brooke Grebert-Craig and Zizi Averill. April 27, 2021 Bass Coast News Country towns are home to some of the best bakeries in the state. Here are two that came out on top in our search to find the best place. San Remo’s Beachside Bakehouse and Heathcote's Gaffney's Bakery and Pie Kitchen were voted the best bakeries in Regional Victoria by Herald Sun readers in 2021. There’s no denying that country towns are home to some of the best bakeries across the state. Whether you’re searching for a delicious pastry, crusty loaf of bread or sweet jam doughnut, here are two places that came out on top in our hunt to find the best bakery in regional Victoria. SAN REMO Beachside Bakehouse owners Emily Sloan and Steven Bell. Picture: Supplied Owning a bakery had been a lifelong dream for Steven Bell and something his wife Emily Sloan fully supported. The Wonthaggi pair took ownership of Beachside Bakehouse in July 2019 and haven’t looked back. “He (Mr Bell) has been a baker for 20 years and loves what he does,” Ms Sloan said. “So we thought why not make some of our own dough rather than someone else’s.” With a team of 10 employees, Ms Sloan said the bakery stands out from the rest are they are passionate about the business. “We like to keep things quite traditional and simple,” she said. “And by being a smaller business, it allows us to interact on a personal level with our customers.” Ms Sloan said trading during COVID-19 lockdown was difficult and took a toll on the bakery. “We didn’t have the busy weekends or even the busy weekdays,” she said. “We had our lovely locals and regular customers who kept supporting us with their essential bread and food products that they continued to purchase.” She said other challenges of owning a business is dealing with the continuous paperwork. “There is always something to do,” she said. “And a lot of the time there are conversations to be had and decisions to be made beyond the standard work day.” The couple said their favourite items at the bakery are the jelly slice, vanilla slice, steak, cheese and bacon pie and the meat and vegetable pastie.Beachside Bakehouse is opened Monday to Saturday 6am to 3.30pm and Sunday 7am to 3pm. HEATHCOTE Heathcote's Gaffney's Bakery and Pie Kitchen was voted as the best bakery in Regional Victoria by Herald Sun readers in 2021. Picture: Supplied For Victorians taking a great family road trip. Heathcote’s Gaffney‘s Bakery and Pie Kitchen is a must visit. The family-owned bakery has been serving fresh pies, pastry delicacies and rich tarts to hungry travellers going from Melbourne to Echuca for over 25 years. Owner Dave Gaffney said the bakery was the perfect halfway spot between the Murray River region and Melbourne. “It’s an ideal spot for people to stop and stretch their legs,” Mr Gaffney said. Mr Gaffney said when his parents opened the store in 1996 much of its early success was because of “a fantastic region and a great location”. But the pies and friendly atmosphere spoke for themselves and now the kids of the 90s were returning to the Heathcote bakery to recreate those memories with their own children. “We’ve had a couple generations coming through,” Mr Gaffney said. “As a kid when you think of the great memories one is food and smell, and the other is the great holidays. “They want to give that to their kids.” Mr Gaffney said the pandemic had inspired a renaissance in Victorian regional tourism, with an influx of Melburnians escaping the city to explore their own backyard. He said Easter Monday was the busiest day in the bakery’s 26 years in business, with 3280 pies sold and 900 cups of coffee served in one day. Mr Gaffney said the secret to their perfect pies was simple – passionate bakers and quality locally-sourced ingredients. “People do travel far and wide for our pies,” he said. “They’re going out the doors as quickly as we’re making them.” Mr Gaffney said COVID had pushed the store to provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to meet the growing demand from health conscious customers. “And since COVID people are more interested in sourdoughs and speciality breads,” he said. “People want bread they have more faith in. “If you buy your bread from a bakery you’re getting real bread.” Mr Gaffney said his family’s signature pies and pastry delicacies could also be found in their Seymour bakery. More Coverage General store to be transformed into new eatery Cosy Bendigo date-night spot to close Sat.17.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Pies. KIMBERLEY SEEDY FROM golden flaky pastry to piping hot meat, there's nothing better than tucking into a pie for lunch. Victorian bakeries are serving up a range of award-winning pies ready for punters to enjoy (Covid restrictions pending). Among the top places to visit for a meaty feast is Okka Pies in Bayswater. For more than 30 years, this favourite has been churning out meat and pastry goodness, with the latest owner Luke Price and two partners taking over two years ago. What makes their pies taste so good? "l think the fact we make everything fresh to order," Luke said. "We encourage all our customers to call and place orders so they get the freshest pies possible. When we get our orders we call our butcher and he prepares the meat so there's nothing frozen." Okka Pies also offers catering packs. filled with other goodies including party pies, quiches and mini pizzas. In the north, Whittlesea Bakehouse is famous for its vanilla slice, but it does a mean pie, like the deluxe "Whittlesea" pie. featuring chunky slow-cooked beef, cheese, onion and pepper. On Pyney's Pie Reviews Facebook page, the pie fan gave the famous "Whittlesea" a perfect score. Out past Geelong, Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes at Ocean Grove has been filling up grommets and more seasoned surfers for years. Out in Bomber land, Tony's Pies has laid a claim to be the meat pie mecca. Fittingly opening its doors in 1984, the same year the Bombers won the flag, Tony's Pies is an Essendon institution. As well as pies, customers can enjoy pastries, doughnuts and Tony's famous French vanilla slices. See also:

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