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Barker's Patent Aerator

posted by Thomas Cizauskas alias cizauskas on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 09:27:41 AM

Beer blogger/historian Gary Gillman has traced the invention of the 'sparkler' (a device foaming cask-ale via a 'beer engine' dispenser) to Englishman George Barker. In 1885, Barker advertised his patented "aerator for beer" in the The British Trade Journal and Export World. — Origin of the Beer Sparkler. Beer et. seq. 12 November 2017. ******************* "For Beer and other Liquors is the most ingenious invention of the age. Gives a RICH CREAMY HEAD to all Beer and porter drawn through it, and renders flat Beers SHARP AND SPARKLING, with all the taste of Bottled Liquors. Can be fixed in a few minutes. Is an ornament to the bar. PRICE: SEVEN SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE." — The British Trade Journal and Export World, Volume 23; p. 6. (1885). ▶ At Google Books: p. 21. ▶ See a more detailed description, also in the Journal: here. *************** ▶ Sparkler: "A small plastic fitting that can be affixed to the spout of a beer engine when dispensing cask -conditioned ales. The most common type is essentially a cap perorated with several small holes. when the beer is poured, it sprays forcefully through the holes in the cap. Thus, aerated and agitated, the beer forms a thick cap of foam. [...] In Britain..north of the Midlands and perhaps just south of Yorkshire...most cask beer drinkers feel the sparkler softens, rounds, and open's the beer's flavors, while giving it an attractive head of foam. In the south, the sparkler is often seen as an abomination that shreds the light, natural carbonation out of the beer and reduces the appealing bitter characteristics of its hops." — The Oxford Companion to Beer. Oxford University Press (2012). [I stand with the south.] *************** ▶ Image uploaded by Yours For Good ▶ For a larger image, type 'L' (without the quotation marks). — Follow on web: — Follow on Twitter: @Cizauskas. — Follow on Facebook: YoursForGoodFermentables. — Follow on Instagram: @tcizauskas.


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