Perspective All Lined Up And Awaiting The Spring


all lined up and awaiting the spring

posted by alias byronv2 on Sunday 19th of March 2017 05:00:13 PM

Down the coast for walk with chum and his hounds today, started at Musselburgh by the wee harbour at Fisherrow. Very windy so lot colder than it should have been, mixture of bright moments then dark clouds dulling it all over then back to bright. This was clearly one of the brighter moments! Luminous blue spring sky (well looking this way, behind me were big, grey clouds!), and the whole area around the harbour was crammed with yachts - all the boats which have been hibernating through the winter getting ready to be put back int the water as spring approaches. The strong wind was making that wonderfully eerie whistling sound as it blew through the masts.


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