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Filtering social media

posted by Caribb alias caribb on Sunday 18th of June 2017 12:28:55 PM

Jun 17 2017 - In today's social media world it's hard to digest news coming into my news feeds. Everything has a bias or some sort and we tend to lean towards sources that mirror our own beliefs. That however doesn't necessarily mean I'm getting the truth from the sources I trust rather it just confirms what I want to believe... so in order to shake up my world I took all my news sources on Twitter/Facebook/Feedly and ran them through a media check website (which admittedly can have it's own bias) just to see on what side of the spectrum (right or left) they were coming from. From there I took those they rated having the highest integrity news sources, least biased, leaning right/left or out right right/left and tried to balance it out so I get an equal number from all sides. The result has been quite good. The tone of my news feeds has calmed down considerably with all the extreme left/right news sites filtered out and intelligent analysis has settled in. No more wild headlines or click bait articles etc. It's still leaning more left than right so I'll have to widdle it down some more but I encourage all of you who aren't stuck in the extreme left or right camps to try this exercise.. it will reduce your stress and help you make more sense of the world without getting caught up in all the screaming and yelling. I'll post a list of those sites I've banned from my feed as well.


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