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Barry plays his last game as a Giant

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posted by guano alias guano on Thursday 27th of September 2007 08:44:04 PM

BY BYE BARRY! See you next year with the Yankees! Padres 11 at Giants 3, September 26, 2007. (original fotos by Deanne Fitzmaurice) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Click Bonds limerick contest to see many many more of these... some early entries posted here, not always eloquent.... quite a few by detractors, but here they are fresh. ---------------- He was a one-in-a-million, a managers' dream; But he got carried away with the clear and the cream. All he wanted was a ring, All he had was a friend who wouldn't sing, If he'd only thrown out Sid Bream!!! ----------------- Cincy is red, Dodgers are blue, Intentional walks mean "We know what you do". --------------- A big-headed fool, but Bonds had 5 tools. Giants fans loved him dearly, real baseball fans knew more CLEARly. He was the so-called best, and lasted longer than the rest. Bonds will be gone in SF after tonight, hopefully SF Giants fans will see the light! -------------- There once was a guy named Bonds Pulled fans to the field by the throngs Bit his lip as a NARC Hit it out of the park and left naysayers as clanging gongs. --------------- Bonds' play has provided a heap Of memories priceless to keep. And for the grand jury? And Bud Selig's fury? They can all plant a kiss on my bleep. -------------- Bonds' play has provided a heap Of memories priceless to keep. And for the grand jury? And Bud Selig's fury? They can all plant a kiss on my bleep. -------------- Barry Bonds was a slugger to fear Having a sure Hall of Fame career Said the announcer one day, 'bout a Bonds' blast in the bay, "Man he 'cream'-ed it 'clear' out of here!" -------------- There once was a slugger named Barry When he strode to the plate, it was scary. He could hit it a mile, And make all the fans smile, But all of the pitchers were wary. ------------- They once put a man in left field Whose prodigious skill would soon yield Gold gloves, steals, splash hits, And management fits, When secret transcripts were revealed. --------------- With the press he was always defiant. With managers he’s never compliant. But with talent and style, he hit baseballs a mile. In the end, he’s one hell of a Giant. --------------- There once was a man from The City, Who could make thousands of fans feel giddy. A future Hall of Famer, and forever a "gamer". Bonds won't retire a Giant, what a pity. ------------- An asterisk goes on the ball; His number comes down off the wall. We lose some magic, But nothing tragic-- Just watch the big man stand up tall. --------------- there once was a guy named barry with the brain power of a canary took them steroids in bulk to look like the hulk grew a head almost too big to carry --------------- There once was a player named Barry The San Francisco Giants he did carry He gave pitchers fits with all his splash hits And controversy was said to be nary ----------- There once was batter from Frisco, Who's legacy-Bigger than Disco! Pumped up on Juice, He knocked homers loose. "ENOUGH" they said, so they let him go. ------------ Watching him hit was a treat Like watching the Dodgers get beat Behavior so wrong, it's time for the gong But he put lots of butts in the seats ------------- There once was a federal grand jury Who accused a left-fielder of perjury When he swore his extreme Bulk came not from the cream He used post-arthroscopic knee surgery. -------------- There once was a slugger named Barry Whose head was so big it was scary Did drugs do the deed? or was it really flaxseed? Perhaps we should ask Gaylord Perry ------------- There once was a player named Barry, whose history with the Giants was hairy. The fans love him still even though he's a pill. We wish you the best of luck, Barry. ------------- There was a great slugger named bonds Who drove balls with great verve into ponds Was a scandal in making The feds weren't faking And now we wait for responds... ---------------- There once was a Series possessed. The suits nearly had heart arrest. The MVP prize Must go to the guys Who win, though Bonds clearly was best. ------------ There once was a man in left field A mighty bat he would wield He wore 25 And kept the crowd alive Around third base he'd never yield. -------------- There once was a man named Barry Whose home runs were legendary He gave the fans a ride Filled a city with pride And for 15 years we were merry! --------------- He's been like a father to us all, never 'fraid to answer the call, We'll tell all our kids, We were lucky to live, In the time when God was Barry. -------------- There once was a man named Barry, Whose wielded bat was quite scary. He fell short of a ring, Then got caught in a sting, But please, don't pity our Barry! --------------- there once was a number 25 who was the best player alive but the media disdained his surly habits ingrained and now he must DH, such jive! ------------ A player for fans big and small And generally loved by them all Some fans tried to smear him But they couldn't get near him All's fair in love and baseball. ------------- There was a great slugger named Barry. On his back the whole team he could carry. And the fans would make noise, But they accused him of 'roids So to the great "Hall" he must tarry. ------------- There once was a batter named Barry who we'd often go see by the ferry He hit some home runs while media he shunned that irascible player named Barry -------------- From the 'Burgh to the Bay came a skinny MVP Who grew to the size of a redwood tree Was it the cream or the clear Or a shot in the rear An * will mark Bonds for history ----------- If you like a good controversy From SF to Trenton, New Jersey Just say you love Barry The response is quite scary As they attack him without any mercy --------------- There once was a slugger named Barry About whom opinions might vary But he stood his own ground And was n'er to found Fawning on Tom, Dick, or Harry. ----------------- He had all the talent you'd want But others' feats served as a taunt He went for the cream And then chased his dream But he left, still with no ring to flaunt ------------- Not a fan in the stands would be snoring, As Barry sent hundreds of balls soaring; Some might say he’s a pill, Others lapped up the thrill, But the truth is, he sure wasn’t boring! ------------- There once was a slugger named BB who could slam the Big Ride almost daily when he strode to the plate the away fans would hate if 4 fingers emerged from the pine meat --------------- He had the best bat in the game Now he has trouble clearing his name But we were reliant On Barry the Giant And without him our team will be lame -------------- There once was a proud New York franchise perhaps best known for garlic fries, $8 beers, Cha-Cha bowls, wind shears, roster holes, and Spash Hits: Barry's Big Flies -------------- Tonight we bid Barry a heart felt goodbye, the Haters will wish that we'd break down and cry........ But that would be dumb, and a pointless endeavor, my favorite memories of him have never been better... He's the home run king who never got us a ring, and I'm not gonna lie that's starting to sting..... And while his reign here is over his record stands tall, the haters and faders are the ones who look small.... For try as you might to tear down this man, I've jumped out of my seat too many times as a fan, I thank him for all that he did for the team, his whole life might've changed had he just thrown out Sid Bream (and not did the Cream) :) --------------- Though the greatest of his generation Bonds is left without veneration Though he made the big bucks His personality Sucks So the Hall will withhold invitation ------------- The godson of Hall of Fame Willie Who came west from PA (but not Philly) Was a jerk to the Press And once clowned in a dress But the clear and the cream drove him silly. Why did Barry insult his rich owner? What would cause him to pull such a boner? Could it be that he knew Soon his value was through And he’d spend his life sadly a loner? It should have been Burba who started Not Salomon, who then soon departed 'Cause Bonds might have a ring And we’d tire of this thing And Mark Ecko would just look retarded. So MacGowan denies him his swan song And the fans think that this is just plain wrong To deny their last cheers To sell hot dogs and beers And to wonder just how long was too long? -------------- Barry Bonds got the hits and the fame But the Cream and the Clear get the blame Only Greg can say why Barry passed Aaron by But the trainer is not naming names. I'd rather have seen Barry play For the team than himself every day. His hits were just great For the take at the gate. Was it worth it? That's hard to say. -------------- There once was a superstar slugger Who some say was really a drugger Excitement he bred Not guilty he pled While baseball made out like a mugger! ------------- there once was a malcontent named barry: whose team he thought he could carry: he rubbed the clear and the cream to help that team but the world titles won were nary. ------------ Bonds was and is a JERK! After Wednesday night San Francisco says he is out of work His attitude was horrible His ego was terrible Fans would not have cared 'ROIDS or not If he would have treated people better instead of like SNOT! ------------ There once were two parks by the bay In which our dear slugger would play It mattered not where The ball didn’t care It jumped off his bat every day --------------- He was called a Giant among legends With reporters he had very few friends In the record books he will fill pages and find many fans all through the ages I'll still be one when I wear Depends -------------Now Barry, he’s one of a kind And some fans are naturally blind But who can deny The ball in the sky That helped SF come from behind -------------- So many loved to hate When he strode to homeplate The man was ill-mannered, uncivilized, and churlish Opposing managers and pitchers became downright girlish They'd give him four wide ones, so as not to see the ball fly over the bullpen gate -------------- A NorCal lad from Serra HS, he’s local to us hereabouts, And as such we concede that we’ve tended to shush, all the steroids reports of the touts, But the Cream and the Clear didn’t give him his eye, or his discipline while at the plate, And lest we forget his first three MVPs, marking him early on as a great. When the pundits deride his career as a sham, they are trying to shame and embarrass, Much as those in such roles did four decades ago, when dismissing the season of Maris, Is it 154 or 162? Fulton County or AT&T? And when Gaylord throws spitters and sits in the Hall, explain the chants of cheater to me. He’s the best power hitter that I’ve ever seen, with a tip to the Babe and the Hammer, Why make him the goat for baseball’s blinded eye, why say he should go to the slammer? It’s the fault of the game for allowing the strike and destroying the sporting illusion, The rebirth of baseball roid-fuled by the chase, with the owners in seeming collusion We want all our heroes to be more than we, to transcend the sins of our kind, So the casters of stones let their verbiage fly, not being reflection inclined, But Barry’s just a man and as such he is flawed, so his play is all we should judge, And on that account he has always performed, be it Clear, Cream or Nuclear sludge. Tonight the curtain comes down for us all, the end of a magical era, And someday my daughter will say to her kids, she said thanks to the local from Serra. ------------ A legend in the Embarcadero all the pitchers he would scare, Oh! the ball he hit long the 'roids made him strong his bean filled a Giant sombrero ------------ Good old number twenty-five Most seasons he kept us alive Rude things he would say But he pissed of LA And was always worth the drive ------------- It was widespread, so you too took the risk You lifted The City to the top of an obelisk At the bottom of the scrum a fan would not let go Until the bum sold to a man named Ecko Who's only impression will be an asterisk! ----------- There was a sweet boy name of Barry He was pure as a fresh red cherry He discovered the Clear Said "Oh what have we here?" And forever to an asterisk he would marry.

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