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Designer Desire: John ffrench

posted by H is for Home alias H is for Home on Saturday 6th of January 2018 03:35:18 PM

via WordPress John ffrench (1928-2010) was an Irish studio potter / ceramic artist whose work is fantastically colourful and unique. ffrench attended the National College of Art in Dublin after which he moved to Florence to attend the Instituto Statale D’Arte to specialise in ceramics. He returned to Ireland in 1962 where he was a founding member of Arklow Studio Pottery. In 1969, he emigrated to Massachusetts to teach and where he he founded The Dolphin Studio. However, he maintained a studio in County Galway where he spent time making each summer. Check out eBay and Etsy for available pieces. His work occasionally comes up for sale in places such as Sotheby’s and Tennant’s Auctioneers. At the end of this post is a very short film featuring the artist. It’s part of a 2007 retrospective exhibition entitled A Life of Colour. There’s a book available (shown in the montage above) which contains almost 750 illustrations of his work. credit John ffrench video clip from David Shaw-smith on Vimeo. Additional image credits: Crawford Gallery | Pinterest The post Designer Desire: John ffrench appeared first on H is for Home Harbinger. Related posts: Designer Desire: John J. Reiss Designer Desire: Sheila Bownas Designer Desire: Alan Wallwork


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