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Ashildr and Keja do something important

posted by Ashildr alias Ashildr the Avariel on Monday 20th of March 2017 04:33:53 PM

Ashildr & Keja Location: Ardent Menders guild **************************** Keja was camped out on the counter, taking a turn keeping an eye on things in the apothecary and infirmary, and frankly grateful to have a few moments to just breathe and not tend to wounded. Yes, irony and all that. She was waiting on Ashildr to be free so she could ask her about something. Humming a quiet tune to herself, she picked up one of the herbals soaps next to her and gave it an expiramental sniff before sneezing. Ashildr finished her private devotions in a quiet spot she found near the Twin Elder tree, a place she finds peaceful and quite lovely. Her soul is filled with joy having spent time in prayer to her deity and now she is ready for her daily duties. After flying through the village and landing gracefully in front of the Menders building, she paused in front of the large wooden doors just long enough to offer a quick silent prayer for strength and wisdom from Goddess Hanali. Pushing open the wooden doors, she stepped inside and immediately saw Keja seated upon the counter. "Greetings Keja. So pleased to see you again. How are you today?" she offered a gentle smile, if noticed. Keja put the soap back where she had gotten it from, offering Ashildr a smile as she entered, marvelling at her wings once again. "I am well," she assured her, "You are just the person I was looking for actually. Perhaps you can answer a question that I have simply been getting strange looks for." Ashildr was happy to hear Keja was doing well as she heard the sound of the large wooden doors close behind her. Stepping closer to the counter to better chat with Keja, her head slightly tilted to one side as a perplexed look came across her eyes. "Oh? What question is that? How may I help you? Keja pushed her hair out of her eyes before leaning back on her hands. "I asked about a place where you ressurect people here. I think everyone assumed I was asking if there was a specific place you actually used spells to ressurect, but I mean an actual circle that a wayward spirit can go to in order to be returned to its body." Ashildr thought for a moment as a curled finger rested against her soft lips. "Hmmm.. here within this building? No. I don't suppose we have a resurrection circle. Though I suppose that should become a priority. Wouldn't you agree?" Folding her delicate hands in front of her, she continued in her gentle tones. "We couldn't very well allow one's spirit to float freely between realms, now can we?" Keja nodded slightly at that, "I would agree, not everyone has the luck or consideration to die where one can find them easily," she said with a curl of her lips, though her eyes showed she was not truly making light of the situation. "We had one in the guild I was in, back in my, however you would term it. Well, there was more than one, but we specifically had one in the healers guild." She leaned forward a bit. "I have heard whispers that you have some planar knowledge, does that extend to actually going to them? I know that the planes I am used to are still here, at least some what, or my magic would not work, but I have as yet been unable to get them to answer when I call, and that is not the kind of magic mine runs to generally." Ashildr listened to Keja speak and nodded at her question. "Yes. I am able to project my spirit to the Astral plane while my physical form remains in the material plane. There is a silver tether that connects me to my astral projection and I am able to return to my body at will. Though if the silver tether is cut I could die. So I make sure to cast a protection spell over my material body. I am also able to allow my spirit travel to the Akashic realm. There, I am able to access the library of Knowledge on all that was, all that is and all that will be." After explaining a bit of her planer knowledge, she looked around the room they were in. "Hmm.. but where to place a resurrection circle? It should be somewhere safer than just out in the open. How was it set up where you were from?" Keja laughed softly and shrugged. "Out in the open," she admitted. "Our guild was not that big and it had its own protections that could be set to keep any from entering it at all; it also was a good place to perform rituals in general for that same reason. Then again, our circle was directly connected to the plane of Life, shenanigans in the circle would bring you the wrong kind of attention. It was not something anyone tried to mess with more than once, I can tell you that." She shrugged. "So, that is the only plane you can get access to, you do not know how to contact the others? Do you think it is something we could...modify?" Ashildr thought for a moment. "Perhaps the first floor would be ideal. This way once a person has been resurrected, we do not have to move them too far to an available cot so they could rest to full health. As for other planes, just the two.. for now. I am certain if Goddess Hanali felt my presence was necessary on another plane she would allow it though." Keja scrunched her nose for a moment. "Well, where I am from, we do not wait on the powers greater than us to decide what we may or may not do," she said with a grin. "We find our own way, or try, and most times we did not even make things worse. Well, I mean...every now and again," she coughed slightly, "But that was a complete accident, we were not actually trying to sum..." she broke off. "Anyway." Ashildr took a deep breath while thinking on what Keja said. "I have never used a resurrection circle before. The souls I have been blessed to bring back have always been close to their bodies. But I can see the need for one. As you said, there are times where the body is not retrievable. So, how do we go about creating a proper circle?" Keja was rather glad Ashildr did not press for the ending of that particular mishap. She would rather the avariel know her better before she revealed that, it truly had been an accident and they had fixed their mistake, in fact they had been the only group willing to take any responsibility at all. "Well, I have enough knowledge of rituals to create the actual circle, the trick is finding an avatar from the plane to actually bind it to their plane to power it. The whole ...point of the circle was that one did not necessarily need to possess the skill to use it. Of course, we did not just let anyone who came along have access to it, but you get my point. Life isn't our only option, it is simply the plane I am on the best terms with, though there was one on the plane of Death that had an affinity for me," she sighed. "Do not ask and it would not help us in this particular ..." she trailed off. "Actually, I suppose if I could make contact with him, he could get contact with the other." She seemed to ponder that for a moment. "Obviously, I would prefer the Life route," she said dryly. Ashildr nodded once. "I suppose I could attempt planar travel to the Life plane to find an avatar to bind the resurrection circle to.. if that is what you're asking me. It would take me some time and my own ritual to attempt such a thing. But we do