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P. Deities and M. Septet

posted by Moleman NineThousand alias Moleman9000 on Thursday 15th of June 2017 08:27:37 PM

MAIN: The following entry compiles three independent Primal Deities: • Bunorp'Gatt: Being a moderately powerful Serpentine-Class deity of distinctly masculine personality, Bunorp'Gatt is (in)famous as the being responsible, along with his "prophet" Emenoneme, for the brief yet infamous Sertrophian Civil War, while also being indirectly responsible for making possible a certain other, much later calamity. Bunorp'Gatt surfaced on Sertrop's Oumpather-populated island-string subcontinent in Age 528, "recruited" Emenoneme in Age 529, founded the "Ring of Revelations" "sect" (cult) in Age 531 and subsequently used it to spread subversive "teachings", specifically targeting the authority of the Labeiqers, which facilitated tensions that eventually caused Age 535's violent conflict. Bunorp'Gatt wielded, as his key instrument of sowing discord, the black tome now known as the Obliviconium, labelled by the Primal Deity as the "Ultimate Testament"; he claimed to have been previously banished from the Prime Galaxy before reforming as a result of his cosmic isolation and subsequently making his way back towards the populated galaxy over a period of centuries, discovering the magical book along the way and determining to share its contents with God's peoples. Given what the true nature and origins of the "Ultimate Testament" would eventually be revealed as, we can only assume that this account is more-or-less factual. This is, of course, excluding Bunorp'Gatt's allegations of benevolent intentions, which were ultimately admitted by the deity himself to have been a sham, with him in fact having no idea what the tome actually did and his machinations having been committed with no practical intent other than to cause general chaotic unrest, a goal that tends to be shared by many of the most insidious Primal Deities. Yet despite his true nature boiling down to utter insanity, Bunorp'Gatt was notably very adept at upholding a masquerade of apparent good-naturedness and benign sensibility, hence his initial success in gaining a large following. Though his defeat in Age 535 did not occur under any special ceremonies that would have ensured his destruction as permanent (a controversial and rarely-practiced imposition of finality even concerning evil spirits), Bunorp'Gatt has not been encountered at all since then, even when the Obliviconium came back into play for the final time more than two centuries later. On a somewhat related note, the tendencies of the Oumpathers, whose kind constituted most followers of the "Ring of Revelations", to sympathize with Primal Deities have not particularly declined since their dealings with him despite the negative precedent set by them. Like most Primal Deities, Bunorp'Gatt's physical form consists of an inconsistent mixture of both mineral-like and organic tissue-esque supernatural materials, with the latter category of matter being much more prevalent in his case, at least as far as his outer, visible body is concerned. Despite his Serpentine nature, he was known to usually stand completely upright upon the base of his semi-segmented tail, though this may have been in large part for show given that most of the deity's recorded sightings consisted of him standing publicly before his followers. He bears/bore a number of clustered, jaggedly pointed crystal-like structures upon his dorsal, which were eventually discovered, based on Emenoneme's notes recovered by the resourceful Peaco upon the "prophet"'s killing, to be very vulnerable, concealing a weak patch of flesh and effectively constituting Bunorp'Gatt's "weak point". This was exploited to great effect during the final raid against Bunorp'Gatt and his remaining followers, even allowing Sertrophian forces to physically restrain the deity for an extended length of time, a feat whose successful infliction upon a Primal being is nigh-unheard of. Bunorp'Gatt's durability value is estimated at around 30,000. • Ren'Nohdam: A modestly potent Idol-Class deity of neutral gender, Ren'Nohdam is an object of worship for multiple circles existing on planet Namyufefe, of which the deity has been a permanent resident for all of recorded history (that is, since well before Age 0 Relative), including many Hernolall primitives as well as a few Yunstoxars residing on the fringes of their race's society. Its body is small in scale but very well-developed for a Primal Idol, possessing both arms and legs, albeit with the latter being useless and just for looks, as well as secondary appendages in the form of tentacles which in this case emit from Ren'Nohdam's "elbows". It has two, likewise quite distinctly-developed, Tiki aspects, being one of the few Primal Deities with any attached Tikis at all to bear this number of them instead of three. Ren'Nohdam's Tikis are known as "Bliss" and "Scorn", and ostensibly each have minds of their own, being able to freely talk even in seeming opposition to the will of the deity's main personality, though given the very nature of Primal Deities it is unclear how much of this apparent Tiki-independence is genuine as opposed to being a sinister act. The Bliss Tiki is known for emitting from its mouth a unique form of gas that acts as a potently ecstatic drug for Ren'Nohdam's faithful, while the Scorn Tiki effectively embodies the deity's aggressive and malicious sides but serves little regular-basis purpose while its affairs are going undisturbed, though it is known to be able to breathe flames. The overall bodily durability value of Ren'Nohdam has been measured as approximately 25,000. In Age 603, Ren'Nohdam was destroyed by a radically God-zealous Yunstoxan sect under pseudo-ritualistic conditions which they believed would annihilate