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Garden Place, Peaks Island (in Casco Bay), Maine USA • An inebriated guest thought he was trapped in the toilet stall, and smashed the urinal as he forced the door open. Greenwood Garden was at one time the "Coney Island of Maine," and is now operated as a charming, rustic event facility owned and operated by the Peaks Island Lions Club. … the summer people began coming to Maine in the 19th century. For cool tranquil beauty, summer here has few peers. The Maine coast had been drawing wealthy vacationers for some time by the 1880s. Then after two centuries this fishing community exploded into a kind of Coney-Island-north -- hotels, restaurants, theatres, dancehalls, a theme park, all served by twelve steamboat lines. – From Engines of Our Ingenuity: No. 2407 Peaks Island. The Greenwood Garden Amusement Park started as a picnic grove in the southwest corner of the island in the 1850s, transformed by the Brackett family in the 1880s into an amusement park with observatory, skating rink (later converted into this theatre), carousel, Ferris wheel, midway and petting zoo. This is an island of movie stars and artists, of budding theatrical productions and protected open spaces preserving native forests for all time. Martin Landau, famed for his “Mission Impossible” role and Jean Stapleton, Edith on “All in the Family” both got their start at Peaks Island’s Greenwood Garden playhouse. Bowling alleys were common at summer resorts, but from the 1880s to the 1930s, Greenwood Gardens [actually: Greenwood Garden Amusement Park] was a reason for families to visit the island. it held a summer theater, an observation tower, a dance hall, facilities offering food and drink, a merry-go-round, and a small zoo. A pavilion at times provided variety shows, tightrope walkers, and balloon ascensions. – From page 20; Portland, by Joyce K. Bibber and Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., © 2007. Cliff Gallant says the Playhouse, operated through the first half of the twentieth century, and is where Jean Stapleton, the lovable Edith of "All in the Family" fame, made her first professional appearance, in the summer of 1941. [ Circa 1908, D.W. Griffith was torn between continuing to appear in plays produced at the island's playhouses as he frequently did or heading to Hollywood. Martin Landau also made his professional stage debut in a 1951 production of "Detective Story" at Greenwood Garden where for several seasons he was a resident cast member.] The Gem Theater, the best known of the Peaks Island summer theaters, hosted productions featuring members of the famous Barrymore family, and was also a favorite venue of George M. Cohan, who liked to stage productions there before bringing them to Broadway.


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