Success Patriot



posted by In-Ki Bae alias KIBNW on Sunday 19th of March 2017 11:23:22 AM

Constitutional Court removes Park Geun-Hye from presidency. She is the first president in Korea history to be dissmissed from the post. From now on she is just like us. About six months ago, every Saturday in Korea, citizens voluntarily opened candlelight vigils. It was a very peaceful and democratic rally. On cotrary, this group, with its different political stance, opens the "Taegeukgi"(the name of the flag of South Korea) rally. Most of them are veterans and old people and do not follow the results and still support "former president" Park Geun-hye. History took the hands of candlelight vigils, but I thought that these people were part of history and wanted to see them. I wanted to express complex emotions and I think it was a bit of a success. 170311


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