Perspective The Easy Life In Dopaquel French Escapism By Scott Richard


the easy life in Dopaquel, FRENCH ESCAPISM by scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 11:20:24 AM

the art of liquid painting relies on the historical concept established by some of the impressionist painters. that is, liquid paintings are the studying of the changes of light and time. monet, fascinated by the light play and the way photography and f-stops were changing perspective, engaged in a series of hay bale paintings. they were made plein air throughout a single day. and, while they are not all that attractive (many would disagree, heheheh), they document the changing light play. so, working from this premise and attaching an intellectual metaphor -- the corruption and failure of the individual as an exploding dahlia in space -- i spent several years creating my own extraterrestrial version of this same process. one day, i hope that others will follow suit and give life to the art of liquid painting -- most of which only exists now as digital imagery. in the meantime, in an attempt to explain TONES and SHADES and TINTS made from PRIMA CHROMA and GRAYS, i started creating a fantastical pre-electric world of leisure, safety and comfort. this gave birth to the land of anti-psychotics — the DOPAQUEL PENINSULA, a land of peace and tranquility. and in this process, the birth of FRENCH ESCAPISM.


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