Steve Bannon Forgive Me But Im Far Too Original To Ever Be Perfect Scott Richard


forgive me, but i'm far too original to ever be perfect. scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Thursday 17th of August 2017 10:30:04 AM

i was thinking today how mindless so much of our standardization processes are for preparing a child for a future. schools act like they couldn't possibly survive without books and materials. but this is just the CAPITALIST who sells books and crp. it is. from the top to the bottom. a real teacher can and does teach without the aid of STUFF. if we think of plato, everything he said of socrates was TAUGHT. and taught without the AID of materials. and THOUGHTS that are in the mind, are REAL. and this is why we MUST stand up to those who promote or silently support: racism sexism these TWO DEMONIC forces of hate are USED to hide USURY. of all the evils, these two FORCES are guilty of colluding with the invisible AND FORBIDDEN SPIRIT OF USURY. note to self: "just heard a talking head sht face use grammatical terminology one would use to describe an ARISTOCRACY. here's his quote: 'now, i've covered a lot of palace intrigue with this white house, charlie, and i must tell you, nothing is definitive until the president decides, but the arrow for steve bannon has never been lower and his longevity in this white house never been so questioned." PALACE INTRIGUE!?!??! FK U MEDIA come on AMERICAN PEOPLE, are we their news? when will we take our nation state back or just give up and join GLOBALISM? do we need to have the whole place blown up and torn down?


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