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4th Of July Ice Cream + USA

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What would 4th of July be without ice cream and USA and America and the Star Spangled Banner!!! Presidential Facts about Ice Cream George Washington loved ice cream! He had two ice cream machines at his home. fun facts ice cream, american Thomas Jefferson loved French style ice cream - his favorite was a French pastry with ice cream in the middle! He also loved the French tradition of adding vanilla to his ice cream. He owned 2 French ice cream makers. James Maddison had ice cream served at his inaugural ball - the milk came straight from the Madison's own cows! Franklin Roosevelt was a lover of ice cream, especially chocolate. He even served ice cream to King George. Ronald Reagan dubbed July "National Ice Cream Month" and the 3rd Sunday "National Ice Cream Day" in 1984. Fun Facts about Ice Cream in America The average American consumes 23 quarts of ice cream per year. During the 1800s, men sold Hokey Pokey ice cream in the streets. "Hokey Pokey" comes from the Italian phrase "Ecco un poco," meaning "here's a little" or "try a sample." Hokey pokey ice cream were also called "penny licks" because people could buy a small amount of ice cream served in a glass dish for just a penny. In 1896 Italo Marchiony developed the forerunner of the ice cream cone. Marchiony sold ice cream on Wall Street. He was faced with one frusterating problem - all of his ice cream bowls were either getting stolen or broken! He invented a container that could both hold the ice cream and also be eaten! His design had a flat bottom and handles for easy gripping. It resembled a tea cup! In the 1920s, immigrants coming to Ellis Island were served ice cream as part of their welcome to American culture. Many didn't know what ice cream was. They tried spreading it like butter on bread! During Prohibition in the 1920s, breweries turned into ice cream manufacturing plants! World War II Fun Facts about Ice Cream During WWII, ice cream made the US War Department short list of necessary items needed to help troop morale. facts ice cream, american During WWII, the Navy built a $1 million floating ice cream parlor. During WWII, dairy products were rationed. Ice cream manufacturers made ice cream with the fat from cottonseed or coconut oil instead of dairy fat! People loved it! It is no longer popular in America, but people in Great Britain still love it. It is called Mellorine.


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