Vintage Project 365 318 141117 Going Full Circle


Project 365 #318: 141117 Going Full Circle

posted by Pete alias comedy_nose on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 04:54:15 PM

With nothing in the can by half ten I needed to shoot something in the house. This is the phone in the library and it harks back to a pic I posted many weeks ago of a wood yard in Tuebrook. I remember as a nipper asking my old man what the letters were for on telephones. He told me that "we don't really use them anymore". He was right then, but who would have thought that the advent of text messaging would bring them right back into use again, even to the point where they are coded into soft keyboards on smart phones! Their origin in the UK is probably largely associated with the introduction of the Director system from 1927 that allowed callers to make calls between exchanges without going through an operator. The three letter code of the exchange was mapped onto the telephone buttons, with the letter 'O' being on the zero key. There's a beautiful legacy to this. My number at home would have been on the Anfield exchange which was A (on 2), N (of 6) then F (on 3). Guess what my phone number starts with? The prefix for the Royal exchange (ROY) yields 709 which will surely be familiar to anyone who has phoned town! As a final point of interest in can't be co-incidence that the national codes line up nicely. B is on 2, E is on 3, G is on 4, L is on 5 and M is on 6. The national dialling codes for Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester are of course 0121, 0131, 0141, 0151 and 0161 respectively. Isn't that neat? :)


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