Margot Robbie Harleen Quinzel Suicide Squad Prisoners Uniform


Harleen Quinzel (Suicide Squad prisoner's uniform)

posted by alias greyloch on Tuesday 18th of October 2016 05:36:38 AM

IMHO, I think she nailed the look, costume, and accessories used in the Suicide Squad movie by Dr. Quinzel (Margot Robbie, see link for comparison). She is reading the exact same paperback novel and even had a dainty little espresso cup (nothing in it, of course). The other Harleys took to calling her "Espresso" to help figure out who was who (it was a freakin' Asylum of Harleys and got confusing really fast). I thought it was cute and endearing. The negative space around the cosplayer really makes her brightly colored costume and hair just "pop" out at you. Except for using Nik Sofware's Dfine to smooth out some textures, no further corrections with PS (healing & clone brushes) to enhance the cosplayer's costume, hair, or skin were done.


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