need to do this, not just for Port Endings, but for all of us." Keja pursed her lips faintly. "Actually, I was suggesting you find a way for us both to contact them. If the planes cross at all between the worlds, I know some of the avatars there, and like anything else, they are more likely to be agreeable with ...ah... less restrictions put upon us. You do not want just any avatar of Life deciding to be your patron. Also," she leaned forward, pointing a finger at Ashildr. "No matter what, do not agree to let them attune you, you cannot keep the neutrality you seek in this place if you allow that. Ashildr took a deep breath. "Alright. If we are both going, I will need to make sure I have enough supplies for the ritual. Are we going to attempt this now?" She started moving about the room gathering items in her cradled arm as she spoke. "I have never been to the Life plane but I have no intention of allowing anyone to do anything to me. Not only would I not know what it could possibly do, but I could not risk displeasing my deity." Keja "Ooooh," Keja said, drawing out the word. "I could tell you in very detailed terms what it would due to you. Many see it as serving a particular plane, I see it as a form of slavery since it takes away some of your ability to make your own decisions. This is a debate I have had with many. You strike me as the type that while you serve a deity, you still prefer to have a brain in your head to make your own decisions about the world. Not every situation is black and white." She gave herself a shake, obviously pleased to have someone to discuss these issues with that understood a bit better, and she was rambling. "Forgive me," she said with a wave of her hand and a sheepish smile. "Anyway, if you feel you must research first, perhaps you should do that, I do not want us to simply jump into something without as much information as we can. It is, thankfully, not pressing enough that we need to have an answer right this moment. Do you need to consult your...ah...deity? To make sure attempting this at all will not displease them? The planes...we do not see them as gods, simply planar beings that could generally kick our asses up and down the road if we came too afoul of them. Mostly, they kept to themselves unless we directly pissed them off." Ashildr continued searching the drawers, shelves and counters for items she would need for a few spells she would have to cast. "I understand to some, my devotion to my deity seems strange or without thought, perhaps. But you are correct. I do keep my brains and wits about me.. if not, what good would I be towards others?" She offered a gentle smile. "Once I have all the supplies I'll need to do this correctly, I will spend time in prayer asking for guidance and the ability to do what we seek to do. Unlike other gods, there has been only a handful of times Goddess Hanali has visited me in person, and only once did she ever have the need to show displeasure with me..." her words trailed off as she briefly paused at the thought. Then quickly resumed gathering her supplies in her arm. Keja watched Ashildr as she moved about the room, "I cannot claim to understand about your fealty to a god, this is true, but I can tell you are an independent minded person, so that is why I knew attunement in general, at least as I understand it, would not be something you likely desired. Being Rom, it is not something I could stomach either, we like our freedom way too much. Also, before we do this, I should probably do my own ritual to set the circle, so there is something for us to point to as already anchored and not expect them to do it all, if they are willing at all. I will need to make sure I can find what I will need as well. It is a bit more complicated than a simple protection circle." Ashildr began looking through the same drawers two and three times as she half spoke to herself and half spoke to Keja. "I thought it was here.. I could have sworn I put it here myself.. Hmm." she kept searching for all the items she knew she would need to attempt this planer travel, even for a very short duration. "I might need to find a few items from a couple of merchants if I do not have all the items I will need." Her eyes conveyed a worried expression, feeling as if she is failing even before beginning. Keja hopped down off of the counter, moving closer and reaching to take Ashildr's hand if she would allow it. "Deep breath," she told her with a soft smile. "This is not an immediate life or death situation, so take a deep breath and think. You may find that you can remember where you have put what you need, and if not, yes we will find it. Either through a merchant, or I may have have what you need among my own stores." Ashildr gave Keja's hand a friendly squeeze and smiles warmly. "Thank you. You are right. I do worry about making sure things are just so. I should exercise my faith that this will work out as Goddess sees fit and trust that she will guide us to be the most helpful towards others as possible. I do have several supplies already. We could gather up what we can and purchase the rest if need be. Then attempt this as soon as possible. That would give me time to supplicate the Goddess before anything." Keja nodded. "See, there you go, that is better. Just center yourself, however it is you do that. There is no need to attempt any ritual with either one of us out of sorts. Let me go back to camp and see what I have; thankfully what I need for the ritual is not the same type of things I have needed to heal the wounded that have come to us. It is also late in the day for me to attempt such magic. I am best first thing. So we shall meet here in the morning, would that be enough time for you?" Ashildr nodded as she found her center once again. It wasn't often she became worried about such things but when she did, it was always for good reason. "First thing tomorrow. I will have spent the evening in supplication and can gather the rest of the needed items for planar shifting as well as a protection type spell. I guess with all the guild duties of getting ready to heal the wounded, I over looked my own supplies needed for such things. I will find them though, trust me." she offered another smile as she was sure she could find all her supplies before sunrise. Keja chuckled, "Oh I do, given what you are going to be attempting, but I have taken bigger risks with less assurances. If you ask my brother, it is a character flaw." She looked sad for the briefest of moments, obviously missing her family, before she shook it off. "I will leave you to it then and return on the morrow." Ashildr nodded in agreement, having noticed Keja appear sad for the briefest of moments. An emotion she could understand well but one she would not show. "On the morrow we will meet and take care of this important task at hand. Thank you Keja and I hope you have a very good night." She placed the items in her arms on top of the counter so she could survey her small inventory of needed supplies and what was still missing. Keja gave a decisive nod and a smile. "Good night, Ashildr. Tomorrow we will see what happens." She seemed rather excited about the prospect as she moved towards the door and slipped out into the night.


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