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Gender Equality Advocate - Tarcila Rivera - Peru

posted by UN Women alias UN Women Gallery on Tuesday 28th of March 2017 04:52:43 PM

Tarcila Rivera, from Peru, is the Executive Director and founder of CHIRAPAQ. She is a journalist by profession and for more than 30 years worked as an activist for indigenous peoples' rights, particularly those related to women, children and indigenous youth in national and international areas. At CHIRAPAQ, she has generated different social processes that contribute to cultural reaffirmation, empowerment of indigenous women, the struggle against racism and discrimination, intercultural education and food sovereignty, while rescuing ancestral wisdom and practices as main inputs to these processes. She focuses on reversing the exclusion of indigenous peoples, and especially of indigenous women. At the UN level, she participates in the creation process of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the Declaration of the Rights on Indigenous Peoples of the World. She has been recognized as an Indigenous Wise Woman, and holds an Indigenous Visiting Chair at the Intercultural Indigenous University - Universidad Indígena Intercultural (UII). Portrait of Tarcila Rivera taken during the 61st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. 16 March 2017. “At CSW I hope that governments fulfill the promises they make. That means ensuring indigenous women are not just included in the final declaration, but that there is a strategy on how to implement the programmes that are supposed to help them. It is not just about giving them some resources to have a small handcraft shop, but to see them through the process…and ensure that they have the skills and information that they need. A fact that is often overlooked is that many indigenous women are now living in the cities, and not in the forests, so it is also important to ensure they have decent jobs and working conditions, being very often involved in the domestic work sectors.” Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown Read More:


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