Liberation Behind Every Great Man Is A Great Woman Thank You Mary Jane Scott Richard


behind every great man is a great woman -- thank you MARY JANE, scott richard

posted by alias torbakhopper on Saturday 13th of January 2018 01:28:04 PM

PRESS PLAY i.o.u. FREEZ 1983 again, if you weren't dancing in the 80s, you missed these "cop chase" shakedown tunes that groovebang their way home. this soundtrack is to accompany the idea of disco's LIBERATION call to women and gays to break the dominating hegemony of the FAKE matriarch -- little boys under their mommies' thumbs all grown up now and in power. her ultimate revenge product. the neocolonistic powers know that you use SEXUAL DIVISION to wreak social havoc. celebrate drag queens and hookers and you're guaranteed to get a lash-back playup. ratings go wild and the EXTREME gets the limelight while the ordinary and the constantly oppressed are merely entertained by the fate of the contestants of the "extreme". but this does not further social growth. it devalues it and escalates ENMITY, as intended by those that are contriving the DIVIDE AND TAKEOVER tactics. ********** the easiest way to sow division among the people is to open the PANDORA's box on the contest for social freedoms. just by opening the box, the social forum for agreement disappears. the easiest way to take over a nation is to separate the women against the men. DIVIDE the sexes and they will betray each other. congratulations AMERICCCA. and let's thank our dear colluding OPRAH TRILLIONAIRE WINFREY. she is an example of how BANKS AND USURY can give you faith just by proffering you a new picture of success. but you have swallowed your own tail. distraction is the new kingdom reign. the "satan" of usury can be anybody's face. that's why it's so fking renewable unless we stop it with your our own FACES. oh wait, didn't that phrase "distracted from distraction by distraction" come out in the 1920s? there is no brave new world. that was a fking book. SOMA, SOMA, SOMA. sing your song of gratitude. we are the luckiest people in the world. we are the best. we are the chosen. we are doomed. big fking deal. the ref cheats just as much as the bookie. gaming is gaming. player plays. losers lose. the LONG ANTICIPATED "great crime and punishment" scheme goes into motion.


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