Got More Expired Film


More expired film

posted by alias Felip1 on Saturday 12th of August 2017 07:33:54 PM

I scanned this 30-odd-years-old film (Life Brand 100, but "Made in Japan" so Fuji) and the colours were very askew. I tried a variety of colour shifts and none was at all lifelike, so I've simply chosen the one I liked best. Here it is. I wish I had taken these two pictures as faux-stereo, but I did not -- the one on the right was taken about a half metre lower; I leaned down to below the railing on a footbridge. They were taken (at about ISO50) in my Ricoh Caddy. I don't know how the line across the top got there; I thought it was a scanning artefact until I looked closely at the negatives -- the entire roll has it.


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