Tonya Harding Big News Game Board


"Big News!" Game Board

posted by Ragdoll alias Revolt! Puppy on Sunday 8th of June 2008 01:09:30 AM

As kids, my brothers, friends, and I would get together and create our own simplistic board games, such as "Hit it Big" about being in Hollywood ("Get Levar Burton's autograph!"), and "Invent the Polio Vaccine with Jonas Salk" (seriously). I just found this game, that shows a peak into not just the Big News of the time, but also a look at the way a young teenager absorbs such news. The game was made circa 1994 or '95, so I would have been 13 years old. I don't remember what the "Chance!" spaces mean, but I assume it had something to do with a die roll; the number after seems to be the number of spaces forward or back that you would move if you succeeded or failed. Also, the icons around the inside of the board had something to do with matching whatever player piece you chose. START Home watch news Loraina throws knife! chance! 1 (referring to Lorena Bobbit) Tanya throws a club! chance! 2 (Tonya Harding) Hurricane Andrew! Dead Trade Places any Player (There is something erased here that had to do with abuse: "Trapped in ... house! chance! 3". The erased icon is a string bikini.) SFH—Smith Funeral Home (a local funeral home in Grinnell, IA) Olympics tickets go to Olympics Iowa flood! trapped! loose turn! Fall asleep at steering wheel! Dead O.J. gives you a plane ticket to L.A.! go to L.A. OLYMPICS Jackie Kennedy Onasis's Funeral—go to Smith Funeral Home (SFH) 2nd & First Time, keep going straight (so you go around the board 3 times before you finish the game.) L.A. Watch News! re-roll DEAD! go to start Amy Fisher pulls gun! chance! 3 Befriend Tonya H. go to Olympics (Something else about Ms. Harding was erased here. Also, I spelled her first name right in this square.) Watch riots on TV! ("ahead 1 space" was erased for some reason; apparently watching the news earlier gets you a re-roll, but if you watch the riots, you're too fixated to move anywhere.) Take part in Riots! go to L.A. (Ah, apparently I decided it would look bad if everyone who watched the riots on TV headed out to take part in them, even though this was often the case at the time.) avoid California Earthquakes! ahead 2 spaces Pope comes to Iowa—go to Iowa Fall in San Andreas Fault Dead! Scott Buright pulls knife! Chance! a whoppin 5 spcs. (Maybe I was running out of ideas, or maybe it was big news to me, but Scott Buright was not a national headline. Rather, he was a kid in my school who one day pulled a knife on someone.) In back of Dustin M. in lunch line! Dead (Again, Dustin Moore was a kid in my class who was big and smelly, so being down wind of him was popularly rumored to be deadly.) encourage Mike Jordan to quit back 1 space (I was never a basketball fan, but who wasn't surprised when Michael Jordan said he was leaving the sport.) Mike Tyson invites you in, say no! ahead 1 space (The hand icon here, representing abusive news, used to be a string bikini. Why? I had just watched a movie warning children about sexual abuse, and in it, a creepy old man wanted a young girl to wear a revealing bathing suit for him.) IOWA In front of Dustin M. in lunch line! Chance! 3 (That poor kid never could catch a break.) ahead 2 spaces --- and now onto the center column, which you follow on your third trip around the wild world of news --- Iowa State Fair! goto Iowa (Finally, some good news!) Richard Nixon's Funeral—goto SFH (And you thought you were almost done with the game.) Earn Rank! You win! (Ranks were earned simply by what order you finished the game: Ace Reporter, Clark Kent, Reporter for Hire, Dear Abby, Editor, and Proof Reader Print it off and play it yourself!


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