Got After The Fireworks


After the Fireworks

posted by alias Algorithms Riven on Saturday 12th of August 2017 09:12:12 PM

The fireworks had ended. It was time to go. I stowed my camera, packed up my tripod, and started back toward my hotel. Seeing the flashlights on the beach, though, I stopped and looked over the scene. It reminded me of a time in Edinburgh when I saw a post-fireworks crowd streaming down a hillside in Holyrood Park, armed with dozens of flashlights. Did I really want to set up to take more pictures, though? I was tired, and I had to be awake early the next day. I stood there for a few minutes thinking about this. My final decision, on the slimmest of margins, was yes. I took my tripod out again, set up my camera, and began taking shots along the shore. A man lounging on the grass a few feet away looked on in bemusement and asked, "Are you getting anything with that?" I said yes, and tried to explain how long exposures worked, but he didn't seem interested. I kept taking pictures. Later, processing them, I was glad I had stayed.


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