Steve Bannon Duck Stab


Duck Stab

posted by Thomas Altfather Good alias Thomas Altfather Good on Saturday 16th of September 2017 05:26:22 AM

Duck Stab Shot Of The Day: September 16, 2017 for Rudy B QOTD: A red, red rose saw a big pig pose On the edge of a silver dollar The end of his tail was a long necked nail In place of his face was a scholar -- The Residents Backstory: Graffiti is illegal, poisoning the planet is not. As Austin Train said, 'Stop you're killing me.' (The quoted song lyric reminds me of Big Steve Bannon...) Locale: Somewhere beneath the smog and lies... Equipment: Nikon D5500 / Sigma 18~200mm f3.5-6.3 DC Photo reuse encouraged, attribution required. Credit "Thomas Altfather Good" The Residents (1978) - Laughing Song:


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