Pets Cs100 Overhead


CS100 Overhead!

posted by Caribb alias caribb on Monday 20th of March 2017 06:40:10 PM

Mar 20 2017 [CSeries] Well mark today March 20th as the day I saw my first CSeries aircraft.. this test model suddenly appeared out of nowhere over the 40 south en route to YUL as I was heading home. I had read earlier it was suppose to make a landing at Trudeau Airport at some point this week but I totally forgot about it figuring it would offhours sometime during the week.. I grabbed my camera as traffic had stopped completely and took this pick as quick as possible. Anyways to my surprise this is a CS100, it was so big I was sure it was a CS300. It looked elegant a graceful and just a beauty as it flew by. Gotta give some love to this plane, looking forward to it in Air Canada's fleet and Delta's in the near future.


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