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A spur is a metal instrument fastened to the heel of a horse rider. Spur may also refer to: In fauna: Spur (horse), an American thoroughbred racehorse Spur (zoology), an outgrowth of bone covered in a sheath of horn Bone spurs, skeletal disorder forming small bony outgrowth along joint margins Heel spur, a thin spike of calcification in the human foot A condition such as plantar fasciitis, in which "spurs" develop on certain parts of a bone In flora: Spur (botany), an elongated appendage of certain sepals Spur (vine), one-year-old wood of a grapevine that is pruned back to leave just one or two buds to be used for next year's crop of grapes In geography: Spur (topography), a mountain ridge projecting laterally from a main mountain or mountain range Spur, Texas, United States Spur line, a short railway (railroad) branching from a main line Spur route, a short road branching from longer, more important route Spur trail, a shorter trail which branches from a longer route In organizations: SPUR (magazine), a student magazine in Adelaide, Australia San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, a non-profit research, education, and advocacy organization Gruppe SPUR, a German artistic collaboration, and their journal of the same name Spur Steak Ranches, a chain of steakhouses in South Africa Spur gas, North American gas stations operated by Murphy Oil In Sports: Tottenham Hotspur F.C., an association football team based in North London, England The San Antonio Spurs, a National Basketball Association team based in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. The Chancellor's Spurs, a traveling trophy awarded to the winner of the college football game between Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Austin The Witbank Spurs, an association football club from South Africa SPURS National Honor Society, a collegiate sophomore honor-service society in the United States In other: Spur (architecture), the ornament carved on the angles of the bases of early columns Spur (typography), a small continuation of part of a printed letter, especially an uppercase G Spur, or a spurious tone, a tone in an electronic circuit which interferes with a signal Spur, or trace (linear algebra), sum of the elements on the main diagonal Spur Award, an annual literary prize awarded by the Western Writers of America Spur gear, the simplest and probably most common type of gear Spurs (short story), a short story by Tod Robbins that served as the basis of the film Freaks


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