the deity permanently but were clearly not legitimate, given its return and enactment of murderous revenge with the help of its followers during the following year. These events stand as the most violent in which Ren'Nohdam has ever been involved, and violent indeed though they may have been, considering the histories of a majority of other Primal Deities, this actually speaks a fair deal for the deity's relative peacefulness. Ren'Nohdam is in practice a nonaggressive entity, whose lust for power and worship is sufficiently limited that it sees no necessity in conquest or particularly insidious mass-brainwashing, and its overall agenda is not destructively malicious. Granted, no Primal Deity has any true moral compass, and Ren'Nohdam's non-threat status can in large part be attributed to the convenient circumstance that is the existence of the simple-minded Hernolalls, who form most of the following that keeps its ambitions satiated. Concerning the ritual routines of Ren'Nohdam and those in its service, the deity is very fond, and rather demanding, of animal sacrifices that occur before him on a regular basis, is noted as an advocate for and expert in the recreational use of psychedelic drugs, and is also somewhat perverted and, to this end, bisexual (which only makes sense given its own lack of a distinct gender). It tends to spend most of its time hanging out around the settlements of its followers, between which it has programmed for itself a teleportation circuit encompassing all such villages, while occasionally venturing out into the wilds for mysterious and surely strange/nonsensical personal reasons. Ren'Nohdam is generally not welcome among most parts of mainline Yunstoxan society, and it, again thanks to its limited lust for power which is largely satisfied by Hernolalls, usually abides by this. • Oli'Pomma: One of the most famous Guardian-Class Primal beings, Oli'Pomma is a legendarily-renowned figure in many cultures, including for artistic representations in fiction, and has been encountered numerous times on a variety of worlds, with every octant of the Prime Galaxy facilitating at least one confirmed sighting. Oli'Pomma's unique form is that of an oversized humanoid whose body is composed nigh-entirely of mineral-type, rather than seemingly organic, corporeal material, though as with all Primal Deities' bodies it is ultimately neither natural living tissue nor any identifiable, externally-extant variety of stone, but rather a magical and alien construct of solidified Primal Energies. Like other "Guardians", Oli'Pomma's chief attribute exists in the form of a powerful artifact weapon inextricably linked with his essence and relinquished upon his "death" at the hands of a worthy challenger. In his case, his massively powerful stone fists, known as the Diamick Dukes, are the artifact(s) to be sought after, though their presence upon Oli'Pomma's body is not one and the same with their mortal-usable form, which is/are smaller and appear(s) via transmutation from the whole of the deity's felled body upon his defeat. Being magically form-fitting so as to be usable by almost any race and possessing a weight, or relative lack thereof, which it would be impossible for any humanoid-made, non-magical version to have while maintaining the same striking power, the Diamick Dukes are the most powerful weaponized gloves in existence, and are known to drain spiritual willpower from those struck with them in addition to inflicting standard trauma. To date, at least seven mortal individuals, three of them mutants, are known to have acquired and wielded the Diamick Dukes. Oli'Pomma's power level rests near the low-end compared to other Primal Deities, and even among other Guardian-Class deities, who tend to be weaker than most of their non-Guardian counterparts, he is not particularly strong in terms of energy projection, although resilience by virtue of a prominently stone-like body is one major strength of his, with the deity possessing a durability value resting upwards of 12,000. He is also very cunning and levelheadedly competent, which can make up for his lack of brute strength, especially considering the insanity exhibited by many a more unhinged Primal Deity. Furthermore, given that he technically wants to be temporarily "killed" from time to time so that his power may be harnessed by those worthy of taking him down, which is seen as an "honor" replacing standard worship in the minds of Guardian-Class deities, the balance struck between Oli'Pomma's limited raw power and his savviness in utilizing what power he does have could easily be considered an ideal one for his agenda. On the specifics of Oli'Pomma's particular mode of operation: the deity summons himself to random planets, where he usually takes up post in hard-to-reach yet conspicuous places such as inside caves, upon mountaintops and at abandoned ritual sites. If no one finds him, he will remain waiting there for a maximum of five years before leaving to seek attention elsewhere, while if and when he is discovered at a given location, Oli'Pomma will instruct his finder(s) to spread word of his presence and thereafter await challengers for a subsequent period of one year before departing if not bested by a worthy artifact-inheritor within that time. He is, in practice, strictly a neutral being, not aggressively attacking anyone who does not wish to fight him with the exception of those who discover him but openly refuse to divulge his location to the local public, which Oli'Pomma takes extreme offense to. SECRET BONUS (RIGHT): The Multiversal Septet: • Emitter of Prophetic Nullification • Ring of Intervention-Exemption • Hyperblade of Existence's Cessation • Idealizer Goggles • Multiversal Puzzle Box • Film Reel of the Cosmos • Projector of Conjured Realities


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