The Post Beach Posts And Horizon Minimalist


Beach, posts, and horizon; minimalist

posted by Gael Varoquaux alias Gael Varoquaux on Monday 8th of January 2018 03:13:52 PM

An almost abstract composition, taken on a cloudy day on the beach of St Malo. My goal here was to play with shapes independently of their meaning, using the posts and their reflections in the wet sand to break the horizon and create a vanishing line to the center of the image. I post-processed the image to make it more abstract. I used the darktable software, as usual. The first thing that I did was make the sky almost white, using a tone curves, and a bit of color correction to make it more blue. I used colorzones to make the sea darker, to create a sharp separation on the horizon. I tuned the exposure to make the bottom of the image darker, and I applied a very slight low-pass filter. Finally, I used a combination of local contrast filters and equalizers, with the clarity or bloom presets, to local soften the image or make it sharper. I made the image sharper along the posts and their reflections, as well as on the stones in the center. I made it softer on the side, in particular on the stones on the left, and on the junctions between the sea and the beach.


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