Johnny Manziel Middletown Day Croydon Hall Middletown Nj


Middletown Day, Croydon Hall, Middletown, NJ

posted by Jazz Guy alias flickr4jazz on Saturday 24th of September 2016 09:40:03 PM

While we were at a local fair today, Jersey Shore Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring’s “A&M Bling” proximity alarm went off. I wasn’t sure what the alarm was at first because in the 15 years we’ve been blessed with living in Jersey, that particular alarm has never gone off. Aggie Ring went up to the man to say “Howdy” and introduce ourselves. It turned out to be a false alarm. He wasn’t an Aggie, but he was an Aggie fan and his wife had bought him that hat because he likes watching A&M football (but then, who doesn’t?). We talked a bit about the current football situation at A&M and what a bitter disappointment Johnny Manziel had turned out to be. Aggie Ring said, “Well, enjoy the fair and I really like your hat.” as we parted company. #AggieRing #TexasAggie


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