Technology Women And Wild Horses Beneath The Peacock Trees Of Dopaquel Stabilized Technology As The Ultimate Paranoiac Scott Richard


women and wild horses beneath the peacock trees of Dopaquel & stabilized technology as the ULTIMATE PARANOIAC, scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Saturday 13th of January 2018 12:25:07 PM

PRESS PLAY video killed the radio star the buggles ******** the irony of our times: our own technology is far more advanced than our ability to accept the new technology. the COMMERCE ratio for profit and return is MUCH SLOWER than our intelligence at this point. they are FORCED by business to PROTECT OLD TECHNOLOGY from the advent of better and faster technology to assure monetary and power aggrandizement. this weakness -- protecting OLD TECHNOLOGY against superior new technology -- makes STABILIZED ECONOMIC SYSTEMS susceptible to instant invasion and derision. they are the ULTIMATE PARANOIACS!! your thoughts and attention are the negotiating factors. we CHOOSE to support OLD TECHNOLOGY. there was a study at one time, or a story, because so many ideas have circulated as facts for decades now but never sourced... it said that a people who had no experience with technology were capable of adopting new technology without any of the resistance of OLD USERS. in ancient times less than 20 years ago FREEDOM was not the OLD USER. in modern times, FREEDOM is haggard and benign. we tend to the care of very few principles of freedom -- responsibility, manners and kindness. and above all -- THE MEMORY OF WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO OTHERS. this is the core of freedom when it is CONJOINED to others. and what freedom is not CONJOINED to the freedom of others? when i was a child, the hippy movement purported slogan peace: "what if there was a war and no one showed up?" "no one is free until everyone is free!" and i liked these ideas. the flaws in reason and grammar are immediately evident, but the intent of the logical commitment to being a better people dedicated to the truth of human freedom within the social contract of togetherness. what i hated is that the one hippie chick i did know was one of my mom's younger sisters. and she was a bad example for so many things that it was ridiculous to think that she was part of the force representing these hippy thoughts. she cheated and lied and basically observed her own interests at every turn. honestly, she was the role model for shtty liberals. weirdly, this strange liberalism was rampant in my mom's family, like a social disease that hurt everyone. none of her siblings had escaped whatever strange karma had visited their family. each one of the kids seemed to have been burned by god. and all of their own offspring are affected by this stain. they lie; they mislead their loved ones; they chase after wildly transparent dreams without tangible reward structures to justify any of it; they alternate between maiming one another and over-protecting one another but never seem to register the historical patternings and recurrences. it is frankly EXHAUSTING to be around such skilled meleé champions. and in time, i gave up my side of the family. i quietly gave up the idea of relations with the insane. similarly, our social relationship with OLD TECHNOLOGY is a bit like my mom's LIBERALLY DERANGED family of liars and cheats. and it's on us to give up our relationships with these purveyors of ALADDIN's RECONDITIONED lamps.


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